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green digital gardens if you can hear me can you please thumbs up or like send anything
Hello, hello, hello, hello
I don't know if anybody is hearing me.
Hopefully it's working. Not sure if it... Oh hey, that's it. Can you hear me?
Can you, yeah, I'm gonna use it because I know maybe this test got tracked. Do it to become a cohost just to prevent dragging.
Hey Frost here. Okay, let me invite you to go first.
I send you in my co-hosting light.
Amazing guys, I just had some issues with the connection approach that things not working, that you can hear me. And we are starting space, it's actually in 8 minutes. I'm happy to see everyone here.
Hope yesterday was good for you. I hope you are not depressed by the gas situation. Oh Jimmy, let me invite you to co-host. I'll send you a
co-hostingitation hopefully you'll be able to respond and GM or GM or Gday for everyone who is here
So like weeks can start in 7 minutes. So anyway, I'm here. Let's wait for 7 minutes and then let's talk. If you want to jump on the stage,
So, your project. Welcome to Japan the stage. Otherwise, let's just talk. Please jump on the stage as well. And let's... conversation. Not sure about what. Oh, Daily, nice to meet you today. What is good, fam? How are you?
I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I#
She's like a swing by. So I'm gonna just split stay up and probably just take part of these spaces a little bit. So I do have my fiance over here, so I might be, you know, awarded for attention from time to time, but definitely here, if anything.
amazing amazing, jimmy how are you today? man so far so good i'm loving this this early spaces thing oh grants beta dash per
is live. You can see live updates. This is news from Gitcoin. Loved updates on numbers for individual rounds and projects. You can see, ooh, grants data.
Interesting. So
Could it be the jump or if you see the adventure? I'm viewing from solar punk guild. I'll retreat this.
Okay, so I'm joining from here.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oops, here we go. Okay, so solar punks in here, which means I can retweet this bitch.
Okay, hang Okay, bam tweeted So now I can tap on the solar punky the gilder and
And I can pin this guy. I think it just shows you how the whole round is doing. Yeah, open software is crushing.
um climate oh climate is even behind metacrisis goddamn
There's contributions, eh? All right. Round details. OK.
So if we click on, for example, climate,
Oh, it's got all the different projects listed where we stand. Water Dows got 22. All right.
Tree gents. Woohoo! Tree gents in the lead, baby.
Not by much though.
Yeah, interesting.
Interesante warm-off.
It's got 22.
So the foundation,
I've decided I'm going to be given to LUNCO in my next batch.
Are you left through your open source?
No, no, no, my main round is this side, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh#
please donate us to desire and if it will be more than okay and then if gas prices would be okay if you'll be donating to Metacrisis of course will be happy if you donate there but
The moment you start talking about robots planting trees I'm like this man's needs some support By the way It's really crazy
But like the project with the lunar sun shield sounds really crazy, but the guys got in touch. They are in the solar pan guild. And they joined the solar pan guild thanks to
So they somehow related to your project in Kenya, to plant in Kenya.
Okay, who's three platinum projects in Kenya? Mine? Yeah, so basically Oh, who is this is this is this winter climate or who exactly? I don't know what's called the guy's name is
Yeah, Sergey, yeah, yeah, he's from blender climate. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We were in the same bundle last time. Like Sergey is an amazing guy. He helped me so much. He showed me like the bell curves according to how much carbon is requested each year for mangroves, which has really helped our investor discussions. He's
He's helped us navigate the carbon markets in Kenya getting everything set up. Great guy. Great guy. So he's the guy you want to click. He wants to sponsor the robot hackathon. Yeah, and moreover, they already have built such robots and they have
experience guys who can act as mentors and one of the ideas is maybe to make a larger hackathon because I've heard like Mondao wants to conduct hackathon dedicated to
to moon down its and maybe we can make like a global robotics hackathon dedicated to magic eyes actually I think it's the right term like climate solutions, tree planting robots I'm not sure like what the best
I think we should discuss it after the round, but basically we can either run, we can try to make it super huge and partner with a lot of organizations with a lot of projects or we can make it small. I'm not sure what the best option but it looks like a lot of
A lot of projects would be interested in collaborating on such a hackathon, of course, with their own solutions. So in that case, like two planting robots would be just one track. I'm not sure what the both just do it with that way or maybe to partner with
a lot of projects. Personally, I think that I have a feeling I'm not thinking right now. I just have a feeling that it would be beneficial to partner with several organizations and to run a big hackathon. But it's a separate question. If you think of it,
We think that a lot of people really like the idea and they have it to support it. So we should definitely do it. And of course there will be a lot of nuances during the road, but it's doable. And with sponsorship, of course,
it's quite crazy but we didn't even start to look for a sponsor. I'm sure that once we start to look for sponsors we will find a lot of companies especially from robotics they'll for sure be interested in participating in such events.
