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1 Billion Gamers: Donโ€™t be Chainist, Cross Chain Gaming Space ๐ŸŽฎโœŠ๐Ÿป๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ“ˆ

Recorded: May 17, 2023



Hey, what's up everybody? Thanks for coming another Wednesday another Twitter spaces. That's what we do such a big part of Web 3 that if we didn't do them anymore I don't know something would just feel off and then everything might go to zero so that's why we come I mean we do these so that we hold up all of Web 3
us and us and Pepe, them there they're there went I think that's a new record like 30 seconds or something like that without talking about a meme coin but you know a lot of people are a lot of people are saying meme coins are holding up web 3 right now so who knows but you know let's go around
the room, give everybody a little some intros. I know a lot of games are doing big things. I think I saw you up there doing some big spaces, Abbey, congrats. I think you're on your way to being an influencer. Definitely influenced me. So what's up? Thanks for co-hosting. How's it going today?
Hello, hello, I'm good. Yeah, I just got off. I guess I can say I got off a big space to join yours and cause so that's some serious dedication that I guess I could I could say to to always show up every single week on time early to to max space
The boomland is building hunters on chain which is due to go live later this month on Maynet. It's a spin off over a game called Hunt Royale which is a very successful web 2 game with over 8 million downloads and a lot of daily action.
I don't recall the exact number at the moment, but yeah, really looking forward to today's discussion. There's been a lot of very exciting developments this week within the gaming space, which is definitely going to push a closer to the 1 billion gamers and to those who are within the same
industry and paying attention, we've definitely made so much progress this week and I'm sure this is the start for sure for the next couple of weeks and months to help us on board closer to 10 billion gamers. Absolutely. And something that I just
realize the power of Web 3 and the technology that we're using here. So really looking forward to, you know, it always sucks when something like that happens, but if it's going to bring us to a billion gamers, I mean, they should have built it on the blockchain. What's up, Mad Metaverse? How's it going today?
Yeah, good, good. Thank you very much for having us as always. Yeah, this is I think I said so every week. This is one of my favorite times of the week. This is yeah, so the most Exeterating of experiences that said it is and yeah
Matt Mevers, we're heavily invested into dynamic NFTs. It's all about evolving, mutating, and yeah, setting up a free-to-play game. Launching later this year, and yeah, we've just begun the first round of our
10 million biometric giveaway as well, which keep an eye on the links or the headers. We've got a dedicated exclusive giveaway just for this max base today, giving away 100k biomass. I'll stick it at the top so you can all check out.
Awesome. Shit. I want some of that. If it's free, it's for me. Mo, what's up? First time caller, long time listener. How's it going today? Hey, hey guys, how you doing? Nice to meet you all. I'm very honored and excited to be here at the space talking to you guys.
here you guys are a really big gaming and NFT and Web 3 Twitter space which is so awesome. Yeah it is meme coin season tell me about it you know but you know that that that could be good in terms of just bringing some action back into the scene you know it's all it's been a quite it's been quite dull but you know it's only if you have
have been building right in the bear market. We believe that true builders are the ones who build no matter what right they don't let the market dictate what when they want to build they build because they have a passion for it they have a passion to have a drive and they believe that web 3 you know we'll continue to develop because of its efficiency. I
been a gamer all my life, you know, from Sega Genesis to PlayStation and, you know, playing Madden 06, man, it is unbelievable journey to being on stage with thousands of people in the audience traveling from city to city, state to state, country to country.
DreamHack 2016, I was on stage. It was my first ever time on stage and as we did actually. It was my first time going out of the country. And it's super cool because that's my roots, right? Like I'm up. I used to be a professional gamer, you know, with my with my other
Buddy, TFG, who we are co-leading this project, Q-Backs, which is a can't wait to talk to you guys about it today. But yeah, our roots are heavily into the gaming space, whether it's esports, gaming, content, and I know we have an amazing Twitter space.
to look forward to, right? Where we could talk and unravel about all of these amazing topics. And yeah, it's just true to connect with, it's awesome to connect with true builders in the space and people who are serious about their work. And yeah, we're super excited to be here. Thank you so much for having us.
Awesome, thanks for coming. And a lot of what you guys are doing is going to play a big part in mass adoption. Just like user-generated content, just like having solid ecosystems to build in. I mean, everything needs to come together. And then we're going to have one billion gamers within FTs. What's a high DGPOWS? How's it going?
Hey man, doing pretty well. I hope you guys can hear me alright. Chilling in my car outside of Starbucks, so hopefully I'm coming through. But anyway, this topic is actually phenomenal. Super, super relevant for DG pals right now. Our expansion to polygon is going to be in a few weeks.
Our tower defense game launches this weekend, which is going to be co-op free to play. It's also going to be a way to compete for whitelist spots. And, you know, just the cross chain, even taking a project that is based on one chain and moving it to another, it has its own
Trials and tribulations, but if you build up that trust, you build up that track record, hopefully you can transition and expand, essentially almost benefiting the initial holders with additional eyes, additional holders, additional demand for especially someone like the OG
I'm looking forward to expanding over to Polygon. Some of these spaces that I've been attending are just some of the most lively vibes that I've had, you know, this whole bear market.
really appreciate all the energy you bring as well as I'll be over there on boom land. So in every other space that's in here and not even in here might be listening back. The people who bring the energy and you guys have really helped me entertain me through this time. So just looking forward to
the space man get another opinions on the whole cross chain and what three gaming stuff. Awesome. Thanks for coming. And yeah, like Twitter is the real metaverse. Once the VR tech comes in and Elon builds a blockchain, like I think Twitter might be ready player one. What's up, Shingin? How's it going?
Hey, what's up, Mac? I'm just looking at that pet bay chart. It looks like the big bird, hey, the big middle finger. So I think anyone who's had their time to play with the retail and dump on, they probably made their exit already. So pretty artistic the way they kind of made all that, that
I'm a game designer. I'm happy to be here as always and I'm a little bit cranky, a little bit old, but I try to make it fun. So I'm going to enjoy the space. Awesome. We love your crankiness and thanks for coming. No comment on the highs and lows of pepper.
But I do like me some little green frog memes. What's up, everyone? Thanks for coming Hey guys nice to meet you everyone. It's kind of I do believe it's only me on from Solana community I guess you and it's kind of Don't throw some shots a lot of old together
games out there holding you on and all the different stuff. I respect every other game builders and I'm really happy to be here as well and just going to chat with the other builders and other communities as well. And just to give it a short introduction about us as well. We are actually the first ever game to launch on Solana.
