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Building on Sui / the lead up to mainnet

Recorded: April 26, 2023



I think we're just waiting for misfits to join. Oh yeah, sure. Oh, insect.
Bali is most probably sleeping still.
Yeah, Shaymy feels so bad for him and the fact that he's in Australia. I think it's like 2am there or something. Yeah, same as me, I just woke up.
To be fair, like having you guys based in Australia did, it's unfortunate for you, but it made me laugh so hard today. Someone in the community when I said that you
you guys were ahead in the times when they were like, "Wait does that mean that they'll get information about sweet before us?" And I was like, "That's not how time zones work. It's quite funny."
Let me just ping him quick. Otherwise we can get started. Should we go around and just basically have all of our guests introduce themselves and so everyone like a little bit about what they're working on, what they're building on Sweden, we can go from there. Yeah.
I guess sounds good. I can sorry if you don't mind guys. Yeah, absolutely. Right, so welcome everybody. Happy to see you here guys. So we are loot riders and to keep it short, we are building several utilities. Those utilities are involved around the loot
boxes and those are going to be uniquely just only for our holders in the beginning. Then we are planning to basically expose it to different projects. Essentially, a loot box is something that where you can, when you reward, it can be anything basically any object, it can be a white list of NFT, most commonly
is going to be NFT and many many others things. In order to pay the loot box you're going to be able to earn specific things that you need to pay for that. That's going to be kind of our experience token. And essentially yeah we're going to have our own second platform where you can get the tokens in the future we
to improve the staking platform to introduce some adventures staking but that require us to do some modifications. It takes time but essentially yeah just building something that you can enjoy something you can create things you know playing around with them and basically trying to build our own small sui ecosystem.
That sounds so cool. I'm a huge fan of like gamified staking so curious to see what you guys come up with sounds really interesting. Yeah, thank you. Thank you Cool slimes trying to go next sure. Thanks. Thanks. Um everyone coming from slimes. I've been on
space very frequently recently. So just give a short introduction of what we are doing. Basically we are a community of unique connections of anime slimes. Firstly we are building on the community, definitely. It's been mentioned a couple of times because we believe that the most
valuable utility of NFS ProJS is the strong community. Secondly, we launched our first ever on 10 Raffles on Sui and it has been running really really well, I would say. We just opened the Raffle like 10-20 minutes ago.
and it's 90% gone without making any announcement so that's super bullish. What we're doing is right now coming up I was just job a little bit alpha here this we're having a test meet with Clachi on this Friday I'm just right before a week before I
men that launch on 5th of May next week and there will be something big happening on this Saturday. We're going to have a very massive raffles of our own projects wireless including other projects as well. That would be super, super interesting to see.
Like, just make this space more interesting and more interactive is if any of you guys interested to participate on the Raffle or no website, and not probably not everyone has the due token. Just draw your wallet
under the space to it then we're gonna randomly pick some and give you guys a chance to take a trial and that will be the cutoff time will be the end of this space so it's only for those who are listening will be something interesting
Very cool. How are you guys feeling about the lead up to mainnet? Wow, that's super bullish. Nothing else. We scheduled this, we launched it on the third day. I mean, everybody has been waiting for the man there for such a long time and this was long.
announced just a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to week ago and I think everybody is so excited and the team of Slimes who are working like non-stop, especially the kudos to the dev team and we are able to bring this up before the mannet and we are already implementing that to the
ecosystem, like to the community that I would personally say that we see the engagement is went up significantly and everybody really enjoying it. That I mean that's a super super bullish for us and for the whole ecosystem. So just can't wait for the men now.
Yeah, absolutely. It's going to be exciting. Sure, it's going to be quite interesting hoping all the launches goes smoothly. Cool. Do we miss bits? Do you guys want to come up and tell us a bit about your project?
