95 Upcoming New Crypto Projects

Projects close to launch
Project Launch date Description Categories
Logo Forest Hero Club Forest Hero Club Oct. 1, 2023 Forest Hero Club is the Web 3 expansion of our Web 2 business. Treecelet has already planted over 600 thousand trees by selling bracelets. We … E-commerce, Energy, Environment, NFTs, ReFi, Travel
Logo Exocert Exocert Oct. 1, 2023 ExoCert is an ecosystem based on blockchain technology and digital certificates that should stop the fraudulent trade in organic certificates when exporting non-organic fruit and … Certification, Connectivity, Farming, Fraud, Hardware, Identity, Internet of Things (IOT), Signing, Software-as-a-service, Tokenization, Wallets, Weather
Logo Rex Protocol Rex Protocol Oct. 1, 2023 REX Protocol is a web3 real estate tokenization and exchange platform with the goal of bringing liquidity and accessibility to the global real estate market. … Arbitrage, Asset-backed Tokens, Banking, Brokerage, DAO, DeFi, DEX, ETF, Exchange, Finance / Banking, Fractionalization, Indexes, Launchpads, Lending, Lending/Borrowing, Mortgage, Price discovery, Real Estate, Real world assets, RWA, Tokenization
Logo Klubcoin Klubcoin Oct. 2, 2023 KlubCoin, a cashless payment solution and global customer loyalty program designed to integrate with the electronic music industry.
Logo Reel Finance Reel Finance Oct. 2, 2023 There are hundreds of millions of dollars being left on the table. Until now, large privately owned centralised finance companies & banks are the only … Financial Services, Lending
Logo EDriveToken EDriveToken Oct. 4, 2023 EDriveToken wants to develop initiatives to bring about a revolution in the automotive sector, leveraging blockchain and DeFi.
Logo Postgraduate Development of AI Art for Curated NFT Marketplace Postgraduate Development of AI Art for Curated NFT Marketplace Oct. 7, 2023 Postgraduate candidate research, development of AI Generated Art for Curated NFT and Tangible Art Marketplace. I am writing to submit a grant proposal on behalf … Art, Artificial Intelligence, Curation, Digital Media, Marketplace, Music, NFTs, Research, Technology & Science, Virtual Reality
Logo Phantom of the Kill Phantom of the Kill Oct. 9, 2023 "Phantom of the Kill" is a mobile game title developed and operated by Studio FgG. Gaming
Nebulai Oct. 10, 2023 Nebulai's Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace (DSTM) is a platform that combines the best of centralized and decentralized technologies to create a smarter, more efficient … DAO, Marketplace
Logo Hypermove Hypermove Oct. 11, 2023 HyperMove - the ultimate blockchain-powered GameFi ecosystem which provides a variety of unique and immersive Blockchain games including AAA, Hypercasual, and Move-to-earn games with real … Gaming, NFTs
Xone Oct. 12, 2023 XONE: Mobile gaming re-imagined for the creator economy. We allow creators to do is to build and soundtrack 3D games and experiences inside of a … Community, Digital Media, Gaming
Logo Smartmoni W/Moniplus Smartmoni W/Moniplus Oct. 15, 2023 We Put the "i" in Moni & Give U More with MoniPlus We change the Nature of Moni Rather then a sign of Wealth, it … Advertising, AI, Asset-backed Tokens, Banking, Brokerage, DeFi, DEX, E-commerce, ETF, Finance / Banking, Financial Services, Lending, Media, Mobile, Multi-products, NFT Lending, NFT Marketplace, P2P, Payments, Retail, Rewards, Smart contracts, Stablecoins, Yield
Logo Mirageverse Mirageverse Oct. 15, 2023 Mirageverse aims to solve the problems of expensive Metaverse, hyper-focused experiences, lack of interoperability, limited wearables, exclusive access, low-poly graphics, and unfriendly infrastructure. Solutions include … AI, Avatar, Collectibles, Cross Chain, Digital Media, Gaming, Interoperability, Metaverse, NFTs, P2P, Play To Earn, Retail, Social network, Social token, Virtual Reality
Logo Neon City: EXP BAR Neon City: EXP BAR Oct. 15, 2023 Metaverse
Logo Clashub Clashub Oct. 20, 2023 What problem are you solving? In recent years, the emergence of NFTs has caused a significant stir in the blockchain industry. PFP NFT collections gained … Gaming, NFTs
Astromint Oct. 29, 2023 DeFi, Stablecoins, Synthetic Issuer
Logo Uatu Uatu Oct. 30, 2023 UATU is a platform which enables users to query and analyse data in natural language. Developers can get access to indexed on-chain data and integrate … Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Intelligence