So, any ideas, anything you'd like to discuss today?
I think I have an issue with the headphones. I need to charge them so I'll be on mute for a second.
What's good tree gents?
How does the workout today, Jimmy?
Jimmy did you happy to hear me? Alright, chips, hold on.
Got you buddy
I think I'm back hopefully you can hear me So I'm joining his tree jans is funny. I'm on the same device Workout was great fan. It was great. Yeah, we did the light we did that stuff the same seven-minute workout, you know nine minutes total with the brakes and
And it's a good way to get the blood flowing, you know, it's not a crazy workout, but it's a good little thing to do. And yeah, man, did the full routine, man. I normally don't have time for this like two hour morning routine. I don't walk it. Don't have time. I don't
the time and prioritize the other things I want to do, right? But, you know, this space has put me in a place where it's like, "Wow, there's perfect time to do it." Because, you know, there's not that many people online at the time where my show is, but that's fine. I can just go up and do the thing. You're the whole
thing and it's a great great thing for me and hope I can bad value to others as well along the way so yeah it's great man it's great. Honestly I like I definitely appreciated it last night I could use the stretching a little bit so not Kim and Handy.
Sorry I missed it this time around. All good, fam. It's recorded if you want to listen to it. You're doing it. It sounds good, but like it's nothing beats just being present at the moment, you know. So definitely we'll try to make time.
But I mean like 12 a.m. workouts are pretty crazy if you think about it. Yeah, I used to do 12 a.m. workouts in Kenya because I was like doing cold calls to America. And so I could only really call like an evening time.
and this building I was living on the first floor of this big apartment in Nairobi and the connection was garbage. Some reason like the cell network was shit unless you were right by the window and even then it was iffy and then the Wi-Fi kept cutting so the only way to get like good cell reception was to
go to the roof and fortunately our apartment building had a gym in it. It wasn't even that expensive rent but it had a gym on the roof and so I was like in that gym making cold calls and I'm like well I'm already here right like I might as well do something right so I like you know do some freeways do some
different workouts and I was like I was like in you know feeding two birds with one plate and much better than hitting two birds once down why are we throwing birds it's why we throw in stones at birds by the way you should be feeding two birds at one plate so that's what we did that's what I used to do and yeah man get those night workouts in there
awesome doing well you can yeah well how does he get him done get him done so say once I had experience making cold cold cold my friend started small
business here he was selling a herbal tea made from firewood it's really tasty and delicious if you make it in the right way and for me it was the chest experience of making cold colds it was like
really scary and I did it on purpose just to help my friend and next to improve my skills my communication skills so like I think the first 10 or 15 goals were really awful it was really scary and I had no
I don't know what to tell people, but around like a hundred schools things really change and it became really easy to communicate with people to collaborate. So I'm really happy that I had that experience really great.
Yeah, man, absolutely. That's what it comes down to, right? You just got to get those reps in. You got to practice it enough and you know hesitation. You'll get way way better. Go ahead, Dei. Do you want to say something? But you're not on so it's just going to add to that. Like it's just about putting yourself out there, you know, and being okay with what comes with it.
