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Recorded: April 27, 2023



Hello, hello, hello. Thank you for inviting me to Kojosta. How are you, Wasabi?
I'm doing great from the Dominican Republic. I use red flags, I use my morning coffee. I'm so ready to stay up for
the next 12 hours, crowling to the twier, twier spaces, I'm shelling the whole day.
Very good Jimmy. Do you want to cause? So we have three two three cause one or ten two cause let me invite you
Let's go do it up
Absolutely, let's notify the people. Friends, we're in a new space which means it is time to exercise our rights to retweet. Retweet the room everybody. I'm pinning.
So who's going first? Who's going to start my slot first? I want to go with
someone working in the ground, someone working in the soil, something like, what you plan? I believe that
- All right, sure, I cut out a bit. Go ahead. - Yeah. - Can you hear me?
Yes, I hear you now. I believe that in fact, I'll be a true kick start the space. Go ahead, Simu. Simu. What's up, everybody? It's the third time I'm speaking. I think I've never spoken so much in
Twitter space. I'm so glad to be here. Again, amongst my peers, my friends, I see some really cool people in this space who perhaps have their hand in the soil more than me. I got to give a shout out to Jeremy with a wise crowd down.
We got to give a shout out to who else do I know here? Not really anyone, but yeah. So, in fact, I hope you're going to talk about it quite quickly. Highly invite everybody to, you know, just press the little mic so that Wasabi can give you some
space to talk. Basically, in Pactopia is the part of the core team of Regions Unite. We realized that Regions Unite is uniting a lot of people, but you cannot just do everything and therefore one of the missions that this small team is trying to do right now is to bring collective
all together. Like I said in some previous chats, we see that a lot of collectives don't really understand Web3. As Jeremy would say, this is, you know, we're nerds. And so it's difficult sometimes to understand the language of nerds.
And therefore, we're trying to build a safe space by implementing the Region's United Handbook, which is on the website for free, by giving all these collectives a space where they can learn more about Web 3. This is going to help them scale. It's going to help them
learn things that they perhaps did not know they could do before. But also, it will help DAUs and other more, let's say, platform, digital, decentralized, cooperative to also understand what these technologies can do. So we need to mix the nerds, perhaps with the non-nurts together,
that's how you get impact. Majority of the world does not know how to code in solidity, unfortunately. So we have to somehow speak to them. We need facilitation, which is also why Bruno, one of the founders is doing Weiss crowd with Jeremy, who's in the crowd, and we need to do these big Weiss
So yes, impactopia will be at the national bank of Belgium. The date is to be defined where they used to mint the shit corn euro. I call it shit corn euro so that you guys pay attention to me because it's
fucking sounds funny and it is a shit coin. And it's also to have some sort of awareness that, you know, crypto is not just about shit coin shopping, right? Like we were talking before. Crypto is not just about having an NFT or even token. There's just great technologies you can use that can really help you cord
So this is what impact opiates trying to do. We're also setting up some events next week in collaboration with this team for empowering women led projects in the get going better round. There's not enough women that have a space so we're going to really focus
on that as well because during those events, and this is something you'll learn in the handbook of Regions United, this is something Jeremy can tell you a lot about too, is that when you have diversity you have the great vibes. All right, because here we got too many masculine vibes, let's say, but this is okay. We're working to make a world that's more inclusive.
That's more regenerative. And yeah, thank you guys for letting me the time to speak. I think, what'sabi? The guy who has the most hand in the soil is Jimmy. So Jimmy hit the crowd with some knowledge, some soil knowledge. You can do it brother. Jimmy is the real
real legend when it comes to trees and so it's crazy when he completed the world record I was like is he for real like how many more hours hours is gonna be planting like it's awesome like I feel honored I'm
to be in a space where people like Jimmy, that's exactly why when I was designing and the governance for coconut, I was like, okay, since I'm like a newbie when it comes to all of these refi stuff, I need to
design something that is inclusive. That's why things, I don't have all of the answers, I'd be like, okay, I need to create a malware. The people is actually able to make an execute proposal and they have control over everything because
any flaws in our design can be fixed by people like like Jimmy, by people like Giro that they know the craft. So if we have those type of members in our community like everything is going to be great. So we are in very safe hands, I can say.