Hey, thanks so much for inviting us up and inviting us to the space. Yes, I don't part into it so currently without project would like to miss it in particular. What we've done is we've actually broken down our, I guess you could call it roadmap into like very
more chapters, rather than having a very long-winded roadmap. We've kind of like broken it down, kind of like learning from our past mistakes about what makes a good roadmap. So in regards to sort of what we're looking at achieving within the interim, within a short period of time,
is one we're looking at sort of doing a dynamic staking model. Now right now, staking for the most part across the board is kind of locked in at like a stand rate where regardless of like how engaged a community member
but might be everyone gets a staking reward. We're just trying to take it a step further. We're actually rewarding the holders that are super engaged with the highest staking rewards. Just the end of the day, without a community, you're not going to have a successful NFT project.
is something that I think someone from the loot riders team was touching on. So that's like one aspect that we're actually exploring to see sort of like how we can actually change things up and explore how to make things a bit more interesting. And then after that, it's obviously the dynamic nature
of NFTs. So I understand a lot of people are looking at doing, um, then I make NFTs in a sense where you're able to swap trades and like be able to like, um, buy new trades and all that kind of stuff. We're just taking that one step further where we're actually able to tie NFTs to Oracle's.
So whether it's like a time input or Oracle or whether it's a Whether Oracle your NFT in your wallet would change based off this like ruleboard data input Making your NFT a little bit more interesting in that sense. So they're like out to show
term sort of objective of the project. Obviously we're able to explore like the whole loopbox type of model or like rough model or that kind of stuff but there's a sort of second row objective for us. We're sort of focused on the dynamic nature of NFTs right now.
Yeah, I think a lot of people here initially were motivated to build on swiwix at the dynamic NFTs. Just on the rewarding active community members, I think it is the way to go. Not just from like keeping an engaged community, which is obviously so important, but also from an equal standpoint, it's way smarter to have people
people rewarded for something that they've done. So I think it's really nice to hear that people are factoring that in. Yeah, like I think the main thing is that like right now, like the interesting thing that we're trying to do with that is based on the station
to reward the earned, um, will actually get tied to your NFT metadata. So for example, if you end up deciding to sell that NFT in the future and you have been a very, very engaged member, right, you might be able to sell that for way above floor, um, because all
a lot more right? So it helps with price discovery in a sense as well. That's like one of the things we're exploring. Yeah, absolutely. I think Moonbirds did something obviously not as advanced but along the lines of where
You kind of got a status for how long you were nested for? Pretty interesting stuff. The pity that they didn't end up doing so well. Yeah, cool. Should we move on to Shiger Kingdom? You guys are
definitely crypto OGs based on your experience. Do you want to tell us about your previous work and what made you make the switch to Sweden? Hello, okay, hello everyone. Thank you for giving the possibility to be here. And yes, for sure, actually, Shua Akina has a plenty of experience
like OGs, you know, we came from the Binance Smart Chain with the track record initially the previous year in 2022. We make $8 million in volume during our TGA of the token. We launched several NFT campaigns and
and means over there. But, you know, after a while, we were have been seeing that the users in the Binance Smart Chain were actually gamers. That was, that was on our purpose, indeed, because there was too much trading over there regarding our assets.
Therefore, we decided to start migrating and looking for new chains where we can operate in a better way and look for potential users that actually cares about the gaming side of our project. We came with Sway and I started
starting about the composable and dynamic NFTs and the technology attached to them. So that's why we decided to migrate the entire infrastructure to the C-network. I think that for us it's better prepared for a gaming project and at the same time I think that possibility
It dates a lot to lower the actual barriers that the users have regarding the Web3. And we aim to provide sugar kingdom to the masses. So I think that's basically the decision about why we decided to go on swing network.
Yeah, I mean that makes sense. It's going to be really exciting to see, I mean the quality of games launching on Swedish unbelievable to say the least. So I'm really excited to see what happens and also how I think they manage to like onboard more people because at the moment I feel like the ecosystem's quite small.
in terms of like NFTs so it'll be good to have games bringing in external people. Definitely a very interesting topic. Yeah, yeah, totally totally. I think that it's important to as I said before to lower the entry bar viewers, you know, maybe through different non-costodial wallets.