building for two years. And this topic as well is pretty active for us and we believe that either generated stuff is pretty important for if we really want to get to one billion gamers then like that's the only way without that just gonna build like no matter how much you build like there's literally no way that you just generate
like one within gamers and like having something like Roblox, Minecraft, kind of Fortnite, you know, thing is the way and we're going that way. We're building the tools for the people to build their own games and their own kind of Web 3 experiences and let's see how that one goes and yeah, excited to kind of talk more
about the stuff with you guys. Awesome, thanks for coming. I used to really do a lot on Solano and one thing I'll never forget and always like are the jokes and memes that I cannot say on a company account that hopefully you all know what I'm talking
about. But let's uh, all right, uh, one more speaker, 21 million. What's up? Thanks for coming. Or not. All right. We'll get back to you. Uh, let's jump right into it. I mean, don't be chained. We shouldn't be chained. Racists. Everything is
blockchain and Web 3 is really where it's at. We're trying to get a billion people in here, not only gaming, but just using this technology. Not only is it good for our bags, but it's good for the future. I mean, this technology really improves upon a lot of different areas of industry, like not only
community, not only what we're using them for, it goes well beyond gaming. I mean, logistics, technology, the list goes on and on of the different industries that are really going to end up implementing different areas of blockchain in their company. So, but aside from that, I want to just focus on
gaming and why we really chose the chain that we're on i mean does it really matter in the grand scheme of things polygons a lot of i'm gonna leave a theory amount because i'm cheap and i don't want to pay for gas but you know there a lot of different options are popping up so do you guys think it really matters
I mean, one thing that comes to mind for me is the community. That's why Polygon, Solana, and Arbitram, Sui, Aptos, that's where everybody's really choosing to go. But in the grand scheme of things, I mean, three years from now, do you think it's really gonna matter? Co-host privileges, boom land, go ahead.
Hello, I appreciate that as always from from my side I think the chain that you build on is super critical particularly in the short term. If you're looking to raise funds via NFTs tokens or anything like that, I think the
The chain you're on definitely is one of the most important things primarily due to the community, due to the tech, due to the ability to have an existing audience, which you can tap into and get what the overall market size is for NFT specifically
our token sales etc. So I think on that aspect it is super, super important. For ourselves being built on polygon, I think we are definitely happy to be on polygon because firstly they have very, very good support in terms of all of the community activations that they've been able
to provide game on by Polygon was a super large campaign which definitely helped to onboard some people into the space. They worked very closely with the likes of different gaming girls like Indy Gigi. We will also definitely contribute to the space and then being originally in
Ryan and his background particularly at YouTube leading that the game division and all of the different gaming projects on polygon at the moment I saw at least and they posted by Sandeep that you know polygon gaming is has the most active wall that's out of any change so I think we're 30
5% market share and it's always a good thing to be building where the best tech with the best people and also a very strong active community which you can tap into and use at a starting point to onboard Web 3 gamers and also allows a very seamless experience to onboard
you know regular gamers in general with their ability to to work with several major web 2 brands I think that will just help with the onboarding and trust experience with gamers in general down the line. Oh man love that point of view and oh shit you just made me have an epiphany I think I
might actually be changed. Oh my god, but it's okay because we love everybody gamers wherever you are in the world, whatever you identify as I identify as a savage in Web 3 and I love polygon, but we love everybody else out there, especially if you're listening today. Let's go mad metaverse, DG pals and then everyone.
I mean, you know, you obviously are a chaness because one of the first things you said was, "Wow, you completely dismissed Ephraim." So it's definitely, there might be some percentage of you that's definitely chaness. Do you look at this subject?
I do think you're definitely trying to start some heat debates this week. So yeah, let's get straight into it. We are obviously mad is built on Ethereum. Now, I've got two main
points really to make here. Or at least, yeah, the two of the main reasons why we chose Ethereum. And for the start, one of the main things was the fact that Ephraim has never gone down, which can most certainly not be said for any of
the over layer two blockchains. Does the man we're talking about? They've all had downtime, especially Salana. That's, and I'm pretty good. Well, early this year, I think I had 11 hours, you know, outreach on the server. So you might as well just be running on Web 2 servers at that point. You know,
it's I don't remember that I don't I continue he ain't holding back I love it keep it going anal os go go yeah so yeah that's that's probably one of the other things you know that's one of the main things for me and yeah not also forgetting that both potty gone
and Salona rats are incredibly centralised as well. You know, it's most certainly not the gamers or the holders that own that chain. And so, yeah, that's another sort of a part of that same book, it really
that one. And then obviously there's security, that's one of the main reasons why we went for Ethereum. It's never been hacked and it's solid. It works as simple as that. And then really as well to question or not to question sorry but in reply to your original comment of
about gas fees, there is a whole host of projects out there now that will build SDKs to avoid that. It is the fact actually, or at least in my opinion, it's the fact that I haven't opinion on this, sorry, is that web free gaming is
going to potentially save a failure because we all know at the moment and it's going to be a lot of the overlay too as well. At some point there's going to be some scaling issues, even with the new protocol. But with the sort of the bringing in of WebFree Gaming
into Ethereum and with the amount of people and techies that are working on these SDKs, because this is something else we need to remember as well, is that Ethereum has the most developers out of any chain. And so, in terms of progress and technology and advancements,
Ethereum is always going to be ahead of the curve on that one. There's a whole host of SDKs out there and they're free for the most part. I've seen a couple that are charging for theirs which will allow you to just update the metadata of your NFTs which for us that are
running ground and McKinsey's is perfect for us. This allows our players to still level up their, you know, their NFTs to add new items, change their statistics, their appearances, etc. while keeping an all off chain, not off chain sorry but without gas fees while being on chain.
and just updating the better data. That's why the main reason is at least security and outages. That was our main push really for going on a failure. I think this is going to be an interesting one. I'm looking forward to some
that on-chain gaming transactions, on Ethereum, unless it actually makes sense financially or the player doesn't mind paying for it. To me, you just need to give a little bit extra value or have it make sense and then it doesn't really matter. Go ahead, DG pals and then Erwin.
Yeah, I think some some phenomenal points have already been brought up, but and I kind of just want to touch on as you mentioned David you you even singled out a chain, you know that you personally wouldn't want to build on so I think it's it's a lot of you know figuring out where your product and your brand fits you know in that market because some of these chains
are more competitive and less competitive. They're more diluted and less diluted. Gas fees, the infrastructure there, the team, as it be mentioned, the polygon BD team, as well as even some of the large names just constantly interacting with folks on Twitter and social media.
I think you know that some folks prefer that other folks prefer maybe a more quiet a more quiet team, but what it really comes down to in my opinion is is what are you looking for out of this? Because at the moment we just in terms of gamers and all the stuff as mentioned earlier you build you know
the builders through this market if they've been building they may be okay but it's also bro gamers don't care gamers don't care it with the price of Bitcoin gamers don't care SBB they don't care about the SEC gamers don't care so like if you can if you can build a game that is enjoyable to a gamer and it just happens to be
you know blockchain or you integrate things like that cool and in the other thing I keep mentioning it I keep seeing is everybody keeps saying build a fun game build a fun game that that is that is a personal definition some people love candy crush some people hate candy crush so provide feedback and input to these builders about what a fun game is or a game type that you may want to
to see and you may end up with a significantly better result at the end. And instead of just saying, hey, make fun games, make fun games. It's the same as a client saying, give me something I like, give me something I want. That's ridiculous. And then my last point is the other thing about deciding whether to build on a chain is also to understand whether or not they have
an incubator program or a grant program or even you know some mentors there to guide you you know based their feet their their experience there things like that so there's there's many different ways to look at what chain to build on but the answer your question yes it definitely matters what chain you build on because
Let's you know, and I don't have to give an example, but there's some chains that just at the moment are marketing much more towards gamers and low gas or no gas. And then the last thing I'll say is if I have to play a game and I have to confirm something in my Metamask ever like mid game, that it's just ridiculous. But the last and I already said it like two times, but the last thing I'll say is#
But in wow, for example, if you're sending money or if you're sending items or whatever you do have to confirm that you're doing it So like it's not a new concept to confirm It's a new concept to have some random ass Fox pop up in the middle of your screen in a white window and say hey man, can you confirm this? So the sooner we get to the hey, are you sure you want to send this through the mailbox in wow?#
Now I think that's going to be where we start seeing that adoption coming in. So just my thoughts there. Right, great points. And I mean, you go labs is doing it. They're all on ETH. We got to see what happens with that. But I don't see the gamers having to confirm transactions. And there's a lot of companies building back in solutions.
got to wait and see what happens. I do want to get to the other hands and then jump straight into the exciting stuff. I love talking about content UGC and what really drives these communities. So let's get to, oh man, I forgot the order. I'm just going to go to Syngen Irwin and then let's get to Mo.