100% brother and yeah, I'm a bit of a crazy planted about 25,000 trees, 25,000, 244 in 21.5 hours to try to break the well record for most trees planted in a day. It wasn't Guinness official though it was counted with AI tree counting developed by 4 trees club and the tree gins is
is bringing that on chain to give non-fungible updates. And look, there's only so much impact one person can do to really stand a chance at overcoming one of the greatest challenges of our time, which is the climate crisis. We all need to come together, right? We need a movement of change makers to come together and do everything that we possibly can
to regenerate the world. And in order to do that, that's what we're trying to accomplish with the tree gens is really bring people together. Make this fun, make this engaging. Okay, the next world record, I mean, we are making it Guinness official. We wanted to do it on Earth Day, but get us going to make it a time. So now it's going to be on
World Environment Day, June 5th, but the next world record that we're going to be overcoming together, that we're going to be making happen together, is the most trees planted by any number of people. Does anyone know what that number is? Any number of people in 24 hours. It's 355 million trees, completed
by one country Ethiopia. But imagine if the globe got together. You see earth-based profile picture, a matter of that entire blue, beautiful blue and green rock got came together to actually plant trees in 24 hours. How many are actually possible? We want to beat that record together. And how are we going to do it? Well,
First of all, we need to change the incentives around this. The tree genes is the first dynamic semi-solbound token. What we're doing is basically leveling up this NFT in two different ways. The mind orb gets brighter, the more trees tokens that you buy
This is our stable coins, peg to 10 cents, how much it costs to plant each tree. Every tree you token you buy, we plant the main growth tree, most usually in East Africa. And then you also get those non-fungible updates sent to you. But then when you actually plant trees, right, and you send us a video, you upload to our website, then we have an AI tree calendar which can count that and it's further very
through a dow that we're building out in a decentralized application, your heart or gets brighter. And as this heart orbs shines, we will also be connecting you with more utility, such as access to different re-fi events around the world and we can keep stocking as much utility as possible on top of that to really incentivize the tree gens. And we're also going to be rewarding people
people with trees tokens and how do we generate those rewards? How do the economics work? Well, it's the beauty of something called carbon forwards. If I were to plant a mangrove tree today, it'd take 25 years to fully sequester approximately 308 kilograms of carbon. Okay. But it's a long time and by the way, it happens according to a bell
So, the first five years, not much carbon sequestration. So, to reinvest that carbon credit revenue into regeneration efforts, which by the way should be the point, right, to reinvest that, it'd take quite a long time unless you work with impact investors to sell the future value of that carbon in the
short term. Sure, it's a reduced rate. You're not going to sell it for $20, $30 bucks. You could sell it for $6, for example. But that's still an order of magnitude more than what it costs to plant the trees in the first place. It's actually 19.8x, right? It costs us 10 cents, 300 kilograms of carbon each. So that's like 32 cents.
to plant enough trees to eventually sequester this carbon. Now we have to put some funds towards sustainability programs, of course, to make sure that those trees really last. We have 100% guarantee on the trees. We plant the buffer, 20%, 30% extra, plus we'll replant those that don't make it. But we can take a portion of those carbon forward revenues and we can actually back
these tree tokens and air drop it back to the tree gens. So you get rewarded for regenerating. If you plant trees, if you buy trees on chain, you'll get updates for those as another digital asset NFT and you will be rewarded financially for regenerating the world as it should be, right? Our economy
rewards, degeneration of nature more than it rewards regeneration of nature. And that's the reason why we live in the world that we do today. But we can change that. We have the potential at our fingertips to change the fabric of our economy. And that is what the tree gins is all about doing. I pinned something up to the top here. One die makes a big difference. One dollar.
In Ethereum, whatever it may be, if you want to wait for the gas price to go down, but please add us to the cart and keep us in mind because tree gents is building a solution to exponentially reverse the effects of climate change. And if we can get enough backers, enough contributors, then we'll also get exponentially more contributions, right? You can get up to 100x if we get enough people.
Alright, go ahead, Quido, much love, Prada. Yeah, I just wanted to share a little suggestion for everybody when you shield your project, you include it, Jimmy. You have to specify which round are you in because this time for making the nation you have to go round by round. So I'm here with my knife.
piece of paper and I take notes of every single project that is shield here and I really would love to support a lot of you I will support about 10 every day but you have to make my life simple so tell me the name of your project why I have to support it and in which
around are you because otherwise it will be very difficult. So please remember remember that not only get can radio by any space you go you shield your project and then you repeat at the beginning at the end the name of the project and around you are. I give you an example. Great advice. I have two projects
I'm also a co-founder of the solar panel, but the solar panel has not approached the grid. My two other project are one in Pat academy and we are in the web tree educational round. If you can support me there, I will be so grateful. My main project is the solar panel.
I'm a co-founder there to get together with Marco Bear and we are for the fourth time in the climate solution round. So please, if you can support, we'll be very good for us to receive your single die. So who want to come and stage? I invited plantys, bit green,
Who's next? And maybe coconut down, you have to tell us about your project because very often the main guest forget to share about the project but as you know I'm a very big fan of your project so please was Abby tell us about coconut down.
What's up? Tell us about your project. Oh, shit, that's coconut. Coconut network. I'm so proud about how everything is going with coconut like I didn't plan for be this like
to be getting this type of feedback from the community. Like I said, I'm a newbie to all of these. I can't with an idea about without validation. You guys were the ones who validate my initial draft.
So everything is going great. We recently get into a partnership with the Department of Agriculture. So we're going to be able to operate like any big corporation that has many years in the industry as a doubt, that's a huge win.
because you know how expensive is to keep experts in the payroll. So right now we have access to all of the human resources from the department and basically they helping us to craft the first green paper that's going to be like the instruction manual on how to
to deploy step by step a cotton plantation, we have to take account and we're going to be measuring in part by university like it's going to be a 100 page plus paper that we crafting with them. It's going to be crazy. It's going to be like a
a revolution of the actual white paper that we have that is going to be including everything from planting the trees to the governance to all of the beneficiaries in the community is going to be something really great. I'm so proud about that. So yeah, we
are getting ready to after that and in the meantime we're getting ready for the first planting phase of coconut b1 we're going to be planting 6,000 trees in the first phase and I'm so grateful about everything how everything is unfolding.