And another kind of stuff that can be done to access the common people that is not involved in Web 3 to the ecosystem that has, you know, it's plenty of opportunities just we need to make sure to get them on board in
an efficient way. Yeah, absolutely. Can you guys give us a little sneak peek into what players can expect in terms of the gameplay and the features that you have? Yeah, first of all, before shutting down the game on BinanceWardChain, we host it
two games. The first one was like a candy crash, like a matri-passal game. We decided to go with that channel because it was effective and simple. I usually care more about providing good results in simple
ways. The other game was a tower defense, like let's say a plan versus zombies. So we focused on hyper casual games that actually can be translated to mobile, so therefore that was our main choices. Now this
And we're working on three after the event that will happen on the 7th of May. We will go straight forward and push again those developments online on the mainnet. We have in case and them the graphics, the mechanics and we expect to launch a third game.
about in mid year and at the same time of course you know translate all those games to mobile. That's the things that can be expected in short term for sure. Kingdom of course we are trying to partner a lot of people projects that can be
symbiotic with us to create new synergies and possibilities. But yeah, we're excited about Sway. I think that we have reached a point where we are very comfortable with ecosystem and the users. So I think that good stuff can be done which work in them and Sway.
Yeah, absolutely. I see someone very aggressively raising their hand. Guys, we're going to just go round and introduce all the projects and then I'll be able to answer all questions after. So I'm not sure who wants to go next, whisper or
Yeah, I can take it. Hey. Of course, would you want to just give us a little intro about yourselves and tell us about what your mission is and how it fits into the D5 ecosystem? Yeah, absolutely. So I'll tell you a little bit about that.
We offer a wide range of financial services that includes trading, lending, farming, staking, launch pad services, and finally prediction markets.
allows us to generate revenue from several sources. Our platform is designed to be user friendly, secure, and efficient. Our users can also earn rewards by providing liquidity to our pools, lending assets, taking our native token, which is also going to be a governance token by
by the way or participating in prediction markets. And I would say honestly that one of our most exciting contributions is the prediction market, with prediction, it would be the first decentralized prediction market on Sui actually.
The prediction market will allow users to make predictions on crypto prices and real world events and earn rewards based on your accuracy in estimating the outcome of those events or the price movements on certain assets. In addition to this, we are also introducing in RTG
which is a real time growth sediment in layman's terms, which this allows bedding protocols to be available across other chains and it provides the seamless and efficient user experience. So essentially it allows users across other chains to quickly and easily
participate in prediction markets on Sui without any issues. Traditionally bridging costs are pretty high in a take a while, but using RTGS, we handle that. It makes it quick and seamless. Can you ask me a question again?
I lost one question. I asked how you can picture how it's planned to fit into the decentralized finance ecosystem, but you answered it really well. Quick question. When you say, like,
And then, sorry, I've got quite a few questions. So I don't know if you want to go ahead and nod to that one and then I'll move on. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, no problem. So right now our plans for lending are limited to just, you know,
tokens, not NFTs, but that's certainly a possibility we could introduce in the future. And you mentioned in AMM, we actually have an improvised AMM of our own. It's customized. It's different from others. And I guess I could probably talk about that a little bit more later to stay on track.
That's really cool. In terms of your predictive model as well, is it more like betting or is it like the ability to long and short and where you have leverage introduced at all?
Am I rugging? Sorry, did you miss that?
I think you're muted. Oh, have we lost him?
Okay, let me ping privately and I can carry on asking that. In the meantime, Monkeys, you guys want to give us a brief intro and just tell us a bit about yourselves.
Hey guys there. Yeah, am I in my here now?
You're here. I can hear you. How's it going? Going great. Sorry about that. I lost you mid-riff right there.
Oh no, don't worry. No, sorry. I was just asking if your betting platform was like, well your prediction platform was if it was more like sports betting or if it was like actually longing and shorting and if you're going to introduce leverage if it is. Ah, yeah. So it's actually, it's a binary predictions market, right? So
it'll be like a yes or no or a price is going to go up or down. So right now it's just the binary predictions. As far as leverage goes right now, I don't think that we have any plans for that, but that is a possibility now.
