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here is that any human?
Perfect. So you can hear me good. Awesome. They're going to start moving people over in the next three, four minutes so we can just hold on until people come in. I guess I'm going to quickly go in
So make myself some coffee because I literally woke up like 10 minutes back. Yeah, here. Just got in home from the market. So we also get some glass of water.
I can see it too and we don't have joined it.
I'm still moving guys, moving people over I guess.
(cars honking)
Hello hello. Yeah, now I can hear you. Yeah, how are you doing? I'm good and good. How are you doing? Yeah, good and a bit busy, but using a lot of my time for treatise spaces, but still is okay. I'll be around. I'm here to
stabilize the space, I will probably mute myself because I have some things to do and I have two spaces that I host one at four and one at five so but it gives you any trouble just DM me and I'll go and how are you
I'm good just getting I just woke up like like around half an hour back so just getting ready for the day. So one hour one hour you woke up one hour but where are you you know the safe wind down in the United States. Okay so there's
Yeah, more more more in the morning. Yeah. Okay, I shared the space in the solar pangil. So everybody knows who is the space is on and that meet myself and fun. Awesome. Ciao. Bye bye. The Kiran was it too. What's up?
Hello. Yeah.
I'm good have you. Good. I would go yesterday. Yesterday's space I wasn't able to make a jump in at all leading with like some stuff.
So, Kiran or into whoever is behind Atlantis, guys, how do you pay not to eat to the Jumbo Tron? Yes, let me teach you this today.
So what you do is you go to your tweet. All right. The one that you want to pin up. So you see the at the far right you have the share button right. Yeah, once you click on the share button you can see the top most option will be.
your space you can share the tweet directly on your space oh my god I have found it yes yes you are there brother finally no I think that was that was one of the most beautiful things about running the bitcoin radio was
that there were a lot of folks like you who were completely new to running to your spaces, speaking on these forums and stuff. And I feel like it's day three already upon us and everyone got this in-signum one of confidence now to just come jump. Everyone's become familiar with one another. So that icebreaker has
Yes, eventually happened and we are in a safe space now. So I think it's going to be comfortable very quick. Yes, yes. So yeah, you can continue the conversation. I'm just here to support increase you need anything. Just let me know. Give me a shout out. Yeah.
We're having a rather deep conversation with Nagraju and Juan in the previous space. It's sad to see that. Both of them didn't join in over here. I saw both of them sitting in my space for quite a long time. I was about to close up, so I think they did not have
You need the music and you need GMP. Yes, very. I mean, I don't want to play the music without Jimmy. Jimmy is the guy who does it very eloquently from his head. I want to play.
You know, still it's done. But what's happening with you man? Like, where are you right now? Are you still in Philea or you're planning to come down? Still in Philea man, things have been a little crazy for us right now. Okay, it's just as on the call. So yeah.
Basically, you spoke to Shreya Shret. I met him the day at the Solana Hakao's over here in Mangaluban, I met him. Yeah. Yeah. At that time he was still fine, but he kind of had a serious lung condition.
So right around Rufa India, he underwent one round of surgery. Then he is undergoing one again right now. Oh, shit. So we were in a dress about his situation. Yeah, just I mean, as
whatever we can do from our list, just send you guys good wishes and give him all the time from our area. But hopefully he's a fighter from the way I've seen him dealt with problems. So it's going to be fine brother. The more we don't think about it, the
stress we can be and keep yourselves hustling work yourself have something at your end at the same time just you know share a good thoughts with him also. Hopefully he has a speeding talent. Yeah we're all hoping for that but
It's going to take at least I think six, seven months for him to get back on time. How much of a setback is that going to have on your team though? At Austro, mind. We're looking for someone who can fill the void right now. Okay. So yeah.
do give us out. If you can maybe put up a post on what the requirement is actually is and we could help you share that across all of our hands. I'm about to do it like I was about to send it to you guys. Like we just do it tomorrow. Yeah.
It's always hard when one of your core members have these kind of personal partners to go and you really are not in a sport to help them in any way. They just have to write the journey themselves.
- It's just how life is. We really don't know what's gonna happen to any of us tomorrow. It's just why it goes.