Like just get those reps in as you're saying, you know, put yourself out in even uncomfortable situations and usually get better at it as you go. I've heard from a really wise man.
People do not like to change and it takes a lot of time for people to change and the best way to change and to achieve something is to put yourself into a situation when you have no other option than just to
to do that. That's from a certain perspective what happened with me in Lanka at some point in time and just you know said okay I have no other options than to just make it happen and it really helped like you know that mindset that there is no plan B.
So I think there's a scientific term for it. I think it's entropy, correct me if I'm wrong. It's kind of like a state of like, okay. If you're feeling back in the corner or feel like they know a adoption, then time to do what you're not used to. You know? That's when change happens.
I guess like the same way of like how cold with under high pressure can turn into a diamond. I think it's called the an either emergency when an you a new proper entry entropy is I think it's a slightly different term but I just
corrective. I feel like a new thing emerged or a bifurcation when the system like with the carbon and diameter I think it's emergency because it's every single atom of carbon they do not
have a properties of a diamond. But when we put those carbon, you know, where is specific crystalline structure, and you think that it's called diamond emergence, and it has properties that, you know, individual atoms that you have. And the vocation is the situation when the system
have ever changes drastically like a befocation point. It can detect differently and entropy is the measure of uncertainty. It's not 100% but general entropy is about uncertainty in a very specific way.
Sorry, I thank you so much. No, dude. No, don't ever be sorry about being yourself. What are you talking about? No, dude, like I love it. And uh, like living in psychropedia here in the... Yeah. Can't wait to get your breath.
Sorry, I just wanted to tell some people things that I'm trying to show how many things I know, but I just want to be specific and to use the same terms also.
the mathematicians offer me like it's quite important to define terms in the right way just to make us everyone on the same page like half of the math is about just setting the terms in the right way
100% agree so thank you for correcting me. I appreciate it. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, you lost Jimmy unfortunately. Hopefully he will get back. Yeah, I think we should drop a message to Eli.
mask and ask to send more satellites to Australia because we are losing a lot of times. Starlink isn't working out. Yeah and also I'm waiting
and I think that I wanted to say to Eela blue checks on Twitter should be there should be an opportunity to pay with the crypto for the checks so definitely now I need to meet
Elon Musk actually my friend that has met him meet with him in real life And he had a conversation with him. He was like a real
I was really amazed by Elon Musk, but the connoisseur's taxation was like maybe 10 or 15 minutes and like my friend said that Elon is really smart guy, knows what to do.
I cannot hear you Jimmy if you were talking.
Now you're unbeautiful, you're not talking.
So, like we have 12, 12 minutes ahead. I really love like I can share my experience or maybe if you have a thumbs into to discuss, help you to hear your thoughts, your feelings,
about what happened with you, just happy to hear feedback. I can share something from my side. I prefer to listen to anyone.
Sorry, was that a question directed specifically to me because I can think I messed it up a little bit in the beginning? No, no, no, no, I'm just trying to understand. Maybe you want to share something about Gidcore and about your feelings or something interesting.
I don't like to share like I would have said from my side. I'll see since it's like 1 a.m. over here I'm not really in a shell. Unless I'm never really in a shell mode it's crazy like I'm taking part in this whole good corner rounds but honestly I'm just here it's for the relationships.
I mean, if you want to get to know me more, that's always the preferred route. But for a good coin and the experience so far for me at least has been, I mean, in terms of like just the contributing contributions, less installer, but I think everyone's kind of
like experiencing that but I think what it does at least have in return is that it's opening up so much room for discussion amongst each other you know that's really cool love listening in not really
speaking that much to be honest with you know it's like we just spoke about it's about putting yourself in those uncomfortable situations and you get better along the way. Yeah that's my experience a little bit so far with good coin as it is.
Yes, today, after around 12 hours on voice channels, most of them expect to be terabyte a couple of, maybe an hour on this or something to enjoy my life. I feel really comfortable being online.