Logo Rawb0ts Rawb0ts Oct. 30, 2023 Rawb0ts is a non-fungible token (NFT) project featuring 3D-printed plastic toys that have come to life through a mysterious process. The NFTs are divided into … Gaming, Metaverse, NFTs, Play To Earn
Logo Diwö AI Diwö AI Oct. 30, 2023 Diwö is a cutting-edge AI company that is dedicated to developing safe AI technologies such as robotics, AI software, AI safety, and security systems. With … Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Enterprise
CRYTEX Oct. 31, 2023 CRYTEX is a crypto token project aimed at creating a decentralized platform whereby Companies, investors, individuals, entrepreneurs and small or large scale businesses can meet … Community, Explorers, Finance / Banking, Financial Services, Marketing, Social club, Social network, Social token
Logo Kavarii Kavarii Oct. 31, 2023 We’re Kavarii, a video-streaming social network entirely built on the blockchain free from algorithmic and advertiser manipulation that enables creators to monetize their content faster. … Machine Learning, NFT Marketplace, Smart contracts, Social network, Tokenization, Video
Logo Mirafinance Mirafinance Oct. 31, 2023 Mira leverages the concept of custodianship, akin to Wrapped Bitcoin or traditional ETFs, to provide users with diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Mira's indices … Asset-backed Tokens, Asset management, Collateralization, Cross Chain, Custody, DeFi, DeFi Index
Logo Front Door Front Door Oct. 31, 2023 Front Door The Open Referrals Protocol Front Door unlocks collaboration in the $420 billion recruitment ecosystem. The ecosystem is highly fragmented, participants have conflicting incentives, … Employment, Income, Marketplace, Recruitment, Referral, Smart contracts
Kanimal Clash Oct. 31, 2023 Ludena Protocol's first game Kanimal Clash - P2E Clash Royale style developed by famous former game directors from Korea's netmarble and Neowiz Kanimal Clash real-time … Gaming, Marketplace, Play To Earn
Logo Web3 in the School Web3 in the School Nov. 1, 2023 #IDEA This project arises from the need to socialize the **Web3 ecosystem** to those who will be its main users in the coming years and … Education
Logo Scoby Collective Scoby Collective Nov. 1, 2023 At SCOBY collective, we decided to leverage DeFi and the Venture Studio model to enable entrepreneurs to achieve their purpose by joining their organization as … Environment, Incubator, Studio
Logo Bloodloop Bloodloop Nov. 1, 2023 BloodLoop is the first gaming product of 7 Digital Labs, a Gaming Studio focused on producing gaming solutions that bridge the web2 and web3 worlds … Gaming, NFTs
Logo Actiquest Actiquest Nov. 1, 2023 We're Actiq (Actiquest Inc.) - gamified training app for athletes who spend $160-300/month to group trainings or remote coaching, we provide adaptable AI coaches on … AI, Gaming, Healthcare, Machine Learning, NFTs, Play To Earn, Sports
Logo CodeNekt CodeNekt Nov. 1, 2023 Buying a used car is like playing the lottery: you don't know what you are getting. Over 30% of used vehicles break down within the … Data, Debt, Real world assets, Tokenization
Logo Capture The Planet Capture The Planet Nov. 1, 2023 It is a mobile web3 Free-to-play Play-to-earn game, where players need to control their character, chop wood and stones, construct the buildings, expand and develop … DeFi, Gaming
Logo Wirk World Wirk World Nov. 11, 2023 WIRK IS THE FIRST SUSTAINABLE DECENTRALIZED ECOSYSTEM FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THAT DELIVERS TRAINING TO FILL GAPS IN EDUCATION AND MATCH … AI, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Platform, Business Services, Certification, DAO, DApp, Data, Education, Employment, Energy, Freelancing, Identity, Machine Learning, ML, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Payments, Payroll, Polygon Ecosystem, Recruitment, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Wallets, Web3
Logo Nitro Finance Nitro Finance Nov. 15, 2023 NITRO FUSED TRADE LEDGER Swap, lend, and borrow all from a single pool - experience a pairwise interaction like never before DEX, Lending/Borrowing
Logo Ava finance Ava finance Nov. 17, 2023 DeFi, Liquidity
Logo Digital Asset Brokers Digital Asset Brokers Nov. 22, 2023 Digital Asset Brokers is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of services related to digital assets. Our platform is designed to meet the … Financial Services, Lending, Marketplace