Amazing, I really love it. Your project was one of the first that I met coming to the region space and I've been your support for every single gig congrats.
will be your support this time too. So we have here a pure legend. We have Atlantis who is behind Atlantis now. Kiran or Irto, come on stage and she'll about Atlantis.
Yeah, you need to give me five minutes till I find my earphones because some fuck up is happening at my end and the volume is absolutely low. So just give me two minutes. It's Kiran behind Atlantis. No problem Kiran.
Shimon up you guys don't be shy. It is get coin beta season. We see Luna punk in the stage in the audience. I see you I see who else we got here who's in get coin. We got some get pointers. Um, yeah, we also got daily as a region from uh, from
Kenya I see oh no no nothing good but oh oh oh paramari boy okay from paramari boy refa paramari boy Shimon appear guys don't be shy cause most for humanity come up here show you projects I see a handraight you run go ahead yes yes like
I got my F1, I don't know what happened, I tried connecting to my Bluetooth headphones and then the volume was absolutely low. I couldn't hear, I just heard you say Atlanta so I knew I had to say something.
Oh God, why are you doing this? We just started today. I really would like to know more about Atlantis. You can tell us about your project, what have you been doing the last few months, but also I really
really would love to know about your personal experience like here on during the Gitcon Grant in specific because I know that you are a very hard worker and you have been behind a success of Atlantis in many Gitcon grants but really
would like how do you feel and how these two weeks are for you. Let me start with what we do at Atlantis. We started just about a year ago as a very
small team. It was a very close net kind of a team and then we grew out now we have almost 12 all together working from all around the globe and we are a peer-to-peer impact network basically for change makers working in the climate and social impacts
sector and we want to shift our focus currently towards you know on-boarding, DAUs, different on-ground NGOs and organizations who build on climate solutions, try decentralizing science and try to tackle the
metacrisis problems that is seen day to day. So with this focus in mind we have done a pretty, I would say, a comfortable job so far being a small team. But it's really been how personally we all have grown in this entire process like over the years
like for myself, like how you were rightfully saying, like we don't share much about our personal journeys. From where I worked in a corporate sector where you know I was working with one of India's biggest media houses at the time. And to leaving that job and entering Web 3 was like a
But getting surrounded by such a grateful like it's a blessing to find a community like this to fall back on and that's just made all of our lives easier and to sum up the answer these two weeks of GITPoin is actually the most energy I think all regions
around Kidcoin Grants app because you see a lot of communication happening, a lot of collaborations, a lot of positive energy vibing around in space especially and that just helps the entire community all in one. So yeah that's about it I guess from my end, what are you going to do?
Thank you so much and I am a big fan of Atlantis and I am also a must-concert, confess part of the team. I really like the energy you put in every Gitcon grant and it is really a lot.
And because you must know that once you present grant, the job just started. So for a couple of weeks you really have to push your positive energy on it and to have some results and remember
that the results are not only the donation you receive but the connection that you are making. And personally I must share that I did all the connection that are behind our project during it congrats, trying to stepping out of my
comfort zone, going to treat the spacing, reaching out people, I found some amazing yoga and beings and actually I found also the co-founder of the solar panguels. So very thankful to the solar panguels and to my co-founder and to the Gitcon brand.
people in general. So who want to come on stage and Atlantis you didn't tell us you didn't explain where you are, which round are you? Where am I? We are currently in three rounds. We are in the climate solutions
around the D-Sy round and the metacrysis round. So there's a link on our bio profile bio which takes you to all three links. So you can choose whichever round you want to donate it. Okay, thank you so much. So who want to come on stage?
Don't be shy. See what's the guy busy be out here. Oh and I actually
Thanks guys. Oh, busy. We go ahead first. What's going on guys? I haven't had my hand up before but apparently nobody saw my hand up. Good morning. How you doing today? GM, we're all good buddy. Yeah, I'm gonna come up. I'm not really gonna share
much about my project because I've just been upset the last few days I keep seeing my ideas being copied on Twitter so I'm just really kind of like over people copying my designs and ideas so I lost my family a couple years ago actually doing a project called Digital Heart
to actually make people aware of how important it is for mental health. Mental health matters. It's important. I do one-on-one unique arts. I've been putting up a lot of my designs and I keep running into people all over Twitter who are copying ideas and there's actually a project
I'm commenting on OpenC today that's actually got one of my designs from about nine months ago. They took it and they kind of copy pasted some bullshit on there and put it on the front of their project. So yeah, my name is Billy. I go by Busy B and I do one-on-one hearts.
I was told to come over to this community and see you know see I heard you guys are doing some grants and stuff so I was just coming over to check out what you guys have going on and I see you guys do a lot of stuff with trees so it kind of goes hand in hand with hearts and caring about the earth so
it's more important to care than not to care. So yeah, I just came up to introduce myself and I happened to turn and I saw Earth and this guy's P.F.P. So I just wanted to come in and see what was going on. It's the first one I've seen since I put up my Earth heart about a month or a month and a half ago. So yeah, that's about it, man.
