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AMA com Joey Ponzi



and then people good night everyone
Let's start right away. Just wait a little longer, the person is entering.
I'm going to invite you here
Good night. Good night.
I'm also waiting for you guys to come here. I'm waiting for you guys to come here.
Good night. Good night. And today, especially with the relation to Aurora Oat, I don't know if you can speak with us.
So, I'm just going to say something.
(speaking in foreign language)
I know you are very busy now making the most expensive video of things and this is presented here to the guys how you see it in this world
Good night, Pons Versa! How are you doing in this beautiful night of Quarta Feira? Very cold here in the city of Rio de Janeiro? For those who don't know me, I'm from Pons and I've been seeing here that there are many people from Pons Versa, or seeing this
and well, the investment funds was created to help people with the main security in the web3 and because not in all the areas
I was curious about the video.
and they said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry#
I wanted you to tell me what happened, how was this
How did these hackers work there? Well, my trajectory is more or less in 1920. My observer ended up in misunderstanding with the American government
What he did to Italy, what he did after he came here to Rio de Janeiro and the rest to know this story of my family is history. And today we have the method of puns and protection against gops. We have puns and quests that do not know a very interesting game that I
I recommend to all of you to play Brause, you will have the opportunity to have fun and learn a little bit. That's it. You can ask what you want, but I want to know how this attack raker rolled. Tell me please.
We wanted to talk about it. So, guys, we were here, after a series of reunions, and then suddenly we have a group, which is the project of Apprentices Web 3, which we will create in the speakers.
and then the guys came to know that it was a problem in the official score of the Aurora, what happened? then the guy appears, assuming that
They entered, they raqued an official profile of a person. Then this hacker from the outside blocked everyone and took salt and discord. And then a former official love appeared today, I don't understand, love.
I don't know what the saying is, but the guy has a drop after this live record. With the drop, the drop was fake. And the guy went to the ball because everything was official.
I'm not sure about that. I think it was a mistake to get the Gop.
but we have to give the deepest floor to the audience. But it was a burden and a burden. So we were also able to understand the right, there are several cross-stained information, but what I saw there
(speaking in foreign language)
This is complicated because the guy destroyed it. There is a person who has a reliability with a R-drop, who doesn't like a R-drop, but... But again, he went there, put the line.
link and the guy was clicked on the link and then you enter a link that is a page in the fake of the Aurora with a drop card and but it's like that you're there, there's a link that p.x.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.#
I don't click on ninks, it's always sobering, because who didn't click, who left the link to the channel, I don't know if it's not to click on ninks, it's good, but then I say, my
[speaking in foreign language]
I think I've already escaped, because I...
I forget that discord exists, and that's something that really happens to me, because... by God's sake. I forget that discord exists, as well. Exactly, because if not, it was also there, clicking on the "like" too.
But the worst thing is that if you come yesterday, this happens all around the world and find out that I was doing a big test to see who clicks and who doesn't click. So I'm happy that I couldn't come back yesterday because otherwise I fell on the couch of the game.
I'm out of this. I always teach everyone. Clicking ninq is already more. I and university are aware that 100% of people who don't click ninq, don't fall in gobs, that was approved once again. It's a shame. I think it's a shame.
and I'll tell you that maybe it's one of the easiest to fall for those who use the air, who don't know what the system is,
So at least the most cascading guys I've seen, have been in this one of the "R-Drop" and "Malandre" So guys, you're all listening to "Beg Joey" and I, because I've listened to Joey a little bit, if you can hear a light here,
So that's the thing about golf. And then we went to the gym, we had a runner here who is one of our learnings. And then we'll try to recover. We'll go to the mission of the meta
(speaking in foreign language)
And then, by what I understood, I accepted all the communities, I saw the Turkish people who lost a grain, and this kind of thing makes sense, right? Because after 48 hours, the Turkish people came out. But then, I resumed, they ran a clean, clean, empty, empty, they took all the way from the scoy, right? We did, that's what happened.