Logo Definity Legend Game Builder Definity Legend Game Builder Nov. 24, 2023 Introducing Definity Legend, a groundbreaking crypto project that presents a game builder with no coding skills required. Our platform, developed by Definity Studios, a subsidiary … AI, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, GameFi, Gaming, Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Play To Earn, Social network
Logo Weedoverse Weedoverse Nov. 25, 2023 WeedoVerse is a DAO project focused on creating engaging video games that are connected to the Polygon Blockchain and are all housed within a Metaverse … AI, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Augmented Reality, Avatar, Collectibles, DAO, DeFi, E-commerce, Entertainment, Events, GameFi, Gaming, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Metaverse, ML, NFT Lending, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Software-as-a-service, Staking, Staking Pool, Studio, Tokenization, Virtual Reality, Wallets
Logo NoFunZone NoFunZone Dec. 1, 2023 NoFunZone is a gamified educational platform where people with no web3 knowledge can come, have fun, and learn about blockchain. Users will begin by minting … Education, Gaming, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
MyclubAgro Dec. 1, 2023 A MARKETPLACE in a FULLY DIGITAL environment that provides integration between producers and buyers in a quick, uncomplicated and fully traceable way. Each operation is … Aggregator, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Farm, Software-as-a-service, Trading
Logo Terrabellum Terrabellum Dec. 1, 2023 Terrabellum is a blockchain-based gaming project that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry through innovative economics and the use of NFTs. One of the key … GameFi, Gaming
Logo Digitaliga Digitaliga Dec. 1, 2023 Digitaliga is the world's first Digital Football Platform Provider that runs the platforms under the Football Club’s own brand. Digital Football Platforms are powered by … Advertising, AI, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Business Platform, Digital Media, Gaming, NFT Index, NFT Lending, NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Sports
Logo Aventis Metaverse Aventis Metaverse Dec. 1, 2023 Aventis Metaverse is the first AI-powered Graduate school in the Metaverse, providing a decentralized education platform to improve lives through affordable and accessible executive education. … AI, Education, Metaverse
Logo Pendulum Pendulum Dec. 5, 2023 Pendulum Inc, a Toronto-based company, aims to empower individuals to easily own, trade, and invest in property through the use of tokenization. This innovative approach … Real Estate
Logo Aquarius Exchange Aquarius Exchange Dec. 7, 2023 The Aquarius Exchange is the only exchange that rewards, not charges users for traded volume scaling to greater than 100% cost savings when compared to … CEX, Exchange, Finance / Banking, Financial infrastructure, Marketplace
Crypfi Dec. 7, 2023 Banking, CeFi, CEX, Credit, Cross Chain, Custody, DeFi, DeFi Index, Derivatives, DEX, EVM, Exchange, Exotic Options, Lending/Borrowing, Leveraged Token, Limit orders, Liquidity, Options, Options Vault, Perpetuals, Real world assets, RWA, RWA Lending, Smart contracts, Tokenization
Logo Open Games Builders Open Games Builders Dec. 12, 2023 The next STEAM of web 3. Play to Earn. NFT Marketplace. Friendly usser. Real Assets. AR/VR, Augmented Reality, Gaming, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Smart contracts, Social network, Sports, Tokenization, Virtual Reality, Wallets
Logo W3.Work W3.Work Dec. 12, 2023 W3.work is building a business social Metaverse, currently focusing on improving the user experience of decentralized Web3 events. Business Platform, Business Services, Metaverse
Logo Diatomix Diatomix Dec. 12, 2023 Diatomix enables volatility Trading and impermanent loss hedging by building a lending market for LP tokens. Thus we address one of the core issues of … AMM, DeFi, Risk management
Logo KAMI KAMI Dec. 15, 2023 KAMI is half social network, half marketplace or more accurately described as a market network. We are building a place where you can live your … NFT Marketplace, NFTs, Social trading
