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Gitcoin Beta GreenPill Germany 🌱 Schilling Session

Recorded: April 25, 2023



Hey, Cinov!
Are you doing nothing?
So yeah, I'm basically just going to tell you a story now. So I just went dancing. I just came from my fourth salsa lesson. Yo, what up? Yo, yo, how's it going, man?
I'm just going from my dancing class. You're also like a Spanish speaker? Probably no. I actually my father was a salsa musician.
Oh damn. Yeah, yeah, so I grew up with salsa my whole life. Oh, wow. Yeah, that's good to do them salsa, man. It's a really great way to do exercise and you know to think about other things. It's like a meditation.
Yes, definitely, definitely. So as this was my first time, so the first lesson, it was kind of basic, but it was still kind of hard for me to get my head around it because I get confused so easily. But now today it got quite complex, I would say.
like a double, double spin. So I, I spin she spins and that kind of stuff. So the three fourth spin and she does a one fourth spin and then we do another spin and it was was like you had to be so focused so so in the flow that it really, yeah before I was
quite stressed because like I don't know I was doing many things today but this was just great so go there your father does this music yeah yeah he did because he passed away unfortunately but yes you know salsa comes from Afro Cuban and it comes
comes from many countries in the African, you know, the region where there was a lot of African slave trade. So actually, before salsa became, salsa, it was released some sort of ritual dance. So yes, salsa is
actually where it comes from, the history, the culture is really deep to connect with you and the land and yourself and your spirit, right? So it's perhaps a little difficult at the beginning, but it's actually not an easy dance to do well. It takes practice. So keep on going
There's nothing more beautiful than seeing a German dancing great salsa on the dance floor. I saw the gods. Now you reminded me that my mom and my stepfather also used to dance salsa for like two or three years.
also did that African salsa I would say because she always explained to me that you have to dance into the ground and like step into the ground and be connected to the earth and that it was quite different from regular salsa that kind of that she was taught. Yeah exactly because that's the
original one actually. It's really beautiful. It's it's multiple deses from from the Western African communities enslaved Caribbean. So it's it's very very intense but it's beautiful right when you when you see people do it it's it's incredible.
Oh yeah, yeah, I'm just getting started to laugh. But it's great feeling to also to have this kind of flow moment and be also be to be connected with another woman in that case because it's a no I just realized that I don't touch people that regularly here.
and Mano, I just love touching people for some reason you know. Hey guys, can you hear me? Yeah, I might... Hey man, what's up? Yeah, everything's fine. Sorry for being late. I was... yeah, today is... I would say good
day because we are starting out, you know, it will get better and everything, but I just jumped right off of a moon down meeting that I led and now following up with our Schilling session promo here.
But I hope you had a great time today and maybe you can also share some of your thoughts from the day. So yeah, I also see Chris Twin in here. Happy to have you. Jump right on stage if you want to. Actually, your project. Perfect.
Hi Chris. So yeah, maybe okay, he's not he's not connected. Yeah, so what do you want to talk about? We could talk about the ongoing good coin grant round.
I'm talking about Sansa. I was just going to say there's a lot of people right now in the solar pond guilds. So, perhaps it could be cool just to send a message
to them and say that this space just started so that people perhaps over there can start moving towards you or something like that. And I think we should all just reshare.
right also a little bit. Yeah is it like right now so so are we did we plan the same times slot as Gido or? Yeah so thanks so. So Gido so Gido was doing today wait let me see.
Gido was doing today from 4 to 7 pm central European time. He was doing like a 4 hour so he's done in one hour. He's basically done in
1 hour. OK, so maybe today's not the best day to start off with Github and Grants, but it is the best day because we got great solar punk, refiipunk, friends on board, right?
Let's see. Yes, I think so.
Okay. Hi, here we go. Hi. Hi. Sorry, hard condition issues the first time. I absolutely leave our join.
No, it's okay. I think we, okay. I think you don't hear me, but we didn't get to know each other, didn't we? But I think you joined yesterday as well.
So if your connection is good enough, hey, how are you doing? And what do you actually do? I think Chris, I, I, I, I, because
I think he's a listener again. So yeah, I'm just thinking about maybe we can use the chance and close this up because today was just I would say bad bad timing somehow with our daily Twitter Shilling session. So maybe we can join also
So I get a solo on get then just continue the chat in his on his Twitter space. Oh, what do you think guys? Yes, I think collaboration is always is always good. And I think tomorrow he's not there. So tomorrow will make a lot of sense.
because I have everything on my agenda. But yeah, we can just go back to Guitars and ask to speak and just let them know that the Green Pill Germany joined the party. Yeah, because I think we actually did. I actually did.
Join today. I think then we have the best possible impact. And yeah, we schedule every session here for the GitCon radio already. So this was the reason why we started out with small
free prep. But yeah, let's just jump right into the next space I would say. So yeah. Cool. You guys there? You bet. Chris, SolarPunkert, remember, we're going to jump into the SolarPunkert. See you. See you.

FAQ on Gitcoin Beta GreenPill Germany 🌱 Schilling Session | Twitter Space Recording

What was the podcast recording about?
The podcast recording was about the speaker's experience at a salsa dancing class.
Who was the speaker's father?
The speaker's father was a salsa musician.
Where does salsa originate from?
Salsa originates from Afro-Cuban cultures and was influenced by the African slave trade.
What did the speaker's stepfather and mother also do?
The speaker's stepfather and mother also danced salsa for two or three years, learning an African style of salsa which emphasized being connected to the earth.
What is the speaker's opinion on salsa dancing?
The speaker enjoys salsa dancing and finds it to be a form of meditation and exercise.
What did the speaker learn at their fourth salsa lesson?
The speaker learned a complex move which involved a double spin and one fourth spin.
Why does the speaker enjoy salsa dancing with another person?
The speaker enjoys touching people and finds it a good way to connect with another person.
What other groups were mentioned in the podcast recording?
Solarpunk and refiipunk groups were mentioned.
Who else joined the Twitter space during the recording?
Chris Twin joined the Twitter space.
What did the speaker suggest doing after the podcast recording?
The speaker suggested joining the solarpunk group's Twitter space to continue the conversation.