Cool, sounds good. Yeah, I worked on a project on Salano where they were like, fractionizing NFTs and assets and then allowing people, well, the next step is to allow people to long or short based on fractionization, which is pretty cool. So I was wondering if it was going around the same thing. If NFTs couldn't get any riskier.
Got to introduce leverage. Cool, let's see, monkeys. Are you guys? They seem to have dropped out. Let me give them a little nudge.
Cool, in the meantime, should we start taking questions from the audience? Let me allow some people to speak. Oh, sweet nonsense, you've got your hands up, you can speak. Yeah, thanks for having us. Clatgy and Sui Echo system.
want to give quick intro about our NFT collection. So, SwimOnSRX are utility driven NFT collection. We, our main utility are Rival system. We have FCFS, we have
collection and we are currently building identity provider we call it sign in with Sui. So I love to see other projects are exploring Revell system also. So about our Revell system, our Revell system
require the user to authenticate their discord id with their sui wallet and twitter also simultaneously together and the near future we will add a test also so participant will need to complete our certain test to
be eligible in the in the Raffle system. So for the first phase we are using of chain computation for the Raffle with open source randomness. So we use sign message by installs and suvalet for the early Raffle project.
because if we integrate this call and Twitter for the Raffle, the blockchain also needs to verify the Discord and Twitter ID that will need some kind of identity provider and we need some time to develop it. But that is in our app map also. For now, the main goal for the Raffle is to make things
as if it is efficient as possible. Also it can drive the community to be more active in Discord and benefits our partners. Okay, thanks. Sorry, Tama, I wasn't sure if you wanted to.
Oh yeah, I was just going to ask, like, you guys have obviously been around for quite a while now. So congrats for sticking with it. I know we've seen a lot of projects come and go, but do you have any like statistics on like how many white spots you've kind of ruffled off? How many people have entered that kind of thing?
For now we are onboarding WattList of our partners so we plan to give our community as much as possible.
Cool, um, pharmacist, do you have a question? Hey, come see, here comes the energy. Hi. Hi. What's
Guys, I'm everybody doing man This is one big space man like we're gonna be launching soon and everywhere is bubbling already We are all going to the moon guys everything is going to the moon guys like I see a lot of professional crops when are you gonna get me for this like what?
I don't have the right list man, I need to make you guys I just want to say congrats to everybody Everybody's gonna be winning I'm gonna be winning personally because I've been on the
We started as a grinder, you know, just a normal grinder. Grinders have a place on the blockchain, right? Cropped, I hope grinders have a place on the blockchain. We also bring liquidity like $50, $20. We do our best, right?
We do our best. So today I'm very very happy that we have come this far on the chain and you know I've at least been recognized a little bit by some project but the new ones are not recognizing me man. The new ones are so pompous guys. For this is very pompous. I need to forward that she to the door guys like I would
I can literally for that project to the real does be a pompous guys I mean for this guy's not she's gonna take it from I need a making bro Crab to need to get before this guy just a personal DM. I love you crop no homo guys no homo, but let's go to the moon Let's go to the promises. How are
How early have you been into this face now? I mean as soon as I like start getting involved with Sui you are you are early Yeah, I think I think my last my earliest time on Sui was admitted like the after the ad drop of Ape thought so I was actually gradually on Ape thought so
I got some good deals on APTAS, then immediately APTAS finished, I was already looking at Sui and Sui described her as "the man is unfaithful" So that should be like, "Faithful in one lecture?" No, Clotty, I am... I'm just trying to make a bag. No, no, no, I respect the hustle, I respect the hustle. Misty, I'm not trying to#
I'm trying to make a bank guys I'm trying to make it back. Trying to make generation of guys. That's the vision with defa. That's the vision with crypto and NFTs right make generation of world but guys I'm seeing one room apartment guys have left. So I joined the the Cui grind since September.