This guy was finally in the middle of the big screen and he was going to be a ruder, because those who were in stake and running, they were not left out and those who don't use discord, who forget that discord existed too if I did well, but I've already solved
I've already discovered who was the guy, I've already found out I don't know, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I've found out who was the guy, I#
but because they said they took the hacker, but because they said they took everyone. I think the problem was taken away. We don't know if they said Anderson is going to say that he is taken away.
I was going to take the record from the jump. Everyone took the record. It was like if we had a Brazilian peak, it would have been a mistake. He limped, everyone could. He was a big fan of the game.
So, nobody could go back to the other person, who had left the whole world, that the hacker was awake and left the whole world, who had the way to stop the coup in the middle.
I like to know how long you took to get the hang of the rope. I had someone who could... I don't know. If it's too little...
I was talking about the Junior, he was going through the process and someone, or you know, was involved, he was not evolving, he was still going through the page.
I was going to talk about the technique, and I was like "oh, the thing is working" and then the technique was working, and the technique was supposed to be opened and the goal would appear.
I'm sorry, but I'm sorry.
There is a series of things that we have to be worried about. Today, which I think is more concerned with this new one from Memicons, are the Clown Tokens, which are the same names as the one in the mod.
And it's not the same coin, you don't pay attention and you just buy another coin. And I think at the moment, the links are something that whoever likes to buy coins, who likes to give a special coin, you have to be careful because this will be
and the game was still available for today, this is Web 1, man. This is a Web 1 goal, guys are falling from the Web 1, the Web 2 still continues to fall from the Web 3, you
and there you are in the game, someone sends you an example of the game to see what it is, with some advantage proposal and even today the Kai rapeseed is exchange false also is a thing that is poor, the point is what is right, too
I don't have a hair drop, because I want to get a hair drop. How much do we love the story of who is a hair drop? I almost got a hair drop, but I never got a hair drop.
because I came to a Twitter person with a lot of people, I think 90,000 followers. Obviously, after the race you will see everything is fine, but then it seemed
I wanted to hire you to make a visual design of my site, my game.
So I said, "Let's see, because you can test the game here, send me the link, then send me a code that you can only access this link with this code. It seems like, first everything you do, it's very hot, it's a great passion.
[speaking in foreign language]
I started with a game example. A proposal. A proposal for a player. A game example for you to test. This is a class. It's a class. No, you were called to design the game. You're a player. You're a player. You're a designer. You're a designer.
[speaking in foreign language]
I'm going to be honest, this was one of the first things I said, I don't know why it's more difficult to develop the brain or what is already in the US.
But look, it's not just inviting to do a job, it's not a goal, it's also a job that I've seen.
I've seen two or three people here on the ecosystem, here on Rio, the guy I always contact, which is from the investor in Rome. I know people who went to Rome because they had a investor in Rome and they were a goal.
(speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language)
but then you don't go back to the Swiss, but oh, there's the Swiss investor too and things will be rolling to the end of the drain accounts, some map, some thing, there's a lot of care with Roman investors, Swiss investors, very caretaker,
I'm not sure how it's going to be this year. I don't know how it's going to be this year. I don't have news, but there are two of them from the rumour. I don't know how it's going to be. I was just kidding.
the market plays, the X, the other one. You see the market plays here, then it seems like a guy who if you enter that marketplace, you have a wallet, you want to buy a mouse, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it, you want to sell it#
but the thing is that I don't get angry, I ask for money, he doesn't buy what he promised me, and Liv is giving me a new marketplace, I don't know if it's a golpe, exactly to give me something, or if it's a golpe to create a clean environment, but it happens, because it happens a lot when the NFT is more and more.
The NFTs are coming back to the top, so I said that now that I think you have to be more careful, they are the clone token, because they are coming back to the altcoins, and this is the clone token, I think it will be the one that will fall
We have a lot of people, the false exchange, I think there will be a lot of chances of falling, there will also be false cards, we have this, for this time I do not know anyone who fell, but you enter a place, you go there,
I had a dialect of connection, I had a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of a dialect of#
I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy about a movie, I was a little bit crazy#
I was very happy with this. This happened a lot. For example, there's the Paranoia. For example, the Nearwollet. The Nearwollet is connected to the Safari, the following day, the disconnecting time is all over.