Okay, yeah, I'm sorry to hear about people copying art can happen, you know, we're kind of going through the shit coin season right now and it can break some people who do that kind of stuff. When you post your designs, it might be a good idea to water market, right? That way people can't just take that design and then as soon as you see something on OpenC, just report it, it won't be there for too long.#
here and let's pass the mic over to Akshay! Tell us about Wichibitlin. Alright, thanks Jimmy. I'm so sorry to hear about that busy view man. Sucks. But I guess yeah, Wichibitlin said make sense. Got it. Can you clarify Jimmy when you send a water market? What has happened? I've never heard that before. It's like
you're putting a logo but it's kind of like a transparent-ish logo right so you know that way there's a logo like in the middle like it's kind of like uh I don't know some of these these photo websites like you got to buy the photo right but they'll show it to you with the watermark so when you're tweeting your stuff maybe put the water I got to do this
I've been posting tree gens are a lot but um but yeah so that that might help you overcome people ripping your arts. Nice. Yeah man. Yeah much love. Of course man. We got you. We got you. Alright, I'll shake. Hit us. We can pick. I'm gonna nerd out here a little bit for some time. That's okay.
So, tab nerid 10. Yeah, awesome. Well, I'm actually building Oström. Oström is a ecosystem service evaluation methodology. It sounds big words, but really it's just a way to calculate how much
ecosystem is worth, how much service any ecosystem provides. We got this situation that is going on right now where all or most of the, of red predigeneeration work it's financed either through philanthropy or it's financed through some form of this carbon credit cycle.
And really it's just a broken system. More often than not, common grades, they don't capture the entire value that ecosystem provides. And even if they do, they tend to sort of leak out, they tend to be mismanaged and really difficult to calculate overall.
What we wanted to do really was that we wanted to figure out a way in which communities that work on ecosystems that take care of ecosystems, we wanted to figure out a way to support them, how they could be incentivized to take care of those ecosystems and how that
could become a form of livelihood. So when you take care of an ecosystem, what you essentially take care of is the larger community around it. You take care of the, you protect the community from flooding, you protect provide fresh air to the community, you provide climate regulation and all of this.
things and all of those things have some sort of economic value. The only thing is that we don't really calculate it because we tend to look at ecosystem as a bunch of trees and trees are wood and therefore we must only calculate the value of wood but trees are much more than that and
We wanted to figure out a way in which this valuation system could be employed and it could become more fungible so that people can use it to earn. So this would be a building. We're building the method to evaluate. We're building the method to make it fungible, make it more accessible.
communities can use it as leverage when they're trying to take care of the ecosystems. We're doing a pilot right now in Nairobi where in the pilot we're working on about a 10 acre parcel of land in Kamakunji and trying to figure out its
value and use that as leverage to take care of it. It's probably early enough in this space to say that we're going to see more projects like this emerge over time and my bet is that over time biodiversity credit
ecosystem credits, ecosystem valuation things like that are going to replace the carbon market, the carbon market is not going to be like a permanent solution to our, to the meta crisis. The meta crisis is going to be solved by as using nature as leverage and not as
not taking it for granted. So that's all I have actually. We're live. This is our first Bitcoin round. So I'm just like getting the hang of how to do this. I think Quito has been the most helpful guide I could have on this path to understand how to do
this get going around how to you know be better at Twitter and how to shill and how to manage the entire thing. So thank you, Guido. Thanks for bringing me onto Sola Pangell. I was about to thank Atlantis because it too has been super helpful from day one with everything that we've done and thanks guys. It's really fun being here.
Well, thank you so much for your kindness. And again, I'm also a big fan of your project and I think I have supported you on day one of Bitcoin. So cool. So let's go on.
who want to come on stage we see our behalf and our before the next stage and maybe meanwhile Cosmos is great.
Hello guys, yes, I'm sorry. I'm following you since the beginning, but I absolutely wanted to finish a thread in French for the French speaking community about Git going. So now it's online and I can speak with you.
So I just want to jump to the beginning of our conversation about stories and just to speak about the story of customers. Yes, since a few weeks we are talking about
AI a lot and if we talk about AI which we think about is like a Zimov because it's a very very important visionary association and
If I talk about a lot of things that are happening today and maybe tomorrow, and if I'm talking about as enough, it's because at this very moment, I have in my hands a book which is called Space Pollutions. And what I want to say that it was a visionary
for AI and it will be a visionary or self-respectful space pollution. So what's the beginning of the idea of Cosmosphere for Unity is what can we do for space junks, garbage, et cetera, because today nobody cares.
And yes, some people get because it's about big money, but we are agents and we are not here about for big money. But we have to think about that because a lot of our claimats solutions are dependent on space capabilities.
especially satellite capabilities for DMRE, for geolocalization, observation, synchronization, a lot of things. We need to protect our satellite capabilities to protect Earth. But how can we do that?
because we had geostrum on the previous GitCon radio, which is interesting with orbits is that it's a very, it's a use case of the Ostrom theory about common-pol resources because
We are all using orbits, but no one cares about who is managing the garbage. So we can think, yes, we can create attacks, but it's not so simple to create attacks when a lot of countries around the world needs to be okay with that, but we are all making wars.
