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Recorded: May 2, 2023



Hey hey hey
For how many times on average per day you are on Twitter's basis?
Yesterday I spent the whole day in 30 spaces. I'm trying to spend as much time as it possible. Starting from yesterday's evening, I started fighting and I started to pay off.
a lot of crazy connections and I'm so in love with solar panel guild because of that. Like, okay, there's just one project but basically guys wanted to to sign dust from the moon to like to spread it in the atmosphere to
decrease the temperature of earth just by deflecting 1 or 2% of sunlight the temperature can be decreased in a matter of years like 1 or 2 years and like there are a lot
of nuances in the technology, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration, but it has a lot of advantages and also it's like if we mess with every other possible solution, that's like a huge huge button that we do not want to press.
But it's good to have such a button to change the climate in a matter of years. And it's related to an exploration that's what really drives me forward. That's a huge proof for the project.
Yeah, definitely. This is really exciting, but I'm just not really sure. How would you even test this idea? Can you even be sure that it will work? Well, engineering so we will have to test in terms of technical.
Well, the biggest issue is to get permission of, like, is to come to the decision to make it. And from technical perspective, according to models, it should work. I know how to technically, like, I know how to engineer such a system. And in around 15, from 15 to 20 years,
We can have it here, so if you survive for the next 10 or 15 years, we could have that thing maybe even before that. One of the reasons, one of the huge changes that happens is starship. It could drop the cost of a delivery in one kg
to the orbit up to ten dollars and that's huge. So it's possible, it's doable, it'll take some resources and it'll take a lot of time to assess it, but it's just, it's a technology and the idea is amazing.
I mean, it kind of like, I'm not really sure like, it's kind of crazy, right? It's the first glance. I've taken a look at it. So like I had to call with the guy and my main question was, are they serious?
But yes, the series, the models, the capital entities, people who know it, and it's a community effort actually. So the main idea is that they came to the idea somehow based on publication.
from 50's, I do not remember the whole story, but definitely it could work. It'll take a lot of resources to investigate, like I don't know, really a lot of resources, but at the first glance, it should work.
It's a mega project so like thousands of people has to work on it to be sure that it will work, that it will work sustainably and all of that. So definitely it's crazy, it's huge, but it's doable.
in the next 10 years. And that's maybe one of the, I don't know actually what else can save us from from the temperature rise like even if we are we cannot stop coal plants right now we cannot stop a lot
We have to do that, but hopefully there will be other solutions. But right now it looks like an amazing opportunity to save us all. And yeah, it's not so crazy. I think it's doable.
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Just like, you know, like the the mainstream kind of media like advertisers completely different solutions and like this solution like comes out of nowhere, right? And it's just like let's let's launch something into space.
You know, kind of. Yeah, it's just like, you know, probably like to like another human being just sounds like let's launch something and see if it works. But there's actually a little scientific advantage of the work. But actually, but on the other hand,
Have you heard about artificial rains? How it works?
Like I'm like I'm really excited to hear about this. Yeah, like yeah, definitely like I haven't heard it, but like I'm really excited to hear about it. So there is a technology super simple often like water in the atmosphere even in in
dry areas, there are quite a lot of water in the top atmosphere. The thing is that in most cases there are no conditions to start forming a huge droplets of water.
If a drop of water is not big enough, it will float in there. In most cases, in the case, because there are no crystallization core, and to make an artificial rain, you just need to send an airplane with a special substance, like it's based on
on SilverRive for the exact name of the substance. And that's how artificial rain works. In Russia, artificial rain is used during certain events. I mean, like a huge, huge holidays if there are a lot of activities.
In the Moscow, they make the rain fall down around the Moscow. In UAE, it's used to create rains because they basically live in a desert. And that technology is widely known for edges. And it's been used for edges.
So it's kind of a gear engineering at a huge scale. It's expensive but it works. And with the lunar data, the solution is quite similar. It has, well, it's just a question of trade-offs, but there are a lot of already existing and proven things. So it's not just a theory. There are a lot of
Not proves, but there are a lot of reasons why that thing could work and there are, like, it's based on a lot of research and already existing technology that we're using, but in some sense, on a daily basis, at least from what I've heard, UAE, use a lot of the technology to make range there.
Yeah, it's really exciting to hear about this knowledge. Absolutely. Like we have Atlantis down here. Maybe like Atlantis down, maybe you could like say something.
Yes, hey guys. How's it going? How's the day? I think this is the last space of day five. Right? Yeah. How's it going? How's the energy been so far? All good.
Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it's like it's been a great day to be honest. And like, yeah, this is, yeah, like this space is really nice. Yeah. I was overhearing some of the conversation Rishi was having in their space just before this. I was eating at the time, so I couldn't
jam with you. But yeah, really, you know, backing the Luna Caw punk labs and the team behind the Luna punk labs, like they're doing some really good work. And I think more people deserve to see their project check out the impact verification grant. Is that am I saying it right?
