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CharmVerse chats charity in web3 w/ The Blu Fund

Recorded: May 11, 2023




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Hello, hello everybody. Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us today. I'm Zandra and I'm the community manager for our Charmverse and also the Twitter Space host. For those of you who are familiar, Charmverse is a Web 3 community
platform for managing members, coordinating tasks, facilitating decisions, and holding each other accountable. Members can sign in with crypto wallets and gain access via community tokens and NFTs, and it brings together onboarding payment management, proposals, project trackers,
in data repositories in one place. So please check that out, but not until after the space, because today we're joined by Blue Bear who founded the Blue Fund and then turn the Blue Fund out. And I'm really excited to share this project with you. So if you're an animal lover, you're going to
love it. So let's welcome Blue Bear to the stage. Hey Blue Bear, how are you? Hey Sandra, thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here. I'm really excited to introduce the Blue Fund to our listeners and to be reconnecting with you. A little backstory for our listeners
So Blue Bear and I initially met at East Denver at an Eli five down meetup and we just tidied up got to chatting about all sorts of things and what you were personally working on which was the blue fund and I just immediately it immediately warmed my heart and I wanted to share it with
everyone on all of our Twitter followers. So really happy to have you here. Um, since we just dropped the Eli 5-Dow name and because John and Erin are so great, I was hoping you could just give a little overview of what Eli 5-Dow is about and we can
dive into all things blue fund. Absolutely. Yeah. So Eli five or explain it like I'm five years old is a Dow that primarily tests Dow tools. So they are a group of folks that do eBox. They typically will
We've run a eight week or 12 week epoch and test a particular Dow tool from the perspective of a five year old. We try and go in and break stuff and see how it works and some of the testers are experienced Web 3 individuals and developers and some of them are just
nubes that really look at it with a fresh set of eyes and then at the end the dow writes reviews of that particular dow tool very much like a Yelp review and then also creates a video overview and posts that on their
their website so that if you are a Dow creator and you're trying to figure out what are the best tools out there that are going to fit your needs. There's some tools out there for you to review and read and really the goal is to become a consumer reports of Web 3 web tools.
Thanks for the overview. Yeah, and listeners, I did have John and Aaron, the founders of Be Life I've Down on a few months back and they're lovely people and Blue Bear helped them put together this event that I attended.
I'm going to say I crashed for other Eli five down members in Denver and it was this lovely like wine bar and it was a perfect setting and I fell in love with it. So thanks again for the overview. I always think it's good to give a shout out to our fellow
people in this space. It was fun to meet you in real life, absolutely. Yeah, right? And then continue the adventure. Absolutely. So we talked about doing this when we first met and I'm so glad it's finally come to fruition. Okay, so.
Let's talk about what is Blue Fund. And when you first told me the story, when we then connected after Eath Denver, I loved this story so much. So we'll definitely dive into some nitty-gritty in the nonprofit world and Y-web3, but really, what is Blue Fund?
Thanks. So yeah, the Blue Fund is an animal charity that I started back in early 2022. It was inspired by the Betty White Challenge that was going on about that time, which was a web to viral challenge. Our purpose is to
promote domestic pet animal philanthropy worldwide and our overall goal is really to reduce the payment rail friction around donation to charities. There are a ton of charities around the world that are trying
to raise funds and a lot of them have a lot of barriers to try and get those funds and directly connect people that are passionate about animal charity or about a particular group and create that exposure. And I had a
A keyboard companion that has been kind of my guy for probably the last 12 or 13 years. Unfortunately, he passed in late 2021. When I was looking to donate, I'd been into cryptocurrency for quite a while.