November I think some of my discord I have lots of OG severer discord like I have more than 10 discord guys like not gonna lie boy. Let's go to the moon. It just came up. It's a flex is OG and I'm just being grinded in steady and I don't know at some point
I just started to sink with the whole Sui ecosystem because the grander the the the builders yeah, it all feels like you all are in the same rooms like I feel Sui ecosystem put you all in the same room and say let's build this shit Let's do it because Sui mistilab guys are crazy. They don't do a drop. We're gonna do
I love you guys I love you guys and just to see you guys guys guys guys the rich death see we are casters in rich death I know see we are casters in rich death because man if not it's not easy buying a $1000 mark verification
I love you guys. Crop. Thank you for hosting this space every time with Clotty and I hope to be on the first page. No, no, no, no, I'm gonna get this one to take a TG.
She's done a great job of organizing this. Yeah, she does a great job all the time guys. I love y'all. If you single, I'm not I'm not proposing marriage or anything guys, but if it comes true, see we can make it happen, right? We got a lot of funding. We got a lot of funding, guys. Just marry her. Tony, if you guys find
You're gonna get me for this old you that's why love you I love you since I do she's maybe She said she said that you're gonna shoot your fun fam the highest highest row No, she has for okay, I think in the crypto space to say you got to write a dick to get what you want what am I writing this time guys?
I'm not lost for words guys. Okay, I'm writing that OG. Okay, I get it. I get it guys. I'm gonna write the OG. Where do I write the OG in Asia or in America?
I'm so confused. Okay, I mean. How many coffees have you had today? I'm Nigerian so coffee is not usually a thing. You can ask me how many mellow did I have? It's
So we get chocolate so yeah high-five energy lots of sugar big pot Tommy's and yeah, my Tommy's growing every day guys So I'm going to the moon in my stomach every day guys, but my back is going down because I keep buying fake smart contract meme coins every day like I saw Zach pull
Something he said one account is great. They're 149 men of course I bought like 50 of those shit, man I am going to dust for this is here for this going to zero guys like 40 CK is this yet for this is going to zero and they're never gonna make it because they're so proud and they don't give white list to people they don't do shit like they're going to zero guys you are
If I get a DM and that actually goes to the moon like 20k 50k I'll be able to buy a Ferrari and I'll show you all what the interior of a Ferrari looks like guys a lot of my followers don't have a lot of money they just
granders $50 $20 when we get for this list and it goes to the moon guys. I'll buy Ferrari as the head grinder of Sui and once I buy Ferrari I'll show you guys what it looks like inside the Ferrari from Famicist iPhone 10 Pro Max Sapphire Blue.
I'm trying so hard to let TKS speak here but it's no don't let him speak don't let him speak I'm trying to do it I really want to make this up when you're trying to do it at the same time when you're the short CKS voice in this face like when you're the short for this voice in this face I make sure they never make you guys at
And I hope that Sri Lanka Monday on May 14th doesn't let them mint out. Let's forward it. Let's forward it. I'm seeking here's my DMs open. My DMs never closed any day. Just try to forward and make sure we go to the moon guys. I respect your guys.
I've actually heard a fun fact that I've heard from someone that actually lives in Nigeria. He was telling me that he was out in the street and he heard someone actually speaking about funnys and ift. So they've got some pretty good traction I think.
Yeah, fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck#
I saw your letters. I've been informed that as long as we hand you an NFT. Yeah, I saw that because my notifications are on I saw you keep looking at us as long as you give us an NFT. Bro, that shit is a crap NFT and it's going to dust, bro. It's not going anywhere.
Just send me DMs and I would reconsider See I'm much rather you purchase in our public men because we get more money that way Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no#
You said we should fight for this guy's like I'm trying my best like you don't do this to grand as broad like grand as got $50 back $20 like you know I gotta make this bad I'm not selling I never said I was gonna sell I'm only
You gotta flip so that I buy lower from someone who paper hands. Yeah, I never paper hand. I flip, I don't sell guys. Never sold any enough thing in my life. I'm always flipping them. Never sold nothing guys. Never. It's bad to sell guys. It's bad. And people who sell NFTs are the ones who drain the flow.
You only flip and then you buy lower guys. Guys, we need our royalties. Am I into a pharmacy sure? Sorry. Oh, what you guys, what you guys reclaim this day, I just saw the solid space and decided to stop it. When bodies block chain.