Hey guys, I think number one is a very interesting topic. I love the the spiciness and you know the rage on from my guy mad and you know everyone has their own points on it. But you know first and foremost we're gamers first and and the biggest thing is like you know
Some people might think they're old, but I'm fucking old. And I remember back in the day, a friend would get a fan of content like Japanese console over and we played the games in Japanese. And like some of them were like, whatever, like a lot of texting that we didn't know how to speak Japanese, whatever like that. But we'd figure it out. Because when you're a gamer,
and that experience is there, it's fantastic. But I'll also say that, you know, like previous results of, you know, a previous industry does not guarantee future results. And what I mean by that is that when it was like pre-internet or pre-mobile gaming, and I'm talking about games specifically, right?
I mean the games that came out of mobile that really were hit right we're not coming out from the existing studios right there coming out from the indie studios of the ones we're taking the risk and stuff like that and so it's great the marketing the onboarding the transaction fees are all fantastic right but at the end of the day you know do I think the chains are gonna really matter
I think not really because ultimately if you're designing on a particular chain, you know the limitations of the chain, you understand what the chain can and cannot do. You know, I knew you just, you just it. And if that chain obviously affects your vision for the game,
of what you're designing or what you're building. Then of course you're going to find a chain that matters because ultimately for us as developers, what we're looking at is, okay, of course, liquidity, of course, some of the marketing, of course, there are the business side of it, but ultimately is what is going to give the best gaming experience for the type of web through
kind of ownership structure and kind of new malls that we're looking for. So I build on Ethereum and the reason I build on Ethereum is because I've had a lot of extensive experience building on Alurand previously. We were one of their first strategic partners and it was a fucking shit show of an experience because we ended up paying
like two and a half times more development costs and you know we're waiting for core development so and so forth. And you know when you dive down into each of these chains and I have dive down to each of these chains and you ask me the consensus you know you know protocol like level of like what's kind of going on there and stuff like that.
Yeah, I can I can really get down to it and You know at the end of the day you're gonna pick something so like in terms of gas fees gas fees are super high I agree on you know Ethereum but we've done it so that We've designed our game so the gas fees actually help us secure our own game
from exploitive players who would want to trade their items and shift them between different accounts to maximize the usage of the utilities of the NFTs if we're using the NFTs as some sort of like augment to gameplay. So that's just an example, but I think the best game will win.
and the best games will win on a blockchain that supports them. And I think in the future it really won't matter because eventually, you know, the entire space will have grown so much that we will get into mainstream, but I also believe that we're going to get into mainstream because of gaming, because of Web 3 gaming. And that's what's really going to
dictate you know how these chains move forward in the future. Right, I completely agree with that. I mean, I think gaming is going to drive mass adoption. No group is, you know, there's no bigger group out there than gamers other than people. And people are gamers, we just got to get everybody else start playing games.
Seems pretty easy. What's up Erwin? What do you think about it? Yeah, I mean everything was all the sad and I mean everything's helped me a lot of it's been discussed but I'm gonna say several topics so I would agree first of all with the boom land about the whenever you're launching a game and you don't have like
much of the funding in the bank, you definitely need to launch some chain that you can definitely get to funding. For example, if you launch some kind of debt chain, you have no chance of getting to funding and even don't have funds, you cannot really build the game. You can build the indie game, like a small game, but if you have different purposes, you will
to do marketing and everything, you definitely have to target the right chain. Like in a short term, the chain definitely matters where you choose to be and how you get the funding and everything. On the other side, there is the technical limitations as well. Whatever you can do on Polygon, you cannot do on Solon-Own, for example, from a smart contract perspective as well.
and vice versa. There are different limitations that you can basically, you have to decide, for example, I want to have this kind of functions in the game. For example, in our game we have different cool stuff, like the forging and fusion and stuff, and those stuff could not have been done on Ethereum, because technically it wouldn't
be really really expensive and everything. And there are different kind of scopes you should really look at, like what you really want to achieve and like then decide like from that perspective as well where you want to build. On the other side you also have, if your game is just like, it didn't have like, if you have lots of, you know,
on-chain transactions in game, you definitely cannot build on Ethereum. Because if you have everything is in Microsoft's on-chain in your game, Ethereum is a really bad solution. But if you are building a game which actually has ownership of the foundation, you're just going to confirm it.
everything is right on chain and you have a bunch of microsoft transactions then maybe go to the theorem could be a nice solution as well. Those are different topics that you should really think about. And the only time that chain would not really matter is if we take the
If they were going for Solana, for example, the effect was the same. It's not about the chain. It's not that hard going on the amazing job there. If it was Solana, I would do believe personally.
that the result would be the same, like that bunch of millions of people would sign out for that. So if you have already something that is a massive thing, I guess the change doesn't really matter. But if it's something that you're just beginning and you're just launching something and you want to get some funds and you have some technical limitations,
should we think ahead and just plan right what you should launch why should you go for that chain early what's the reason going for the next several years for sure. Greg completely agree with that. Love how you put it. Mo what do you think about it? I'm ready to talk about content bro.
Last thing, last thing to add. I like what DGPALs stated about you have to focus on the onboarding process itself. You have to look at the community, you have to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the community. If your community is already on a theorem and 99% is
they're on a theorem, then maybe you do think about it, but then you have to think about scale. If you do have, and it's what Erwin said, another great point, if you become one of the most popular games on the planet, it's not going to work. You're going to flood the servers, you're not going to the transactions, it's just not going
to work, right? And maybe polygon with all the pieces and the active team and people who come from the gaming space and the YouTube space and they're running it and they're supporting, right, founders and teams and developing grants for other gaming projects. I think that's also
super important. So it just depends on what you're looking for and you have to look at your community. You have to assess your community. That's number one, right? And that includes the the holders of the NFT, but that also includes the people that are actually going to play the game. And then you have to assess your own game as well.
another great point Erwin made, right? And hopefully, right, you could always once you choose the chain and you build on it, you know, hopefully that allows you to thrive and flourish. But if you did make the mistake, right, if you did make the mistake and you want to adapt and you want to adjust and we all know
So how important that is, especially in Web 3, adjusting and changing your path for the most part, you could always do that as well. If you feel like the Salana chain because of the community at Salana is way more active, they're more tight knit, higher engagement rates, then maybe you do migrate your
contract and you switch your chain. Maybe you do, right? But that's the amazing aspect about Web 3, right? There's fluidity, right? There's multiple chains to choose from. We have multiple options. This isn't 2008 or '9 or, you know, we're in 2023. It's such a beautiful time.
