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📢GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community

Recorded: April 28, 2023



[Birds chirping]
GM GM folks can you hear me can you sign
(crickets chirping)
(crickets chirping)
Awesome, welcome, welcome folks.
My man Jimmy, are you there?
My brother, yes sir, I am here. How you feeling man? Has good coin treating you.
I am good, I am good, Jimmy, you know what? As I speak to you, I am reminded of Alice in Wonderland, right? And I am reminded of the fact that you have taken us down this rabbit hole.
And I'm just quite afraid of the thing that you got us getting on to is like one big train. The big chain, the other space is wrapping up and sending the peeps here and yeah and also by the way we are
We learned a lot. We haven't even done one day yet. I know people are doing their first space of the radio. But what we're going to be doing is we're going to be posting one post in the official Gidcoin event section with all the links, people to join. We also now have shifts we're taking on the solo-punk guild
page so that we can always pin the space that's currently happening there so people can find it. We're learning, we're learning a few different things here and there and yeah no absolutely we gotta amplify everyone's space. But before we do let's all retweet the room okay I just pinned it to the
jumbo tron so everybody just tap the RT button there. Okay. And yeah, I'm going to finish posting this graphic in the event section. But yeah, tell us about ReFi by south. What's the story of how it came to be?
Love that, love that Chime. Give me a minute. I want to make sure I'm making somebody else the co-host. Chime, I'm making you the co-host of
also in case something happens to me my connection I get lost in the web 3 space so yeah you will be there to hold the fork while I come back
love that. It's 230 pm here in Mumbai, India, it is hot, extremely hot. We're just getting a taste of what this summer is going to be. Things don't look so good. This climate change is completely on us. The only thing good I would say, in fact the big
thing good in my life is all of this coordination that's happening on Web 3. All of us into which world's making our efforts, scaling them up into businesses, into organizations and just doing the good work. So love for everybody who's doing that. I am going to make one more minute just to allow maybe a couple more
to trickle in from the other space before I get on to my origin story. But in the meantime, I'm going to be telling you about three things that people don't know me. So that's a little alpha that you have on me. One of the first things that I just want to share which people don't know about me is that I
I like to do early morning runs. I just love waking up at 5.30, 6 am, the roads are empty. There's not much open space here in Mumbai, but there are a couple of green spaces which we just love. I mean, I just love being in that. I'm just going around. So there's a racetrack.
And in the morning, there are certain sections which is open to the public to walk and I do that. I take a couple of rounds of that space and I just love it. That's my me time that helps me think clear my head. And whenever I'm in a big jam and jam in the sense of a mental conundrum, I usually end up going for a run.
helps me untie the knot, so to speak. So that's like number one, number two, most people don't know that I am also an angel investor. I do a little bit of investing in projects. I've been doing that for a couple of years since I ran the accelerator. I've been, I'm a regular participant, a part of
and one of India's most popular, immediate funding pitching platforms called 10 minute million. So, and currently I do some little bit investing in specifically in the climate blockchain space. In fact, I just did one in TRST01, which is probier. Did that last
month. So that's the other bit that most people wouldn't know about me. And the third bit most people wouldn't know about me is that complete family man. I mean that's to me, the success of my family, my wife, my kids is like hugely more important than anything that I do. So that's like some
Welcome everybody, welcome to the space, Kidcoin Radio here. I'm speaking to you on behalf of SolarPunk Guild, huge shout out to Giro, to Rithu, to Jimmy, to all those good folks at SolarPunk Guild to just come up with this brilliant idea of doing a
24 by 7 across the Gitcoin space marathon radio session for all the people to come in whenever they want to to answer any questions to share their project to make new connections hell you know just make friends so love that love all of you for that thank you so much for being
here on this space. Welcome welcome welcome. We just getting started. I am just about to share as is the case now with all such kid coin reduce spaces. I being the host have the honor and the opportunity of sharing my origin story. But before I get to that a quick shout out to all
those good folks who are here, Anamari Gido. Oh Anamari just disappeared. Okay. She'll be back. Probably right. Ah, no worries. She just tasting right? Absolutely. Probably to a lot of taste. Absolutely. So awesome. I just invited Sola Punk Gil also.
So yeah, you know, space has been rugged a lot of people lately I think they kind of took the ball off the spaces is they're trying to build out all these new features a bunch of people. Oh, there we go. See now we can people coming back. Uh, but welcome welcome everybody. Let's retweet the room.
