ETH Global 2023 Speakers List

If you are a Marketer you definitely want to see who to invite to your next events!

As you probably know, events are one of the most important ways to build strong and solid relationships with people that can support and be part of projects to take them to the next level. The ETH Global is one of the most important events of the year, and remember that the most motivated people go to these events, so it’s the best way to find the relationships that your project needs.

Ok, you already have tickets and a flight for the ETH Global ready to find partners, what’s next? At this point, I’m sure that you already know the kind of partnerships that you are looking for, and you also know the most relevant and related topics to your project (and yourself) so it’s time to choose the speakers that you want to listen to according to their backgrounds, talk themes and the profile of its listeners, so it’s time to visit their talks.

It can be a hard task (especially if you didn’t have the time to research) and that’s why we compiled a very useful Speaker Data Drop.

🗣 Insane Speaker List at ETH Global 2023

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