So what is going on here? We had more of our regional science kind of get together last night like we met up with Guru and Marko was also here with us last night. And we're just having this conversation and you know,
you're having dinner together yesterday at one of these places near R HQ itself and came back home just spoke more deeply about what we all get going and how you know it's always fun to see when regions get together in a room, how the conversation slowly moves
We have more people following us and exploring what we are trying to explore and solve. It's just crazy to see how even the young Gen Z kind of
of a youth that is coming into the forum right now. They are also writing handouts, they are just following the right track. We had this very beautiful conversation with a lot of builders from Green Dau also yesterday at that space where you could maybe check out the recording, it was a very good conversation where they were
talking about how they have so many builders on their network on their community already and they're all willing to find really good projects to work under and there are master classes that are being organized and stuff and it's huge the plethora of talent that
is going to come up in ReFi in the next one year according to me is it's very promising it's a very promising space to be in right now and I'm glad like the whole web 3 is turning its tide towards ReFi now and it's nice it's a good space to be right now
Yeah, did you guys see the thing like they now apparently going to be the task force and nature markets? No, not really. If you can
I'm just looking for a link. They do research on basically the ones who do research on biodiversity created and all of these things.
and they put out this create report
about how to do it. So you're going to be able to do it. Oops, oops.
I'll find the reporter on the different stacking method that can be employed when you're working with
sort of variety of credits, not just like Kaboom. So they found the wrong method to stack rx with Kaboom credits.
Wow. Yeah, really good. I do share, if I can read it, it'd be a great piece of article to a brush up.
Come again.
I was here for a second. I was very high to someone over there next to you. So what's the weather like?
It's been a hard couple of weeks
in Bangalore also, but it's annoying to see how climate change has affected the weather and every year it's like, we are playing this guest game on what it's going to be like this month or the next month or the month after that.
Now it's like someone asked me how's the weather, I'm just like, it's just there, like what can I say. So it's just crazy man, I used to live in Etika before I used to live here and in Etika it's about 8 months of winter.
almost and every year I was there the winter was getting pushed by a month so when I first got there it would winter would start in October then it would start in November then in December this year apparently it has started sometime
in March which is just madness. Okay I have a thing to do right now at my end but you have okay you're in safe hands now Jimmy is back here. Jimmy is going to take a tour for a bit.
I just have a few cards to finish with my end, but I'll be here in the space. Don't worry. I'll give you my support. Yeah, good fan to your thingy, your food, your grub. Yeah, yeah. What's going on? Deplan? How's the fun?
Yeah, what's up? How are we doing? Yeah, man, dude, we're on day three of the radio day three day three day three. Let's grow.
I was good man. It was Atlantis right before this so yeah Atlantis with mass and yeah always a good time with those guys and we had some some good discussions but
But yeah, so tell me tell me what your journey's been like so far, man. Like every entrepreneur has challenges, right? And then it's about how do we overcome those challenges? How do we learn from them? What have been some of the challenges that you guys have had to overcome?
(speaking in foreign language)
It's a heavy question. I'm just thinking hit you with the heavy ones today. It's day three, bam. We go in deep Yeah, so this is I guess
I found my way to inside like with the inner strange way like I took like a huge detour before I came here I was doing like all kinds of weird shit before this but
I think I was just sick and tired at a point back in 2021 with the kind of work that I was involved in. So I was doing like a lot of
infrastructure, consultancy stuff like transport, consultancy and all of that and helping out in building people who are not forgetting about their infrastructure plan cities, they're infrastructure plans and things like that.
And before that, I was working with the UN for a little bit and there too, I was kind of just like doing, there was work that we were doing that was interesting, but I was just tired of things never getting to where they were supposed to get to.
If you have what I mean like you do you know just yeah with the bureaucracy that is involved in these spaces. It's just impossible to get anything really done. It's always just words and things that I've spoken about nothing ever happens to me and
Eventually, it was just 2021, late 2021. I just was like, I can't do this anymore. I'm just out of this. Fucking tired of it. So I started transitioning away and I started doing other shit primarily just like looking for
interesting things to work on. And I came across this entire space just by accident looking at it like, "Oh, okay." And I think John probably fired up and written some sort of an article about it and
I was like, seems like a pristine stride out and started doing the founder circles, which is where I met Guido for the first time, which is where I met Tetlatas, which is where I met a lot of the people that I know today.
It was just interesting to be part of this thing where people were everyone was sort of focused on creating impact and not on anything else.
since then that's what Olive been doing here.
