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MakerDAO Twitter followers history

MakerDAO Twitter followers analytics

Report based on 223505 followers

Twitter account have 550 verified followers, 13544 protected

Verified accounts: MychalSimka, openbazaar, grittygrease, lawmaster, zilliqa, zed_run, arrington, VinnyLingham, wirexapp, ErikVoorhees

Age of followers' accounts: average 1887 days, oldest 19265 days

Oldest followers' account: amory8688

Follows of followers' accounts: average 1289 number of follows, most 13798889 followers

Top follower of followers' account: JohnCena

Friends of followers' accounts: average 948 number of friends, most 4109658 friends

Top friends of followers' account: 6BillionPeople

Posts of followers' accounts: average 1790 number of posts, most 2637374 posts

Top status writer of followers' account: AlertTrade