Logo Hodlezz Hodlezz Dec. 20, 2023 Track crypto assets portfolios from various sources such as exchanges and wallets in order to have a real-time overview of funds invested in cryptocurrencies and … Accounting, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Asset management, Asset Manager, DeFi, EVM, Portfolio management, Rating, R&D, Software, Subscription, Tax
Logo AIBA AIBA Dec. 21, 2023 Introducing the AIBA Project: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Basketball Ecosystem The AIBA project aims to transform the world of basketball by leveraging AI technology and decentralization … AI, DAO, Sports
Logo Cannaland Cannaland Dec. 22, 2023 CANNALAND is a unique platform that will enable worldwide businesses to operate virtually within one domain without boundaries and without constraints of the unique localized … Artificial Intelligence, Avatar, Business Platform, CEX, Charity, Cryptography, DeFi, DEX, E-commerce, Education, Enterprise, Entertainment, Exchange-based Tokens, Gaming, Information, Layer 1, Leisure, Marketing, Marketplace, Media, Membership, Merchandise, Metaverse, Mobile, Multi-products, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn, Retail, Rewards, Tokenization, Virtual Reality
Logo Brickland Brickland Dec. 23, 2023 Brickland is the first ever metaverse created with use of millions of construction bricks. Build your own land! Brickland is virtual and real in the … Gaming, Metaverse
Unity Federated Network Dec. 23, 2023 Communication, Community
Logo Abazzo Abazzo Dec. 23, 2023 DEplastic(Decentralized platform for the plastics industry) The goal of this project is to develop a decentralized platform for the plastics industry, which will provide a … DeFi, NFT Marketplace
Logo Nomads Connect Nomads Connect Dec. 23, 2023 Curation, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Social network
Logo Athena Incorporation Athena Incorporation Dec. 25, 2023 Next Gen Advance Blockchain Payment System Decentralized Stablecoin
Logo Treasure-Land Treasure-Land Dec. 30, 2023 💎What is Treasure Land? 🎉Treasure-Land is not just another GameFi game; it's a groundbreaking Web3 game project that aims to redefine your gaming experience. Immerse … Gaming
Ultra BattleNova Jan. 1, 2024 Fight for the universe in Battlenova, the mobile sci-fi strategy game. Construct your city, train your hero, develop your skills, edit your hero, develop your … Gaming, Mobile, NFT Lending, NFTs
Logo Artworks from Design to Handmade Artworks from Design to Handmade Jan. 1, 2024 The mission of the Raphael Fund is to empower and uplift artists and art communities by fostering creativity and supporting the transition from digital art … Art, Auction
Logo Kredeum NFT Factory Kredeum NFT Factory Jan. 1, 2024 Kredeum NFTs Factory : Mint it right ! The easiest way to create you own Collections and mint your NFTs With 2 brand new features … Arbitrum Ecosystem, Avalanche Ecosystem, DApp, Grant, Investment, Layer 1, Layer 2, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Polygon Ecosystem, Smart Contract Platform, Smart contracts, Wallets, Web3, xDAI Ecosystem
Logo Fast Society Fast Society Jan. 1, 2024 A thrilling mobile game made by a leading studio with seamless crypto onboarding. Currently avid web2 mobile gamers pay through the nose to play freemium … Entertainment, Mass Market, NFTs, Play To Earn
Logo Treelife Nfts For Life, Memories For Beyond.. Treelife Nfts For Life, Memories For Beyond.. Jan. 1, 2024 Treelife is a project offering an innovative solution for managing digital memories after death. It uses digital urns connected to a web3 platform based on … Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Augmented Reality, Authentification, Authority, Avatar, Big Data, Chain, Cloud, Connectivity, Construction, Cross Chain, Cryptography, Data, Digital Media, EVM, Governance, Identity, Infrastructure, Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), Legal, Machine Learning, Media, MEV Protection, Mobile, Mobility, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Parachain, Scalability, Securities, Security, Services, Smart contracts, Social, Social network, Technology & Science, UX, Video
Logo Kepler & Barley Kepler & Barley Jan. 1, 2024 Kepler & Barley is an original concept that combines food, drinks, and blockchain. We provide a one-of-a-kind decentralized ecosystem for all consumer & professional Web3 … Community, Consulting, DAO, Digital Media, Education, Enterprise, Freelancing, Gaming, Guild, Incubator, Information, Membership, Metaverse, NFTs, Prediction, Rewards, Scalability, Social club, Social network, Social token, Staking, Tokenization