been doing a few things with that. When I read about the Betty White challenge, I immediately thought, "Well, I'm going to donate some cryptocurrency to a worthy charity that's out there that's doing some good work." I could not find one that accepted cryptocurrency. At the time,
I was also exploring dows and what dows could potentially do and you know what epiphany just happened and I thought well you know what I'm going to create a channel and some payment rails and a funnel that can raise funds and provide help to a bunch of these animal charities that are all
over the place that are in need and enable it so that people can easily just donate a couple of dollars via cryptocurrency to them without those high traditional finance costs that the TradFy world creates. And so the Blue Fund was
was created and off we go. So that seems like a daunting task. Had you worked in the nonprofit world before, was it just kind of a let's learn as we go kind of thing? Well, you know, we kind of have to go back a little bit here.
to about 2013 or so. I really hadn't been in the animal charity world before and 2013 my wife and I had just empty nested. We had decided to, you know, take a sabbatical. It was that point in our life where we were just going to downsize and we
literally packed everything up that we had put it into storage and we moved to the big island of Hawaii with the goal of just taking some time off and you know exploring the world. And one of the first things we discovered when when we were out in Hawaii was that they have a huge cat, feral cat colony,
A lot of the resorts that are out there have feral colonies. The colonies that are out there, the cats that are in Hawaii were initially brought in by shipping folks to control, you know, the, the varmets and stuff that were on the ships and they got loose on the island and there are literally millions of cats on
the big island. And so I got involved with a group called Advocats, which is a T&R program, a trap new to return program out in the Kona area. And they hold these clinics and they trap cats, keep them out of the resort area.
areas to where they can get hit by cars. And, you know, my IRL job, I'm a paramedic and I've been in emergency medical services pretty much my entire life and career. And so with some medical background, they immediately grabbed me and we were doing these trap
new to return, spay in newtor clinics where we trap 100 cats at a time and spay in newtor them and then return them to colonies where they could live the rest of their lives away from these resort areas and to be safe. We chip them and vaccinate them and then return
them to their colonies so that they were safe. And I got very involved in that. Interesting side note for those people that are out there if you are ever in a city and you see a cat out there that you think might be a colony cat. If you look at the cat and you'll see
see if it's got a clipped ear or not. One of the things that most T and R programs do is they will, they'll clip an ear on the cat and that way you can tell from a distance whether that cat has been spayed or neutered or whether it needs to be trapped and brought into a program. And if it is a female
So, the email cap, then it's the right ear that's clipped, and if it is a male cat, it's the left ear that's clipped. And the easy way to remember that is that women are always right. And so that's the best way to remember that. So, fast forward to 2022, and I had my little
keyboard companion and I was trying to donate to one of these TNR programs and that's how I kind of you know decided that I needed to step up and do something and and help connect these people together because I know advocates as well as many other charities that I've heard of or have worked with
And since then, you know, struggle to find people that are passionate about helping them and I just wanted to help create those connections. I love that. That's beautiful. And obviously we need more people doing this, which is one of the big reasons we're having Blue Bear here today and talking about the Blue Fund is
We obviously do want to raise awareness around this and rescue as many animals as we can. So thanks again for being here. And Blueberry, thanks again for sharing this project with everyone. So you mentioned that there's a lot of charities out there that do not accept crypto.
And that was kind of a big catalyst of you saying, "Let's do this." You've also been a Web 3 enthusiast already, but was the crypto really what made you go the Web 3 route rather than the traditional nonprofit? Well, I think it was indeed the fact that having been in crypto since
2014-2015, I was one of the lucky individuals that became a whole coin or pretty early because I just read this news article and I think that the whole concept of being able to send money from one place to another in a decent
And I think that the whole web community and DGENs and all the people that I've met along the way at East Denver and any of the conventions are
people that I've met online, they're just such a friendly, caring group of people who are totally vested in creating public goods. We're trying to change the narrative from top down traditional infrastructure to decentralized communities and
up governance and I hadn't seen any other web 3 tools that were really working in the the charitable space and the contribution philanthropy space and so I thought that it was a great fit to kind of hang out a shingle here and see if I could get this thing to to
start moving down the road. There's a ton of impact dows that I've discovered, people like coconut dows that are helping farmers to develop sustainable income and lots of other smaller co-ops and groups that are
that are making impacts in the world. And I thought, you know, this is a great way that I can, you know, make my contribution into the space. And I just love the people that are associated with Web 3 no matter what project you're involved in. Yeah, really, I mean, by opening up this
rescue to Web 3, you're really just casting a wider net, right? So why not? Not to mention the ease of the sending money. However, I do want to give a shout out. You do still accept credit cards or whatever other kind of payment, right? It doesn't just need to be crippled. Absolutely. Yeah. So in fact, that's
That's one of the things that the DAO is starting to work on is trying to create some education materials or pamphlets or stuff so that we can communicate when a particular charity, a lot of these are small and volunteer organizations.