I'm not really sure, but yeah, do check out the five projects that are there. You know, applied as a single grant and it's really promising projects and the team behind them are really good people and here all the hope Lanko is having a good get going down this far as well.
I guess he fighters again. It's amazing. Sorry for interruption, but it's already amazing. It's super cool. Yesterday I got in touch with the one project and I really, really, really appreciate everything that SolarPan Guild does because those guys were just through Jimmy. It's a long story, but it's already successful. I just want to say.
Thanks for that. I'm really rooting for your project to do as this time and I feel like you know more people are getting to read about the amazing things that your team is doing as well. And it's it's really a dissolving love that much needed love that you have to get for your project and hopefully we'll see a good outcome.
by the end of this week and just want to give a shout out to two upcoming spaces that we are going to be hosting from the Atlantis. Strait space one is happening tomorrow night at 9 PM IST that's Indian standard time and we have
Rohit Malekar from Gitcoin and we have Griff from Givert as well talking about how you know funding of public goods can be done through bonding curves and it's an intense topic and we have some experts just talk about it and do come check in like
We know that it will be running parallel to the GITCon radio but then accommodating that during someone else's space was going to be hard because we didn't want to throw out the conversation for the other host of the guild. So that's why we're running this as a parallel space but then if you're interested in this particular topic do show up and
following which I think day after we have Kevin and Vokey from Supermodular and the ex-Gitcoin founder coming in again to just speak about Greenfield and how the Gitcoin grants at this time. It's going to be a brief 30 minutes conversation with him. So do come in
to come say hi do show some support. We know our guild is behind us and there's a huge refighting behind us as well. So just you know helps spread the word out. It's two really good spaces that we wanted to curate for the community. So have fun. Just add something that I think we
We have Jimmy blasting off the Moji so we are Jimmy forever. Sorry, I did the thumbs down by accident again. Yeah, quick question. And by the way, I also confirmed Kevin O'Walky for Max Impact, a freaking legend for showing up during these rounds.
But I was thinking like, why don't we just like not do a radio event during that hour, you know what I mean? Like we could just say, hey, if this is if like, or we could we could make it like, you know, merge with the radio. So whoever was going to be the host could kind of co-host with you.
guys or something, I just feel like it'd be better if we did one because it's a thing or what do you think you think it should just remain separate? No, we could if you think like the only thing I had a problem with is that I don't want the GIT Khan radio to break because there's a good run that we've been having and I just want to continue the rhythm and yeah.
That's why we like external factors like this might come up if you want to Converse both the wins together as one single space then ideally let's put it out as a question in the guild and then we'll take it up from there and that works Yeah, I'm booking in my seven a.m. Which is nine
9pm UCT for Thursday. That's when we can get it. So that's normally the space of... Agroforest, Dow. So I might just be like, "Hey buddy, I want to schedule this space and you're just going to come up with me and co-host kind of thing and bring your questions too."
But yeah, I think that'd be best for like for reach if you guys host it and then we just make it like a coin radio with you know with Atlantis and I think that would that would be that would be ideal Let's merge because then also the more we involve him in the community the more he's likely to tweet about it right we've already had get coin tweet us out like five times
you freaking amazing and Ben keeps talking about it in other spaces. So I think we keep it radio and just merge it and you guys host it. Even if it's not your hour, you guys can host it and then we'll just bring whoever was supposed to host as a speaker and they'll counsel their event. Does that make sense? Should we do it that way?
again I would appreciate if it's presented to the larger group and then we can take it up. Alright cool yeah let's do that. Let's do that we'll put it in the TGs. Let's check the retweets. Okay not too bad we got five retweets. We got three gens, Lunko, Rishi and we got
that's still upon guild everybody else retweet the room there might be others is not showing me only saw three anything but yeah Rishi, Sunny, Fighters Gang, Pinship, Let's all retweet them. Yeah I did retweet. I think it says five but I click and I only show three stuff.
Classic Twitter not We're like we're almost like fond of these bugs now. We're like classic doing its thing. We're like familiar with all of them now hilarious, but yes, so I think
Did man, yeah thank you. I got a good power nap in. Bob, bro, I was thinking I'd finally like get a good seven eight hours to not need the power nap and then he's like, okay, I'm only available at your seven a.m. in my fuck. Well, I'm always up until at least four. So I think I'm just gonna push through until that's done and then pass out.
That is my plan. But times! Get coin radio sponsored by a lot of freaking coffee. I just bought this massive one. Are you getting in some donations? Yeah, I mean it's not a lot but everyone's down so
Oh, no, I think we're doing pretty good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I donated to one of the projects today and it charged me. So I had to have anywhere around $35 of it to make just
that one donation, although it just made that like $18.00. Like the problem is the last final transaction that goes through, they initially show like the gas fees are like $18 or something. And then when the transaction do happen, they only charge you like $8.00. I don't know why that kind of thing.