It's such a beautiful time that we're all here, we're all here very early, and we also believe that gamers are the most and the closest demographic to be susceptible to Web 3 because they're in the metaverse every single day. So it's just super awesome. Great point, everybody guys.
you guys are killing it. Awesome. Completely agree with that. And content is right around the corner. That's my favorite topic in these Twitter spaces. I want to see, Abia, I know you got your hand up. Let's get to you. And then a quick intro to whoever is behind the dyno dash account. And we're going to talk all about content.
What's going on guys glad to be here? Sorry, I don't I didn't mean to cut you off the line. I just saw that he was letting me talk as well my bad my bad Gavin here we're excited to be here excited to share a little bit later, but I'll back to you. Been one
No, no, no, no, it's good. Go ahead.
I'll share a little bit just quick little excerpt about us. We have our mint coming up tomorrow is gonna be at 10 30 a.m. Eastern time. We're super excited. We made a last minute decision last night with Magic Eden being on the phone with them getting on phone with Polygon discussing with our advisor over at Alpha that's the best thing for a game and for our community.
to build a strong community, a everlasting community, is to shorten the supply before our mint. So we're going into the supply with the Genesis collection. We know how those are highly coveted in the space of a 3333 collection. We're excited to see how that goes. We have a lot planned. I'm excited to share here in a little bit, but thank you guys.
Good luck brother.
Right go for it. I'll be and then I'm gonna I'm gonna steer the conversation towards content and get to the juicy stuff Congratulations, Dan Adesh. I know it's always exciting Prement day day before and you know, I'm sure you've been on probably a hundred spaces over the past with
week we can have kind of in the read up so hope all that goes well looking forward to to meet you guys as well and being a collector and adding you guys to my endless collection of party got an NFTs but I think ultimately it comes down to two main things for the change you want to use
and that is user acquisition and developer tools. If you're able to have those two boxes ticked, that is the chain which you choose. So if your developer requirement is very simple and it's not too advanced because of the type of
game that your building is hyper casual or whatever it may be. And then you just choose the chain which fits your audience and you think will help with onboarding as many people as possible. So I think that's pretty much my summary in terms of what's the best approach to have when it comes to selecting the right chain for you.
And you know every chain is good in their in their own way, but some are better for others for for specific reasons and specific projects have different needs and compared to others as well Right completely agree with that Dino dash good luck tomorrow guys. I'm gonna be there too
with Abbey and if you guys got Abbey that's a good thing. I hear he likes to go shopping every now and then but user generated content. I mean what there is in my opinion there is no bigger obstacle to to
really jump over then the big user generated content bubble. I mean it's the holy grip. If you get your community to the tune of millions and everybody's posting on social media you don't need to spend any money on advertising. I mean that's where it's at. Tesla doesn't spend money on marketing.
I mean, I'm sure they do a lot behind the scenes when it comes to PR and all that, but when it comes to paying for ads, users generated content, trumps that. And, you know, coming from a company who has literally spent seven figures on advertising to generate even more. If you can really ride
that wave. I mean, that's what Fortnite does. That's what every big game does. So I kind of, I want to get everybody else's opinion. I mean, am I hyping it up? Am I exaggerating? Or is that really where games need to focus? Go for it, Boomlin, and then I want to put you on the spot and ask Mo.
Yeah, I think definitely user generated content is the best way to actually build a culture and community around the game, which is I think two of the most important factors with having people interacting with each other and actually having fun within the game that they're playing. So for instance, I think games like
Fortnite and Minecraft in particular have been able to generate so much user-generated content particularly from a younger audience which allows them to have so much organic marketing and reach on platforms like TikTok, Reddit and to some extent, you know, Twitch as well where this just
pretty much people of all ages streaming on or creating content then clipping the content and repurposing the content everywhere and pretty much the best form of marketing is measured by reach right if you reach as many people as possible that allows you to you know move them to the next step of the
funnel where you can look at converting them, activating them, and then ultimately retaining them. So I think when it comes to user acquisition, it's by far, sorry, when it comes to user generated content, it's by far one of the most effective ways for user acquisition when it comes to onboarding people to
to primarily the top of the funnel, which is actually understanding and seeing who you are. And then it's more to the next step, once you have them in that position, that you just convert them into actual players, into customers, or whatever your goal may be. Right, great points.
I actually want to add a little bit before I throw you the mic. When it comes to user-generated content, we can already agree that it is the holy grill and it matters just as much as I said it does because I'm usually right. I know everybody agrees with me when I'm hosting these Twitter spaces. So let's just operate under that premise for a second.
right here. But does the type of user generated content matter? I mean, do we need pro gamers who are getting first place in all these tournaments? Or do we want a bunch of hardcore community members that are actually making things that are entertaining and the rest of the community likes to watch? Go for it Mo.
I think that's a great point. And to answer that question, we just have to look at the data, right? I mean, according to YouTube blog, 2020, I mean, if you guys could guess that the hours of gaming content watched on YouTube, this is going to blow your mind. 100 billion
hours in one year. Guys, 100 billion hours in one year. And if you go to Twitch, let's talk about daily. If you look at content daily, hours of content on the daily basis on Twitch,
71 million hours, sorry, 71 million hours, right? And just a one day period on Twitch every single day concurrent. I mean, guys, you know, this is the new Gen Z demographic way to communicate with others. They're not watching TV.
on YouTube, on TikTok, the only way to onboard. The only way to onboard and to answer your question directly, there has to be a variety of content. We can't just have esports and pro content. There has to be funny content. The same way that we have multiple chains.
options, we have to take that and apply that to the types of content. There should be something for everybody. And that's how we accommodate, that's how we onboard all different types of people. And in my project, QBACs, we've tried to take steps to really accommodate this market.
We merged our esports or that we developed in 2016, our gaming and content organization from 2016, and we merged it. Now we call it Qbex Gaming. We have one of the greatest gamers, Savage Mike
1 billion views in just one year and he's wrapping Qbacks, right? But what's cool about this though is even though the traditional gamer right now is not ready to be onboarded to NFTs and that's why it's important to create a front end, you know, so they don't have to see that far
in the corner as did you pile said it's important right but once NFTs once people understand the utility behind it and it's not just a monkey picture it's not just a irregular profile picture there's actually utility behind this and it becomes cool in the space I want to be ahead of that I want to have my guys ready to make content
So I'm signing some of the best content creators on the planet on my team that's affiliated with an NFT project. So we are ready and we say ahead of the curve, right? And we're able to now to onboard gamers into web 3 because the content is king, right? The content creator
are what's going to drive the space. The content creators are the ones that are actually going to bring more monetization aspects to the space, right? Because what are advertisers looking for? What are sponsors looking for? They're looking for numbers. They're looking for impressions. They're looking for awesome KPI metrics. They're looking for conversions.