They don't even know what a wallet is or how to do self-custody or how to create any of this they may have a PayPal button on their website and so that's one of the things that I we are starting to focus on is how do we help bring more people into the world?
web 3 space through education materials like this so that when somebody does search for a group or a charity that they're passionate about and they go to their website, in addition to that PayPal button, there may be a give-th button or
a wallet button where making that donation is really easy. I think that's so important specifically for what you're doing right because you're like we want to make giving funds to help these animals as easy as possible but in general over web 3 I think that's so important
is we do want to onboard more people into the space and it is really important to not be catering to the web 3 native people, right? We want to bring more people from web 2 that exactly like you said don't want to jump through the hoops of navigating how to get a wallet and then how to get the funds in their wallet and then how to transfer those funds.
I just wanted to make sure people knew that you can donate in all kinds of ways and I'm glad to know that you're making that easier and having that material out there. So you mentioned the Dow and one I wanted to say you mentioned impact cows. Also, glad you shattered out wasabi. He is amazing from coconut milk.
network. He was one of my first guests on here. But I feel like you hear about impact hours and a lot of those can be charitable situations working towards doing good for the world. But you are really the first organization that I've heard about
really as far as animal rescue in my personal experience. So that's also why I was really excited about this project. So you have the Blue Fund and you have the Blue Fund Dow. Are these separate entities? They didn't really start out that way. So the Blue Fund is
actually a 501c3 application out, it's got a tax ID, it's really a traditional charitable organization, whereas the Dow is going to sit on top of that and
And the Dow has been established and we have several members. And the eventual goal is that once we get to critical mass and we get enough decentralization and enough interest in individuals, I'd love to have the Dow have a governance board of
directors that will turn the EIN over to the Dow and the Dow itself will then fully govern the traditional organization that has to file 501(c)(3) taxes. There's just so much muddiness and
and insuredly in legal structure around DAO's at this point. And I know that several DAO's are struggling with the same thing about MI510C3, MI510C6. Do I need to file taxes if I'm moving money around?
How does that impact me? And if we're across borders and we've got people that are in other countries that are receiving bounties and if you have a bounty that's more than I think it's five or $600 total in the course of the year, do you have to issue a $10.99? There's just a whole bunch of stuff that's unsure at this point.
This was the way that I decided that I think I can, you know, make sure that we are, you know, not in trouble with the traditional finance world and yet can do this in a Dow method. Interesting. Yeah, so listeners, I do just want to say
We're going to be talking about maybe some benefits and challenges and stuff like that. None of this is legal advice. We just are asking questions to help maybe guide some other people, but it is not legal advice. So I'm putting that out there. Not financial advice. Not financial advice.