It's very good. So now the thing is that even though let's assume that I bought and kept like $35 worth of ETH in my wallet and if I use it just for one donation, they're still going to be like $12 of ETH just left on my wallet just for insurance sake.
not sure what exactly that that 12 dollars worth of wheat can't be used for a transaction or a donation for that matter. It's just very weird right now. It's a bad experience but then this actually inhibits the ability to donate for more projects. It's crazy. And now
Now, by the way, for the rest of the people who are not aware of the telegram group that Gitcoin has, please do go join the telegram group because there is metal door from Gitcoin who will be constantly updating on the gas value so that you can donate at a time when she tells that
the gas barrier is pretty decent. So I'm not really a fan of using that tech because there's a lot of scams and when you actually go to the page it's almost like it's a weird kind of a bot page.
So I'm not really confident and even our team members like I suggested everyone to try and use gas or again none of them were like none of them had experience using it earlier. So what we are going with right now is the tip that you had given Jimmy Lake in the end. We had one settings for Meta mask you have this.
option where you can set the value that you don't want to shoot. So that way it's at least a bit in our control, you could say. Lunko go ahead. I just want to say that I need to jump off again. Maybe someone would like to go host.
I hope I'll be back in 20 minutes. I really don't want to go back, but sorry, I need to do this. Oh good, yeah fam, make me an Atlanta's co-host. It's always good to have two co-hosts. So do it up and pin save. Let's go.
I just noticed like I have a you know a permission to mute somebody else and yeah like this is this is exciting like you can just like talk you know and I'll just mute you
So that's a good find. It's a much needed find. I've only had to use that once and it totally backfired when I did. So, you're extremely, use it spangly. Go ahead. It's one color that you have right now.
Oh no, he's about to hit the wrong game. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, all right, all right, bam. Let's retweet the room. Let people know it's going down. So what time is your space again, Atlantis? I mean, Kirin.
I don't know, the one for GitCon readers, the next one coming up. No, no, the other one, Milwaukee. Milwaukee one, I think so. It's 9 PM. It's 11 PM IST from Nautron. I'll have to check it once. Let me just come forward.
Yeah, I'll post it in there that let's find out who's hosting that time and be like, "Hey, let's not do two. Let's just do a special, but a boop." Because you've already tweeted it out right and probably got quite a bit of people who clicked reminder on it. So. It's a 5.30 PM, you see.
Okay, 530 yeah, so let's find out who that is and then yeah see if we can merge them I think it's much better to merge them and Then happy days we'll have everyone in there and hopefully Kevin O'Walky will start posting about the radio dude I think this is gonna be an epic
Crush it. We're already crushing it, but do next time with proper planning dude where this is gonna be freaking amazing Can you imagine imagine if we got like all of the projects To do like an hour like a three co-hosts always and we just like really plan this super well and we have this way schedule
than advance and a really good website system so people can always find it super easily. Maybe even like dude, it might even be able to like integrate it into the Gidcoin website like just be like, "Hey, there's a radio station, click a button, boom." Like, like, yeah, if we start talking about this with them now, the fact that they're already reached weeding it five times, these are probably comfortable doing something.
like that, you know, like just have it on the events page. You're the radio is always on. Go ahead. So fuck yeah, let's do it. Bam. Let's grow. This is going to be epic. I mean, already is epic, but it's just going to like, you know, seeing how this can evolve. Imagine this a couple years from now and like just getting bigger and bigger and better and better. Dude, we could probably#
Restream spaces into like an actual all the actual radio stations around the world. I don't know how possible it might be but you imagine you're doing like driving to work like get going radio station like I just want to write over there about one thing is we actually have someone
from the Bristol radio who actually runs our environment show. And I think we should reach out to them. It might not be a big move or anything, but then it's a start. So let me see if I can find that person's Twitter angle. Let me see if they can do like maybe a
Let's say whenever their environment shows running on radio, maybe we have a soundtritter space and we could just have a conversation there. Something of that sort. I don't think why that won't be a possibility. It won't be too big of a move but then like I said, it's a start so something.
And yo, I just want to give some virtual flowers to the Atlantis team like holy shit 600 green jobs last year. Whoa, dude, that is amazing
I knew you guys were empowering people in the global South but holy crap, 600 men. That's fucking amazing. Was that mostly around the water stuff or telling more about that?
Yeah, it's it's from the Chick-Man glue pilot that we have with Musica benches. So there's a lot of people who are working on ground to basically collect samples and you know testing the water and stuff that we've been providing them with
water kits that we put up on Twitter and our grand pitch. So there's a lot of activity that's ongoing on the ground, which we can't always document unless one of our team members are there. But yeah, that's all happening in the background.
Virgin no super cool everybody should re-tweet that already did from Jimmy Cohen Let me do it from
some tree gins as well. Freakin legends fam, freaking legends. I'm gonna do my silent shill as well, just poppin' up. I gotta might write more threads though fam. You guys got threads on point.
to do more threads. So I'm going to take the back seat. You chatted out with Pinsave. Earth, I see you up here. Shimon, I'm going to get some writing done. Sure, sure. You take care, Jimmy. Pinsave, what's happening with your grant is all looking good as it are getting donations right now.