And once you partner up with these content creators and then you develop your developing web3 at the same time, that's going to bring the best and the greatest opportunity to capitalize on onboarding. And that is how we get closer to that 1 billion gamers.
that we're all looking for. Oh man, great points. Completely agree with everything you said. Love everything. I mean, it's going to play such a huge part. And, you know, I actually used to watch a lot of magic-thegathering players on
which that's a game that I've been playing since I was like 13 years old. And, you know, it's not as much just the professionals. Like, I like to watch that entertaining content. So, glad you said that. That's the kind of content creator I am. OG Mac content creator right here. Go for it, Irwin. What do you think about it all?
Yeah, definitely an amazing speech, but I couldn't take read more. And I do believe that like just use our generators to come on, that is just the number one thing that everyone should be focusing on. Like without that as I just solved our dimension, there's nothing that like we can reach the message option. Like there is no way that
that we can, like, something can become the next Minecraft or Fortnite or anything like that. You just have a game that just has no user-generated content. It does a really big right flag. And I do believe that, like, you can, like, if you just compare like, "How what else can you do?" Like, you should, like, bunch of cool, amazing trailers.
You can just shoot a bunch of amazing content yourself. But like, at the end of the day, everyone can do that. There are a bunch of different kind of projects, like not games as well that have this amazing CGI. People can go and watch movies like, "Why would they be excited about your trailer?" It's like the main thing that people
really love is just the content that they just really enjoy to watch when they are eating for example like people are like all my friends like and especially like the younger generation like they cannot eat without watching some kind of this user-generalizing content right they just they just watch this four-night clips or the Minecrafts clips or something
like, you have people creating those kind of content in your game. Like, that's like, you have 100% success rate for sure, and you're going to be in that big thing for sure. And like, the way you should go for
this if you're just a crypto game is definitely to give the people that you're committed to the plot one to just promote their content because like if you if you're going to be the games are really successful then it has a lot of new words as well and like they it might be easier to kind of get the if you have each a content is good like you would be
going viral for show. If you had just a community who were just quitting content, you should make sure that you do your best as a community leader or the project leader to promote those content. And if those content really are really good, then it will actually help your project to become
more successful. And like that because of that, kind of having the contest, tuition contest, or kind of having the YouTube channels, TikTok channels. Like I rarely see new gaming projects on Web Street to have a TikTok channel. And that's really a big mistake. Like TikTok, like everyone should capitalize on like all those strengths.
And like I do believe, like if you, if the projects have a marketing team or anything like that, like just give them direction to fully focus on user-generated content and incentivize creating those. Once you have a community members who are creating those actively, they're like, that's a blessing.
Actually, we, like lots of projects are making the mistake where they have lots of people who are willing to create the content, but they are not giving them the platform to promote and also they are just like really ignoring those connectivity from the community members and then like those community members leave and then they just think
that the web series is like really bad and no one cares about them and then they create the web to content. So I actually would just encourage everyone to just go for the user-generated content and just yeah that's the number one priority for sure for the marketing and just gonna reach for sure. And I have to say last thing is that I have
I have to leave unfortunately right now. I have a call starting soon. So thanks a lot for inviting me here and we'd love to jump to another call. Like another space is with you guys. Thanks everyone for listening and yeah, we just really have to be here and have an amazing chat with our meet. Cheers man. Nice to meet you man. Thank you. Likewise. Bye bye.
Awesome. Yeah, thanks for coming. I do love how you set a few different parts there. How big of an impact social media really has when it comes to user generated content. I mean, I'm about to order something to eat right now because I just saw it on social media. So imagine what's going to happen when we see everybody post it.
I want to get to the next question, but if somebody wants to chime in with something, go ahead.
and then I want to talk all about how Web 3 games and us projects up here. How can we really encourage or support the community members who are creating? I mean this touch is right on what was said previously. So go for it, Boomland.
Yep, I think that's a very interesting question. Fubelining specific are working on something which is going to encourage greatly user generated content. It's definitely something that is we've been working on for the past couple of weeks. I cannot reveal too much
much at the moment because I think otherwise a problem you won't be doing these spaces anymore which is not something I like spaces so hopefully you know it's definitely something we're looking to do where we're rewarding community members for curating content and just being a valued community
member who's spreading valuable information in whatever way that they think is, I guess, which they feel is impactful for them and that would be done primarily from what I can say is referral program and also through an ambassador.
program which is what we're currently creating in addition to a couple other things and we feel that this is definitely something which would help to encourage where you know if they create a meme they create a thread they create any form of content about boom land we would be able to reward them primarily to begin with with
with bitcham or you know whitelist or what or NFTs or anything like this so that they're able to move forward and they have something already and that's one way which we feel would be effective and you know just one more thing which I wanted to mention so I saw a little something
earlier today. I think it might have been a Mac Royale trailer. So if you guys in the audience might be getting the hint, Mac is looking for some user generated content and some ideas on how they can reward them. So if anyone in the audience
is interested in making user generated content from Mac and have any ideas on how they like to be rewarded. Make sure to leave a comment on this space so that we can get Mac Bury out 999 million gamers by the end of the week.
The magician never revealed his secrets, but Twitter spaces are a great form of free focus groups and ways for me to poach your guys incredible ideas. But I didn't say that this isn't a recorded space or anything like that. Go for it. Let's hear from Moe and then Mad Metaverse and Tia DGPels.
Yeah, no, I mean this is really important. I think it ultimately comes down to the team, right? The team has to set the foundation. The team has to set the protocol. The team has to set the incentive. So just to give you an example, just just one day to engage with my team
to get Cubacs, I made a riddle. And it was like this crazy enigma riddle that every single stanza would release a secret word. And then if you put the words together, it's a sentence. And they gave them a week and there was like an East Prize
you know like I think there was just a thousand dollars of prizes available to the winner who would get this the first person who would get the answer and when it was time to reveal I didn't just do a discord announcement just to just to reveal the riddle and by the way the riddle was actual alpha for our next
for our next announcement, but how did I do it? I realized that we overcame a really big obstacle in the gaming space, like for our metaverse, which is we needed a launcher, like an actual patcher, because what happens? If you don't have a patcher, you have to, and you want to make change
And the map and quality of life changes and patch notes, you have to make your whole entire community re-download the metaverse over and over and over and over and it's not efficient. So we developed a launcher which allowed us to make change.
to our metaverse and people now they could just click the launcher and it updates automatically. So what did I do? I actually put everybody into the VC and I said guys just lock it to the metaverse. When they logged into the metaverse it updated automatically took a couple seconds and then they logged in and then they're like okay we'll
I said, "Okay, just walk out, walk out." And then they looked down, it's the entire riddle, and then it says, "Look up." And they look up, and in the sky was the answer to the riddle, right, with an image of some kind of technology that we're
going to reveal soon. Why did I do this? Why did I do this? I did it because even people who are not gamers, that little experience of getting onto the game, walking out of the main lobby apartment that we built and then looking up to this
That there was a gamified experience even if it was even if it was just 10 seconds or 20 seconds right it was a gamified experience It's a little onboarding process and it's cool right it gave a gave all of the people right it gave all of my community ideas now they could screen show
they did videos, they shadow played, they put it on their Twitter's or like oh my god big things drop but it wasn't just a picture of the discord right because the answer was not on the discord I made sure the answer was in our metaverse so the metaverse could get exposure and I knew that it would
blow their minds to the point where they would post it on Twitter, right? Because this is new, this is alpha, they've never seen this before, right? So that is how I did it in terms of content. I embedded a need within the environment that I wanted to push. And it was extremely successful.
