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5 best finds of Consensus 2023. And some bearish views

Recorded: May 3, 2023



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Hi I'm Brian from AlphaGoth and today we're gonna go over a bunch of stuff at Consensus 2023 things that are thought were real cool. We're gonna do like a little thing here. We're gonna do Twitter species live. We're gonna try to do that live
at the same time as we're going over like five cool things in the space. We really liked at consensus 2023 and then a couple bearishable views. All right, so starting off, I think the debit cards and rewards cards within crypto and all of the tokenomics is
like super cool around basically switch and reap. These are these debit cards and reward cards that are going to allow you to spend your token. So I talked to both of these companies. Both were super cool and really interesting. And I really thought that what they had was something innovative.
Debit cards have been around for a long time. Now they're starting to expand. Usually it's just like ETH or Bitcoin. Now every chain can get a debit card. Switch has a really innovative, they have their own chain, they have a really innovative reward system. I also thought the REAP Pay card was something that was super interesting, especially for developers
blockchains on wrapping funds is cool there's a lot of good stuff on that but really like off wrapping there's there's like an embedded idea if I can just kind of swipe my card and spend the token or spend my LSTs my liquid staking tokens swipe it and I don't have to like always be concentrating on exit out or coming into crypto it's something that's like
very super useful and interesting. And so that was number one on the list, which is "Swip in Rep" around these cards. Swept the card, get the token. Some of these are available now, but I see this expanding to more and more tokens. So if you're a Pepe Max
and you just, you know, want to spend your Pepe as you swipe your card, not a problem. You can get it eventually with Reap and Switch. And that's the first thing that I think was hot, I can sense this, 2023. Amazing, amazing projects. I'm just going to go over what I think I find the most interesting. Number two.
Google is coming. They will announce their partnership with Polygon. When it comes to data and RPC structure, BigQuery, they are starting to supply RPC nodes and track the entire chain in their Google Cloud
services and big queries. So I met with Google there. They have some really cool and interesting ideas coming along. They're starting to get into supplying nodes, doing node infrastructure, RPC infrastructure, but really getting all of the data together. So I think that's something that's really interesting.
around getting the data together. These guys are monsters in the space and as they build more and more nodes, they're effectively going to be amazing at the consistency, the RPC, the scalability of RPCs.
So, the first three, the file coin in the massive, massive amount of storage that they have. So, talking to the file coin team, yes, they got the file coin virtual machine, but they were like telling me they don't even need any more storage providers.
One of the most interesting things here is that the storage providers aren't really getting paid a lot because they get a message supply side. So if you're looking for storage and keep storage, Filecoin, the Filecoin virtual machine, there's tons and tons of neat storage there.
Number or...
new chains. So, Quiet Network, you know, they had an awesome event. It was really interesting in the Quiet Network party. They're claiming 50,000 transactions per second on their blockchain, very cool website, Austin native. They got some really interesting things going on if they can pull off the
50,000 transactions per second. That's great. They also are putting an EBM on top so that helps it with the scalability of getting more and more code and people to build on their EBM. Another one that we met with was core and core blockchain.
Once again, EVM, very very smart, putting an EVM on top of your code and chain. They have an amazing grants program as well. And I would say the last piece of the new chains that are coming are the Cosmos chains. Lots of talks
around say and within the Cosmos ecosystem tons of chains that are coming up and and very fast some people have been arguing on Twitter about like hitting up against the speed of light but you know Cosmos is fast uh finality and we're tracking more than 50 chains coming
Met some really good, let's call it an accelerator that's running events every single week within the San Francisco Bay Area around getting developed by adoption to say so say is launched with Cosm wasm, which is going to increase the Cosm wasm growth, I would say that would probably be the number two
best kind of language to go after in terms of developer adoption after EVM and in solidity and so Cosmos is going to be growing in my opinion over the next couple years because as as more and more cosmos and developers become becomes even
are easier to get daps on the chain and that's what really drives the chain adoption is daps. Core technology, what new daps are allowed and then basically allowing those daps and daps developers to build on the chain. NivaRoo, these guys are
Brad, they're building a Purps Options Protocol that is really smart and super, super capital efficient. So I'm really bullish on these guys. I've known what I found out for a while. Very, very smart. One of the smartest people I've ever seen.
in the space built a very cool chain. They're fast builders. There's a lot of action. I mean, even on their Discord, they're playing these games and growth games to really drive massive, massive amount of early user adoption for an air drop. So there's a couple of chains that I think are interesting that are coming.