So there is no vertex. So how can we find a solution to finance the managing tools to protect the orbits? And here is the solution that we are putting forward with cross-mortem.
the idea that the solutions will not come from the space industry. It will come from the people who need to settle as data and it's us. The citizens, but also us, the companies that are not in the space industry because we are all dependent on that
And we need to force the space industry and the public authorities to take their responsibilities to protect our access to space. So I want to end quick, but our idea is to create an indicator that
as the purpose to be the equivalent of the carbon footprints, but for outer space, to make the space operators responsible for the space positions they are doing into space and to make the possibility to the consumer at the end
of the line to say, "Okay, I'm also responsible for polluting space through my consumers acts on the daily basis." That's it. Thank you. Yeah, tell us what do we find your project, which round are you in?
Okay, thank you. We are on the climate solutions decide because we are also trying to to find some searches on the space as a comments theory and at the end we are also on the meta crisis round.
Thank you.
Thank you, too.
pen it up to the
Oh, pin it up to the top. We all got to see that as well on the jumbo tron. So top, you know, put it, put it in the comments, put it in the top. We want to see your grants and some people might be inspired to, you know, add it to your cart right away, right? So you don't forget. And then put it through when the gas goes down a little bit or if the gas
if you're happy with it, make the funs right now. Let's grow. I already did my first batch and I'm taking notes for the next one. Go ahead, Guido. Jimmy, before inviting somebody else on the stage, why don't you tell us a little bit about the radio, about this idea, how it works, how people can join us, I just received a
about the GitCon radio.
to show my ideas and connect with people was the social beast community, the PPM repping right now. They were doing 24 hours spaces and they ended up, they did it for 30 days and they did another one for 60 days. It was an amazing experience for me. I'm speaking from Jimmy here right now, obviously.
Some people they might live in different time zones and they can't make certain Twitter spaces. We need something 24 hours all the time wherever you are if you go in a walk your dog. If you whenever you have time you can come you can show your project and you can also connect with people right here. You know we're gonna be probably showing the first couple days.
We get to day 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, all the way to day 11. We're going to be telling stories. We're going to be connecting. We're going to be collaborating. Other ideas will be birthed. In fact, this idea was birthed out of a Twitter space. That, the solo pong guild did before, before Gekoyne beta started.
things are going to come from this. Like I said, I've got three partnerships that have happened because of Twitter spaces because I show up very, very much in the spaces realm and I encourage all of you to do the same. So just recognize this title. We got the same title, right? It's getcoin radio, hashtag getcoinbeta, community. We're going to be releasing a website
Atlantis maybe can chime in here and I don't know if that is ready yet, but there's gonna be a website where you can always go and find what is the current space that's happening and so this is gonna happen until 50 to 55 minutes in as soon as the next space has started we all leave this space and we all
go to the next one. Right? So is this the continuous flow and we have different spaces hosts and it's going to be happening literally all the way until Gen 7 and then we launch a 24/7 consecutive space of the same one where we don't transition to culminate the get coin
a season. So we are going ham, community building, and supporting one another. I encourage everyone to come to this space with a giving mindset, you know, maybe also show a project, maybe you don't know, maybe the ones that, sorry, that isn't yours, rather, ones that maybe aren't coming to so many Twitter spaces. You can shout out other people out.
you can give people props and you should follow everyone in here by the way. Follow every single person and even go a step further, DM a bunch of people and be like, "Hey, what do you feel like? That's sound cool. If you thought about this, you should really meet this person, right? Come to the space with a giving mindset as the Beatles say, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love that you make. So#
and that will definitely come 360 towards you as well and the things that you're building when the time is right. So keep bittling friends, keep making an impact and doing what you can. Back to you, Guida, or Copa. Yeah. And I think the giving mindset is very important because the way we
building these spaces and the way all Gidcon is built is about giving, about supporting the other and receiving the support. So my suggestion is also come into this space, they are really trying to share love and come with an open mind
For example, personally, I follow everybody that comes to the space. So if you're in the space, probably I've already followed you. Then maybe I will unfold you back if you don't follow me. If I will find your Twitter page, not interesting, but still I start giving trust and I follow everybody.
This other things that I normally shared during the GitCon space is try even if you are not a GitCon grantee. Maybe you will become one in the future but start to support projects. I mean the way the GitCon grants works is that you can
make very tiny donation. I think almost 90% of the donation that goes in Gitcon grants a one die, just one dollar, but this dollar will make the difference because this dollar will, I say, will determine the, with the quadratic funding, how much matching funds the proletariat
we receive. So even if you don't have a Git congrats, start becoming a donor and make a Git Compass port. Now maybe Jimmy can explain you and share a link on how to make a Git Compass port and share some dollars and this will be very important because that
I know a lot of builders that really depends on GitConcrafts. And if you cannot just share the love, share the space, follow people, the end people, encourage them. There are so many ways to support people. And this is so important. We build director of the Sullivan Guild about our
around this concept of helping other people to be more active in their region space. So we share a lot of education, we share a lot of support, and this support pays back because I must say that our project was and is a very
supported by a lot of people. So when you give love first, you receive a lot of love back. So who want to come on stage? I see that we have Italy. Yes, yes. So just super quick. Super quick, Gito, you said where to find the link for the exciting
of the passport. Of course you could Google it, but also in my link tree. So link in bio, there's a link tree with a bunch of links. The second one right there is to set up the good coin passport. So this is how you maximize the most matching, right? We want to maximize your positive impact. There's many of those as possible. It's not even KYC. It's just verifying you're a unique human. Go ahead#
I love it. I love it. Impact over profit is totally the model that we have adapted over the past couple of years. My partner and I are like traditional artists. We owned a traditional fine art printing business and we were just breaking
our backs with all of the labor and we were just disgusted with the amount of byproduct that we were putting out from the printing process that we were doing. As soon as we discovered NFTs, it just seemed to make a lot more sense. But yeah,
That's something that I'm here to talk about today is our journey in discovering the space and what we're doing now in the space to help bring other traditional artists into the crypto space safely, as well as cutting down on our byproducts.