Great love how you set a lot of that and you know big catalyst events are one of the main ways to go viral I mean it's actually the main way you go viral a big event like that and look up at the sky see something cool that
That sounds like a really good way to do it. I know a lot of these events here in Miami, you'll always see the planes that are holding the banner and that really does a lot. I remember from some of these yoga parties back in the day, but love how you're saying that.
I want to whitelist. I'm sure me and me and Abbey, we love to use these spaces as an opportunity to fish for a few hundred whitelist spots. You know, we usually do it in DMs, but it's probably what Abbey's staying quiet. Don't worry Abbey, I got you. I'm back. I'm back. So I heard the word white.
this and a few hundred. So, you know, as Matt kindly mentioned at the start of the space, you know, we were leveling up a little bit, we're growing a little bit, and now we're moving to a few thousand whiteness. So, with that being said, if we don't get 50% of your supply,
I'm just saying I'm a co-host, you know, I've got certain powers, responsibilities, and with great power becomes great responsibilities. So with that being said, if you do not want me to abuse my power, feel free to send the boom land account at the end. Thank you very much.
Well, there we go. Definitely not a recorded space. You guys cannot go back and hear any of these political type dealings we're doing on the air. If you can, just don't tell either of our bosses and we will hook you up with a few. Let's go to Mad Metaverse and then Ty.
Yeah, so, yeah, I'm hoping I'll get invited to next week's Spaceball way after my comments earlier at the start of this conversation, but in terms of, you know, in terms of actually incentivizing your community, one of the first things that we did
did very early on in the project was set up an ambassador program which I think Bill Mans has already spoke about as well. But specifically we had also an actual user generated content ambassador ship. Oh, it wasn't cool that it was something a little bit nicer on the years. But yeah, that was essentially what that was.
So I'll get a phone call in the middle of the space. This is never fun.
And yeah, that went really, really well. And it's the same with our actual ambassador team as well, which that was really more focused on engagement with the Twitter and with the discord, etc. So I think we had just over a little over a hundred ambassadors on that back in the
heyday. Since then, we've moved over now to Zeli or what used to be crew-free. That was definitely a far more efficient way of really doing it, not just for our own ambassadors
to make life easier with you've seen exactly what content they're creating and you know being able to confirm the quality of it and it was down to us essentially to reward the XP to determine their leaderboard space is obviously.
This is also helped a lot as well because Zili has its own community, a huge community in fact of Web 2 and Web 3 users. In fact, I'll probably argue there might be more Web 2 users on there than actual Web 3, even though all of the projects on
there pretty much dominantly free anyway. And yeah, that's been really, really handy and at the moment, yeah, we're only rewarding out your organic assets directly from the game. But later on, we hope to also put some
cash prizes on there, you know, merch. And yeah, as I think also, once again, boom, I mentioned, yeah, we're also going to be using it to do some white listing for our nano cell giveaway a little bit later this summer. So, yeah, that's coming really handy.
for that content, that community curated content. I think this week alone, I think there's been six articles written, I think we've had just about the same number of video reviews done as well. And so yeah, that's really really good. And that's
That really works for our community. It's really simple. It doesn't require a lot of work on the team side of things as well to moderate it and to manage it either. That's how Matt does it. That's really been our main [inaudible]
Awesome lot lot of great points there. Love how you're always trying to do different things with your community. I want to get to Tai and then there's one more question I want to ask everybody before I wrap this up today and that's you know do you think we're going to get that Fortnite caliber game that really blows up because of
user generated content in Web 3 within the next two years. So by 2025, are we going to have a 10 million player plus Web 3 game and have it dominating my Twitter feed like these food pictures that just made me order TGI Fridays? Go for it Thai and then I want to go around the room.
Alright, we'll get back to tie it. Go ahead, Singen.
I think it's definitely possible. I think number one is like a lot of people are saying like why haven't we kind of gone Web 2 gamers on and you know my thing is basically we're not worthy yet. You know we haven't developed a Web 3 game that is that can compete with you know Fortnite or you know Call of Duty
or, you know, Minecraft really. And the thing about it is, is like, some people are thinking, you know, we have to complete, compete at a AAA level, like kind of head to head. And I think in some ways, when you talk about onboarding first without really talking about what's unique about Web 3, you know, we're not gonna
Even get close to that and I think what if we're gonna even compete with you know web to establish games for the content creators who You know are already are very established. I mean that's just gonna be actually a lot of money That's not gonna be user-generated content. That's gonna be you know basically paid streamers that we kind of get on board and
But our game is finally going to go to alpha next week and what we've done is that we're basically incentivizing alpha testers that if they drop a daily dump of their gameplay into the discord channel and we use it for Twitter or whatever I that or they tweet about it, then we are also in
Again, if the game is engaging and it's slightly outrageous, I don't know if everyone knows about our game, but it's it's called my angry yak was a girlfriend. Okay, it's a highly offensive game. It's a plus 17. Any young children in the audience do not play our game. Do not go to the website. Do not look at the pf
peace, you'll be deeply offended. If you're a gains hot Japanese women in underwear, do not look at our PFPs either, you'll be deeply offended. But for my generation, hey, this is very much in line with our tastes and it's very well received in Asia. But in the game,
You're a hot Japanese girl or is your girlfriend and she's being the crap out of other hot Japanese girls with luxury exploding items. So like set in a 90s Tokyo nightclub, you're throwing like champagne balls that explode. You have a nuclear luggage that you kind of kicked towards
people, you have boomerang, you have like, you know, the lettos that you guys shoot them at, people like boomerang and stuff like that. So in terms of like the IP of it and how ridiculous our game is, you know, if we're also providing, you know, you really unique gameplay for the users as well, that, you know, they're really getting
a lot of fun out of it and so on and so forth. I can't see that naturally we won't progress to that aspect. But another thing though is because we're so early the gameplay will always be a little bit clunky. We're not a triple A studio. You know, it's just bootstrap with myself and the founders. But you know, we're pressing the limits. So I
I think if we hold on to what's really unique and we really kind of nurture that and not shy away from it and realize that we're not there yet, definitely 100%. You know, we will have our version of Fortnite. It won't be ours. We'll be in the NC 17 rage. But for everybody else, I'm sure they're gonna have a really good shot at it.
I love that I'm definitely gonna be one of those people getting an air drop Sounds right up my alley to not speaking for mech calm definitely me I'm like getting in trouble more in trouble for that than all of the other stuff I was saying before but you know 18 plus game anytime there's money involved
of the dole's only this that this that in the third due due why all are uh... yet all of the other stuff don't see me guys i love my job i think i'm a cool host and i like gaming but yeah let's get around the room before i stumble and bite my tongue again uh... go ahead mad metaverse and then tie and wavy
So yeah, I had a whole bit bit doesn't matter. Yeah, Syngen's gonna get us that's the whole 10 million players who lose the girls Yeah, yeah, nothing else needs to be said. You can stop doing spaces now David Yeah, it's it's done. We're all good. Yeah, see you soon. It's been a
fun. Yeah, Web 3 was a blast. Yeah, no, that, I actually love that. That's that's that's absolutely brilliant, Cigin. I'm 100% gonna have to shut that out now, which yeah, yeah, I don't say a lot to be perfectly honest. Yeah, I don't, yeah, a very casual game. Don't get much time to do it with
very heavy work week but yeah I'm going to be certain to check that out without a doubt. I think one of the things as well is that you mentioned about your triple-ide game in and you're going head to head and all this sort of stuff. Don't worry about it, there aren't any triple-a web free games yet. Yeah, there
they just simply don't exist. No one's throwing that sort of money by free game just yet. I mean, heck, even Supercell, who a lot of you will probably know for like Clasher Clans and Clasher Royale, etc., mobile games, they've launched or they've finally gone public with their by free game.