And the fifth thing that I'm most excited about is So is an embedded defi play. So you take the decks, you embed it on your site and on your mean coin site. Why give the trading fees away to people who are
that are not your core clients. So instead of these big Dex pools, is an embedded trading layer. So if you have distribution and if you have a large enough user base, effectively what you can do is run your own white labeled Dex on your website.
you get the trading fees instead of sending the trading fees to the Uni Swaps, the Sushi. It's kind of like a V2 AMM. You can do your own liquidity incentives. You can do your own bonuses on the people that are trading on your decks. Very, very cool play with
in the embedded deep-fried space. I'm excited to talk to these guys. All right, so quick pitch about alpha growth. We've recently helped Kava bring over 70 daps to the space. Kava's pro-capriase is floating, got as high as 10th in TBL and almost 300 million in TBL.
I'm Brian Colley from Alpha Growth. We bring DAPS to chains. Something like native, right? Bringing them to your chain, get them a grant, get them incentives. He has started to really grow out the entire ecosystem. That is what we do. Helping projects match with chains, happy chains match with projects in their criteria.
Cool. So now let's switch to a couple of bearish thoughts. And this is how do you say it? Not as cool as it needs to be. But let's talk about zombie chains, right? So
Our job is to match projects to change. We go to a lot of chains and say, "How are you going to grow? How are you going to get the best projects?" The anecdote that we say is that you open up your iPhone, there's no apps on the iPhone. Your iPhone is worth nothing.
If you have a blockchain without hot dApps, your blockchain is worth nothing. That's what we're doing here at Alpha Growth. And fundamentally, if you don't have the hottest and latest and newest dApps, people are going to go to the other chain that has those dApps.
just is what it is and I'm not calling out and saying anybody who is a zombie chain. So, you know, I would say if you're looking at a zombie chain, it's, they canceled their grants program. They're not really effectively growing in terms of DAPs. Announcements are slowing down. Token prices consistent
going down because the new DAPS create demand. So you have to continually buy. Think of it as like Hollywood video. You have to have like Hollywood video or blockbuster video back in the day. You had to have the new releases. If you don't have the new releases, people are going to go to another video store, right?
So it's important for chains to have the new releases, the new things to do, the new games to play, and if they don't have a new game to play, these chains are going to start to go down because people are going to go to the chains that have new releases. Alright, another thing I'll bearish on, I'm going to actually call these guys out, is
trust machines and ordinals companies that are building on Bitcoin network itself. Now this might be like a little bit of a hot-tay counterpoint, unpopular opinion, but I don't believe that
The way that the decentralized ecosystem is going to work is going to end up on Bitcoin. And the reason why I believe this is that it's just not capital efficient enough to really engage and really get enough incentives for builders to build theirs. So capital efficiency means
means that how much capital is available and incentives that are available to build on Bitcoin. There are none. Now, their thesis as a builder is, "Hey, I'm going to build on Bitcoin because there's this huge liquidity base." When people think of the underlying currency as store of value,
or digital gold, they're not thinking about how I can spend the gold. They're not thinking about how I can use this gold in apps. That's 2013, 2014 narratives. Hey, we're going to have this Bitcoin and we're going to toss it around to all these different apps. Bitcoin is just Bitcoin. The store value is
it doesn't evolve. These developers that are building, and like listen, these guys are wicked, wicked, smart. I just think the strategy is off. I think fundamentally I don't believe that people with Bitcoin are going to plug Bitcoin in to do DeFi on the Bitcoin network. It's 10 minutes of block.
It's slow. You have to have abstract the trust to everything that everything that builds has to build a whole bunch of trust on the Bitcoin network. If you're going to build ordinals, if you're going to build DAPs on the Bitcoin network, I'm not I'm pretty bearish on that. So even though I met the team from Trust machines,
pretty bearish on the idea on building Bitcoin ordinals. Cool. And I think that's a couple things that I'll bearish on, oh, meme coins. Really, really nasty conversations around meme coins. I mean, the real true builders in the space where, you know, fading Pepe, we knew a
was going to happen. We already seen the pump and the dump of Pepe. This is going to happen again and again with these meme coins. They're going to pump. They're going to crash. And so it was another big bearish conversation in the space at Consensus 2023. And the last bearish thing I'll say is infrastructure for infrastructure sake.