not legal advice. So yeah, let's talk about that. Let's talk about some of the benefits of running a charity organization in Web 3 and then on the opposite side because I always think we need to be real talking about some of the challenges. So the challenges sound like a lot of it is just making
making sure that you are like legally, you know, in line with everything and navigating all that red tape and everything is done right. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, it's without any legal history myself
understanding how traditional charities work. You know, I'm kind of waiting in and reading as I go. And then you, like you said, we toss in Web 3 on top of that and we toss DAO's on top of that. And I just think that we're so much in the infancy still
unknowns out there and we don't know until we know. And so you want to be very careful about governance is one thing and you can issue a governance token and that governance token creates voting capabilities for the Dow and
individuals, you know, there's there there are several ways that Dows can even be structured where you have, you know, one token, one vote or one person one vote and proof of humanity and and are these people real or what and then then you throw in the whole, you know, SEC issue and if you issue
to tokens that create other things, then am I going to run into security problems or issues? I don't want to turn this into a financial class, but there's just so much uncertainty out there that we're learning about. I think that's one of the biggest
concerns and challenges that the Dow world has. And there's a lot of groups out there that are helping, I just saw that there's a new, the Dow Coalition. I need to explore that a little bit further. There's actually a Dow that's put together to help Dow's figure all this out.
So we've looked into joining them also to see if we can figure out how to navigate this whole world. Yeah, but talking about Dow Coalition, I'm not familiar, but you've got to think there has to be either already an existing
or coming our way someone that's going to be able to help people set this all up. A doubt, a help other doubts because there is so much complexity and the further we get in this space, unfortunately the more complex it's going to be and the more red tape we encounter I think. So yeah, so you must have to have
have like legal council and everything to be setting this up and kind of guiding you right? Yeah, there are thank goodness and again one of the benefits that I've received just being a part of Eli five is there they're also running through some of the same issues and there are several groups out there that are providing pro bono
legal assistance and there's legal dows that can help navigate that world. And like I said before, just the whole group of individuals in Web 3 and whether you're a Dgen or a newbie, there are resources out there and you can just jump on a Discord server and ask a question.
and you'll get half a dozen or a dozen different responses, "Hey, reach out to this individual. I think they might know somebody." And that's the great networking capability that Web 3 is bringing to this world is you might not know what you don't know, but there's somebody out there that
does and can help you navigate. Absolutely. Which leads us to the benefits of this space, right? Is really the community that is ready to kind of jump in and help guide you or introduce you to someone that could end up being your best friend in this space because they can really help you get where you need
to go or introduce you to that person. So other benefits to operating in Web 3 or including Web 3 in this project. I think one of the huge things that we're discovering is that it's really reducing barriers across borders. I've already
had several individuals. And one of the things that the Blue Fund does is we encourage people either through our website or on our Discord page to chill a charity. Tell us about a project wherever you happen to be in the world that you're passionate about.
about to bring that awareness to that particular project. And I've got 20 or 30 charities that people have shown that are from Argentina or elsewhere in South America or in Africa or somewhere in Europe
And places where, you know, being a US-based resident, I would never even think to look at you. Obviously, there's the same problems worldwide, but I think reducing the barriers of borders and creating that networking across those borders
has been very, very fun and interesting for me to learn about the challenges that other places have. I have had the opportunity to go to a few places like in Jamaica. I know that in Jamaica they've got a huge stray dog problem. I've been down there a couple of times and they just run all over the place.
and I think a lot of the Caribbean islands have those same issues and problems. And so, you know, heightening awareness for that and reducing those border barriers is one of the great benefits. That's great. Yeah. Global, absolutely. Global community. Fantastic.
So let's get into the Dow. How can someone become a member of the Blue Fund? The Blue Fund Dow. So it's very easy. Obviously we have a website up. It's at the We also have a Discord server. Interested parties can either join our Discord
server and look around and see and just be a watcher. We encourage you to get on our site and and show a particular charity or a project that you're excited about so that we can bring that to the awareness of everybody else in the group. If you want to get more in
Then we actually have an NFT which served as one of our very first fundraising projects. One of the things that I had done early on in my kind of Web 3 exploration is I have, you know, I learned by doing and I learned
a little bit of coding, I learned a little bit of solidity, I learned some visual studio, just enough so that I could create a meme coin for myself just because I wanted to do that. And then the next thing, this is before you could get on a website and do it in 30 seconds for a fee, I just learned how to code that.
