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110 Upcoming New Crypto Projects

Projects close to launch
Project Launch date Description Categories
Logo Alaska Gold Rush Alaska Gold Rush March 29, 2023 Alaska Gold Rush is the WEB3 native game with an open world and exciting plot and adventures within the metaverse. Gaming
Logo Yubiai Yubiai March 30, 2023 Yubiai it´s a Decentralized Marketplace (D-commerce) in Web3, focused on protect customers of scams. We added a two security layers to be ensure that buyers … Marketplace
Logo Coniun Coniun March 30, 2023 Coniun is launched as an all-in-one NFT analytics tool.
Logo Moovy Moovy March 30, 2023 Moovy is an innovative driving game that enables players to participate in drive2earn world, rallies and missions, personalize their vehicles and avatars, and win rewards. Gaming
Logo Rosen Bridge Rosen Bridge March 30, 2023 Rosen Bridge is an intersection of real and virtual worlds. This is a new parallel world that you can live and redefine your identity. Go … Metaverse, Mobile, Play To Earn
Logo Citizen Conflict Citizen Conflict March 31, 2023 Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play, team-based shooter game set in the dystopian world of Ether Islands, where every match is fought for survival and valuable … Gaming
Logo CryptoGPT CryptoGPT March 31, 2023 CryptoGPT is the ZK Layer-2 Blockchain that lets you own the monetisation of your AI data.
Logo International-Waters Incorporatd International-Waters Incorporatd March 31, 2023 We are developing an AI marketplace for clean energy and water components, systems and related services, utilizing blockchain and crypto currency. AI, Analytics, APIs, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Brokerage, Business Platform, Business Services, Cloud, Cloud computing, Construction, Consulting, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Energy, Enterprise, Environment, Financial infrastructure, Information, Infrastructure, Insurance, IoT, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Mobility, Payment, Price discovery, Pricing, R&D, Real world assets, Risk management, Sales, Savings, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Software, Technology & Science, Transport
Logo Rejuve.AI Rejuve.AI March 31, 2023 Rejuve.AI is a decentralized, AI-driven longevity research network allowing people from all over the world to track their health data, receive valuable insights, contribute to … Artificial Intelligence
Logo Degen Zoo Degen Zoo March 31, 2023 Degen Zoo is Building an NFT Game in 30 days. All profits go to endangered animal charities. Gaming
Logo Arlos Arlos March 31, 2023 Seamless crypto mobile checkout Mobile, Payments
Logo Skybreakers.Io Skybreakers.Io March 31, 2023 Sky Breakers is 1st play & earn arcade helicopter simulator with support up to 10 players in one battle for true helicopter enthusiasts, arcade game … Gaming
Logo Leptonmusic Leptonmusic April 1, 2023 LeptonMusic is China's first “listen to earn” interactive music platform for low-threshold music copyright publication, unconditional copyright security, and maximum revenue generation for the new … Music, NFT Marketplace, NFTs
Web 3.0 Belize April 1, 2023 The project will teach at-risk black and Hispanic youths in Belize programming in the web 3.0 platform. The program will aim to train 100 youths … Certification
Logo Veribli - The Customer Engagement Platform Veribli - The Customer Engagement Platform April 1, 2023 Veribli opens up an instant and direct channel to individual customers through innovative smart packaging technology and a platform that delivers engaging content through this … Business Platform, Communication, Community, Data, Enterprise, Environment, ESG, Fashion, Information, Marketing, Mass Market, Referral, Retail, Rewards, Services, Smart contracts, Software, Software-as-a-service, Subscription, Tokenization
Fanhub April 1, 2023 Entertainment, Gaming, NFTs, Sports, Tokenization
Bdns April 1, 2023 BDNS (Blockchain Domain Name Service) is a decentralized platform that allows users to map blockchain addresses to unique and memorable names, known as Name-Only Domains … Asset management, Identity, NFTs