that our printing production from our old traditional printing business and sunsetting that, you know, really trying to figure out how we fit in here in the region kind of spaces with all of you folks here. But we're in the
Web 3 community and education program that category of get coin our project is called fractal visions and We're really focused on helping artists who are in places that don't have this technology they need help they need assistance and
And they don't know how to use a computer or even have access to this technology. So we've been working really closely with our artists that we've worked with, just with our traditional printing business in the past and bringing them into the space
as well as the use of hemp mainly as an alternative for printing. We work with the Colorado hemp companies that are here in our state that have been producing some of the first
material of actual hemp that's grow in here as well as other sources because that type of thing doesn't even exist here yet. So it's going to be a little while until we have actual sustainable resources for printing artists work. I also do experience
with printing and painting on hemp canvas and producing that. And we really haven't had much support in the past to be able to produce these products and get them out to other artists. But we're just starting to get traction here in the space. And right now we're really focused
on a public goods platform that's totally centered on optimism. Optimism is all about public goods. We have like ten different projects that donate directly to the retroactive public goods funding for optimism and we were recipients of that program.
as well recently. So we are big supporters of the L2 scaling ecosystem and creating sustainability and trying to find the right balance between the three pillars of decentralization and centralization and scalability all at once together.
Amazing. Please repeat the name of your project because not ugly but the budget vision. Yes, it is here. I'll just pin it up here. It's fractal visions and a little bit of extra
of how that came together is my partner, her artist name is Fractal Lysha. My artist name is Aglie Vision and so together we're Fractal Visions and we create kind of a
a polarity of balance between the feminine and the masculine energy that helps us make the decisions for our community that we're stewards for.
Amazing, thank you so much. So who want to come next? We still have 50 minutes before jumping to the other space that you have to use my space. So who want to come on stage?
Don't be shy!
can see fighters done with the answer is. Hello, yeah, go ahead, fire this game. Yeah, can we share here? No, in every space we come show up and share our project and can I do it here again?
course bro, which I think this is. Bam is get coin radio. It is about get coin. Talk about. But by the way bro, just before you do that, I want to let you know the the spreadsheet you still got a direct link in there bro. We need a link to the tweet. So you got to tweet out your Twitter space when you're
posting, right? Copy a link to the tweet, not a direct link, because we can't pin a direct link. We can only pin a tweet, right? So when you can, please update that, because you're coming up later. All right, go ahead, buddy. Switch pitch. Yeah, you know, I send a link. Do you check on recently?
I'm looking at it right now. I send the link to the space and do you set both? Yeah, I don't need any link to the space. We need a link to a tweet. Like in the timer, that's a link to a tweet. Okay, I will check it out. All right, by the way, we are
FIGHTERS GAN, an impact for NFT collection. Our approach is a little bit different. We come here with the NFT collection that's all of them one-of-one, hand-droid hand-made it, and trying to fight climate change and climate crisis.
because we know that this NFT and Web technology is amazing technology, amazing technology to fight Clyde Mitchell, I use it in the long run. We are going to donate 50% of the collection to plant trees and
for restoration because we know that planting trees is one of the amazing thing and cheapest and most effective to fight climate change for this reason be partnered with four trees club and through this collaboration
There is a real fire utility for the mintor and for the future community and they will receive non-fungible updates a video of AI-2.
We are going to plant around 100,000 trees through this way, mangrove trees. We are going live for the mid-after.
there, the Gikun Ram, please support us. There is a link in our bio and please support us and join us on this court and to make this happen. And thank you so much, Jimmy, to give us this opportunity.
And thank you so much for coming. And airspot.
You know we got you we got the wonderful Sandra up here was cracking Sandra Hey, hey, hey, how are you guys? Yeah, I wanted to show another project that I'm a big big fan of It's through my friend day Sanchez
solar punk generation and if you don't know day she is a really wonderful human being that does a lot for actually mental health which I think that we all can use a little help on the mental wellness. I myself, I heard you guys
needed some speakers so I was about to go do a workout which is going to be for my mental health. But you know in the meantime I definitely want to talk about her project and what she's doing. She's very focused on the youth and helping younger generations really navigate this sort of
I mean, I know I feel it. I'm not in my teens, but if I was, you know, if you've got, you know, basically, you know, 20 years left of, you know, that you think before the world is going to end, how do you deal with all of that anxiety? And she's been really focused on
mental wellness for children, for youth. She's also been doing a lot of spaces just for all of us in the space to kind of really get our own coping mechanisms and tools together for how do we deal with you know being 24/7 like you Jimmy
You are 24/7 in this and you know just really taking care of our wellness, our well-being so we don't move to a place of burning out. We actually had to just space yesterday with some really lovely people about avoiding burnout in social impact and
impact. So I just wanted to give her a shout out. She's got a grant up on the CE, which one is this? Well, I will post a link to her grant, but yeah, I just wanted to give her a shout out. She's been, yeah, just a great activist and doing a lot of good work for
are all of us here. So yeah. >> I love the kudos for shouting out a friend. You know, it's a great thing to do. I encourage a lot of people to do that as well. You know, that's the spirit of
get going and more about here get going ready on the soul upon guild this like support others and lift each other up so yeah people are in the way if you don't see your friends and good projects here in spaces show them to that's a good one to do love it we got a few hands raised I don't think savu was spoken yet but go ahead I would I would live this space
now I share the jump drone link of the new space because I need few minutes of grounding and but I will open the space in four minutes for now. Okay okay and four minutes we're all heading over to Guido space. Alright go ahead.