And I think their investment or what they've put into it was 50 million, which still isn't even halfway there, maybe even less to being actually what a triple-lay game actually requires in terms of budget and investment. And so will we achieve that?
in the next couple of years, I truly hope so because we all need to hope so as WebFree Gaming projects because that's when the bull market for WebFree Gaming is going to come back in again. Obviously we see a pretty received vaccine infinity
in how well they did, but not for getting as well, that they didn't actually have a particularly huge player base. They had a lot more speculators in fact than they actually had daily gamers. Don't press me for an actual number because
I don't know if it's up my head, but I know that it certainly wasn't 10 million. That's absolutely certainty. Look how well that obviously did. We won't talk about the other billion plus dollar evaluated.
web-free games that have barely a thousand monthly users. But it's certain that we're not going to see that you generate content created for them. But just to give you a bit of an example of how powerful user-generated content can be,
I saw a really interesting story very recently about Burger King and how they did a very cheap marketing stunt, $50,000 I think it was. And this would be funny for any UK football supporters at least as well. But yeah, essentially they
want it to be on the new FIFA game that was coming out. Yeah, there won't be one of those little advertisements that you see going around the pictures, etc. But FIFA charges, if I remember correctly, 50 million, or no, no, not 50 million, half a million, sorry, just to be put on
there and that's like at the small end of the scale as well. You can pay a lot more to be on there more often etc. So what Burger King did instead is they found one of the smallest teams in the division, the Premier League division, Sunderland Football Team and they sponsored them.
$50,000 across them. In the middle of their football t-shirt was the Burger King logo. Yeah, massive. Obviously, we all know the Burger King logo. They obviously knew that Sunderland was going to be in the new FIFA game.
every time someone plays Sunderland there was as bright as the sun, you know, Burger King logo right in the other T-shirts. Now the other thing that they did on top of that to give it even more boost and this is where the user-generated content stuff comes into it is they told all of their Burger King fans etc
that if they posted a photo or a video of them playing Sunderland or winning the championship in FIFA and posted onto the social media, they would give them a free burger on their app. And there was millions. It took a 50,000
dollar ad campaign and essentially turned into a $10 million ad campaign. Absolutely big brain moment. Yeah. And so yeah, that's just why the power of history of content comes in. Not just for reach, but also the potential to save a shed ton of money. Great.
Great point. Go ahead. No, just to attach to that, can we imagine if Axi and Infinity like focus on incentivizing user generated content? Like look at Minecraft, right? The number one video right now 220 million, Axi and Infinity only 1 million, right? Just imagine what would have happened. Just like, like, let's
But that's sizzle, right? Like, let's just imagine what would have happened if there was a lot more content creation for action infinity. How many gamers would have been on board? Would it have changed the scope of action infinity? Would action infinity would have survived a little bit longer? If action infinity does die, what happens to those millions of people watching content? Where do they go?
which Web 3 game, so I think a power vacuum was really lost here because the lack of users generated content. Sorry. Can I just say they did actually have a huge generated content program and they had the Axi girls if anyone remembers these three lovely sisters from South Korea, but unfortunately their user base, you know, just
basically collapsed afterwards. And you look at people like Bryson and the Kagi who had massive user bases before YouTube and Twitter. And once they switched over to other Web 3 games, that user base did not come over with them in terms of what the content
and stuff like that. I think unfortunately with Axie's case, know about a few generic content was going to save them, but good case important in general, I think just Axie was a very extreme case there. Right, I mean, Axie and Eugulex, like people, you can say whatever you want about
them. But they're definitely the heavy hitters in Web 3. I mean, Axi just got listed on the App Store. We see a lot of movement when it comes to regulations too. I think that's going to be another huge driver. As long as they come out favorable to these companies really looking to get into the industry, we see what happens
with the EU. So there may be some movement in the US and that's mainly from what I see. I think that's one of the main things that are stopping these huge gaming conglomerates from starting to incorporate blockchain tech into these games. I mean, it might not come from a web 3 game. We might see something
happen and then all of a sudden you have NFTs or ownable assets and call it duty. I mean, however much of a long shot it is, anything's possible. We see what just happened with Pepe, millionaire from $20. So anything could happen in this space. Let's go over to Wavy and then Ty.
Yeah, so to your point of do we think we're going to see a plus plus games in the next couple of years 100% couldn't could not doubt it without a second if you think like the amount of money that gets invested into just a standard NFT project or any NFT project
you're raising so much money for funds that as soon as you announce some sort of competition or like a league or something like that where there's a lot of money at stake that brings so many programmers over to say if you've got a similar style to say, "Countstruck, it's the first person shooter." If your team is good at first
person's tutors doesn't matter what platform you're on. If you see a massive prize pool for say 200, 100, 300 K, whatever, they're going to be jumping on the gun. As soon as they jump on the gun, there's going to be a lot of people streaming it. That's going to bring so much publicity over. So it actually, to be honest, if you think about it, I always use Counter Strike
is a great example because Counter Strike isn't heavily, like it doesn't, it's graphics aren't that heavy, it's fairly simple game, the way you play it is pretty unique, but the graphics are not that great, but there's such a massive community around Counter Strike itself, also with their cases
that they put into the game. Everyone talks about NFTs and saying gamers are integrating into the whole system of "Oh, they don't want to buy NFTs." If you look at cases, it is the first prime example of how an NFT would work in the sense. You have cases, you have a lot of cases, you get the gun skin,
There's gun skins now that I still own from the original cases when they were first launched. You can't get the case skin. You can't get the cases anymore. So the skins within the cases are worth a fortune. And that is a one for one. In a sense, not a one for one, but in a sense, there is a limited supply of that skin. And now them skins are now worth
an excess of like two three thousand pounds for just one skin and it's crazy and it that you was talking about the or someone was saying about there's not a decent web free game I've based my whole entire projects not based my whole into a project but I've based my whole entire projects off of a few games things like her stone
and Gods Unchained. Gods Unchained came into the ecosystem and actually they've done really well and it's from the developers who created Magic the Gathering. They've decided to create an NFT-style based card game. It's fantastic. They've
They've kind of half converted it where they've gone, you know, we're going to kind of use NFTs but we're going to kind of not so they haven't gone the full whack which worked fantastic and they've done really really well and to be honest everyone was talking, oh, a few people were saying about Accine Finity but actually I would probably put Gods Unchained definitely at the top.
of games. I know it's not the most, you're not completely absorbed by it, it's a very simple card game, but actually in the first basis of a game breaking the barrier between gamers and NFT owners, this is like a massive, massive step. Like you said, you're not going to get a massive
game, a game audience from her first person shooter because not everyone's involved in that. But whereas if you break the barrier with a really easy game to play, that people play for five minutes, ten minutes a day and it's just a simple card game, that's one step further that you get and then people will start getting more and more involved. That's just my personal opinion anyway. Right, a lot of great points.