So, it's time for the whole thing. So, you replaced it, took the helicopter and stopped. Another one. So, it's time for the night, with the big picture, with the active ones. I think it's worth a little stop.
I always say, "What I always say is, there's a red wallet, but after the last lead I think there's a red wallet, but careful with the lead. I'm always with the lead in the fish, but the lead gave me a, I want to put my hand in the cold and the
So, very careful, very careful that, I was the video that I recorded today to be able to sleep today, but unfortunately, because of the issues of breaking my body, I was not able to go out of the house, I didn't record,
I'll explain what happened to Lairdia. They're trying to put their hand in the air, it's not a matter of time. Let's understand this better. Let's see the other cards.
But there is also a great concern in relation to our Mikez, so what do you think about it?
because there is this intermediary that has something else that you know, that creates another one, so it would be the same case as the Binance, maybe.
But the LED can't be an abundance. The LED is just there to give me security, to have a safer way to keep my actions. I have a better way to do it. I need one, because
I'm going to change the frame, you need another system. I put the LED on and I can change the frame and it's new. I have to like the handlebar. The handlebar is Aurora. I don't have to like it. I have to like it.
I'm currently a Kiki, man. I don't know if I've already released this video. Anyway, I recorded a video talking about Kiki. I'm a Kiki, it's a pretty cool price.
I think the value of the Jardo Orits was a little high, now it's getting a higher value. If you're with Bitcoin, you're with Ethereum.
I don't have the sense of you not spending money in a higher security, you don't have the risk of losing much more money, you change to spend a little bit. So, there's a hard wallet, but I was chatted with this innovation
I think I was very angry, but I don't know who is listening to it, sometimes I don't think it's a bad thing to give a look before I want this to be on the OLED, which is what it has here.
If you look at the map, you can see the map.
What I wanted to ask is that the leisure is the limit.
[speaking in foreign language]
[speaking in foreign language]
No, look at me. It's not like a LED, it's a watch. In my case, it's a Piki, even though I'm reviving Piki, who buys it with my code,
I will buy a cheaper one than the normal one. I use the LED because it was one of the most known.
and it's part of my style. But now with this change of LED I don't want to be more like for me, it wasn't cool. The LED wanted to know my phrase.
Now, any audio error is the safest way, but this is only to get the code written and wrong, you know people who did that, right? The people who did it, right? The truth is, they transformed a plate,
The rapist didn't just kill him, but he was killed in the costs. I thought it was magic, because he could only see that he was killed.
- No, I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not. - I'm not#
The guy doesn't hate you, and then I say, people who have knowledge, who are experts, who are the friends, are not any ones, they are people who are so convoluted, don't be an idiot, understand?
They were like 500,000 reais per person and the guy thought I was going to pay for a good money. And then they registered a card because thanks to God it was all highly registered, no web3.
The time when the guy was the guy, they entered the guy's Instagram and the letter was the guy. And the best thing about it was a letter, it was a child's interest that inspired me to pass it. The guy has been tattooed in his body.
[speaking in foreign language]
I work with M3, I receive crypto, I receive crypto, I receive the saco, my day is over, I don't have my function or the other one. And I don't see that, I don't see that.
I don't know how this woman was released, this woman from the Mesh, I don't know, Lady Mesh. And the story was better because she had a happy ending, because the guy was angry.
I'm sorry for the poor thing. The guy who entered this place, the guy had a very fast attitude. Some people were surprised, look how wonderful. And then, I asked you something.
And that's the book. What are the measures? It has already started to happen very little in relation to the TV, like "You can't do it, K-Statos!"
And how does it work? Actually, how does it not work? But what is it? I can go there, hack, business, pay, beauty, steal the money. And like this, let's wait for the new year, like, how does it work?
Unfortunately, we are in Brazil, a place where the crime always compensates, always compensates and will probably continue to compensate. We are being made laws and regulations, but we don't have a right to be in a decentralized environment.
The government will not react to your Bitcoin. It's not as common as you lost your lost. You have to be sure that you are losing. You have to be sure that you are losing your lost.