I think that's why I'm talking on Twitter, like it's maybe even more comfortable than not being online and not talking on Twitter. Not thanks for the day I went to bed and I had a nice sleep and today I... now it's not the case but I think by that of the day it'll be much more comfortable.
We need to stay here on Twitter then and then we realize quite crazy quite crazy but I'm really thankful to get going radar now I feel really comfortable on all the Twitter spaces and I can stop shooting friends who are speaking like we have
the couple of in Charlemagne discussions in Montaglius today. And I even was able to stop shooting like when you start shooting you shoot and shoot. Oh we have a refiameleon nice to meet you.
Oh, sorry, Mexico. Mexico. Hope. Oh, it's always the end in the beginning. Yeah, Mexico, Italy. Plain in to go to. Yeah, let me prove your request.
I have friends in Mexico City or Mexico, Mexico, I don't know how to pronounce Mexico City. The company called Derriom Labs and they are working on robots for the lunar exploration.
Hello Jerry from Re5 Mexico here I've been listening to the Twitter spaces me personally Jerry I haven't been much on Twitter spaces, so I'm kind of new like on all the dynamics and like I don't
learning everything and how it goes. So as well, being part of a Geet going round has been a pretty amazing experience because as me not
been part of an ecosystem before, I've been able to meet like a really wide range of community, a wide range of like solar punk activists and like I don't know, just like a wide diversity of
people doing their own contributions. So I've been noticing that some people have been commenting a lot about the gas piece that they're like, "Hi, even if the contribution is low." So it
It's just like I'm understanding that it's like a beta round and that all this is intended to get fixed in the future. But as part of a community creating, I think that it's pretty cool. I think that we want to also
impact on a really positive way for the projects that are cooking here in Mexico. There's a lot of potential here. There's a lot of great founders and there's a lot of great initiatives and especially I feel that
But here in Latin America there's a really big movement and I don't know, there's just like different solutions that are being designed right now. So thank you for having me here and like
I don't know who what's next but pretty cool space. Yeah, I think I think I think I think for a join it's 11 a.m. for me. Great that you've joined our activity and regarding the guys please like
And yesterday I tried to donate the projects and maybe 10 or 13 projects and I had to pay 150 around 150 USD in gas here and it's really awful because I want to donate almost to every
Everyone every project on a get coin and to know that I do not want to donate I just need to take I just had no time to take a deeper look at those projects and if I have enough resources actually out in it to each and every project just because if people are on get coin
they already from my perspective. I'm completely okay to send them one dollar and it's hard to predict what the guys will do but from my experience I joined Gidcoin around a year ago
And at some point in time I would think you're like, oh what the fuck what are the crazy projects here? What what what what they are doing? I'm now or year later I think that's a lot of those crazy projects that I thought like really strange they have delivered a lot of
And now like I think that it's a great opportunity to change things into incentivized founders because in my case, maybe one of the most upsetting things that happened during this round is that like
No donations, almost no donations. Previously I've said the notifications so every time a donation dropped to Luka I received the notification on my mobile phone and it was like 10 or 15 notifications during the day and each and every notification may be really
happy. And this time, and maybe that's what really drives me and pushed me. And that's why I'm really active in the ecosystem. And this time, all the newcomers, they won't have that experience. And that's what really upset me. Like, I'm not sure if they'll be willing to be the next round just because
they like they've joined 20 to the video not active and the traction is huge of course but it's not huge as it was during during alpha round during gr15 so that's quite upsetting but anyway we have what we have
In Dutch there's an expression for it. It's a "Misterima Made Rima di Weheba", which directly translates as "we just go with the belts we have". It's weird. Dutch has some really weird expressions.
portions. Like unfortunately peanut butter, yeah, strange stuff. Hey, Lars, been the cause. So I'm guessing my my my my touch natives will enjoy this part of the space.