Logo Dew Dew April 1, 2023 Domino Earning World (DEW) is the first platform of this game, based on blockchain that unites millions of domino enthusiasts in a community where you … Avatar, Community, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Fashion, Gaming, Guild, Luxury, Marketplace, Membership, Merchandise, Messaging, Metaverse, Minting, Music, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), P2P, Play To Earn, Smart contracts, Social club, Social network, Sports, Wifi
Logo Greenercoin Greenercoin April 1, 2023 The first sustainable blockchain, there is two Major shortfalls in the Blockchain industry the huge consumption of energy and the use of non-sustainable energy. Greenercoin … Asset-backed Tokens, Business Platform, Chain, Consulting, DAO, DEX, Marketplace, NFT Marketplace
Logo Monopolydao Monopolydao April 1, 2023 MonopolyDAO aims to purchase properties not limited to real estate across the globe and then fractionalize these properties into smaller ownership vehicles in the form … Asset-backed Tokens, Real Estate, Real world assets
Truedao April 3, 2023 Talent hub Rewarding partner protocols, maximising value for defi services. DAO, DeFi, DeFi Index, Marketing
Logo O2 Protocol O2 Protocol April 3, 2023 Carbon Offset Financing & Leveraged Crypto farming De-Fi Leveraged farming with carbon offset tokens generating money flow income thru the financing of carbon offset projects … Business Platform, DeFi, Leveraged Farming
Logo Hazo Solutions Hazo Solutions April 3, 2023 Hazo Solutions - Turning a New Leaf on Technology. Hazo's cannabis supply chain ERP platform will change the status quo as the next evolution of … Infrastructure, Marketplace, Payments, Retail, Sales, Software-as-a-service, Supply chain
Logo Reality Metaverse Reality Metaverse April 5, 2023 Reality NFT is the true connection between reality and the Metaverse. It is a place where Web2 and Web3 users can co-exist, and it brings …
Logo GEIA.AI GEIA.AI April 10, 2023 Empowering Sustainable Agriculture with Decentralized AI: AgTech is a WEB3 IoT SaaS & RaaS Precision farming automation platform that seeks to become the most … AI, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Big Data, DAO, Environment, Farm, Farming, Hardware, Internet of Things (IOT), IoT, Machine Learning, Software-as-a-service
Logo Logix Coin Logix Coin April 10, 2023 Logix Coin is the native token of the Logix Championship, which is one of a kind play-to-earn car racing game on the bockchain network. Exclusively … Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, DAO, DeFi, Gaming, Governance, Machine Learning, Marketplace, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Smart contracts, Staking, Supply chain
Logo Hepton Hepton April 10, 2023 Hepton is a Layer-3 infrastructure protocol that aims to increase Ethereum interoperability and focused on Web3 application efficiency.
Umbrella Blockchain April 10, 2023 Summary: Umbrella is a web3 infrastructure platform (B2B2C) that enables apps that feel as seamless as web2 but are built in web3. What does this … Incubator, Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), Interoperability, Layer 1
Logo Triple Confirmation Triple Confirmation April 20, 2023 The world's first directional, on-chain trading bot available for anyone to use. Our automated trading strategy runs on the Avalanche blockchain to secure, trade, and … Community, DeFi, DEX, EVM, Farm, Farming, LP Tokens, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Trading
Logo Hera´s Revenge Hera´s Revenge April 25, 2023 We are building a community towards a 2D & 3D P2O game saga. Hera´s Revenge STORY Times of peace were running on Olympus or so … Gaming, NFT Marketplace, NFTs
Logo Lodge Capital Lodge Capital April 29, 2023 We're a small team. On a shoestring, crowd-funded budget. We have one coder who managed to write all of the v1 contracts: We want … AI, Algo-Stables, Analytics, APIs, Arbitrage, Artificial Intelligence, Audit, Betting, Collateralization, Community, Compound Tokens, Consulting, Cross Chain, Debt, DeFi, EVM, Exotic Options, Farming, Financial infrastructure, Interoperability, Lending/Borrowing, Lottery, Savings, Seigniorage, Yield Farming