(speaking in foreign language)
It's a crime in the real world. Stelionato is crime. You understand? It's a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime. It's not a crime.#
[Speaking in foreign language]
I always think, because for example, if you get what happens with the moon, and then I like to use this example because I get to see what the anonymous face of getting to be analyzing all videos of the contract to see if it helps a fetal, like to analyze the facial expressions
So, it was great, but even so, it was 45 billion, I think.
I don't believe in this science of facial expression, but I understand you, it's a way of investing, and there are people investing. This is wonderful because in Brazil,
Brazil and I love him because they investigated and they got to solve it with the guy and without going to the police, without going to the process because everyone knows that here are things that are removed, these are very funny things that usually people end up leaving impending themselves, they take a lot of years
but even the person is sick. But how many United States, man, the case of FTX, the San Miguel Bancaro Fritas, now he is in the people's process. Who will process him? They are the people who are in the process. He is in the people's process.
So, we have the American legislation that works in a more creamy way. We can see it in a different way.
I'm not even comparing my own interests. The guy was the guy who was the guy who made the video. I'm not a crime.
I don't know if I'm talking about the story, but I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story. I'm talking about the story#
I'm not sure if you know of this case, because I'm a creator, but I never saw a Brazilian Rafael. The hacker was there, he invaded the marketplace. And to talk about it, I'm a real problem here. I don't know if I can do it, but to point it out, of course I took a wave of the guy.
but he was in a forest that I think he had warned at some point that he was in a forest. And of course, he was in a forest that he didn't even know. He was in a forest that he didn't know.
and even more expensive and more popular at the time, after the death of Jesus, after the death of the Buddha. They did it, what was there, but they had warned that there was a breast of a Holy Spirit there for a long time before, and they were all heard, you know?
This is the community's value. When you have a community, the community has points and helps you. If you don't embrace centralization, you run this risk there. The community has something to do with you.
If you don't want to do the biology, I'll do it. If you're thinking about your community, you have to take it.
I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it. It was the same thing, because I was a Brazilian, who was there, created a project, and I didn't see it, I was going to explode, and I was like, "Why are you just saying, 'Oh, thank you!'"
[speaking in foreign language]
It's a very complicated thing. The business was a version, I don't remember exactly. But there was something that had to do with it. There was no people, there was a lot of artists, there was no developer. And then a crazy guy appeared, he found a brush, he broke it, he disappeared.
and I even did a birthday party there, the thing that gave me a name, we were in my birthday, we were in a hangover, in a discord, it seemed like a nightmare, everything was okay, I'm a hacker, who was God, who never did it, it's been a year, it's been a year, it's not a test, here I'm going to steal you here,
[speaking in foreign language]
I don't know if this case is in my account, but I'm being mega interesting. It's very interesting, it's very interesting, it's very unique, it's unique, the first is the background shape of NFT, we have a NFT in March, from 2000, and you're there, I don't even remember, you've been there for 2 years, 3 years,
And then the wiki team never appears as an alternative in the top of the table, as a woman with a better technology, a cheaper one. So we went there and said, "Man, everything is broken, Artista, don't have any compassion for the NHL." And then, when you start a huge community, people say,
The community was a great thing, but the community started creating something around the center.
but it was not talked to the real thing, it was created by the universe parallel. And then the thing was taking the body, it was right, we started there. The structure of the market was very two, it was a triple main site that you sold, sometimes by the schedule,
Now they are rare, people are seeing the things that are here in the main page. So it was a very big thing, the plot of the plot of Figurinha, in a way. It had everything, but it was an artist. And suddenly it appeared a hacker, he created this, he discovered a failure in the martial arts.
against the people and they explored this area. But there are a lot of things that other countries were benefited from after this, the people were to be captured. There are some historical and hidden stories. But it's very interesting. It's very important to the development of the society and the community of NFT Brazilian, like in all over the world.
I don't know what to say, but I'll tell you that in the 9/3, I don't give you a chance to join your community. I understand you say that you're a great artist and
I don't have so much programmer, but it's a time when a person points a failure, show failure. The guy was doing it. He had 40,000 people.