Yeah, I'm sure from that perspective, it's better to have a good coin, a better round than not to have. I mean, it's better to have a good coin, a better in the form that we have right now than to not have it at all. However, we hold our humans and it's completely okay to be upset. We have to stay
positive and like it was a hot topic on the other hand I think it's a really great lesson for everyone around Gidgoyne like nobody expected that and moreover like on this around guys who are thinking
about using polygons and I said to them, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,#
Polygon, I'm sorry with the optimism, it was a simulated round, like it was a super small, a local round, not public round, just for tests. And I was on Polygon, it was really hard to get there. But now I know that it's not so hard and it would be much, much preferable. So I feel
shaped on the other hand like everyone did that mistake so I'm part of the crowd unfortunately anyway anyway by the way Lanka was accepted on greater China round so anyone knows about the greater
to China around. Like, basically they've said, they are welcome. Everyone who is interested in, like, who thinks that they are part of the Chinese culture and like Chinese, I have like a couple of Chinese people I interested in Lunko.
And the only non-English channel on non-Codeskart is Chinese, so I think that's why I don't apply it. It's amazing, but I have no idea what's happening on the drum at all. And if anyone from here on the drum at all, at all.
Also, it's really important to get in touch with the China from my perspective because right now, I'm a guy from Space Exploration, I'm a huge fan of space. We have Mondau, at Mondau, we have people all over the world including China. And that's amazing because right now there is a huge
I'd say misunderstanding and collaboration, failure between the US and China and the like it's crazy. Really love Twitter spaces, really love Web3 community. That has really global and
On average, not to bias about all that shit is done that politicians do. I'm really happy to be here to be with everyone here and talking about all of it. Political bullshit and how we can get rid of it and finally focus on things what matter like.
like climate change, like space exploration, like biodiversity, medicine, longevity, a lot of great things happens in the world and really hate politicians, really hate parents' history.
some of the incentivized people maybe that are not so mentally housed, let's say, to become the leader, to go on top of the chain and just to enforce their will like a Machiavele.
I don't know what the right pronunciation, English, I do not remember. I've read his book. I don't know how it's called in English, but it's really famous book, like a galvertner or so, I do not remember. The main idea of that book is that if
If you want to be a governor, if you want to be a ruler, the only thing that you have to do is to focus on becoming a ruler, not on other things like making a word better and things like that, basically.
with the web3, with the regional movement, it will change, and there will be an incentive for everyone not to just jump on the top of the pyramid and control everything but just to deliver value to everyone.
So, uh, uh, uh, Refi Medellin, sorry, Mexico. Um, what's your favorite book? Like, uh, what it was about or like, is there any book that you'd like to share with us, uh, maybe some insights?
There's one, I'm a psychologist, so I read this economy book that it's called "Ove" was a name.
thinking like a 21st century the economy is there something like that and it's by Kate Rawworth she wrote it on 2017 and it's basically a no economic model proposal about
how we can turn into circular models through local cooperation and local solutions. So that will
gave me the answer like how to turn like everything that I was supplying into psychology and to turn it into like I don't know to find the perfect symbiosis between the like the anoperspective and a no-par-a-
economic paradigm, how we have to build something from scratch, but also it has to be a reduction from different theories in order for us to find like a feasible solution.
Yeah, sounds really interesting. Like basically you're like, okay, there are solutions to the interesting. Could you elaborate like what which is suggested on a really high level because I'm really interested and you said, okay, there is a solution. Please go in the book.