And that was a fun project for me because that's what what keeps me busy. It was a hobby and the next thing I did was create a generative NFT project that that profiles emergency medical service workers called Colorado code medics and then that was followed up by
second NFT project called LaFemme, which is the female, you know, the first color of the code medics just ended up being they are all males because I didn't have enough options and so I created a second project to be a little more inclusive and and
So in order to be part of the blue fund if you want to be part of the governance process, it's a really easy process to just purchase a Colorado code medic on OpenSea. They go for about 10 bucks. They're not very expensive at all. And with the purchase of that NFT, you are now
officially a member of the Blue Fund and have governance and voting rights to help decide the direction of where we want to go. The way the Blue Fund works is we raise funds through these fund raising options like creating generative NFTs
and various other fundraising methods. And then once every quarter, all of the shield charities are profiled in a nomination process and those that are nominated then get promoted to a Snapchat vote. And then,
the members then vote on which charities they feel need a disbursement of those funds and every quarter we give away funds to to a worthy charity. So this last quarter that was an organization called Ali Cat Allies in Bethesda, Maryland that
that received a disbursement from the Blue Fund to help with their T&R program. And so really we're trying to decentralize fundraising and then create a decentralized nomination and distribution process of any of those funds raised based on those who are members of the Dow.
Cool. I like that. I like that process. So I buy my NFT for $10. That's great. And then that money goes into the treasury. That's right. Right. And then at once we come up on that quarter, we're all going to deliberate and then
vote on where which which rescue should receive that much. That's correct and and our goal is you know we're gonna try and sustain the charity, sustain the fundraising and the treasury and if we if we have more funds then then we may have two or three organizations
that receive disbursements or grants out of the fund as we get going. So if our listeners are not wanting to become maybe a part of the DAW or buy the NFT, they can go to and donate for
there as like a one-off or whenever they were absolutely yeah and we've you know we have a given profile so if you're familiar with Giveth you can go there that allows you to donate almost any cryptocurrency I think they just recently included Pepe in their
So if you have the newest meme coin, you can give away a little bit of that if you want also. Or you can just, you know, obviously donate via traditional means. Our website address, you can use a lightning wallet. We've tried to make it as easy as possible.
or you can purchase one of the Lefemm NFTs, which is another fundraising project, which gives you a cool little emergency medical services paramedic that you can stick someplace in your wallet and know that you're doing good for the world.
That's great. Well, I also want to say thank you for your first responder services. Of course, you know, I think that definitely warrants a shout out. So do you have other collections in the making or for now are you going to stick with the Colorado Code Maddox NFT and the LFAM? Yeah, so we have the two NFT
projects that we've done already. I do have a little bit of alpha that I can actually share with you at this point. We are actively working on a children's book, which will be our next fundraising project. It's tentatively called Kitty Creates
a Dow and it is targeted towards adults but written from a children's book perspective and will be an explainer children's book on a cap that is part of a colony who finds through a series of events, eventually
finds a forever home and as part of finding that forever home with her humie decides to help the rest of the kiddies that she knew from the quality that she came from to help them find forever homes also and in order to do that she learns how to create
created Dao and creates a Dao to do that very thing. So it's kind of a self-telling story, but should be out hopefully we're working on the stories done and we're working on illustration right now. Another name drop I had the great privilege of chatting
with Perchie, recently Perchie, if you know who he is, is the illustrator and creator of the Chippy family created a customized Chippy illustration that's going to go in the book. So we're very excited about that and we're working on some other illustrations should be out hopefully by the end of the next quarter.
Well, that's exciting. Thanks for sharing that with us. I love that you're bringing children's books and Web 3 and love for animals altogether in one place. That's fantastic. I look forward to keeping an eye out for that. So you touched on a little bit. How did you first get into Web 3? I think you said 2000.