It was really like it was much easier to get the nation's during the first days and right now we just like it's like like a draw right there is nothing nothing comes in nothing comes out yeah
It's really just the gas fees I think, but hopefully this will be something of the past. Hopefully we can see more alto coloration in the next round. And you know, gas fees might be much more.
available to the masses, I would say. That's right now it will be a little kind of a value. It almost feels illegal at this point.
Yeah, and it's like it doesn't make any sort of sense like why would it be so high at this time of the year I guess like why? I was hearing it's because the spike with the Pepe coin saga that's going on itself
probably because of that is what most of the experts are saying but then I'm no expert at this I'm just reading out of articles that are being printed at this point but yeah like most of them are saying it could be because of that but it's ridiculous anything about it
So I would request the room entirely to please go to the space and you know share it. Let's get in more folks into the room. We're just getting started. We have I think so half an hour more to finish this day five of the get coin radio and then we
start day 6 again the same drill the same course the same vibes but yeah hopefully we have more guests coming in tonight. I think everyone should be finding time to join into the GitCon radio as we move through to the evening because
Once you get to the impact of your space and stuff when they're hosting they're bringing on like multiple guests starting from tonight. So please do. Show support to the community. Make sure that you show up for these spaces. Make sure that you can, you know, you're able to show your project. Make sure to come on stage. Speak up.
Don't feel shy. Master of the courage. We are all friends over here. Hey, Glee, I can see you have joined again. Thank you so much for your support. As I was saying, do show up for the spaces. There's going to be a lot of interesting guests on multiple spaces tonight.
I think it's only going up from here and you're going to be seeing a lot more interesting conversations like we've been having over the past few days and yeah, looking forward to most spaces. Either Kokodau, sending your speaker request as well.
two common stage speak. I can see fighters gang two sending an invitation to speak. If anyone wants to shell their project, please go ahead. This is the time you have the space. Jimmy Pinsay if you do want to shell, please go ahead.
Am I audible? Yeah, yeah, I'm just like not really sure. Probably Jimmy. He's a guy that's at the good shop.
Yeah, go for it, go for it. Shilling to you guys at this stage is a little bit redundant. But you know me, we're doing trees. We planted trees. Broke the wall back up from most trees planted by one.
We're doing it again with Guinness this time and our big 55 million trees in a day to do that and that record is currently held by Ethiopia We want to break that record next to do that We got to grow a move in the change makers and regenerators around the world
And so that's what we're trying to do with tree gins. We've got innovative tech to make that happen. Check out the link that is pinned to read more about it and all retweets are very much appreciated and
and put it through good gas time, that would also make a big impact. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for large meet. I think your shilling just improves every time you do it. Now what? It's a one minute pitch asset.
list pitch you could say but yeah we are really grateful for the effort that's putting on ground as well. It's a great project everyone to go and support Jimmy. He is also coming out with a three counting AI tool which can be immersed with the platform that you are being
and could make your life easier as well. Please check it out. We do have a collaboration with him on that front too. We are planning on some big things together and let's see what's going on. Okay, I'm going to put a video. Yeah, go ahead. What do you say? I'm going to say like
What are the next steps for that collaboration? We want to integrate our AI tree counter into your peer-to-peer impact network and maybe the tree gen dynamics and we sold out tokens as potential impacts certificates. So what should we do to move that forward?
We should put MLU before we could get that done. But what do you think we need to do to integrate this? So first of all, we are just waiting for the beta version to come up. And we have a small developer. Let's have it with a small snap phone in terms of about that. It's an
It's a roadblock right now and once you solve that, I think the beta will be up for grabs for all these sorts of integrations and we're just waiting for that to get done and probably we can take it ahead from there. And in terms of the mango planting that we're planning to do with regions
The permits like I was talking about yesterday is what we are trying to get through with. Maybe if I am trying to find that one particular officer that we can actually collaborate with on ground as well. So once that is in place, I think the road should be clear.
Alright, brother, you let me know and I'm pumped to collaborate with guys because you're real people doing real work on the ground and you're genuine you're doing work from the heart and you're also smart and you're dedicated and you're you know diverse team and I love to see it and I can't wait to get my way back to NDFM as soon as you guys
get the planting rights over there I'll be on the next freaking plane man I want to plant with you guys because you're my people and I love you guys you're amazing and uh dude yeah straight up it was such an amazing time at Greenville festival such incredible friendships which did you really think we'd be doing good current radio right now for one for Greenville
No way, no way. So that's the thing, right? The beauty of the Greenfield Festival was just even for I can take a better example for the issue itself, like Lunar Pung Labs, both the founders were working away from each other for the past three years before the Greenfield Festival and they literally made
the Greenfield Festival, the venue at which they would meet each other for the first fucking time. And just to see that kind of synergy happening between a team that we had no connection with the collaboration with till that point, seeing them over there and then getting to know them better, it was just magical to see the kind of synergies that we could
just in like five days like it was unbelievable. So it's something that we would like to keep doing over and over again like we'll be hosting such kind of events which will act like a starting point for you know projects to collaborate with one another and that's something that we have
in our role map as a I exciting times ahead for our team so we are really pumped and really excited by the outcome of the first event that we could host for the community and we're just gonna you know take it bring it up a notch every time we do so be prepared. Yeah man like
Dude like we already knew each other we were acquaintances and good connection like but we became good friends during that event the Regina sense was born even after the event right that those connections maintained after the event when we you know we're continuing to gather around
Bangalore. And that's when the Regenestance group was formed. And again, we knew each other's projects, but we had a deep connection with each other's projects after that. And the core foundation for the solar punk guild between Atlantis, Treeshens, Solar Punk Nomads,
You know earth based I mean a solo punk Dow and like some of these core projects that are like really, you know showing up day and day out That's like the foundation that we built on top of right and we had this one like let's freaking do this together and we were like all determined to do this together and now like that we just keep building on top of
of it and we have these amazing other groups that are making a change, a part of the solar punk guild, who are consistently hosting these spaces and making this 24/7 radio station happen. So yeah, if it weren't for that events, bro, I don't think the foundation would be strong enough to really pull the saw.