BRBL May 1, 2023 DAO
Logo Jellyfish Mobile Jellyfish Mobile May 1, 2023 Our mission is to make decentralized finance easy and accessible for content creators and merchants through our mobile data subscription package. Our mobile network is … Infrastructure, Smart contracts
Logo Avex Avex May 1, 2023 A chain agnostic crypto wallet with multiple user centric features with the aim to onboard the next billion internet users into the web3 ecosystem and … Identity, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Key management, Lending/Borrowing, Marketplace, Messaging, Multi-products, Portfolio management, Wallets
Nft Plaza May 1, 2023 NFT Marketplace, NFTs
Logo Kindly Kindly May 1, 2023 Help NFT project creators to comply with their tax obligations while supporting the third sector to carry out their humanitarian and/or solidarity projects. 1º Calculation … Accounting, Charity, Cryptography, Smart contracts, Stablecoins, Staking, Tax, Yield
Logo Synergy Games Synergy Games May 1, 2023 Synergy Games, a game development studio founded by professionals with multiple AAA games released (Assassin's Creed, Metroid, Castlevania Lords of Shadow) We are building Synergy … Gaming, NFTs
Logo Ugoki Ugoki May 7, 2023 Hong Kong-based luxury watchmaking company UGOKI has a loyal customer base in Asia and plans to expand globally through non-fungible collections and the web3 platform. … NFTs
Logo FitBurn FitBurn May 10, 2023 The FitBurn platform seeks to link gym training, NFTs, and play-to-earn mechanisms by paying individuals in cryptocurrency for being active and burning calories
Logo Traders Island Traders Island May 15, 2023 Logarithmic Perpetual Futures Protocol & Decentralized Derivatives Exchange with Real-World Market Signal from Tier 1 providers to trade perps for socks, commodities, forex, indices, as … DeFi, DEX, EVM, Perpetuals, Trading
Loomp.Io May 15, 2023 DeFi, Payments, Subscription
Logo Traders Island Traders Island May 15, 2023 Traders Island DAO, a Logarithmic Perpetual Futures Protocol & Decentralized Derivatives Exchange with Real-World Market Signals for socks, commodities, forex, indices, as well as crypto … DeFi, Derivatives, DEX
Logo Nftip.Wtf Nftip.Wtf May 15, 2023 will serve to provide clarity to NFT holders and the wider community on what IP rights an NFT creator has given to current and … NFT Index, NFTs
Logo May 15, 2023 Deperp is a decentralized perpetual exchange that offers traders a wide range of benefits including; self-custody asset management when trading crypto or forex, transparent on-chain … DEX, Exchange, Perpetual
Logo $Earth -  Solarpunk Dao $Earth - Solarpunk Dao May 15, 2023 Digital currency backed by climate solutions Asset-backed Tokens, Reserve Currency, RWA
Logo Infinity Infinity May 15, 2023 Infinity = Infinite Potential is a collection of 10,000 unique Generative NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Category Generative Art NFTs
Logo Nxsoccer Nxsoccer May 21, 2023 NxSoccer platform is a Fully decentralized NFT football management game with no off-chain data. Players in NxSoccer will be represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).NxSoccer will … Gaming, NFTs
Code Black Community Dao May 23, 2023 AR/VR, DAO, Metaverse, NFTs, No-code
Porfo June 1, 2023 Accounting, AI, Portfolio management
SuperPay June 1, 2023 SuperPay is looking to build a payment gateway for cryptocurrency assets. Celo Ecosystem, Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), DeFi, Financial infrastructure, Funding, Grant, Payment, Web3
Logo Buidlers.Space Buidlers.Space June 1, 2023 The all-in-one web3 space for Creators & Brands with NFT create/mint/trade/token gating/De-Social features. A multiple chain supported nft space that can create/trade/buy/bid/ask NFT stuff! A … NFT Marketplace, NFTs
Cebucks Platform June 1, 2023 Authentification, Certification, Document Management System, Education, Enterprise, Polygon Ecosystem