Logo TERRAPEXC TERRAPEXC Jan. 1, 2024 Terrapexc is a forthcoming cryptocurrency trading exchange, specifically designed for spot trading within the LUNA Classic blockchain. Commonly referred to as Public Exchange (PEX), this … CEX, DeFi, DEX, Exchange
ChainNovels Jan. 1, 2024 Intellectual property
Pretium Jan. 1, 2024 Short Intro for Pretium Pretium is, is a AI pipeline that ingests 100m points of social conversation around web 3. We enrich this data with … AI, Analytics, APIs, Asset management, Automation, Collectibles, Digital Media
Logo Community TERRA (CUST) Community TERRA (CUST) Jan. 1, 2024 Community Terra (CUST) is a collateralized low volatile coin which is algorithmically pegged to dollar value. CUST is designed to address the challenges of a … Algo-Stables, Asset-backed Tokens, Collateralization, DeFi, DEX, Finance / Banking, Stablecoins
super farm invaders Jan. 1, 2024 The gardening gloves are off! Prepare for produce pandemonium in the farm game with a twist. Choose to help your friends or harvest some havoc. … Gaming, Mobile, NFT Lending, NFTs
Logo Mining Mania Mining Mania Jan. 2, 2024 Mining Mania is an economic strategy with three branches of development: mining, trading, and expansion. One of the leading gaming features is the ability for … DeFi, DEX, EVM, Gaming, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn
Logo Semoto Semoto Jan. 10, 2024 FULL PITCH IDEA Semoto: Your One-Stop Marketplace for Trusted Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto Services Introduction The world of blockchain, Web3, and crypto is bustling with … Marketplace
Logo MetroHunters MetroHunters Jan. 15, 2024 A gamified marketing platform, based on Augmented-Reality & Geolocation, with Web3 connectivity. Metrohunters aims to revolutionize the way users interact with coupons, NFTs, and tokens, … Augmented Reality, Entertainment, Events, Gaming, Mapping, Marketing, Metaverse, Mobile, NFTs, Rewards
Logo Khipu Company Khipu Company Jan. 19, 2024 Khipu Company is developping a new descentralized platform and a new cryptocurrency especific to the tourism market. Also, we are developing diverse distributed applications focused … Payments, Stablecoins, Tourism
Logo Ordem e Combate Ordem e Combate Jan. 25, 2024 Ordem e Combate is a fighting game inspired by the style and gameplay of Street Fighter 4 that features 27 characters inspired by all Brazilian … Gaming, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
Logo Eclipse Quest Eclipse Quest Jan. 31, 2024 Eclipse Quest is a Action-Adventure, dungeon crawler NFT Game driven by a philosophy "fun-to-play, fun-to-collect, fun-to-earn" where players will explore dungeon, discover rarer equipment, build … Gaming, NFTs
Logo Graymatter Graymatter Feb. 1, 2024 GrayMatter is a next-gen gaming platform leveraging the power of blockchain gaming, non-intrusively, by removing the hurdles of using crypto. We make onboarding for games … Community, Entertainment, Gaming, Infrastructure, Wallets
EcoSave Feb. 7, 2024 Our platform leverages blockchain technology to provide transparency, accountability, and real-time tracking of donations and impact. Users can make donations to a wide range of … DeFi, Environment
Logo Land Of Chasers Land Of Chasers March 1, 2024 Welcome to the captivating world of Land of Chasers, an extraordinary AA singleplayer RPG meticulously crafted on the revolutionary Unreal Engine 5 platform. Immerse yourself … Artificial Intelligence, DAO, Entertainment, Gaming, Layer 2, Layer 3, Membership, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Play To Earn
Logo Codename: Renegades Codename: Renegades March 16, 2024 We were the first who warned you about the ALTERATION. We were the first Responders when it took the world by surprise. And now after … Cryptography, Gaming
7VFI.AI March 31, 2024 7VFI.AI is a multi-chain all-in-one DeFi platform, simplifying processes via AI tools and alpha-seeking strategies. Our mission is to democratize access to DeFi, making it … AI, Analytics, APIs, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Market Maker (AMM), Automation, Coding, Community, Connectivity, Cross Chain, DAO, Data, DeFi, DeSci, EVM, Financial infrastructure, Infrastructure, Intelligence, Interoperability, Layer 1, Layer 2, Limit orders, Liquidity, Liquidity manager, Liquid Staking, LP Tokens, Machine Learning, ML, Multi-products, NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), On/Off Ramps, Prediction, Rating, Research, Scalability, Software, Software-as-a-service, Staking, Staking Pool, Structured Products, Subscription, Technology & Science, Tooling, Yield, Yield Aggregator