You could shy your two cents. Oh, I'm not sure if the space is getting recorded. We should do windows. Two pairs done. Whatever. We can always delete the recording if you want. It's fine.
Then Jimmy should say he was the guest. He was having a great time I guess in Bangalore as well. I think Jimmy got back from Greenfield Festival. You did travel to Auroville as well, right? Yeah, I think the Auroville... It was amazing bro. We got... We got... We got more... We got more... We got more... We got more... We got more... We got more... We got more... We got#
I thought we'd just be drinking tea and meditating, but I got pretty good. I'm not gonna lie. But no, it was great. And then it was gonna actually be really formed. And yeah, we went to Orville's a little bit rushed for me. I kind of like took off after a few days because I really wanted to make this Guinness thing happen. And it ended up getting pushed anyways. I probably could have just chilled.
But yeah, no, it was amazing. We continued travel. And again, that foundation was formed, right? I had strong enough connection with, uh, is it Josh and, uh, Rish to go together on a road trip and stay together and get each other's backs if we needed to, like, go transferring funds over and we covered each other and paid each other.
other back and it was just like we kind of had each other's backs and we're traveling and you know it was just it was just like you had this accelerated friendship you know what I mean like normally you know friendships form over months and years but it was just you know but when you're staying in the same location for five days straight with each other and
We're just like we're able to like accelerate that connection process and and what we can build on top of that strong foundation is you know up to the sky the sky is the limit skies and even the limit fam go beyond the sky and build in
into the universe, into the spaces of Twitter spaces. Absolutely, Jimmy. Like what you said, resonates with me 100% like. I think that festival did bring a lot of us together as a group also.
And it's once in a lifetime kind of experience to have that kind of relationship at your workplace. Like for all of this, this is something that we're living for and we're working towards, like you know, a singular goal. And it's crazy how minds like yours and just two and just you some Joshes and others.
can come together with so much of ease and it's insane what a small IR limit has the power to do. I hope this faith that we have in each other will stay on like this and we'll have many successful get-coin rounds to help support the good work that all of our projects are doing.
We have more speakers who we can bring on boat. I see fighters again. Some people are mid-centred press about apparently a dream. Jimmy, you need to
in your lovely manner. Come on, Baj. How do you keep singing? Stay on, Miss Nina, like a spaces machine.
Shimoone pa!
I think it's getting quite a little shy. Maybe while you give them some time to maybe like they're doing something else and probably come on stage. Yeah, I think we have Coco.
How are you planning the world record? What is it? 350 million trees? 350 million trees. So to make that vision happen, we need to connect all the dots. So in addition to all the people who are joining tree gins and that
movement, how we're solving the transparency problems and relining incentives for regeneration. We're also connecting, I'm third generation Rotarian and also there's a 1.4 million person network of philanthropists around the world. But every, there's also
people to plant 3.6 thousand mangrove trees, then boom, we multiply that out, we're at 3.360 million and we surpass our goal. So that's how we're planning to do it. And every rotor-ractor club has a rotary-like sponsor club. They can basically fund and sponsor them. So any expenses they may have to incur.
That's really what we're trying to coordinate at a big scale Realistically to plan that massive thing It's gonna take a while it's gonna take a while so I'm thinking like between now and next Earth Day if we could we try to like rush it like let's do it in a month for six on a million trees like okay come on settle down now we did a bunch we did we did
We did a little proof of concept where we had multiple districts of road-racked clubs, planting trees and poor trees club alone, planted 50,000 trees on Earth Day. Now we're just going to do that at a bigger scale. Anyway, I'll pass the mic to Cook-a-Dow.