Wow, that's incredible that you're working at the UN, but it makes sense that there's a lot of bureaucracy at those kind of organizations. Was that a difficult change to go from a comfortable job to doing something that
you know, is a bit more risky and you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone or have you been starting companies before that? I did one before that like way back in 2016 when I did like a when I did the side of a furniture company back in India and that didn't really work and
I was just terribly sick of it. So sick of it that I was okay with not having anything to do but I just did what to do that.
Well, yeah, I couldn't relate, man. It sounds a lot like when I was working at corporate jobs, I was just like, "Ah, it's one I like, go ahead and do my own thing." And then, man, once you start building and getting a little bit of traction or making a bit of impact, you get hooked on that, right? Like it's a dig thing.
Yeah, and you also kind of just have a little bit more sense of purpose, I guess.
which is always like feels good at the end of the day. - Of course. - Yeah. - Thank you. - Thank you for your time. - What were you up to before this?
I mean, what before before before agents, tree gins well, I mean, I wasn't doing a corporate job before tree gins before tree gins. I was doing we make impact. So clean water projects. That's actually originally why I came to Kenya was to do clean water projects. We were doing biosand
water filters, which is the most cost effective way to get people in water. The reason I was doing that is because before that I was organizing events, doing charity festivals, selling products, talking on people's doors, trying to convince them to give to charity so I was fundraising. I was doing philanthropic stuff for a while before that. I'm talking way back when
And when I was just about to go to university, I was doing some telemarketing jobs. That was kind of like doing my head. Just saying the same thing over and over again on the phone. Like, it definitely can make you like, I feel like if you're made to do something, if you're an entrepreneur and you're not living in purpose in line with your purpose, it's going to like a road away at your
soul and that was definitely happening for me. But then once I started organizing those events, I felt that rush of passion flow through me and that has definitely propelled me on to where I am now. But just fundraising for charities to me, it was fulfilling, but the transparency wasn't
there, I couldn't really connect with the impact because it was very obvious I was getting the same updates, there were sending many other people. And so updates are fungible, that's what we kind of can realize. And we need, that's the one of the beauties of non-fungible technology, right? And non-fungible too?
You can have unique digital media that can be sent to people in way more transparency to see how that stuff flows. That's what we're doing now with tree genses.
to go related to the holders, etc. But yeah, man, you got to live in line with your purpose. If you're not living in line with your purpose, your body's going to let you know. It definitely was that way for me.
But working at the UN, I'm sure it's pure, pure, pure, er, but, er, I'm sure it's pure, er, but there's still probably some things that you could learn from such a big organization like that. The node that you're not, do you take anything away that you found to be kind of useful information that now you're implementing?
I think like the resources that they have and the kind of training that you get about working with and my mental stuff and things like that is really cool, very useful. You get to work with a lot of people who are like really deeply into this stuff. They're very
easy access to like scientists and people like that who you probably would if you were not in the organization. So all of those connections are really useful. They're really interesting people always to sort of ask questions and get something, you know brainstorm with the thing do things like that.
Just as an organization, I don't think that it's just a it's not about the bureaucracy as much as it's like at least in India when I was doing this work. It's Indian bureaucracy coupled with this bureaucracy which is what created the issue for me. I'm sure that the organization is not all that bad.
that they do some good stuff in other places. I'm sure they do like cool stuff in Kenya right now. Like you and Habitat has been doing some work there. But at least in India there was like the reason that I got sick of it was that it was Indian bureaucracy coupled with their own bureaucracy which is just taking forever for things to move forward. But
You do see how they like managed to pull different stakeholders together. They really couldn't that, that they'll pull. If they want to make something happen, they're really because of the fact that they have so much institutional capacity, they're able to pull all sorts of strange people together and they get things going, not done.
Right. And so what kind of things were you trying to get done with the UN at the time? I was working for them doing some work in Maharashtra, which they had started something called the Maharashtra Street, rural livelihoods mission, which is about traveling from place to place.
And my role at least was traveling from place to place and gathering information about livelihoods and points where improvement needed to be made. So water access, basically wash, water sanitation, hygiene, all of these questions.
and simultaneously we were dealing with the dead agricultural practices and what sort of variations could be made in those. Wow, there you go. It's crazy how like good. No, I just think I spent basically like two years traveling from like place to place.
Oh wow, a lot of traveling in. Isn't that crazy how you were doing clean water stuff? I was doing clean water stuff as Lance is doing clean water stuff and then all kind of converging towards climate. It's interesting that kind of trend.