Absolutely. We'll launch at L6. I hear the higher the higher number behind the L the greater the valuation. I would I would love to be an intern in for this channel because I would I would just inflate the numbers guys. I would just say we have a one billion dollar funding from God knows where.
Okay, that was wild. I'm going to give the mic over to monkeys now. Do you guys want to introduce yourself, quick? Well, we've got probably like five minutes. Give us a little background of what you're building.
So, I just started my phone and came back. So, thank you everyone.
for being here and giving me the opportunity to speak here. So I am Chino as known as monkey for that. The co founder of the monkey's NFT and monkey's NFT is basically a collection from soft chin labs based on community and driven by utility. Soft chin labs is building products on NFTI, NFTI, NFTI,
We previously have been building on near now. We are currently moving on to build and extend our community and our monkey's and empty holders are going to have some exclusive benefits with our products, with our tools and etc with other benefits that
So yeah, that's just basically sort into and once again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. So let's just go on and they have more fun here and it was fun hearing. I forgot the name, but it was fun. Thanks so much. Just
before you head off, can you share more about subchain labs and also about how your ecosystem is different from other marketplaces? Yeah, so subchain lab is a webtip from that aims to build a sustainable ecosystem around NFTs, creating efficient products with practical
economic structures and the focused on providing value to users and the investors. By designing concepts that prioritize quality, user experience and sustainability, we are able to create products on the blockchain that are unique and generate natural demand. Our teams, extensive web
experience and in the competition with cutting it, they fit and blockchain technology allows us to unlock the potential in every segment. Our primary aim is to build products that are truly accelerating the growth of near and now sweet ecosystem and can easily be scalable.
Nice and you guys are launching collection right I see you've got your Gen 0 and your Gen 1. Do you want to just explain the difference? Yeah, so basically Gen 0 and now Gen 1 or the name Gen 3 monkeys are totally different but this
We see it on different blockchains, they have different arts and other things, but as a project, they both connect software labs with multi-gen opportunity. We in software labs believe that the future is of WebG is cross-gen and we have saved ourselves like that.
zero and Gen Z monkeys both have their own utilities they work as a key for sub-challab products on the respective on the respective gen. But sub-challabs connect them with a huge community and utility event behind it and now like as we are close to
to launch our next collection on this. We have we are planning to connect those collections in a third and the Gen 0 holders are able to like get a free Gen Zimanki to like continue with us in the in the upcoming journey with us.
Very cool. Yeah, it's great to see projects moving over from other chains. I mean, we've got sugar kingdom moving over from finance and now you guys It's cool exactly like the future is closed in
Yeah, exactly. Okay, I know a lot of you had questions, so do you want us, should we start with cheap skates? Do you guys want to come up? Hey guys, sorry, I just find the cheap train ticket so I need to go get my bus, my train, sorry. I just want to say hello to everyone and I see the
It's really getting better. So I just want to say hello to everyone and it's really very exciting to see. Its farmers is about to be promoting you. So I don't have any questions but it's good to see everyone here and have
Have a good week and I'm very excited to see you in the next week. See you later. Thanks so much. Have a good one. Cool. Do you want to met at age? Do you guys want to come up? Yeah, definitely. Hope everyone is doing okay. I would love to talk about met at
a bit. Actually my th is a social hub and a web 3gaming ecosystem building here on sui. On the social hub part we have our open alpha ready and it is already released on our website and we have integrated most of our partners characters as play
AweTars. Those characters are currently mostly from Solana but we are also planning to integrate three models from Sweeties so you will be able to play with those characters. We also have fossilizing areas on our open alpha like Night Collapse concert
post, nomads and art galleries which we are exhibiting to the and 3D arts of the other projects. And right now we are building and working on our new major web to game which will be while around like SQL based TPS shooter game.
it will be live actually in a month I mean the open alphabie will be live on a month and we are really excited for the main it next week that sounds so interesting are you guys planning on launching a collection in what like related to the game? yeah actually first collection will not be
directly related to the game, but it will give you some opportunities from the game, just like Battle Passes. We will have different characters from the game and we are playing the Eardrop those characters each and everyone on our roadmap.