I mean, it doesn't have to be that Call of Duty caliber game. We don't need a new Fortnite. It could just be a game that goes viral. Everybody sees it. It looks cool. And all of a sudden, there's 50 million people playing it. Imagine what happens when something like that goes viral. Go for a tie, and then we're going to close this out for today.
Thank you man. Sorry about a sorry about a rugging there and hopefully I'm not rugged now, but I just wanted to kind of touch on something that really hasn't been mentioned man and it's you don't have to incentivize these people with money I mean you can obviously but you can also help support these people with likes and retweets you whether if this video or if this content of
the thread is neutral or positive and it covers your brand and all this stuff. Retweet that shit, like that shit, comment on it, give the algorithm some love in. If somebody just starts a YouTube channel, do you know how many YouTube channels there are? A ton. You wonder how difficult it is for that algorithm to figure out who is going to get that content?
It's pretty difficult.
nothing but a couple of minutes of your time. And it doesn't have to be some marketing deal that you work with somebody. You could work out in the A and let these people notice them ahead of time, create their comp and their part of announcement that then drives travel to their channel.
where I'm getting that is you don't have to pay them out of your pocket. You two will be paying them. Add sense will end up paying them. Google will pay them. Just help them get there. And then the other point is I'm sorry, no matter content would have saved Axi. That was first mover advantage where they were buying price ridiculous.
content was going to save that. The other thing is that, you know, somebody I'm very happy you brought up Gods because just in general, Gods is much more of a traditional game. Like I could show Gods to somebody and they would not have a clue that had anything to do with blockchain or Web 3. Obviously getting on and
setting up your account, I think you need to be registered to Ethereum. It was kind of a pain in the ass that we said you're gonna have to go. Where I'm going with all this is that we are so effing early, and I'm sorry to be on the official DCPOW account saying that, but we are so early that when we're comparing Fortnite and Counter Strike, especially
that IP is so old it's probably older than some of the people in the space it's probably some of the older than some of the people who are holding your NFTs so and Fortnite dude Fortnite took a minute like yes it hit mainstream you know especially with Ninja going crazy that was also you know yes as you do see
But also it was epic realizing to stop development on a mobo called Paragon that I love But they decided to stop and they put all their cards in on fortnite because they realized hey if we do this we do this right and we move on it right now people are gonna you know we can really
They pulled something off and they did. They made a more cartoonized version of a battle royale. There were multiple battle royales out there. And it just, I really want people to realize that if you launch a game tomorrow, it doesn't have to be at a million users by next month.
If you want to set the incremental goals, but bringing back to my initial point, really supporting the people who are there generating the content, even if it's not polished, even if the audio is a little air, or whatever it may be, provide feedback because in six months, 12 months,
18 months when they have 50 videos, 100 videos, maybe 20 threads, 50 threads, whatever it is under their belt, their reach is going to be huge. You want them to still be supporting your project and they will remember the people who gave them the re-sweet, the like, the time of day, the appreciation.
I know the people who gave me the time of day. I'm not working in wet three full time, but I still acknowledge and appreciate the people who gave me the time of day when nobody else would. So I just wanted to let people know you don't have to just, you don't have to break out your pocketbook to support UGC. You just have to support the damn content creator. It's not crazy.
I have a lot of great points there awesome speakers today I want to thank everybody who came out to listen We really do this for the community all of everybody knows that we can all talk amongst amongst ourselves all of the speakers are on tons of group chats on telegram Twitter discord you name it we're networking and talking to everybody seeing what's
going on, what's being built out there so that we can bring it out here to the community and show you all what we know and what we're learning behind the scenes. So definitely want to thank everybody, same with all of you speakers, incredible panel and discussion today. I'm really looking forward to the user-generated content that comes out of Web 3.
to see how you guys do it so I can steal your ideas before I close this up. Abby, you've got your hand up. Go for it. Thank you for hosting the space as always. I just wanted to touch on one last thing before we end. Actually from the last space which we did on Thursday, which I think both
tie and and mac where there is well in terms of from what Frank said. I think it was one of my favorite quotes which is what which was like get on your knees do whatever you have to do, worship them, kiss their feet, re-tweet them, get whatever you have to do, just worship your content creators and because they're actually the ones striving everything to
do with your product and your community. So really echo what he says and I think all of us going forward will definitely action his I think what we're going to see in a few years to be quite a famous quote hopefully. Right I mean completely agree with that we all know how you feel about
I don't think I was supposed to say that out here on the Twitter spaces, but you know it's all love. Can't wait till your Twitter spaces tomorrow. Always a fun time doing these things. Talking to everybody. Listening to who likes what? Feed here, feed there. Worship everybody out there on Web 3. Especially your content creator.
and their feet. Thanks again everybody for coming out. Web 3 isn't going away. It's only getting bigger. It's only getting stronger. And we're some of the main companies and individuals out here driving it. I mean everyone is in tons of discord servers. We scroll through Twitter every day but the real alpha comes out here in Twitter spaces because
is nobody can backspace and delete anything. All of these parts are recorded minus the snippets of me and Abby trying to secure a thousand white list spots for ourselves. Those didn't happen fake news number four, all of that good stuff you guys know the drill, but another Wednesday this was awesome. Thanks everybody for coming out. Abby tomorrow.
Boomlands doing big things DG pals is coming up polygon engine and his Incredibly lovely yakuza women Everything from man-medaverse. Thanks everybody for coming out can't wait till next week We have some major announcements coming to so I'm excited to really get out there with the gaming crowd. We're gonna have something playable
soon. So it's going to get very exciting. I might start streaming on YouTube live during these things who knows, might have to put off ordering some food. But you know, before I keep going on and rambling, thanks everyone from coming out for coming out. This was fun and can't wait till the next one. Thank you. Thank you so much for hosting. Take care.

FAQ on 1 Billion Gamers: Donโ€™t be Chainist, Cross Chain Gaming Space ๐ŸŽฎโœŠ๐Ÿป๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ“ˆ | Twitter Space Recording

What is the purpose of the podcast?
The purpose of the podcast is to discuss developments in the web3 gaming space.
Who is co-hosting the podcast?
Abbey is co-hosting the podcast.
What game is Boomland building?
Boomland is building Hunters on Chain.
When is Hunters on Chain expected to go live?
Hunters on Chain is expected to go live later this month on mainnet.
What is Mad Metaverse heavily invested in?
Mad Metaverse is heavily invested in dynamic NFTs.
What is their upcoming launch?
They are launching a free-to-play game later this year.
What are Q-Backs?
Q-Backs is a project co-led by Mo and his buddy TFG.
What is the tower defense game that DG Pals is launching?
DG Pals is launching a co-op free-to-play tower defense game.
What is the topic of the podcast conversation?
The conversation revolves around cross-chain adoption in the web3 gaming space.
What is the speaker from Solana community's comment about other game builders?
The speaker from Solana community shows respect for other game builders and communities.