Hey friends how is everything going I'm sorry I'm in the middle of cooking in the middle of working in the middle of shooting so yeah it's been a little hectic but yeah I am also part of shefai so I was I miss off you
classes so I'm like getting up to date with those materials so yeah but happy to be here guys how is everything going I wanted to ask you guys about the process of planning the Grimville festival so I am planning some
events. I mean nothing big, very small small scale in Colombia, maybe at the beginning of 2024, January, February and yeah I mean if you guys could give us some some inside some tips on how to
not drive crazy in the process and yeah to keep it like truly region truly yeah what do you guys could you guys and you know what you mean you are like super sorry in this or what would be a tips I think
I would like to say that even when we were thinking about doing this, one of the first person to talk to was Jimmy. We deleted the speaker because there's a lot of experience doing these kind of events. Our timelines were crazy. We had like two months to do it. But during this, we had mentioned that we will share a playbook with the rest
of the world like what we can do but at a high level like few things that I would say from my recent experience is the more time you have the better the most important thing is raising the funds that you require you need to budget
everything imaginable and then some more that means always keep some buffer at least like 20 to 30 percent because a lot of unexpected things happen. I think when Jimmy said this to me I was like yeah man what could happen and every day while we were hosting something new would happen and like
who would have guessed Jimmy himself got himself bit by I don't know he claims a rat by the last day and who would have thought about this right so have that mindset you will need to have a team where the approaches anything can
happen we need to stick together and solve it and ensure that the people that are trusting you to come for this event have a really good time. Also another thing that we really focused on was just really taking really good care of the guests. There's going to be a lot of be out requests coming in as much as possible facilitated.
other ones in a very amicable way to decline. But yeah, these are the key things, your budgets and once you look at all these logistics, I'll talk about experience. You really, really need to first define what your experience is. What are you going after?
very clear we wanted to like put these builders and founders in a beach and see what a lemma jar of it right so there was certain kind of control created on the experience but we also kept it free flowing after a while this helps new things happen on its own so what
elements will you bring for that? Like we brought in music and then we were like you know we didn't want to have this surface level conversations about regeneration and you know like just talk about the bus works so we actually ensure that we got people who have facilitated regeneration sessions and
big corporations and big organizations and big NGOs. So, a bunch of these folks came and helped these founders have a curated experience. This is where again you could plug in organic farmers, people with wisdom, ancient wisdom, you could bring these people, you could
could think about maybe even having like you could have meditation sessions but it's getting oversold right now so I mean if you really want to do it like what we did was we used to have everyday morning by the beach it was not compulsory for everyone who everyone who walk up there was a trainer
who was professionally trained to do yoga. She would just do that and anyone who checked in checked in. There were few days we had like 11 people and some days we had like a lot of people there but just keep it free flowing like that. So curate your experience one and
the like really plan for a lot of budget FD cost expense and raising the money. Raising the money again avoid going to a lot of huge mnc's they take a lot of time. Ideally you want to go to people who understand what you're doing. That really helps to go to their
with you. So try to go for the normal options that we have. Like we had Reef Ice Spring, I'm sure that they're going to continue doing events and they're an option and their cello was really supportive for us. So happy to introduce it to somebody there if you need. And who else was
Yeah, lower labs, you should definitely talk lower labs, they're pretty interesting folks, they look at global south as well. But yeah, so try to talk to the RIFI folks first because they resonate with this mode. And another thing is that like if you feel
that there are certain costs that cannot be paid by you because again you are not a VC funded project. You could be honest about it and charge the attendees a certain fees. We did charge attendees for the stay alone so that we could
the rest of the things. So don't hesitate if you're doing something that's more than a day to you know have a small feast people be happy to contribute actually so you don't have to take all of that burden on yourself. Yeah Jimmy Jimmy tells so much more like I'm sure he's a lot of his own wisdom to share here.
That was a great advice here too. Anytime you're organizing a event, you really gotta think about Moore's Law, which is everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. What you need is Plan B. Plan B and Plan C, ideally, right?
Think about what is essential for the event to happen. We need our venue. We'll have a plan B venue. What is essential for our event to happen? Do we need any medical equipment? We'll have a plan B for that. It depends on the event you're throwing. All of your essentials always have a plan B plan C supplier. Hit them up beforehand.
be like, hey, we're doing this in this event. I mean, it's always good to negotiate anyway, right? If you have different suppliers, you should hit up a bunch of suppliers and then use the, what do you call it, buyer, buyer's power, negotiating, buyer's power or something like that. I'll show you a quick story with you. When I was like,
I don't know, it was before I moved to Japan, so I must have been like six years old or something. And I was in a family holiday with my dad, side of the family in Rome, and I wanted to buy this little souvenir, and it was a little cathedral, and I asked my dad, "Hey, can I get this souvenir?" And he's like, "Well, look down the street. You see, there's all these little
sellers trying to sell these same little souvenirs, they all look pretty much the same. Why don't you go to the next guy and see what kind of price you can offer you. And then when you're off to going to him, go to the next guy and see if you can beat that price. And then go to the next guy, see if you can beat that price, go all the way down the street and then come back to the first guy, tell#
negotiation because by the time I finish this I got the price down probably around half of what I originally thought right because there's a lot of people selling the same thing I mean you can negotiate and get a better price and of course there's a way to do that without pissing them off but this is something that you should definitely do to get the best rates for all your things always get at least three quotes ideally is you know
5 or however many you can get because that means that you can negotiate between them and get a better rate. And that also means that you'll have those existing relationships for your plan B and your plan C, right? Because then you don't have to, oh crap, oh my god, the events tomorrow, we just, you know, we don't have a venue anymore. It's like, well, you got your plan B and your plan C.