Actually, there's not gonna be only one collection like I mentioned before. We are creating a universe ecosystem for the Web3 gaming. So there will be several NFTs from different characters. You know, we have pens, costumes, sequins and everything and the lens.
We have developing different staking systems for each and every one of them. You will be able to earn age by staking your lands, characters or weapons, and you will be able to earn other tokens that we are going to learn soon.
Well that sounds really interesting. Do you guys have any graphics from the gameplay yet? Because you said it would be live in about a month, right? Yeah, actually we just started to sharing some, you know,
In game shootage, actually we just put Klaci in our level design, let me check if I can pin it up here.
Yeah, we decided to showcase some of the pioneers of this space on our level zen and we started doing with the Clutchy. See you in the
add some other new pioneers of this space because you now have you guys really helping this space to build grow and everything we really appreciate for that. Wow this is so cool. Sorry I don't know how
it when you sort it now. Yeah, maybe shoot us a DM and then we can hop on a call. I just want to get to these guys asking questions because I actually have to hop off soon. But yeah, it was great to speak to you. Helbo, do you want to ask your question quick?
No, it was a bit far back. We can go ahead and keep going. Okay, so team, do you have anything? Yeah, what's up? So my question pertains to the market marketplace itself with ClutchEak.
What UI UX, what kind of functions are you guys trying to implement that we haven't seen with prior marketplaces of Magic Eden Open C? I just wanted to weigh in because I know I was an early person into APTAS and I think one of
the complaints that I could have with the marketplaces and APTOs because of course you guys deploy and move as well is that the I didn't feel like the marketplaces were done very well on APTOs and I and I the interact
actions on that website weren't very good. So what are you guys trying to do to improve upon your marketplace? And the reason I compare it to Aptis is because I just don't think it was a very good marketplace.
Sure. Um, Crops, do you want to take this one? Yeah, of course. I think like from from what we've seen with other ecosystems, I feel like, of course, features are very important.
we're working on a bunch in the background that will soon to be announced. But I also feel like the transparency with the community as well is one thing that really carries a marketplace. I know that I don't want to name any names, but
Some people have definitely had some frustration with, as you mentioned, other marketplaces. So that's one thing we're really trying to focus on is like our relationship with the community as well. And luckily, like,
team are trading NFTs every day. So, the Stephanie one thing is we want to build it where it's good for users but also ourselves, right? We're going to be we're going to be using the platform just as much as everyone else. So
Yeah, ton of cool features in the background, but yeah, we'll soon to be announced.
Yeah, because I'm a firm believer that having a simple UI, simple UX is actually more important than trying to make everything super complicated because the goal is to onboard people in to the suite ecosystem. And I just think like, you know, the reason I compare it to APTO, so not saying "swee is APTO" is because one, they're both built on the move language.
But too because you know, Apto was the last hyped chain, you know what like four or five months ago and it obviously the FTX thing came out so it flamed out pretty hard but I just think that sometimes doing less is more and it allows for better quality and I just I also think you I think you hit it on the head um
I've launched a project on Apptus and I had a lot of problems issues with the marketplaces in terms of like trying to organize mint and stuff and it just seemed like they were short staffed and didn't really care about most of the projects. There was a narrative that they were catered towards.
you know one or two and i think i'm obviously there's very hyped there's a couple really hype mince on on sui such as um fuddies you know that obviously that's one of the lot of people looking at but it's being able to not just cater towards one project but trying to accept the whole the entire ecosystem obviously you're not going to get every project in but
the goal is to curate as much quality as you can so you can retain that community. So I appreciate your answers to my question. Yeah, that's definitely another thing that we we've put a lot of emphasis on is like we've obviously spoke to a ton of projects, right? And with new chains comes
new low quality projects and I mean everyone's doing nothing but yeah we've really tried to just work with those that are building some high quality stuff and not just extract value from like a new ecosystem right which is one of the reasons I think other chains have failed to gain like such a booming NFT ecosystem is like
Yeah, they didn't think about the health of the ecosystem as a whole and that's definitely something that is at the beginning of where we started it.