All right, there's something pinned up to the jumbo tron. Make sure you tap the RT button there and let more people know about this. But as you were pranup, go ahead. Awesome. Thank you so much for that. So yeah, here comes the origin story. Well, you got to go back a long way because I got some years on me, right? So for the first
15 years of my life I ran my own family business, government manufacturing and exports primarily fast fashion to Europe cut to 2012-13 I was fortunate enough to be part of this program fellows program which took me to Singapore China as well as to the US landed up at MIT
where I did a small module on sustainability and in that particular module this whole climate change conversation really hit home and you know they had a map out there which showed effects of climate change it was like a simulation and no matter what we did we just couldn't
prevent the flooding of huge swaths of coastal regions across India, as out of the Asia, including Mumbai, it was very scary. And I really thought about my family, my kids. And as part of that program, as part of that module, we all made a declaration in terms of doing something around sustainability. And I mean, I came back to India to
The sustainable part of life switched over to a sustainable fashion start-up. And over this last decade, I have had the opportunity to work across the space across different domains in sustainability.
working in sustainable fashion was part of India's first circular fashion platform. I've been part of a co-founder at a plastic traceability and transparency solution. I've been part of crypto exchange. Also, you know, I've also run an accelerator called ideas that scale. I've been part of various
programs, various, you know, these angel networks. And for the last two years, I have been diving deeper into the climate blockchain intersection because that's essentially, you know, for me, and this is where we get really specific about why I'm doing what I'm doing. For me, you know, there's the technology, the blockchain, what
brings in terms of trust interestless environment, decentralization, collaboration at scale, all of that sounds great. But you know what's like the X factor for me, it's the governance aspect. You know the fact that we could potentially empower stewards at the front lines of climate action to make the choices in terms of what to do with the funds, where do they go, what kind of impacted
get collated, how are they sold? I mean the guys who do all the hard work, they could decide, you know, they could benefit from the fruits of their labor. And that is through the governance that technology provides us. So I'm really passionate about that aspect. I'm fortunate enough to work with low labs for the last one and a half year.
working across a bunch of projects, region network, region foundation, IxO, MCV, and there's a bunch of new interesting stuff happening. Huge shout out to Dave Fortune and Loalabs for the good work that they do. They work, they are marketing and cons agency for better world blockchains.
They also run validator notes for about nine chains in the Cosmos ecosystem. They are really good at essentially taking businesses to market because they've been in the space since 2017-18 having watched the ReFi space really grow but going beyond that now to impact right and not really just because
living in echo chambers but going beyond RIFI and into impact. Hugh Charter also did RIFI Dow, John Ellison for him. I wouldn't be where I am today for all the good work that he's doing and for the opportunity that I've had to be building RIFI podcasts and RIFI Dow along with him in the warranty capacity that I could.
And of course, lastly, a huge shout out to Gitcoin, to the climate working group, to Ben West, to John Roo, to Colleen, to Tara, and all of those amazing people who work behind the scenes to really make Gitcoin possible. That's a monologue. That's my origin story. I'm going to shut up now because I want other people to really take the limelight here.
It's up Cosmos, more than happy to come in Jimmy more than happy to come in please feel free Yes, GMGN 5/1. Thank you for your dissimple introduction. I have a couple of questions actually because so at first thank you
just to talk about LOL app because it appears very often in your communications, but we don't have a lot of information about what is LOL app. So for example, for a project like Cosmos, what could be the relationship
that we can have with LLAP. Awesome, great question. Thank you so much for asking that. So LLAPS is helpful for a project in a variety of ways. So let's just start with the fact that you are a project who's building in the impact or carbon space.
Unless you assume that you are a really early project, right? You still want a cheap product market fit. You don't have a proper handle on who your potential customers are. Maybe your product is not yet completely ready. So you could be any of those and low labs has how do I say low labs?
has the chops, you know how they call marketing chops, so they have these various chops to help you with it. So for example, let's say that you're building out your product, well LoLabs has a product studio, we could potentially work with you to help you build your product. Let's say your product is ready, right, and you're looking for a launch strategy.
So, you can do a lot of things.