I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there, I was there,#
I don't even know if this is a case of using an example. I'll put a link here. I'll put a link here. I'll put a link here in the chat.
I'm not going to see this one, but I'm already saying that I'm not going to roll this one, I want to roll it again.
Let's respond to the questions.
I'm not going to drop it, I'm not going to drop it. I'm going to give a list of questions. I have a question here when I understand that if the Lord is not going to be called, do you know what he is talking about?
I don't know if you guys are watching this video or are you talking about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about the good thing about#
I'm not sure. I'm not sure.
So the ER Drop is a business that is two people, right? Who is in the NFT, who is part of the community, the ecosystem of the Web3?
and it ends up always wanting to have some drops in your wallet, even in a way of sei lá, of status, of taking a little world, of i, well, it's not understandable, who doesn't like to collect snowballs, right? And then
You have to always check everything at the maximum, because the beauty of the web3 is that everything is very interesting. In the case that the logo that we started talking about the hacker that I am you, it was complicated because the hacker was a support, you do not imagine a support
Now, a strange site, a strange link, I prefer to avoid, I prefer how you have trust in people, I don't know how to click on everything, try
so it will prevent you from getting a little more if you
is a guy who likes to get a drop, use a wallet just for that, use a empty wallet, make a wallet in the middle of the mask just to get a drop, understand? and be careful because inside the drop there is NFTs
that they come with a link inside. And then you received the free eP board here. It's super normal, everyone has the eP board in the street. A thing that pays millions for you to come from the free.
Click on the link, it's not a link inside it, avoid clicking on this link. Ok? It will protect you a lot. And keep the cards separated. Take your time, watch it. Take your time. I can't talk about it.
I don't want to talk about it anymore. Take your team and get your ATEEZ. Take your team and go to the fair.
your zetter or your NFTs that are more rare, that have a greater value and you do a meta-mess that you get these drops there because everyone likes to shine, everyone likes a white light, it's from the Brazilian
There are three letters. Here's another question that comes in the least I've ever said. Diana asked if the block was so horrible, because the cops are so common in high-pitched units.
What did we talk about? You know what the map was, you know what the path was, you don't know who the map is, unless you have a picture of the island.
So, you know who is the owner of this car?
[speaking in foreign language]
For example, you just can do, for example, you're on the next stage, you're using the "Robe" game. I just can do trade and know that for a reason that it's a bank, that has the same CPF that is linked to the Cards of the Sun.
and that's something that is increasingly implemented but as soon as everything is not done like this, it is impossible even if you can create any card like this on the right side, the line to the top
Now we are entering a very cool business called M1, which makes the scan, and all the onboarding is now everywhere. It will be a moment that everyone who has a new wallet will have to go through this. And then it is the beginning of
I think I'm worried about the guys wanting to hide my Russian to be able to move my assets. Even because I'll have to take my bigode, how do I get it?
So I'm not very much in love with this technology and the guy from the other side. But if you feel more safe with Chinese knowledge, your face is a right
[speaking in foreign language]
I don't know if you know what was the way.
It's beautiful because people don't like to identify themselves when it's the opposite of the "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban" "Tarroban"
Yeah well, I'm a collector, there, nobody knows who's investing or acquiring that asset and I think the person has more of a card, and so on.
There are cards for different finalities, what I said in the previous answers. There are cards for different finalities, it's a different way to protect yourself too. The infinite number of cards you can make a meta mask.
I don't know how much it was. Guys, if anyone wants to ask me something, ask me if I'm doing a job. I don't know how to say goodbye. I need to put a link to the discord conversation.
But it's interesting, I'm a trustworthy person. It's a link you can choose. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I#
I'm the same. But you can click on the link, that's when it happens. I'm going to give you a very interesting entry. It's not there in the middle. Very well. Click on the link of the watch that is for Discord.
I'm seeing him here.
[Speaking in foreign language]
So, how much does it cost to go down?