Right, yeah. I mean, having quality, but also having, you know, having a good sense of community and projects like actually having a voice, you know, the ones that care so.
Yeah, 100%.
Oh yeah, there we go. Cause I was just gonna ask you to speak.
Also guys I was going and proud to be on this period with you guys I mean what she should got kingdom and still months and everyone I'm proud to be with you guys good day and I just want to say and I love everything you guys are doing on the ecosystem your
I was proud to be a member of your India course system. I mean, let's talk about Clotchy. When they first launched their website, their market place, I mean, they launched this sneak game. I was crazy about it. I played it all the time.
I reached some ice cores, I was totally in it and she got kind of excited to know what she got at building girls for me myself. I'm a gamer, I love playing games and love everything about gaming and still monks and I wanted to say all that
ask you a question that the name I love the name monks and I wanted to know what motivated the name was the name originated from I mean I just I love it you guys are building and so that
That's it. That's my question for you guys. So thank you. Thanks so much. Yeah, I think they were having my issues earlier. Cool. Guys, I think we're going to have to cut it because we're already 20 minutes over, but I want to just say
Thank you to everyone for joining and we'll catch you on next week's space. There'll be one next week Monday at 1pm. So whoever wants to join there just hop into our DMs and we'll organize something. For sure. Thank you.
for organizing this one guys, it's been awesome. Yeah, thank you Kayla for hosting once again. See you next Wednesday. Thanks guys. Thanks for all the projects. Thank you. Bye guys.

FAQ on Building on Sui / the lead up to mainnet | Twitter Space Recording

What is Loot Riders?
Loot Riders is building several utilities involved around loot boxes that are going to be unique to their holders in the beginning. They are planning to expose it to different projects, and essentially, the loot box is where you can reward anything, mostly NFTs, and in order to pay the loot box, you need to earn a specific experience token.
What is Slimes?
Slimes is a community of unique connections of anime slimes. They are building on the community, launching their first-ever on 10 raffles on Sui, and having a test meet with clachi on this Friday. They are going to have a massive raffle of their own projects wireless, including other projects as well. They are hoping for more engagement and interaction overall in the space.
What is Missbits?
Missbits is a project that has broken down their roadmap into several chapters to achieve short-term objectives. They are exploring a dynamic staking model that rewards holders who are more engaged with the highest staking rewards. Additionally, they are exploring the dynamic nature of NFTs by tying them to oracles to make them more interesting in that sense.
What are the objectives of Loot Riders?
The main objective of Loot Riders is to build utilities around loot boxes, which will be unique to their holders initially, and then expose it to different projects. Additionally, they plan to build their own ecosystem by improving the staking platform, introducing adventures, and building a second platform where users can get tokens in the future.
What is the main goal for Slimes?
The main goal for Slimes is to build a strong community and engage users by launching raffles and events frequently. They are working towards launching on mainnet on May 5th and are hoping for more engagement and interaction in the community overall.
What is Missbits exploring in terms of staking?
Missbits is exploring a dynamic staking model that rewards holders who are more engaged with the highest staking rewards. They believe that rewarding active community members is the way to go, not just from a community engagement standpoint but also from an equal standpoint.
What is the unique feature that Missbits is exploring in terms of NFTs?
Missbits is exploring tying NFTs to oracles, where the NFTs in a user's wallet would change based on rule board data input, making the NFTs more interesting. Additionally, they are exploring a way to tie the staking rewards earned to the NFT metadata.
What is Loot Riders' experience token?
Loot Riders' experience token is a specific token that users need to earn to pay for the loot boxes, which contain rewards such as NFTs and more. The experience token is going to be unique to their holders initially.
What is Slimes' current focus?
Slimes' current focus is on building a strong community by engaging users through raffles and events frequently. They are holding a massive raffle of their own projects wireless, including other projects as well, to increase engagement and interaction in the community.
What is the second objective of Missbits?
The second objective of Missbits is to explore the dynamic nature of NFTs. While they are exploring the loopbox type model, they are mostly focused on tying NFTs to oracles, making them more interesting and price discovery friendly.