Petracoins June 1, 2023 Hope my email finds you well and healthy. Petracoins is a cryptocurrency exchange planned to be launched early 2023 in the UAE under VARA and … CEX, Cryptocurrency, Custody, DeFi, DeFi - NFTs, EVM, Exchange, Wallets
Shopy Mojo June 1, 2023 Its shopify like market place for NFTs. anyone can create their own store and sell in on our platform or elsewhere using their custom domain NFT Marketplace
Tripped University June 1, 2023 This is going to be a unique #NFT & #Crypto Coin infrastructure. Built with vision to empower Content Creators & Social Media influencers by giving … Collectibles, Communication, Community, Consulting, Curation, Digital Media, Entertainment
Agorapp June 1, 2023 What Codecademy did for Web2, we are building for Web3. AgorApp supports chains like Ethereum, Tezos, Solana, Lisk & more to streamline recruitment and training … Education, Marketplace, NFTs, Recruitment
Logo The Nft Swag Shop The Nft Swag Shop June 1, 2023 Custom Swag Shops For Solana Collections... The first and last stop for all your NFT swag. Find your favorite collection or add our custom swag … E-commerce, Fashion, NFTs
Doübious 3.0 June 1, 2023 A fashion focused decentralised lifestyle brand aiming to help redefine how a B2C fashion company can share value, strategic governance and creative direction within its … Art, DAO, E-commerce, Fashion, Luxury, Manufacturing, Marketing, Marketplace, Membership, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Smart contracts, Web3
Logo Curve Reality Curve Reality June 1, 2023 Building a next gen games console with Nvidia that has an open source operating system and an app store that supported the latest in web3 … AR/VR, Entertainment, Gaming
Logo Vespia Vespia June 6, 2023 Full AML compliance and trust for Web3 and Metaverse. - Remain compliant with AML regulations 24/7 - Fully automated customer onboarding, verification and monitoring - … AI, Analytics, Compliance, Financial infrastructure, Fraud, Information, Risk management
Cena June 14, 2023 Cena is intended to be a Web3 dApp platform for event management and ticketing needs. Traditional event management platforms like Eventbrite have no support for … Community
Doric June 15, 2023 Asset-backed Tokens, Asset Manager
Logo OpenPad OpenPad June 15, 2023 OpenPad is a decentralized investment banking platform and Web3 launchpad enabling retail investors to invest in insurance-backed & allocation-guaranteed private token sales starting from $1. … Analytics, Asset management, Banking, Bond, Consulting, DAO, DeFi, DEX, Farming, Finance / Banking, Gaming, Governance, Incubator, Insurance, Liquidity, Machine Learning, R&D
Logo PLEARN(PLAY.LEARN.EARN) PLEARN(PLAY.LEARN.EARN) June 25, 2023 PLEARN is a virtual board game to raise kids and youths’ awareness about financial literacy. It is the new board game pioneer that introduces a … Gaming
Logo Bounty Temple Bounty Temple June 30, 2023 Bounty Temple is an organic and innovative model that will revolutionise the existing P2E model to a sustainable ecosystem with Play-To-Earn Evolution. Gaming
Logo The Higher Self NFTS The Higher Self NFTS June 30, 2023 The Higher Self NFTs is the first NFT collection to deliver story-as-service, uniquely backed by captivating and immersive comic books AI, NFTs
Logo Keeep Keeep June 30, 2023 Messaging app built to help you and your close friends stay accountable on personal goals. It can fit a lot of buzzwords and categories. Social, … Gaming, Healthcare, Mass Market, Messaging, Mobile, P2P, Payments, Wallets
Logo Devopsdao Devopsdao July 1, 2023 The mission of Devopsdao is to become a major decentralised platform for software development in the blockchain community owned and governed by its community. Devopsdao … Business Platform, DAO, Freelancing
Logo Napcat Napcat July 1, 2023 Thank you for the clarification. Napcat is a fintech that focuses on parsing tweets and using the information to automate trades on cryptocurrency exchanges. The … Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Asset management, Automation, Finance / Banking, Financial infrastructure, Financial Services