Logo Marshmellow App Marshmellow App April 15, 2024 Marshmellow is a Social app that lets users Share, Learn, and Monetize. It started out as a platform to help teachers and students connect. However, … AR/VR, Communication, Digital Media, Education, Media, Merchandise, Messaging, Metaverse, Multi-products, NFT Marketplace, Social network, Subscription, Virtual Reality
Gaia Ecotrack April 24, 2024 Summary: Total investment required is $262,312 Initial investment of $20,386 Then monthly on average $10,300 Total monthly earnings once implemented is $29,375 Total earnings in … Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Exchange-based Tokens, Oracle, Software, Software-as-a-service, Tokenization
Strateg. June 1, 2024 I'm excited to introduce Strateg, a DeFi project that focuses on creating an omnichain yield infrastructure for easy creation and sharing of financial strategies. Our … Aggregator, Asset-backed Tokens, Asset management, Automation, Bond, Bridge, Community, Cross Chain, DAO, DeFi, Derivatives, EUR Stablecoin, EVM, Farm, Farming, Financial infrastructure, Financial Services, Fractionalization, Fractionalized NFT, Income, Interoperability, Limit orders, LP Tokens, NFT Lending, Portfolio management, R&D, Risk management, RWA, RWA Lending, Uncollateralized Lending, Yield Aggregator
CatacombCrawlers June 6, 2024 Catacomb Crawlers is a modern Roguelike game that has three main game modes, Campaign, Survival and Brawl that will be launched on mobiles, PC (including … GameFi, Gaming
From StreamCardano to SearChain June 30, 2024 The goal of SearChain.com project is to expand utility of StreamCardano prototype to cross-chain collaboration. StreamCardano is a serverless platform for Cardano dApplications that allows … Analytics, Bridge, Cloud computing, Services
Logo Maze Runner 3D: Blockchain City Builder Maze Runner 3D: Blockchain City Builder Aug. 1, 2024 Our vision for Maze Runner 3D Blockchain City Builder is to create a groundbreaking gaming experience where players can explore immersive mazes, build thriving cities, … Gaming
Logo Satyug Satyug Aug. 31, 2024 Imagine if you are Mark Zuckerberg who has 10 billion Dollars and you have no way to spend it all, except the endless Modern-day Cycle … Augmented Reality, Charity, Collectibles, DAO, DApp, DeFi, DeFi - NFTs, DEX, Gaming, Governance, Marketplace, Metaverse, NFTs, Play To Earn, Retail, Social Money, Tourism, UX, Virtual Reality
Logo CLASH : Heroes Of Feralia Terra CLASH : Heroes Of Feralia Terra Sept. 30, 2024 CLASH is an open world single player and co-op action RPG adventure that rewards players with NFTs through a fun and competitive gameplay in PVP … Collectibles, Entertainment, GameFi, Gaming
Logo Agni Agni Nov. 15, 2024 Agni is a Inter-chain DAO system which enables DAOs to co-exists on multiple chains. Our no-code inter-chain DAO builder helps DAO creators to create/expand and … Community, DAO, Governance, Infrastructure, Interoperability, Marketplace, No-code
Fungusgurus Web3 Elearning Platform Jan. 9, 2025 Education, Healthcare, Hospitality
Logo TigerMoon TigerMoon April 15, 2025 TigerMoon (TIGERMOON) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2025and operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) platform. TigerMoon has a current supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 with 0 …
Logo Medorii Medorii April 22, 2025 Medorii is a Hypermeta Web 3 Play to Own Gamefi project which follows the concept of the metaverse. We adopt NFTs which provide dual utilities, … E-commerce, GameFi, Gaming, Retail
Archival Array Architecture Social Good Works Use Cases Feb. 13, 2026 /* */ Asset-backed Tokens, Asset management, Authentification, Charity, Coding, Communication, Compliance, Connectivity, Consulting, Cryptocurrency, DAO, Document Management System, Education, Employment, Enterprise, Financial infrastructure, Funding, Grant, Information, Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IOT), Interoperability, Justice, Logistics, Mapping, Membership, Mining, Nodes, Perpetual, Protocol, Recruitment, Scalability, Smart contracts, Social network
Ezekiel Massey Jan. 1, 2030 Ipsam eum in quo qua Art