Much love, Guido. That's fucking good. I'm tweeting the link. I'm pinning up the space of Guido's. So we can jump over there in nine minutes.
Fantastic get it son go ahead Savu Okay, uh, hi guys. I'm Ricky. I'm from Zabu regenerative my work To banis it's kind of new for me, but I humbly thank you for this great community and then I think I have talked to what's up
before when I try to initiate this coconut plantation project and then I talk to Akshay and yeah, actually my project is about coconut tree plantations 3000
go for the three plantations in three years in Savo Island especially in just one village in Bode village it's all only 323 household there I start my project with building
Education institutions or English learning center there for 45 students because I know that it's kind of like other breeds for them to Understand what happened outside the island because this island is very one of the poorest in Indonesia and There's a lot of problem there, but I see a lot of
big potentials from the kids there. So from 45 students, I did the scholar's sequencing and eight of them already graduated and got a fully funded scholarship and I know how to cover all the operational costs from that in
I need to do something and then when I talk to their parents I see at the back of their house there's a coconut shell so it's just like their household Farmways they feed their pigs with coconut so they just throw away all the coconut shell and I was so
trying to do some research and I spent two weeks in my warehouse completely covered by charcoal and I say like now I find out how to add some economic value on this coconut charcoal coconut
And then we produce a high quality of coconut charcoal. And after that, we had a meeting with a village and we're thinking about how if we have our coconut trees.
like now we have 500 coconut trees but it's kind of like above their productive feed age so we're trying to we're trying to plan the 3000 coconut tree plantations and then we're trying to do that in
in three years. So there's a waiting time, there's a waiting time for like five years until harvest and we will do like a sport approach and education approach for the community. So everybody can feel like everybody in full in this
Infove in this project and then The fathers will handle the productions the mother will handle the packaging while Both of parents busy with working and then their kids still in our Education institutions. They are trying to write
their future and then we're trying to accommodate them, facilitate them with a scholarship consultant. So one of the Japanese students now trying to take Master Degree and now in the final interview. So it's kind of like all what we're doing with the coconut agriculture
come back 100% to the community and they don't really have access to the land because of all the land owners has like a political history and royal history and because of that one of my one of the land owners is my ancestors so I talked to
My family we have agreement to give 35 acres land to get to be accessed by the Village members or the community. So we will give them access to water, access to land and access to the seat so they can do inter
crop for the sword harfest crops in the coconut farm. So like we we will plan the coconut trees in the distance of like 8 to 10 meters. So it means there's a lot of space that they can do. The only problem in Southeast, they don't really have water, they have skills as of armors.
So our goal is there's no agriculture without farmers. They still can do sword harvest crops, plantations, and then we are trying to accommodate them. And hopefully from Bodai Phile, we will share some good news about education.
and of course will give them a good financial income because the average family there they just have 60 dollar per month their financial income is like 60 dollar per month and they have 10 members of family in their household. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Thank you guys.
Respect all right, you've been very patient there. See no go ahead buddy
Yeah, what's up everyone? It's me again Yeah, I just wanted to shill a little bit about Twitter space that we're doing with Crypto Curiosas They are Latin American Group of women that are onboarding other Latinas into
We're starting a collaboration with Inpectopia in them to create a woman-led project, get-corning-shilling space because we believe that there's not enough spaces for women. This is also in collaboration absolutely with all the folks of SolarPone Guild.
Atlantis, Dow, Jimmy, Treeshands, okay. It's just that they're very busy but they're in the game as well. It's next week Tuesday and I wish I heard a couple of women talk today, please join us. You all have a really interesting project and I think it's we think that
it's going to be cool that you guys can have also a space where we men can just listen and not be the ones that take majority of the discussion because we need more women vibes. And so I just wanted to remind you guys about that and then I heard about mental health. I got to say I don't think I've ever
been in the craziest situations in my life has been kind of like with Jimmy. Either it's like us going to India and him getting bitten by a rat or it's just like me losing my mind on Twitter. I think I've never been so long on Twitter but yeah I think I need I don't know if you guys
sometimes like lose your mind like you forget things because you're so you spend such a long time on Twitter. I'm just wanting to start this little discussion here. Has it ever happened to you guys say so long on Twitter that you forget things? Well, I can tell you a story about staying on that one Twitter.