So could you explain what exact issue proposed? Yes, of course. The main proposal is that there's economic donut. So we have to stay within the
boundaries, the social and planetary boundaries for us to be able to thrive. So this is a theoretical reduction from the it's called the the UN
Sorry, because I'm here going on a run for to buy something to the store. But I'm just gonna take a here a minute to sit down and talk to you. I'm sorry for for me moving around the space. It's completely okay. It's basically in the main.
proposal is how we can do a theory reduction from the self-sustainable development goals from the UN. So it's basically nine planetary needs and twelve social needs
So within those needs we have the networking needs, the political and justice, boys, we have the health needs, you know, we have the housing needs, we have the water needs and then
Then on the planetary side we have also the climate change, the biodiversity loss. And we have like already in this book, we're able to map like a fully road.
on how we can work with shared objectives because this is just not like okay like the UN is starting a proposal you know that we all have to catch either individually or collect if
So we have to find a way on how we can move from a linear paradigm to a circular paradigm. Because for example, she's saying that we are not taking into account
into our liable account, the natural resources. So we have to make them as finite because right now they're infinite for most companies. So we have to find a way for them to be responsible but as well we have to find a way to create
local and distributed solutions for us to be able to create different ways of consumption, for example the local consumption. So this is just like a way of visualizing a new perspective of how we have to interact between
humans and how we have to interact as well with with the economy but as well with technology. So this was also like the first like approach that I had to without even knowing but to the solar punk proposal
So you know, or at least to the to the main thesis which is basically how we integrate technology into our social and and spiritual development for us to be able to thrive as a human species and not to
to end our species like soon enough, you know, like I don't know this thinking about like the 2030 agenda and like how we have to change like all these ways and like we're not changing it and it's already like
eight years before 2030 so right now they're pushing the dates forward to 2050 so I don't know I hope that this was like more explained answer yeah thank you so much
Really great. Maybe you like it. You mentioned, oh sorry, I didn't mean to speak over you, Lanko. What was the name of it? If I'm Mexico City?
Then you repeat it again. Hey, it was not able to hear. Sorry about that. No, I was just wondering what the name was of that book that you were talking about again. Something about 21st economists. Yeah,
You're going to be able to find it as Donut Economics. That's the name of a book, Donut Economics, thinking like a 21st century economist.
and it's written by Kate Rohworth. Awesome. Thank you so much. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It's really cool. Thank you. Thank you.
Anyone wants to share something about the books that you read?
Yeah, we'd love to actually it's about this book. I'm attempting to really finish hopefully this one I'm putting that off so please keep me accountable if I don't it's called Free Fair in a Life I also forget the author's name and that's kind of
super bad of me, but I think it's something silk. Silk, if you have it, it's actually fair in life and so I really about exploring like equitable and sustainable democratic society, you know, and like introduces like this principle
It's really just resonated well with me so far. Not enough apparently for me to finish it in one go in one sitting. It was a really very cool because I identified a lot of things that I just noticed here.
and serenium and just like the wastefulness and how we can really change the way we come together and manage our shared resources. It's a... I would definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't started before.
Yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you. And oh, you're still reading so maybe, maybe it's not the right time to ask. But it'll be great if you could briefly overview what the suggestion maybe one or two main ideas, what you are done so far from the book.
Yeah, no problem. So from my perspective, it's like the book argues that we need to like recognize the value of like our shared resources. So like looking into our land and water and just our knowledge and understand, you know,
Essentially, that it's towards our ultimate well-being and our survival. So it's like about protecting these common and shared areas and co-creating shared resources amongst each other.
But that's also about just nurturing what we have because it is our shared resource having to find ways to properly take care of it and also be responsible.
Thanks, Mark.
Okay, and I believe now it's my turn to share a book with you.
When I was a teenager, I would read a lot of books and nowadays I prefer to read articles but sometimes some region books but not so many as it was before. And one of the
books I'd like to share with you. It was really popular a couple of years ago. The author is a Yuval Harari and the book is called
I'm just looking. The name should be like brief history of time.
Yeah, it's called a brief history sapiens a brief history of humankind I've read the book quite a long time ago, and I think now it's right time to read it one more time but basically the guy
He's a historian, so he tells a story from a long, long time ago when a human just appeared and he goes through all the revolutions, like agriculture,
Industrial revolution and so on. So a lot of really interesting ideas and one of the most catchy ideas that I've learned from the book was about the distinction between humans and other animals on our planet.