It's going to be crazy, right? But, yes, so tell us, or are you...
ecosystem, you know, with your initiative, is it more, is it beyond regenerative like trees? Because I know some parts of B-FIRE even talking about like water credits
and things like that too.
you know, what kind of the ecosystem, what parts of the ecosystem are you thinking about like biodiversity or
Awesome. Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead. Good if it delay cut. Oh bad. Cut in your dollar. Yeah.
I was just saying, yeah, okay, you go, you go, you go, you go.
I think we have like a lag between us. We're doing so if the baby started off is that we wanted to capture as wide a net of ecosystem services as possible. So we started by just inventing them, which is just saying
What are the range of ecosystem services that this particular environment lasts it provides? And once you have them down, then we wanted to measure those which were significant enough to be measured. So for example, the side of the dealing with, there is flood mitigation services that it provides
to the community but we are not certain that those are not massive because the site is already sort of low like high line which means we don't measure it but apart from that it's basically we go ahead and we break down so let's say there is a it's a 10 acre parcel of land it has
around 761 trees 341 small plants and a stretch of the river. So we're going to break down each and every single ecosystem service that it provides and then listen trying to actually. And once you break that list down, we try and see that which
one of these can not a lot of these can be calculated. The ones that can be we start calculating out methods to calculate them. We start with, we're figuring out what are the methods that we will use to measure different metrics that will compound together to provide us the providers estimate of what the ecosystems are
services work. So that means either sort of stacking together information from satellites, information from sensors, information from just on the ground surveys and using all three of those together to build a data model that is strong enough to deflect real world conditions.
So we're doing this some of these are like almost experimental right now. We're doing a cool experiment with audio sensors for tracking birds and calculating bird biodiversity within the site. So audio AI is what we will use for that. We're doing leaf points
which are also kind of cool. They sit, they're almost like a leaf themselves, they sit on a tree and they behave exactly the same way as the leaf in the tree wood and they track how much moisture the tree is absorbing, how much moisture the leaf health is and things like that.
pieces of these are new pieces of these don't exist yet things like biodiversity measurement through AI and things all of those and pieces of these pieces of this are like kind of well established which are established in what the UN published back in 2018 it's called the UNSEPA system for environmental
And the CF framework is what we primarily use for all of our measurement report and verification standards and everything else that we do around it is based on a variation of the CF. So, if we are doing biodiversity calculations through
or UAI, the code premise or the code protocol for that will still be from this year, but we will change it up a little bit, sort of, adapted to at least.
- Patterns, because we weren't thinking in broader terms about this kind of stuff. Very cool, thank you. - This is your first good coin. Round or are you done this before?
This is our first gift card. Alright. We're just getting the hand off it. Yeah. We got to making it to the rounds. How are you finding it so far?
It's really really fun so far. I think also I'm not burnt out yet completely so I'm not facing everyone else talks about which is the 10 days in your kind of just sick or whatever but it's three days in so
I've got like, yeah, I'm having fun right now. Yeah. Well, three days into the radio, but I think we had at least one day before that. Yeah. So 45, right? So we're about full five days in. Right, right. Yeah.
Yeah, man. I really wonder how the radio hosts are going to be feeling like. Towards the end of it. It's like a lot. It's a lot, especially if you're going to a lot of the spaces. But, but yeah, so then how did you then go to
Kenya and meet El Zafan and those guys start this thing up or had you what's that journey then like when I started it was me and Shreya and we were going on different discords and just
I was just going to drop the idea and I left and he was like, "You want to work on this?"
since he was the only person who was basically interested in this. And he reached out and he's been working with us since then. And he is the one who found Mr. Karumi, he's the one who was like, you know, we should do this here. And he's the one who put us in touch with all those people who were really work with today in India.
So yeah, you said from discord. Yeah. Nice man. That's so cool. Our connections can happen to those platforms. Go ahead. Yeah, it's just weird how you end up meeting people on discord sometimes.
Yeah, definitely met some people on Discord mostly spaces though obviously spend way more time on spaces but but yeah I've met so many incredible people online and then what's you then meet up in IRL is something different so you guys just working together remotely or have you have you had a chance to go over to Kenya?
We've been working together remotely so far. I am coming to Kenya and me at the end of me. At the May. Yeah. Okay. I might be going early June. No, not right now.