you want to lock those things in, get as much in writing as you possibly can if someone says they're going to do something, even if it's your staff, get a little contract written up chat, GPT can do this super easily now, right? If you're going to hire or do a con, if you're going
going to hire a caterer or something, put it in writing in contract, unless it's written down, you can't necessarily be like, "But you said, so write it down, get in the contract, get your plan B, plan C down, and start promoting early as soon as you can.
and try to incentivize where to mouth, tell the story, focus on the why, you know, a fax tell story sell, like sharing like your story and what the focus on the benefits more than like the features of your events, like instead of saying we're gonna have this, this, and this, and this, it's like, think about
about how that will benefit a region. What is this going to do for them? The connections that are formed can lead to incredible things. Instead of saying we're going to have 14 workshops, you're going to be connecting with people through these different events and workshops and then that's going to lead to stronger bonds and that's going to lead to better partnerships and really applies
the benefits more so than just the features. You really want to focus on the benefits. So there, those are some of the tips I'd give you. Thank you, Jimmy, and thank you for making a lot of sense. Thank you so much. You're welcome. When is it, by the way?
There's nothing like fully finalized. I'm really thinking about what makes more sense. But for sure, 2024, I think, I wish I could do it like on December, but yeah, like people in Colombia in December are like on holidays and yeah, like no one really
works a lot so I imagine I do it at the end of January or in February I think it's it's the time where people like go back to work and everybody goes back to their home times and but yeah so yeah maybe I'll keep you guys updated but for now it's just an idea
Yeah, are you hitting up? I've been contacted the what you'll call it the the refi spring
We fight spring they can do grants for you on your event they can can't you with sponsors marketing support lots of different things. Yeah, I definitely have it on my list. I want to maybe have a clear more clarity of the scope of the event and
I'm definitely gonna hit them up and see what partnerships I can do. I think it could be a very interesting scenario to bring people from the
maybe some projects on the north that maybe need some experiencing in different scenarios, different ways of living. So I think I am more keen to create this type of experience
rather than for example what you guys did at Grimping Festival. So yeah I'm still playing with it but thank you guys I'll keep you updated and I'll for sure ask more questions in the future.
Amazing go ahead. Who knows? Hi guys, just to I think probably deviate if you have the time I feel like we probably lost this discussion amongst other things but gas continues to be a problem and after
bends conversation with all of us on that radio space. For what I gathered, he was relatively fine if we did a collective initiative like all of us were on the same page and then we did something. I don't think it's going to be
something that we can disregard because from the time that we were speaking it was a 35 to 40 way right now it's hanging at 60 to 65 and it's probably like a weak left for us to finish so maybe in the next space we can have a conversation that what collective
can we do that is acceptable and maybe have something out or if we are deciding that seven days is too less and we do not want then like I would also stop putting my brain to it and accept it for what it is but it seems rather unfortunate that I mean it's hard
way through and I think everyone has gotten close to like 15 to 25 donors and it's getting worse. Instead of getting better, the situation is getting worse. So maybe we come up with something that's acceptable to all and we can all at least
very simple basic way like sign some transaction which is signaling that grants support towards that initiative. Get it signed by Gitcoin also and just like probably run it like off the top of my head I was thinking even something as basic as saying that okay we come
with a collective pool and let's say we pledge that 3% or 5% or whatever we get from the matching amount each grant gives like 3 to 5% of that matching amount towards this common pool which then goes to reimburseing
transactions and for us, say, maybe we limited to the climate round so that at least the coordination can be feasible because we have touchpoints everywhere and we can there is a chance that we can make it happen. But yeah, something, you know, I don't know.
Yeah, it's very serious and to my truck Rhinoc is pretty bad like even like getting the first approved done like things get stuck there people are losing money there That's where I am doing my first die approval contract is stuck and for the last series it's not going through I have tried doing all types of
of gas it's not going through. Yeah, yeah, even for me when I try to do I try to I experiment I've donated so far just one diet one project. Last time the first day I did 50 like it's literally hard like even that one it took like 20 minutes to approve get approval and it cost me like 12 dollars to do that
one died onation. So yeah I mean like I'm open to all these suggestions that you have like if we can get some approval from going to do something happy to like figure out like just don't want them to think we are stepping over their line. Yeah but you know I mean Ben said
is that if whatever that like we put out from solo pong douse page and even cooler put out like even if it is something like that but not just promised by one project and my only rational there to him was that if say
like all of us put equal money equal amounts in a pool, but regions gets like 100 contribution and say a trend is gets 20, then that region transaction contributors going to like take more part of the pool which would not be a very fair like
method of doing it for everybody and hence the initiative that like you do how much you can but if it's if it's something that we do together like I think we can float a few things in the telegram group see what's taking see what everyone's comfortable with and at least propose it
and tag all the climate projects like we can all tag 10 10 climate projects in it and just get like a yes or no and then we can take that to get coin and get there approval. I don't know man I mean it's seven days it's a bunch of work I get it but I don't know if we just should take this as it is.