I mean, it's really hard to explain why humans are so different, what differs us from other animals. And the answer in this book, I really love the answer. The main idea is that every species
almost every specious except humans except homo sapiens they have rely only on their internal energy on their muscles on their teeth and like basically they every
Every individual animal has a super limited amount of energy that they can control. And that is really different with the homo sapiens. The day humans manage to
understood how to deal with fire that they changed everything. Now we can like just with a small sparkle we can get a lot of energy from fire and that's the main distinction. Humans can make systems
that allow them to use much more energy than we have in our bodies. Then we have like we do not have to rely on our teeth, on our muscles. We can build tools that allow us to use much more energy than can fit into our bodies.
That's the main distinction between homo sapiens and most of the species in the world. So it's not about intelligence, it's not about having different feelings and so on. It's mostly about
being able to, it's mostly about amount of energy that are available to us and that we could utilize. So really love that idea and had to show that idea to everyone.
Oh, I know. And the last book that I read won the actually Green Pill last week. I decided that okay now get going. So it starts soon. So everyone is still been talking about Green Pill for for a long time. So it's the right time to read the book. And actually it took me just today's
It's not a very big book and it's quite interesting. And maybe what the most important from the book is that there is a diagram related to what problems a cryptosol, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but on the diagrams there is
There is a thing related to industrial and systems design. And I really happy that I read the book because now I have a legitimate, legitimate reason to go to Metacrise
I have like one image let me tell you that explains why a long is dealing with the metacrisis and why it should be in metacrisis and on average why long is so important for regenerative regenerative future so
I would encourage everyone to read the book. I've been the image so now everyone can see that like basically a book is said that hey guys we need to cycle and I'm really happy because of that I just should give my project and I would encourage everyone to take a look at this book because right now
keep going and build around those ideas and from that perspective I almost 100% sure that you will find a couple of ideas that would help you to show your projects, your ideas much more efficiently
Then without the book, at least it was the case with the Luca and hopefully it will be the case with the Europe project.
So anyone else has anyone else here read the book? We can discuss it. Oh, first I hope that love sign, that heart emoji means that you've booked. So maybe
I guess we've been rugged a little bit, but we're actually about to head to bed here, but no, we haven't read the book. We don't read a lot of books over here anymore. Really, we read a lot of journal articles, so we like really delving into scientific
scientific studies about, for us it's plastic pollution and how sunlight affects plastic long term and stuff like that so we don't necessarily read a lot of books anymore because we like delving into science related stuff.
I was in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I would share some articles with you guys, but sadly my computer is in another area. I'm not next to my bed, so I don't have any on hand. But make sure you shoot us a DM on Twitter and we'll get some articles over to you that we like to read.
Yeah, and do it. Like we go ahead. No, I was just about to say that would be frickin' amazing. That's not definitely some scientific articles are necessary especially because
like the information is always going to be changing and peer reviewed and yeah like definitely in your field I'm assuming like it's all about like keeping up to date with all the data.
Yeah, and yeah first to go ahead. Yeah, and the other thing is too is if you if you don't understand Scientific articles a lot just because like some of them can be very wordy and Use some very language some use language that isn't commonly used and I know that web 3
you know, uses a lot of, it involves a lot of people that don't necessarily speak exclusively English. So they might not understand some of the articles. You can always put it into chat GPT and have it summarize it for you or you can ask the chat
to make it more readable and it'll essentially read through the article and then instead of using like let's say photosynthesis it will take that word and say you know algae uses sunlight to produce it
we would versus saying, "Algae uses photosynthesis," which we found is super helpful because, again, we want to make sure that we can get the information across to everybody. And it will translate articles too. So if it's an English article, but you don't speak English,
You can have it translated to pretty much any language and it does a okay-ass job, but you can probably fill in the gaps and understand it. So that's just a little tidbit for you guys if you're ever trying to read something you don't understand, chat GPT is great for that.