We were there. I was there for like almost three years. I'm currently visiting some family over in Australia. Haven't seen my mother in like four years. So I'm just going to visit her. I don't sound Australian. I've actually lived in Australia since I was like 11 years old. But yeah, I like kind of
lived all over. I was having a New Zealand Australia, seven years in Japan, eight in Canada, and then East Africa for like three years, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda. And yeah, that's where all of our tree planting stuff is. See, East Africa for now.
But we might be expanding a little bit over here or potentially Malaysia as well So yeah, but yeah be cool to link up when you get to Kenya My it might align Yeah, we should make that
It's like there is a huge new emergence of Free Fire projects all over Nairobi, which I'm just fascinated by right now. There's a Kennedy doing some great work with Shamba Network. Shaila Aga, who's doing some fantastic work at Charmadao.
And we are also there with Deep Datostream and Jimmy's there and there's just like a bunch of other projects that have started to prop up which is really interesting now. Nairobi is becoming like the half-pour-fifli in Africa.
By the way, everyone, guys, whoever is listening, you guys can raise your hand, come up to speak with all
I can take on people.
Where does it sing something?
Is that what I see behind earth?
there you are, you wanna call up and say a little bit?
and know what the hardest supposed to mean.
Okay, I think we have with Kachan. Where do Kachan?
Just a sec.
while he takes a second I'm going to let
Prejans in looks like we lost Jimmy. Okay, Jimmy. Give back as prejans
Yo, what's up guys? This is a bunch of... Yes. I got rug from Jimmy's song. Back is tree gens baby.
Which means I can reach with the space again. Yeah, hopefully I'm bit less lagged now. I don't know. Mother, guys, how are you doing?
Yeah, it's weird. Man, at times I can talk, at times I can't hear. It's, but yeah, I'm just entering and trying to hit the sweet spot of being able to talk and hear. So that's that. When can I really dream of being able to talk and hear?
But I will say, go on, go on. Every time Twitter space is rugs, I imagine Elon sitting behind one of those huge radio desks and he's just doing shit with the controls trying to make like Twitter spaces worse with every dial that he turns.
I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you.#
spaces kind of bounced in the first season of Ilande. Yeah, like half the team just left and then he fired like the remaining 30% now he's got like 10% plugins to have on golf. Like, bro, I think we needed some of those people. I mean it's a
I feel like a feat in itself that it would have been functioning. I think the event like 20% of the staff is 20% is what's left and that's like 80% downsizing is massive.
I don't know what else but yeah it's quite good but yeah I was just hearing what you guys were talking about and I would like to like chill right now I would like to chill the PFT collection you were trying to build.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, whoever's here, let go check out a bio. We put up a link where we are talking about the. So basically what we are doing, I've been wanting to do like solar upon characters for the very long time and we spoke to a bunch of illustrators and designers to see what they could come up with.
it and to be honest everything was feeling like a bit of a let down to what the solar pung aesthetic and what the solar pung imagination holds in the end of the potential and also on some level was philosophical
So, we have been playing with it for a while and I think
basic form was also not up to the task, but I feel like with the current V4 that's on, it's giving us a lot of kick-ass outputs. So what we've done right now is we've created like a Google form that people can fill up and we are asking
for basic inputs in terms of what your Y-base, what you see yourself doing in the solar pump space and what mood do you want your PFTA in and we are asking for a few other inputs and then we are playing around with those inputs to create like a solar pump character based off your Y-base.
And yeah, we are minting that and as of now we have started charlotte with the basic premise of asking for $10 per pft where and you can obviously give more if you want, but whatever amount you do end up contributing, you will be in a position to do
get equivalent amount of earth coin when we launch, which is expected to happen like mid to end of May. So in a way this is for us to start socializing earth, get people like a little more furious to go take a deeper dive to see what the
and also to see what the exact structure is and where all of that money is going to be going. So basically, you know, also trying to make it clear that every contribution is going to directly like fund climate projects on ground, solar projects, conservation projects, exactly projects.