Now, in the bear markets, it's pretty stylish to say, "Hey, I'm going to be building infrastructure. All I'm building defiant infrastructure." But I feel that a lot of these different, some of the newer chains or some of the builders that are building in this space, build infrastructure has a way to kind of stand
the space but not really like have any impact. So tons and tons of infrastructure builders out there are building these different like ZK methodologies, these different like EVM layers on cryptology. Like I feel like every single ZK new chain is building some sort of new encryption methodology.
and try to innovate there when there's a couple of that already exist that already make a lot of sense. So like building infrastructure for infrastructure, say I'm also bearish on what I'm bullish on is what is the utility, what is the champion depth that comes out of this infrastructure. And so those are a couple things that I'm bearish on.
So if the developer or the team can't really articulate exactly what's going to come out of building the infrastructure, I would be very wary. So let's recap. A couple things that Barry Bullish on and the best finds of consensus 2023, rewards cards, switch, Barry Bullish on
be looking forward to working with these guys. Reap, Reap Global. Very, very interesting. You put in your token into the debit card. You swap the debit card. You don't have to worry about transaction fees and selling to like get to to fiat before you you know you go work in the real world. Number two
Google is coming. So they're building out notes, they're building out RPCs, they're tracking all the data they have like massive, massive data sets on the Ethereum network. They recently partnered with Polygon and they were talking about their plans to go to every single chain, especially in the EVM world and potentially like Cosmos later on.
Google is coming and they're bringing all of their compute power and storage power with them. Speaking of storage, number three was Filecoin, massive amounts of cheap storage. They have more storage supply than they do have people demand for their supplies. So you can get like
Gigabytes of storage data for like a penny a year. It's like absolutely insane the amount the cost of storage now is like plummeting to zero so if you're if you have very storage intensive You know app app going after file coin and looking at file coin or
or you can go to Google and if you're funded, start up, you know, there are codes now for funded Web 3, start up for like $200,000 in free services. So that's pretty cool. New chains, that was number four they're excited about. Looking at Que, CORE and the growth of Cosmos.
We're tracking 50-some projects within the Cosmos ecosystem. Core, it's an EVM, very fast, very scalable, QY network, 50,000 transactions per second, and very cool chains that are coming. And finally, the fifth thing that I'm very bullish on is embedded DeFi, and that would be as an example with these native Dex's, if you have distribution, if you have an audience, forget trading on UniSwap or sushiSwap or whatever Dex that you're most comfortable with. Like as a company, you want to capture those trading fees and that trading volume and you can do that now with embedded DeFi.
Brian Collegan from Alpha Growth here. I'm going to wrap it up there. I'm going to open it up to questions on Twitter spaces and see kind of who else is here and available. I'm going to do, be doing this a couple of different times and figure out if this works. If it works, I'm going to continue to do it. Throw this video up on YouTube.
YouTube, take the Twitter space and push it out there and get more people involved and interested in what you are interested in. So if you want to join in on the conversation, raise your hand or throw some comments in, and just then what you saw at Consensus 2023. Cool. Thanks for your time.
All right, I'm no longer recording on the YouTube's and Michael Kasey, if you guys want to come up, that would be rad. If not, I'm going to shut this space down. But thanks for joining. It was super cool. I really enjoyed it.
enjoyed and since it's 2023. Very, very cool projects, lots of new narratives and excited to share with everybody. This recording will be up for a couple days or on YouTube.
All right, looks like we don't have any more questions or comments and cool talk later bye.

FAQ on 5 best finds of Consensus 2023. And some bearish views | Twitter Space Recording

What is the name of the speaker in the podcast?
Brian from Alphagoth
What are some of the things that Brian discusses in the podcast?
Debit and rewards cards within crypto, Google's partnership with Polygon, Filecoin's storage capabilities, new chains like Quiet Network and Core, and
What is the innovative aspect of Switch and Reap Pay Card?
They allow users to spend their tokens through debit and rewards cards.
What is the role of BigQuery by Google in the blockchain space?
They are starting to supply RPC nodes and track the entire chain in their Google cloud services and BigQueries.
What is Filecoin's virtual machine?
It is a feature that allows for massive amounts of storage for a plethora of use cases.
What are some chains that Brian thinks are interesting?
Quiet Network, Core, and Cosmos.
What is Nivaura and what does it do?
It is a protocol for purps options that is super capital efficient and allows for early user adoption.
What is
It is an embedded DeFi platform where a company can run their own white labeled DEX on their site and receive trading fees.
What is Alpha Growth and what does it do?
Alpha Growth matches projects with chains to help grow their ecosystem and bring dApps to chains.
What is a zombie chain according to Brian?
A blockchain without hot dApps is a zombie chain, and people will go to other chains that have those dApps.