I don't know if you guys know this but I was once alive for 60 hours straight That's right. I slipped for 45 minutes over the entire weekend And it was wild it was really wild and what happened I don't know about forgetfulness, but what actually you guys know and how
Harry Potter where there was like a photo and the photos like start moving, it's kind of like a video photo. Well, I should you not. Profile pictures literally started to move. I was hallucinating, ladies and gentlemen, completely sober. I had some energy drinks, some coffee,
coffee and whatnot. But I started to make money into that to it is ridiculous. Now, why did I do that? We were trying to get the attention of Mr. Beast and now we have three points of contact with Mr. Beast team. And once I officially break the well record for tree planting with Guinness, we're going to be making that
meeting happen and then pushing for this next goal of $35 million. But yeah, I know, man, it could be a variety of things. It could be being on Twitter. It could be lack of sleep. It could be, you know, diet. There's a number of factors that could maybe lead to that. But yeah, no. And kudos for putting together that
that space man. I totally agree with you that we got to onboard more women as the space and create those spaces for them. What was really cool to see though is the green pillow festival have more than 50% of the devs actually be women and that was a really cool event that they put together and it turns about
look at it and see if they're going to get the next space.
project you better shim on up here don't be shy I see you cooler I see you new forum who wants to do a space regularly I see you messo reef what you doing being shy and the audience get up here and shilladil your product project also lunar punk if you got a project on gait corn we want to hear about it we want to know about
it make sure you pin it up to the jumbo to the jumbo tron ladies and gentlemen so yes um oh we got carbon counting club up here what's up mr. McGee oh not much happy to be here happy to see everybody you know getting together making some progress
Amazing. She does what you're working on, brother. I'm part of the Impact Verification Infrastructure Bundle. So if anybody wants to help out with that, it's different programs to help get people rewarded for taking action.
for helping the environment. Evergreen Coin is the program I'm you know closest with and know the most about. If you share photos and personal stories and environmental works to Evergreen
forward slash. That's where the rules are. So go there checking that out. Turn in some works, claim some crypto. There are small liquidity pools and automated market structures you can utilize. So it's easily traded for other assets that you would prefer.
Oh yeah, let's grow. I love it, man. You know, everyday things, right? Recycling, planting a fruit tree in your backyard, whatever it may be, you can't get reward for it. And that's super cool that you do that. All right, I think Guido has finally got his space together.
whether he's tweeted out the link. Okay, there we go. Boom. He's live. It's pinned. And you know what that means. It's time for the great transition, ladies and gentlemen. We want everybody to get out of this space and get into the next space, which is pinned on the far left of the jumbo.
So head over to the jumbo shun swipe right if you're not on the far left and get out of here Let's go let's go. Thank you for being here everyone. Thank you so much You already know tomorrow's and times and place let's go to widows and
Let's go Let's freaking grow ladies and gentlemen. Let's get it. There we go. Neon cat. Yes Get out of here mess our reef to the next sauboo to the next loot a punk next one. Let's grow I luxus Quiria
We try better Kipee out of here to the next one three gents is leaving Here we go Bam three gents gone All right, Carby County Club Trilana onto the next one Cosmos time to leave
Top left let's go to the next one to the next one. I don't people are joining get out of here. Go to the next one Get out of this boat. Let's get out of the next one on to the next keep keep playing the uncat and knowing sounds There we go
Yes, get it off, shit. Go on. Get out of here. To the next space. That loop. I don't know why you're still here. Lunar punk.
time to go up in Adam time to leave them okay I'm going
I'm gonna close the space now. I'm sure let's go wait. Yeah, yeah, we're gonna quit wait wait wait for the leap or you go Alright get out of here. I'm going I'm going down the go alright. I'm leaving Get out of here guys. Let's go. Let's go. We try let's go three
three line that she'd like to get out of here to the griller one is being
Let's go to the next one. I'm gonna close the space now. So see you in the weirder space.
20 tomorrow for the shooting station at the same time at the same place. See ya!

FAQ on 📢GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community | Twitter Space Recording

Where is the speaker from?
The speaker is from the Dominican Republic.
What does the speaker use as a signal to start their day?
The speaker uses their morning coffee as a signal to start their day.
What is the speaker's goal for the next 12 hours?
The speaker's goal for the next 12 hours is to crawl Twitter, participate in Twitter spaces, and engage with the community.
What is the speaker's organization, Impactopia, working on?
Impactopia is working on building a safe space for collectives to learn about web3 technology and scale their projects.
What is the purpose of Weiss Crowd, which is mentioned in the podcast?
Weiss Crowd is a platform for facilitating conversation and learning about web3 technology.
What event is Impactopia planning in collaboration with a team focusing on empowering women-led projects?
Impactopia is planning events to empower women-led projects in the Get Going Better Round.
Who is Jimmy mentioned in the podcast, and what is his expertise?
Jimmy is an expert in planting trees, and is mentioned for his valuable knowledge in that area.
What is the goal of Tree Gens, as discussed in the podcast?
The goal of Tree Gens is to mobilize a movement of change makers to come together to regenerate the world by planting trees and changing incentives around the issue.
What is the current world record for most trees planted by any number of people in 24 hours?
The current world record for most trees planted by any number of people in 24 hours is 355 million trees, completed by Ethiopia.
How does the Tree Gens token generate rewards for users, and what is the purpose of these rewards?
The Tree Gens token generates rewards for users through carbon forwards, and these rewards incentivize users to participate in the movement by planting more trees and engaging with the community.