Kickstar July 1, 2023 Kickstar is a diverse ecosystem with multiple services, features, and tools for project owners and project developers. We are everything that one builder, project owner, … Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Business Platform, Freelancing, Gig Economy, Incubator, Research, Software-as-a-service, Tooling, Trading
Mixip July 1, 2023 Analytics, Art, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Asset-backed Tokens, Bandwidth, Business Platform, Business Services, Collectibles, DAO, DApp, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), DeFi - NFTs, Digital Media, Entertainment, ESG, Fractionalized NFT, Gig Economy, Intellectual property, Machine Learning, Marketing, Marketplace, Media, Metaverse, Movie, Music, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Payment, Payroll, Price discovery, Pricing, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Storage, Supply chain, Tokenization, Video, Wallet, Wallets, Web3
Logo Elixir Docs Elixir Docs July 1, 2023 Finding documentation is easy. Finding implementation documentation is hard. Speaking to devrel teams is horribly hard. Builders in web3 are forced to figure things out … Aggregator, Document Management System
Logo Artsy Defi Artsy Defi July 1, 2023 ARTSY DeFi is a revolutionary approach to NFT Marketplaces. We have created a modern, scalable, and lightning fast platform that has incorporated different protocols such … Art, Auction, Collateralization, Collectibles, Community, Compound Tokens, Cross Chain, Curation, DeFi, Derivatives, EVM, Governance, Layer 2, Lending, Lending/Borrowing, Media, Minting, NFT Lending, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Rewards, Scalability, Social Money, Trading, Wrapped-Tokens
The Good Samaritan Project July 1, 2023 The Good Samaritan project is an NFT collection that changes how philanthropy operates within a web3 world. Upon purchase, donors can tax benefits and access … Charity, NFTs
Logo Myxtrade Exchange Myxtrade Exchange July 7, 2023 MWallet SwapDex, Non Custodial Token Wallet on the Binance Smart Chain, has integrated with Transak Reliable Fiat / Off Transak Aggregator . This partnership will … CEX, DeFi, DEX, Exchange, Exchange-based Tokens, Liquidity, TokenSets
Ninjawarriorsmeta July 9, 2023 A multi-utility P2E token powering the Ninja Warriors gaming ecosystem. Metaverse, NFTs
Logo Tubbly Tubbly July 20, 2023 We are a mobile app that rewards users for visiting spots. Advertising, AR/VR, Community, Marketing, Media, NFTs
Logo Digicard Key Digicard Key Aug. 1, 2023 Digicard Key operates 2 mobile applications. One is offered for public use to claim ownership of tagged items by proving items are in hand. For … Art, Auction, Authentification, Collectibles, Consulting, Cryptography, Data, Enterprise, Internet of Things (IOT), IoT, Luxury, Mass Market, Mobile, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Scalability, Services, Software, Software-as-a-service, Supply chain, Technology & Science
Logo The Apocalyptics The Apocalyptics Aug. 1, 2023 Prepare to take Play to Earn to a new level with our brand new RTS Apocalyptic themed game! Build your camp, Scavenge for rewards, Earn … Play To Earn
Triend Aug. 8, 2023 Triend is a B2B2C Dapp that uses blockchain technology and AI to create new standard of verified reviews built on trust, transparency and ownership for … Authentification, Avalanche Ecosystem, Business Platform, Business Services, Collectibles, Cryptocurrency, DAO, DApp, DeFi, DeFi - NFTs, Entertainment, Fan Token, Fantom Ecosystem
Logo Yar Yar Aug. 15, 2023 YAR is a blockchain interconnector that brings together all of the blockchains in one place, in any place. 1. Market Problem: Currently, we have more … Chain, Cross Chain, EVM, Exchange, Infrastructure, Interoperability
Logo MetaCourt MetaCourt Aug. 30, 2023 MetaCourt is a 360-degree legal ecosystem for web 3.0. Our main utility is to solve disputes regarding Web3 and Metaverse with a $COURT token. Digital … Legal, Technology & Science
