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ETH Denver 2024 Ultimate List of Side Events

💥 ETH Denver 2024 is filling out to be the crypto event of the year.

Side events are where the real deals get done, the main conference is lunch, the parties are where deals are made.

📡 We are tracking over 200 of these events!

As an avid conference attendee, looking for something to do on the day of can lead to multiple Uber rides parties hoping until you can get into the next lit event.

It's best to plan ahead and pre-register at the events so you don't look like a crypto newb trying to figure out how to plug in your ledger wallet into a USB-C port.

So we did the heavy lifting for you and brought together a bunch of lists and events and privately sourced a couple others.

If we have the passwords and entry codes, you now have the passwords and VIP entry codes.

If you want to get listed reach out to us on Telegram:

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