stuff like that. So yeah that's something that we're really excited about like we got some 30 entries up until now and then some feedback we got on top of that was that dude everything's looking quite kick ass but like there is no way for an outsider to see that this is from the same family. So
So trying to keep that diversity intact, now we are trying to figure out what common element we can add to all these characters so that it's not glaringly evident, but at least there is some element that connects all these characters so that
on deeper observation at least it can become clearer that all this belongs to the solar punk PFE category and stuff like that. So that's why we are kind of like put it on pause figuring that out like what is the best way to do that. But yeah, that's something that we're really excited about because I think the moment
is catching and capturing imagination and we want to see what everyone's solar punk versions would look like in a few decades from now. So yeah, that's what's happening. It's also been a lot of fun experimenting with these
reports and seeing what mid-June pops out, trying to get a little better at mid-June also to fine tune the prompts. But yeah, it's been an exciting journey looking forward to see how this pans out. But a bit of a process, going and asking everyone for their inputs
I am not taking the time out, like a couple of minutes to put up the form. But I do feel like it's going to be worth it in the end because it helps us really design unique characters which I don't think is possible otherwise. So yeah, everyone, whoever is here, please do check out the link. I mean, it's just too
minutes to fill up the inputs. It's there in our bio. Fill it up. It's also made up here. Oh, super. Yeah. So yeah, do fill it up. I think we are terribly psyched about making solar upon characters because it's the output circuit getting a quite mind-blowing. So yeah.
That's that The artwork is also pinned in the chat on the jump. What around you can check it out. It's really cool
It's crazy man mid-June is doing some crazy stuff right now and it's just getting better. I feel like... The main thing with mid-June right now is that that shitty interface where I have to do it with like discord for some reason.
So I want to use it from what you are. I think the reasoning behind that from what I have understood is all of these models are working on that RHLF, that they are taking that feedback and then trying to improve.
it's where you know with discord it gives us four options and then variations of those four options. So I think they are trying to improvise their systems depending on like understanding what we are liking in terms of the output. And then
trying to give more of that. I do believe they could have done it other ways also but I think discord lends them a few capabilities that otherwise would not have been possible. But yeah, I think it can definitely be better.
I would just like to ask you
discussing this like what other experiments have people been up to with AI? Yeah. So I've tried this thing where we have to do like
We're doing, we're putting out the app for product in about two weeks and we have to figure out some of the specific terms of service.
I love you.
Obviously, I still need a lawyer to do it, but as a first draft run through, I asked Changi PD to do it. And to my surprise, it did it pretty well, not perfectly, because then again, it comes up with the word limit and the word limit makes it worse.
If the word limit did not exist, it could have, I feel, given me a proper terms of service going on. Just a very practical use is what it does for us. But do you know they stop doing that now? It's no longer going to give you like legal advice. There are a few workarounds. But it gives you that little disclaimer of top still.
Yeah, so then I say you have to say that I'm not asking you for advice. I just would like I'm doing my homework and research and like give me something that I can take to my lawyer and then it feeds you something. So I realized like
You know, all my AI journey is like the best way is to run the language model locally through local host. You know, so since I've been using AutoGPT in the last two weeks, like pinging my GPT for API like,
all the time. It's useful, it's helpful, but the database is only updated to 2021. So using chain locally with AutoGPT, I've been blowing my mind. Actually, it was saying
to have a do some simple contract making or ultimately like lawyer-based legal work. You kind of take that to the next level, just being connected to the internet and writing out a local language
So I would love to talk about that. I'm going to go. See how we can. I do want to add, I did another cool thing which was that just for the work that we're doing in Nairobi, I'm trying to develop a method where demographic models can be used to analyze use patterns of the
like public spaces, recreational spaces, forest, things like that. And because it's not the same level of data that is available in Kenya, I tried to use like a US example first, like build it on a US example first. And I asked GPD to like classify, take a particular
and just bunch of syntax and ask them to sort of break down population, break down, next code, next, like economic use cases and things like that for me and gave it all the data and it was able to just spit things out really perfectly for me.
using auto gpt like have you been able to get it to do anything specific because I was to be experimenting and like it does a pretty bang job in terms of if you give it a goal it breaks it down your task and such executing those tasks but it's I haven't connected like other APIs to it yet so it's not been really
He will do that go out and actually execute but I tell you what tells you what you need to do. Have you like had? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so like lately I've been just you know I haven't been wanting to running on continuous mode purely just because of like my
hardware and also just based on like, you know, trying to ping the API. But one use case that I've really been leveraging right now is just the GitHub API, you know, having it be able to write and push things to new repositories that it either creates, which is like super cool. And one thing was like,
just feeding it Python files or any type of files in that in that respective repo for it to like ultimately review and build the repo itself based on the task and that's like that's been one API or connection without a
GPD that's been like super useful. I haven't fully like, you know, really, really leveraged it because it's just been worried about getting going and stuff. But like I told it the other day to go and write me all like the SQL queries for like an analytic dashboard by like going
and searching EtherScan, because I was having trouble with it. You can't really query the internal transactions as well as you would want to unless you have a third-party API that does scan them. It just went to EtherScan itself and scraped the internal transactions instead of pulling them.