Logo ChainData: A B2B IoT-DATA MINTING PLATFORM (NFT) & MARKETPLACE. ChainData: A B2B IoT-DATA MINTING PLATFORM (NFT) & MARKETPLACE. Sept. 1, 2023 ChainData is B2B IoT-data NFT marketplace is a platform that allows businesses to buy and sell IoT-data as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs represent ownership … NFT Marketplace
Logo Swaptok Swaptok Sept. 1, 2023 A web3-based social trading platform powered by AI that enables anyone to copy crypto trades in a fast, simple, and secure way. AI, DeFi, Social trading
Logo Invtron Dao Invtron Dao Sept. 15, 2023 INVTRON DAO is revolutionizing the financial industry by utilizing the power of blockchain to connect investors with the most promising unicorns. Our platform empowers the … DAO, DeFi, Financial infrastructure, Financial Services
Logo Mindstreamers Mindstreamers Sept. 30, 2023 Mindstreamers is a Metaverse marketplace to create, buy and sell coaching products in VR. We are revolutionizing the personal development market with a solution that … Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Charity, Community, Education, Gaming, Metaverse, NFTs, Play To Earn
Logo V3Blockchain Ltd. V3Blockchain Ltd. Oct. 1, 2023 V3Blockchain combines quantum security, Proof of Attention Protocol & Metaverse environments to create the most enhanced metaverse wallets ever created. Solving these major problems. Navigation, … Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography, Custody, Data, Gaming, Infrastructure, Marketplace, Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Security Token, Storage, Subscription, Tokenization, Virtual Reality, Wallets, Web3
Logo Rawb0ts Rawb0ts Oct. 30, 2023 Rawb0ts is a non-fungible token (NFT) project featuring 3D-printed plastic toys that have come to life through a mysterious process. The NFTs are divided into … Gaming, Metaverse, NFTs, Play To Earn
Logo Wirk World Wirk World Nov. 11, 2023 WIRK IS THE FIRST SUSTAINABLE DECENTRALIZED ECOSYSTEM FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THAT DELIVERS TRAINING TO FILL GAPS IN EDUCATION AND MATCH … AI, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Platform, Business Services, Certification, DAO, DApp, Data, Education, Employment, Energy, Freelancing, Identity, Machine Learning, ML, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Payment, Payroll, Polygon Ecosystem, Recruitment, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Wallet, Wallets, Web3
Logo Digital Asset Brokers Digital Asset Brokers Nov. 22, 2023 Digital Asset Brokers help alternative asset lenders evaluate and issue loans to digital asset holders. Digital Asset Brokers software uses a proprietary algorithm factoring in … Financial Services, Lending, Marketplace
MyclubAgro Dec. 1, 2023 A MARKETPLACE in a FULLY DIGITAL environment that provides integration between producers and buyers in a quick, uncomplicated and fully traceable way. Each operation is … Aggregator, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Farm, Software-as-a-service, Trading
Logo Digitaliga Digitaliga Dec. 1, 2023 Digitaliga is the world's first Digital Football Platform Provider that runs the platforms under the Football Club’s own brand. Digital Football Platforms are powered by … Advertising, AI, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Business Platform, Digital Media, Gaming, NFT Index, NFT Lending, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Sports
Logo Pendulum Pendulum Dec. 5, 2023 Pendulum Inc, a Toronto-based company, aims to empower individuals to easily own, trade, and invest in property through the use of tokenization. This innovative approach … Real Estate
Logo Open Games Builders Open Games Builders Dec. 12, 2023 The first MULTIVERSE platform, connected to diferent METAVERSES, bassed only on REAL ASSETS!. Play to Earn. NFT Marketplace. Friendly usser. Real Assets. AR/VR, Augmented Reality, Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem, Developers, Fantom Ecosystem, Gaming, Launchpad, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Polygon Ecosystem, Smart contracts, Social network, Sports, Tokenization, Virtual Reality, Wallet, Wallets, Web3