I was already changing the rules, I was seeing that I'm changing the rules, but I don't know if they changed. If you're winning a lot of money, it's the best concern you have, it's the concern that you have with the income taxes, it's because you're moving,
so go to the computer and try to make a little bit of the right thing, I don't know, no computer here has speciality in web3, in bitcoin, in ether, finally, but
If you're with this thought, because you're with good problems, you're with money, money, stealing, and so on. Exactly, it's better to do it. It's the best problem to have. Four quarters of the verification, because it's for the cashier, and so on.
I think it's very cool to get questions about the end of the script, because nobody answers. It's like if it was exactly like doing, like seeing a group, not even Azapha, there's someone who can do it, but actually it's any counter.
You have to go through a certain level of gain with the script to get to have to declare that you had this gain. And so, from the end, it will be impossible for you to declare that the balance exists in Brazil.
But who has to find the money?
I'm going to say, take your hand, if someone wants to say, take it. If someone wants to get the microphone, give it to me. Take a request and take it. We have to be in the other rooms. The door is in the room, the hacker room.
Let's go.
You're so good. I sent a DM to you, you're so great. I'm so sorry to do that too. You can give me a look. You have to call me if you're here, a guy who understands things. You're so good, a guy.
then he doesn't even go out of the room, he should follow the fire of the investment bridge, one of the biggest names of finances and the abtree at the moment. Wait, at the moment, no, because the moment he comes from 69 after Christ.
I want to thank you very much for being here with us. I'm a figure and I can't wait to get to know you.
We are now in Brazil, we will start to go to events, we will go to all the other countries, we will go to the other countries. Yes, man, we have an idea, we can't miss it, but we have to talk, because we have time, even today, to participate in a business.
I think you love the review of the web3 project. Because if you look at it, you have a lot of hope. We wanted to create a... I'm so incredible. I'm just saying it. Yeah, I understand. But it's very good. Let's change the idea.
Hey, let's go, let's go, let's go, here is the big part of the bridge, the investment is here, listening, even the same brother was listening to me for a while, I was going to send a kiss to him, he didn't send it, but it's a hug, everyone who prays for it,
these faces. Thank you all for sending questions too. With this one from the Japanese Association, there is there on Instagram, on TikTok, on LinkedIn, here, here is the best place to
I'm always open, I'm the guy of the scene, I'm always there for everything you do. A kiss, thank you for being my friend.
I'm going to take the invitation for you to our channel.
I don't know if plays, for example, the team is like a super dynamic team that seems like a team of people who are like a scant. They are like a scant to see, they are like a fireball. I was like "I'm going to be a fireball!" I was like "Yeah, you're going to be a fireball?" I was like "No, wait, I'm going to be a fireball!"
So that's it guys, good night and thanks for watching everyone. Tomorrow we will be with BlockCade Rio, this is my first time here.
I'm already lost, and we'll have some free tickets for the blog. And also for some events on the blog. And also for the promotion of the Brazil Ballade.
Thanks for watching!
Thanks guys, follow us on the channel, Twitter and Instagram. We are going to meet in the next video, so we can continue to do the same. See you guys!

FAQ on AMA com Joey Ponzi | Twitter Space Recording

Who is speaking in the podcast?
The speaker's name is not provided in the text.
What is the purpose of the investment funds mentioned?
The investment funds were created to help people with security in the web3.
What kind of attack was made on the official score of Aurora?
The official score of Aurora was hacked by a group of hackers.
What is the name of the game recommended by the speaker?
The speaker recommends browsing a game called 'Puns and Quests.'
What did the speaker say about clicking on links in the podcast?
The speaker mentioned that clicking on malicious links can result in falling for scams or getting hacked.
What happened to the Turkish community mentioned in the podcast?
The Turkish community lost their coins due to the recent attack on the official score of Aurora.
What were the consequences of the recent attack on the official score of Aurora?
The attack resulted in people losing their coins and the hacker taking control over official profiles.
What is the name of the new token that people should be careful about?
The new token that people should be careful about is the clown token.
What is the difference between the clown token and another similar token?
The clown token has the same name as another token, but they are not the same coin.
What is the speaker's concern regarding the exchange system for coins?
The speaker's concern is about false exchanges that are operating, which can result in people falling for scams and losing their coins.