Yeah, I don't know man. I saw you also posted about the cool sponsorship of gas thing. Is that something that we still trying to do or no? I mean, I think yesterday John said that he spoke to Stefan, which who is somebody you
I would have spoken to for polygon that like they come in like you know your idea does seem pretty good that like man this is the best way to get people talking about a project and it won't cost much I think $5,000-$10,000 can cover like
Yeah, even if it's about 50% of the...
of the contribution that needs to be covered I think at $3 per or $4 per it covers the close to 1500 transactions.
which is at least something? I don't know.
But I think like I mean what is there anything else that we can do as a collective I mean other than
because it's hard right to also if there is no community consensus like a project willing to do something also won't be able to do anything and then
Yeah, we don't make any headway.
But we could probably just pull some like Ethereum. I mean, we could probably like pull some diet like Ethereum and just
I think Benz here is talking. Oh, Benz here is talking. Okay, I'm gonna come down from girls and get in red.
Yeah, yeah, like I'm not sure if it's like if it's allowed, but like we could probably like pull some Ethereum or like die and just assign somebody like as a story to vote for like some projects to essentially to just like to maximize the donations, right? But like I'm not sure if it's a lot of it's allowed or not.
I mean, I think during that out in the given time, like you and I were saying, I haven't been able to make a single contribution yet. And like I have 28 grants in my card and
I don't know what to do. I mean, it's a very tricky position. All of us are like saying, let's contribute to one another's project at least and man, that's the very basic, right? Like, screw everyone else. Like, all of us want to give at least a dollar to everyone.
as his project and if we are not in a position to do it, what face do we have asking others to go and like, "Oh, please come and give me a dollar." It's kind of also putting the narrative in question and I think it's a lot of just friction, you know, I mean nothing to
to move this and no discussion to solve this and understand the sanctity of having a community run organization. But maybe here we pick out a few brains in the Gitcoin system that can do some quick back and forth with us, help us set up something which is
legible and we propose it and take it forward so that we have a few days I mean if I don't invite somebody from Bitcoin today Jimmy from the guild some of some time doing the ratio. Let's just tag Ben Colleen John
We all like just spam the comments section of one of the spaces with their names and then they'll come here. I think I can be under the name. I think we should have a little more elegant way of doing this. I guess. We can also be in there. I think we have fairly like
responsive on DMs right now we can DM them also tag them on the space and I mean maybe we have a bunch of ideas that we can present to them when they come right so that that take helps us take the conversation forward and not that we are then deciding okay now can we and should we do this XYZ
Gotcha. Yeah, that's good fun
Yeah, maybe I think time is run up on this space in the next one till we get there like if we have two three proposers that we can share with them, I'll also jot down whatever I'm thinking on the telegram group.
And yeah, if others have other suggestions and ideas like please share either on the Gitcoin climate telegram or on the solar pung guild telegram either ways like
Make sure that it's out there so that we can think it over and yeah, let's see what we can do Yeah, guys, so I'll have to drop off now and join the space see all that let's keep talking about this
What's happening people will be rugged. Are we on to the next space? So I got right there on to Atlantis for friends Atlantians, let's go

FAQ on πŸ“’GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community | Twitter Space Recording

What is the topic of the podcast recording?
The topic of the podcast recording is about a project on spreading dust from the moon to decrease the temperature of the earth.
How many spaces did the speaker spend the whole day on Twitter?
The speaker spent the whole day on Twitter in 30 spaces.
What is the project that the speaker is interested in?
The project that the speaker is interested in is the one that is spreading dust from the moon to decrease the temperature of the earth.
How would the project work?
The project would work by signing dust from the moon to spread it in the atmosphere to deflect 1 or 2% of sunlight and decrease the temperature of the earth.
Is the technology for the project proven?
The technology for the project is not yet proven, but the models show that it should work.
What other solution is mentioned in the recording?
Artificial rain is mentioned in the recording as another solution.
How does artificial rain work?
Artificial rain works by sending an airplane with a special substance to create crystallization cores in the atmosphere and form droplets of water.
Where is artificial rain technology already being used?
Artificial rain technology is already being used in Russia for certain events and in UAE to create rains in the desert.
What are the upcoming spaces mentioned in the recording?
The upcoming spaces mentioned in the recording are Strait Space and a conversation on Greenfield and Gitcoin Grants.
Who are some of the people expected in the upcoming spaces mentioned in the recording?
Some of the people expected in the upcoming spaces mentioned in the recording are Rohit Malekar from Gitcoin and Griff from Giveth for the Strait Space and Kevin and Voke from Supermodular for the conversation on Greenfield and Gitcoin Grants.