Logo W3.Work W3.Work Dec. 12, 2023 is building a business social Metaverse, currently focusing on improving the user experience of decentralized Web3 events. Business Platform, Business Services, Metaverse
Logo Hodlezz Hodlezz Dec. 20, 2023 Track crypto assets portfolios from various sources such as exchanges and wallets in order to have a real-time overview of funds invested in cryptocurrencies and … Accounting, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Asset management, Asset Manager, DeFi, EVM, Portfolio management, Rating, R&D, Software, Subscription, Tax
Logo Brickland Brickland Dec. 23, 2023 Brickland is the first ever metaverse created with use of millions of construction bricks. Build your own land! Brickland is virtual and real in the … Gaming, Metaverse
Logo Abazzo Abazzo Dec. 23, 2023 DEplastic(Decentralized platform for the plastics industry) The goal of this project is to develop a decentralized platform for the plastics industry, which will provide a … DeFi, NFT Marketplace
Logo Kredeum NFT Factory Kredeum NFT Factory Jan. 1, 2024 Kredeum NFTs Factory : Mint it right ! The easiest way to create you own Collections and mint your NFTs With 2 brand new features … Arbitrum Ecosystem, Avalanche Ecosystem, DApp, Grant, Investment, Layer 1, Layer 2, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Polygon Ecosystem, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Wallet, Wallets, Web3, xDAI Ecosystem
Ultra BattleNova Jan. 1, 2024 Fight for the universe in Battlenova, the mobile sci-fi strategy game. Construct your city, train your hero, develop your skills, edit your hero, develop your … Gaming, Mobile, NFT Lending, NFTs
ChainNovels Jan. 1, 2024 Intellectual property
Logo Kepler & Barley Kepler & Barley Jan. 1, 2024 Kepler & Barley is an original concept that combines food, drinks, and blockchain. We provide a one-of-a-kind decentralized ecosystem for all consumer & professional Web3 … Community, Consulting, DAO, Digital Media, Education, Enterprise, Freelancing, Gaming, Guild, Incubator, Information, Membership, Metaverse, NFTs, Prediction, Rewards, Scalability, Social club, Social network, Social token, Staking, Tokenization
super farm invaders Jan. 1, 2024 The gardening gloves are off! Prepare for produce pandemonium in the farm game with a twist. Choose to help your friends or harvest some havoc. … Gaming, Mobile, NFT Lending, NFTs
From StreamCardano to SearChain June 30, 2024 The goal of project is to expand utility of StreamCardano prototype to cross-chain collaboration. StreamCardano is a serverless platform for Cardano dApplications that allows … Analytics, Bridge, Services
Logo Satyug Satyug Aug. 31, 2024 Imagine if you are Mark Zuckerberg who has 10 billion Dollars and you have no way to spend it all, except the endless Modern-day Cycle … Augmented Reality, Charity, Collectibles, DAO, DApp, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), DeFi, DeFi - NFTs, DEX, Gaming, Governance, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Play To Earn, Retail, Social Money, Tourism, UX, Virtual Reality
Logo Agni Agni Nov. 15, 2024 Agni is a Inter-chain DAO system which enables DAOs to co-exists on multiple chains. Our no-code inter-chain DAO builder helps DAO creators to create/expand and … Community, DAO, Governance, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Marketplace, No-code
Archival Array Architecture Social Good Works Use Cases Feb. 13, 2026 /* */ Asset-backed Tokens, Asset management, Authentification, Charity, Coding, Communication, Compliance, Connectivity, Consulting, Cryptocurrency, DAO, Document Management System, Education, Employment, Enterprise, Financial infrastructure, Funding, Grant, Information, Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), Interoperability, Justice, Logistics, Mapping, Membership, Mining, Nodes, Perpetual, Protocol, Recruitment, Scalability, Smart contracts, Social network
Ezekiel Massey Jan. 1, 2030 Ipsam eum in quo qua Art