Build out your community. Lowelapse has been particularly helpful in building out community for a bunch of projects. Let's go over to the technical side. Let's just say that you are an L2 or you are a project which also has tokens. Lowelapse can definitely help you in case you need validator loads help you run
validator nodes. In case you are a project like for example, wheel coin where we have had this initial working relationship and we are looking to again restart the relationship with them. If you have a project like wheel coin which essentially incentivizes behavior change using tokenization, we could put
help you design those cycles right in order to acquire customers and create that positive virtuous loop. So bunch of things in short, you know we have a product studio, we have a marketing and socials, we are a marketing and socials agency, we are also
the technical chops in terms of running validator nodes and yes if you are in the global south you want to acquire you know a large audience you want to build a customer base you want to work with initial startups well referred by south is at your service right that being said you know building public goods is some
something that is very close to low alabs heart. So as in line with that, we have recently put out a product called the low or no toolkit which allows validators to be more involved in the governance aspect of the chains that they are validating for. So definitely building public goods is high up on the agenda
for low elaps. Once you've gone this journey, let's just assume you're somebody like region network. You're doing your marketing and comms for you, but then you also need to now engage with the piggies in the space. Let's say you want to engage at the level for other L1s, low elaps is deeply and very well entrenched in the
ecosystem connected across for example, through BXC and through a bunch of other associations with all of the majors and we could potentially help you with that interoperability bit right below alabs currently is also part of BXC as you already know we are actively engaging with multiple conversations we are helping with putting together responses to government
In terms of just what is the you know use case for blockchain in climate so all of those well apps is actively involved in so depends upon where you are in your journey and again this is a new space you're all developing and building up a muscle as we go you're more than happy to work with you and build out our toolkit and service you with what we have
Shamba, I see you. I see your request. Just adding you as a speaker.
and solar pungid also. I hope you guys get it.
And it shows connecting, connecting. Awesome.
Jimmy my man, I'm going to have to request you to add, I'm going to be sharing the next space in the comments because I'm my original phone by the way, blanked out on me in the sense, you know, the space hung there, I have not
Now I have entered the space through my second phone and I may be unable to add a cautious space which is the next one after this. I am going to be trying but in case I am unable to I am going to need help out there Jimmy. Just letting you know and I am making you the co-host again.
Okay, apparently so guys as we are inviting more people to speak so I've just sent out invites to Gorang I've sent out invites to fight us gang to Shamba
The space is rugging. No question about it.
appreciate your patience appreciate all of you being here and yeah
still trying to get this going.
It's very strange to not be able to hear our Jimmy actually.
Yeah. So I have just tried. Hi, Devon. I see you there. I'm just sending in white to speak. Guys, can I request you folks to just, you know, put out the request to speak because
Yeah awesome Cosmos for humanity you are now a co-host solar punk just adding your speaker Hopefully that goes through right now
that go through.
(birds chirping)
Okay, we have so I'll bring in at act.
If you want to speak, you are free to go.
Hey guys, can you guys hear me?
Yes, we can. Yeah, awesome. There's something seem to be actually wrong. So when you when on on Shambal Khan when I clicked like to to come up stage on stage, and then you accepted it, it actually just said that
the room has ended, like literally like I was like sort of like figuring out and so but I didn't have to close all the apps and then come back and then it would actually been allowed me to join it would just every time you accepted it
it would just say that the room is ended and closed it all of it as if the room is ended. So maybe that's the reason why people are not able to come and join up on Sage. Probably, probably.
I have also just invited
Let's see earth-based soul. Let's have you connecting. Please Twitter, the Twitter Gods, let them acquiesce.
up again.
You know this can get quite frustrating.
So, I mean any experiences, I have been people handling this challenge of Twitter.
I mean, in such a situation, do you think it's advisable to end the entire space and then to restart a fresh one?
I don't know whether they could try to leave the space and then come back that could that could work because I see earth based soul has just put a thumbs up. Can you please repeat the thumbs up if you agree with me that I should end this space and start again.
another thumbs up please, earth based soul and maybe a couple of others.
Awesome, so I'm ending the space, I will be restarting as Gidcoin radio image-wetly. Hang on folks, let's get you back there. Love you guys.

FAQ on 📢GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community | Twitter Space Recording

What is the podcast about?
The podcast is about the Refi by South project and the host's origin story.
What is Alice in Wonderland related to in the podcast?
The host compares their experience with Gitcoin's 24/7 radio marathon to Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole.
What is the host's opinion on climate change?
The host believes climate change is a pressing issue and is worried about the impact it will have on the environment and people's lives.
What is the host's me-time activity?
The host likes to do early morning runs as a way to clear their head and untangle mental conundrums.
What is the host's other interest aside from Refi by South?
The host is an angel investor who invests in projects primarily in the climate blockchain space.
What is the host's view on family?
The host places a high value on family and views their success as more important than anything they do.
What event is the host referring to when they say 'we haven't even done one day yet'?
The host is referring to the Gitcoin 24/7 radio marathon.
What kind of organizations does the host mention being a part of?
The host mentions being a part of an accelerator, a crypto exchange, and India's first circular fashion platform.
What is the host's focus when it comes to the intersection of climate and blockchain?
The host is interested in the governance aspect of the intersection of climate and blockchain and how it can empower local stewards to make decisions about how funds are spent.
What does the host request listeners to do at the beginning of the podcast?
The host asks listeners to retweet the room and introduce themselves before sharing their own origin story.