And it was like, oh, OK, so if you want me to do this on concurrent data, I can get that-- it went and grabbed the EtherScan API itself. And so that was a cool thing when I connected it to the GitHub API. It was like, OK, now I can go and go sign up for other APIs. So that was kind of cool.
I was awesome man. That was something I was trying to do as well. I am glad you figured it out. I am going to hit you up later to ask you how you did it. Guys, by the way, the stage is open if anyone wants to come up right coming up right at the end of this phase. So in a couple of minutes, I am going to post
to link to the next one up on the jump drone and you guys can head over there but before we do that if anyone wants to come up and see something, should they project just talk about cool shit or just you know continue this GPT fanboying here you are welcome to come up
Get it on up. Stay on the scene like a spaces machine. Do each other's projects so well by the end of this. It's gonna be amazing. We're gonna be able to just pitch on tap anyone else's project like the back of our hands will pick
I pitched a I pitched solo punk down a little while ago. Remember when you were getting rug actually that's they were planning this Twitter Gidcoin radio three hour thing that Atlantis and solo punk will kind of organize I remember you try to come up and you were getting rug so I like pitched your thing for you and you're like actually kind of
I feel like by the end of this, we're going to be able to do that for all the various projects. Marko put this up right and I was like, dude, what if like next get going round like we all consciously decide and only should other people's projects and I was like, yeah, dude, that would be a
of mighty relief because I'm like you know you at some point like get on this auto mode where you've done this pitching so many times so like you know your brain shuts down and you're just saying things and it's so refreshing to your other people talk about your project and even from my brain to talk about other people's projects because like it's
pushing into different spaces and that would be a pretty cool experiment. You will also take the trouble of understanding other people's projects. Whenever I have done it, I have always found so much of alignment and resonance in depth, maybe as surface things are not that evident, but if you explore
a little more like so much comes up and yeah I feel like it would be quite kick ass if like I was shilling like austrum and regions and coconut and so upon guild and cooler and like everyone would do that without another it would be oh god oh shit I something came up I
I'm gonna just pop back I was also pick some food by going home and I forgot Oh man you guys this radio station has like totally side
I've gotten so consumed by it in a good way. I enjoy it. But guys, I was supposed to have Ben West on Max Impact. And I was just in a radio and he just came into the radio and he just thought that that was the space to interview Ben West. And it worked out really well.
Well, I think it's actually better. I just invite guests into the radio station instead of doing my Max Impact show, but so funny. I just like didn't even realize. It was a slightly different time that I normally do the show anyway, but still it's good times. Anyway, I think we're we're get the 50 minute marks pin the next.
Oh, it is pinned. Oh, right. Okay, you got the thread pin. So let's try to go direct. Oh, it is direct right there. Boom. Yeah. Okay. Let's see. No, he hasn't started yet. Don't go yet, folks. Okay.
started. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yep, yep, that's so funny. And this is food. Oh, happens to the best of us. So which part of NDIU would you say Delhi or?
me? Where are you located? Yeah, you. Right now I'm in Philly. Like Philadelphia? No. Yeah. We see you're in India, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
I think we're in India. Actually it's right across the pond. We're going to come. He's in New York. I'm in New York.
Yeah, let's get some veggie non cheese takes because I don't eat steak or cheese but yeah, we can get your vegan. Yeah, but they got some good vegan chili.
or she stakes, I mean, you know, they're all right, but, you know, that's like the one area of like actual innovation in the food sector, I think, is like coming up with these like meat substitutes. It's actually getting
quite good. I was vegan for a while while I was in Vancouver. There's a lot of really good options there. And now I'm mostly vegetarian, sometimes pescatarian. But yeah, I know I'm great. I'm being vegan. I felt very healthy.
Yeah, I mean the only problem with these like meat based alternatives is like I'm not being vegan for I've been vegan for now coming up five years now and it's just like you know seeing this I'm not my med diet told me when I first became being who's like all bro like Back when I was your age coming
out of college, like me and my buddy had an idea to start like plant-based, alternative company, but it wasn't the time back in the early 2000. But now you see all these companies coming out with plant-based alternatives, and it's like to really argue the impact, right? To go and grab, you
a piece of meat or something or a piece of some dairy from your local market. I would love to measure the externality versus going and grabbing beyond meat from your market. It's hard to say if beyond meat is actually really
reducing GHG emissions in totality because it could be like a catch-22 or like people think they're not killing a cow but they're committing their carbon footprint is still increasing. So it would be interesting. Really? Why is it?