What did you say? It wasn't web 3 then. Yeah, yeah. So I got into crypto early and you know 1314 and have always been kind of a tech geek and a hobbyist. Now in my life I'm just in a semi-retired state and I've got a lot of
time on my hands and that whole, the whole Web3 process really just interests me. And so like I said, I learned by doing and I created a meme coin and I created this generative NFT projects and I started to learn about DAO's and I thought the whole co-op feature and decentralization
governance of Dows was very, very interesting and I started reading about them and trying to figure out how that whole thing worked and I joined a couple of Dows and then eventually when this thought process hit me, I thought, "Well, I'm going to create my own one because I want to
do something because it's going to help me learn and learn this whole space. That's how I'm a Jack of all trades and master of none. So I will dive headlong into a project and learn about it and the way I learn how to do it is just by doing it and creating these things.
And so I've kind of done that my entire my entire life and my entire career and probably the last you know eight ten years has has been almost entirely spent in in the cryptocurrency space learning about all these amazing things that are that are coming out every single you know month there's
there's new technology and then obviously we start getting into AI and AI is crazy right now and not that I'm going to incorporate any of that into my world but very, very cool technology and cool space. I firmly believe that technology is really going to change the way
not just our world works but infrastructure in general in the world and I want to be on the front end of that curve and that learning. Well if you keep going at the rate you are I have no doubt you will be I mean just our conversation and
Denver, you know, similar what you were just saying, like Jack of all trades learning by doing, just throwing yourself into it and look where you are. You've now started a DAO and you're learning, but you're also working towards something that you deeply care about. So I think that's what better way to learn. Absolutely.
So I got to ask, and be honest, you recently set up a charmverse space. How has it been going and how do you think you'll continue to utilize it? What are your thoughts? Yeah, so I, like I initially met and I was unaware of charmverse until, you know, in the February when we, we
a glass of wine together. I really like the platform. I think it's going to be helpful for us. I'm working on blowing out our charmverse space. It's got some great capabilities for, you know, including documents and including meeting notes.
including forum proposals and tying together Snapchat votes and you know rather than go to eight different places I think it's it's very cool because it's an aggregator of all of those things in one place and and it's not quite ready for prime time yet but
But I think it's going to be a tool that the Blue Fund might be able to utilize moving forward to help just keep us organized. Well, I love to hear that. And the offer stands reach out if you have any questions or issues or anything like that. I'm always happy to help. Blue Bear did give
me sneak peek into the space. And yeah, I like that you're hosting some of your, you know, some of just like top level information in there. And I did see that you posted in the forum about the space today. So yeah, I'm excited to see how it shapes up and please don't hesitate to reach out. But I
I think it would be a great tool, an all-in-one tool for you to host all of that information. And yeah, so keep me posted on this. >> Perfect. Thanks so much. >> So before I let you go, I want to hear, do you have any advice that you would give to others that are interested
doing this kind of charity work and that want to incorporate Web 3 or want it to live in Web 3. I think one of the things that's been really helpful for me is you know put yourself out there get involved and very much
like an apprenticeship, there are a lot of people out there that have a ton of experience that can function as a mentor. And all you have to do in most cases is ask and say, "Hey, can you help me do this or can you, can I bounce ideas off of you?" And so don't be afraid to
ask somebody out there in the web 3 space that you've seen post on a discord server that you're interested in to be a mentor. Find something that you are passionate about and pursue that. There are dows that do all sorts of
We talked about coconut down. We talked about my down. We talked about E-Li-5. There's financial downs. There's investment downs. There's all sorts of stuff out there. So find a project that you are passionate about and there's probably a doubt associated with that and delve into there and find a mentor. And then
pay it forward also and find a new that's also in the server and pass along your information to them. That's how we're all going to grow is, don't be afraid to throw yourself out there and make stupid mistakes and learn that way because
That's how we're all going to push this thing forward. Very well said. Yes, very well said. I think, you know, asking questions, people in the space want to help. They want to share their knowledge. And you mentioned Dow Coalition. I'm going to have to look them up because that sounds like a
great organization that's trying to help other DAO's get up and running and doing it. I'm going to say correctly in quotes here because currently there's no correct way. Every DAO operates very differently. But I think the passion is a really important part of that too. And like you said, there is a DAO out there doing something or a group of people out there ready to form a DAO.