Why is this so much carbon footprint? Just because of the process, the processing that goes into making these like pea protein meats, it's like an extensive processing. And so yeah, you just think about it.
like, you know, all the resources that might go into produce that pea protein. Obviously, it's not nearly as much as the water and food that is taken to produce the meat from one cow. But yeah, it's just like, I think, you know, it's definitely like not one solution. So it's all type of thing and some people are kind of like that.
like, "Oh, I'll just replace all my meek and lumpshin with beyond me or possible me in doing my part." I don't think that's entirely true. Even though, yeah, it's definitely better. I've been looking at reports in the sense of the plant being
alternative industry is as of right now like the most impactful as opposed to like the renewable energy industry. People are just it's catching on. So that's a good thing. You know people choose the album over the dairy. But then again, album is
New so much water. Oh, they use so much bees and so like yeah, it's oh milk is nice I'm actually much prefer I You try almond milk in a coffee black not a fan, okay, but oat milk latte Freaking better than a regular cappuccino straight up
better yeah old myth glasses are fire yeah it's terrible yeah it's basically shit yeah you try to make shy with album and it's like it's like sacrilegious so this is where I this this is where I'm going to add on to this and I don't think I can be made with anything but
Yeah, I know what about coconut milk what about coconut milk? No, I tried actually here I'm curious I have a try coconut milk actually oh, but All right has the next base started you guys check that
Let's check the next one. I'm just checking with the subject.
Alright. Wasabi. Yeah, I know. My friend used to take cocoa butter and blend his coffee with cocoa butter and that would actually be pretty
pretty good. You need like a blender for it. Make sure you close the lid properly. Yeah, and it's super easy to make your own milk and like.
I didn't think it was, but then when I saw my sister doing it, I was like, "Oh shit, this is like all you really need, yeah, it's like a blender and like a strainer and some oats and some water in your chillin', you got like unlimited milk."
I feel like I cut out.
Guys, if you guys can still hear me, this, we're still open, the next space is open, it's pinned in the chat, you should head over there. Yeah, let's start heading over guys.
And music starts in 3, 2, 1,
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]#
It's like breached out as I know that responding I'm not yeah All right to the next far left swipe right yeah there you go Did the nostalgia associated with this song instead?
Is this Sean behind cooler? Yeah, yeah, Sean actually Okay, okay guys both your voices they sound very close to each other. I don't know if anyone
Maybe it's because we both grew up in the Northeast. Or I just see no care in Europe and Texas, not Northeast, but on the eastern seaboard.
Guys, if you guys are still here, the next space this space is going to close now. The next one has started. You should head over there. The link is up in the chat. It's pinned to the jumper drone. It says, "Kokeradow, that's the next space you got to head over to."
Now, Gumbha, Star Blue, Quantum, Tigers, Adya Oil, Last Docs. What do you have to remember, the Bitcoin shining city in Saudi states, and go there if you understand it?
Awesome, we will surely check it out. Bye man, Elsa.
Guys gotta head over to the next place. - Oh, fight me, man!
Alright, move over there. Come on.
next space is pinned in the chat. This gitcoin radio is going to keep going for 24 hours. So the next space has already started. So you guys should probably be heading over there.
and I'm shutting the space down in three

FAQ on 📢GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community | Twitter Space Recording

What will happen in the next three to four minutes?
People will start moving over to the space.
What is the speaker about to do?
Make some coffee.
Where did the speaker just come from?
The market.
What does the speaker say about their two spaces that they host?
They host one at four and one at five.
What website did the speaker previously run?
Bitcoin radio.
Who did the speaker have a deep conversation with in the previous space?
Nagraju and Juan.
What happened to Shreya Shret?
He had a serious lung condition and has undergone surgery.
What is the setback that the speaker's team is facing?
One of their core members is unable to work for the next six to seven months.
What did the speaker do with Guru and Marko?
They had dinner together.
What did the speaker discuss with a group of builders from GreenDAO?
They discussed talent in the DeFi space and the potential for good projects to work under.