that's doing something that you care about. And with Web 3 it's possible to find those people and found a doubt and make it happen. So I think that was all very well said. So you gave us a sneak peek as far as the children's book, anything else before
you go as far as what's next for you and/or the Blue Fund? Yeah, so we kind of have the short-term goals that we've talked about and my moonshot goal out there is to eventually create a
Roundup or a you know very similar to how if you go into a grocery store and you buy a bunch of groceries and they're you know In the middle of a dollar and that the cashier says hey, do you want to round up that? To be able to to create a project that pushes that 25 cents or 27
sense into a charity, we all want to be able to make a difference in the world and to make a painless way to be able to do that. And we all also seem to have half a dozen or a dozen different old wallets that have dust in them. And if we could find a way to
to convert that dust, whether it's a half a penny or six cents that's sitting in a wallet that we could find a gasless way to get that six cents and make it work for a charitable organization. So I've got a couple of moon shots in the back of my mind that I'm milling around and if anybody out there in the
Twitter space world knows a great way to do that. Please reach out because that's one of the kind of moonshot projects that I think over the next two, three years I would love to be able to get done. That is a fantastic idea. I think you may have mentioned that when we have
our call last and I actually was part of a not at the hackathon but Charm Vs was hosting a hackathon and there was a project doing something similar to that like the rounding up to have it go towards like building public goods or climate change but it would work just as well for the blue
fun. So maybe ping me after this and I can see if I can find the project or even the people that were involved and we might be able to chat about that because that's a great idea. Perfect. Thank you so much. Yeah. Well Blueberry, thank you so much for your time. I was like I said really excited to share this.
share the Blue Fund with all of our listeners and I really believe in what you're doing. I think it's fantastic. Listeners, please be sure to click on Blue Bears PFP. Give him a follow. Also give @TheBlueFundBlueBLU a follow as well. And you can check out the
website Keep an eye out for that children's book coming out at the end of the quarter hopefully. Kitty creates a Dow. And yeah, Blue Bear, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and tell us more about this amazing project. Zadra, thank you again for the time and it was great chatting with you also.
Thank you and I hope we get to meet up again in another conference and have a glass of wine again. Permissionless coming in the fall. Yes, yes, I hope so we'll see I have a bunch on my calendar.
or I'm not sure what I'm actually making it to, but I hope so. - All right, it sounds great. - Well, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again, and I'll be in touch. - Bye-bye. - Bye everyone, thanks for joining us.

FAQ on CharmVerse chats charity in web3 w/ The Blu Fund | Twitter Space Recording

What is Charmverse?
Charmverse is a web 3 community platform for managing members, coordinating tasks, facilitating decisions, and holding each other accountable.
Who is the guest in this podcast episode?
The guest is Blue Bear who founded the Blue Fund and then turned the Blue Fund out.
What is the goal of Blue Fund?
The goal of Blue Fund is to promote domestic pet animal philanthropy worldwide and reduce the payment rail friction around donation to charities.
What was the inspiration behind starting Blue Fund?
The inspiration behind starting Blue Fund was the Betty White challenge that was going on at the time, which was a web to viral challenge.
What is the problem that Blue Fund aims to solve?
The problem that Blue Fund aims to solve is the high traditional finance costs that the tradfy world creates when donating to animal charities.
When was Blue Fund started?
Blue Fund was started in early 2022.
Has the guest worked in the nonprofit world before starting Blue Fund?
The guest had not worked in the nonprofit world before, but had experience in animal charity.
What is Advocats?
Advocats is a trap new to return program on the big island of Hawaii to control the feral cat colony.
What is ELI 5-DOW?
ELI 5-DOW is a DOW that primarily tests DOW tools. It tries to become a consumer reports of web 3 web tools.
Who are the founders of ELI 5-DOW?
The founders of ELI 5-DOW are John and Erin.