Yeah, totally agree and talking about the articles maybe It's a great like I really tired of finding what to post on Twitter So maybe you could post those articles on your account and then we will amplify the message like we like three
to eat and so on. So instead of DMs, I would suggest to go public just to, because my people will help to do with the content. And actually talking about plastic solutions, I really like YouTube and I really like educational videos on YouTube, of course, by quality blog
So on Sunday, on Sunday, I watched a really interesting video about plastic solutions. I think the main idea of that video is that, well, I was thinking that for a long time and don't get me wrong, but I believe that plastic
are valuable resources. And right now the main issue is that we like it's much cheaper to create new, I don't know, bottles and so on from oil. But when the one will have no oil, we'll have to go back to plastics and we have to use it
But the problem is not the plastics itself. The problem is that we do not have an efficient way to deal with plastics because they've made a lot of good. They've made our food much safer and a lot of great things. On the other hand,
The way I was going on is really bad. But the first thing is that there are leading organisms on Earth that can consume 13 types of plastics. And I know that for a long time. Like it happened like maybe I've heard about it for the first time, well maybe five or six years ago.
Nowadays scientists, they basically made a huge research, those articles could be found. If you're interested, just pin me and I'll try to find the video and the articles. Oh, by the way, I'll just post it, I need the content as well.
great idea for the content. But the main idea is that scientists have taken those living organisms and they've got information about what exact chemicals are responsible for digesting plastics. Basically those chemicals are called enzymes.
They are responsible for the composition of plastics and they tune dots and zams found in nature. They've made those enzymes much more efficient. And nowadays regular kits are bottled with drinking water and the third
circumstances in an artificial bioreactor using artificial enzymes could be decomposed in around 10 hours and the result in substance is just a biomass that could be used as a fertilizer for certain types of
of a plan. And it's amazing and it's scary at the same time. I mean, I have a strong feeling that in around 50 years we'll have a problem not with plastics, but with that by organ that living organism would consume plastic. But don't get me wrong. I do not say that we
We have to deal with pollution right now also because actually if you want deal with the pollution Living organisms would evolve to eat the pollution but on the road a lot of wood dice so I definitely Is just the way to one of the best from my perspective, you know decomposing plastics into
into something that could be digested by living organisms and then used to grow trees, algae, plants, food. I think that's the right way to deal with it. And enzymes are great because they do not require so much energy as for us.
heating, heating, like there are a lot of waste to recycle plastic and most of those waste they need a lot of energy to make it harmless for the environment and on average it turns out that you need to invest more energy into breaking down plastic
then you'll get from building. And Zimesy is a really interesting solution. And one more idea that I'd like to share, it's about biodegradable plastics. The themes that scares me with biodegradable plastic, it's like...
at some cases I don't know to once, plastics to be biodegradable. I mean if you are talking for example about syringe or medical devices they has to last long on average again it really depends on the application and I found like in the video that I watched there was a really
interesting application for biodegradable plastics. The idea is super basics. Let's think about yogurts. The shelf lifetime of yogurts, either around, I don't know, two weeks, one month dependent on the technology
And after that the food like the yogurt would get rotten. So if a plastic would get rotten in a longer time then the life shell of the product then it's great. And now this there are technologies for biodegradable plastics for your
yogurt. So basically you buy yogurt, you eat it and you throw it directly into the compost, the compost, like basically you throw it into trash. I forgot how it's called in English, but you know you can throw all the all the organic trash and then it will become
useful fertilizer. And same could be done with those plastics and with those with those plastic they they're made like in a fence away so basically they have like the plastic has those enzymes inside and I
after a while, like in special capsules, after a while those capsules break down and they release those enzymes and those enzymes they decompose the plastic itself. And the result is that in 120 days after you throw into trash
And those plastics are became a valuable material. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider, like maybe a harmful substances, if no harmful substances are released and so on. But on like the main
The main idea is that if you're biodegradable plastics last significantly longer than the life shelf of the product that it supports then, it's a great trade-off and it's a great container for that.
Oh, and actually, actually guys, the next space should start in seven minutes. So now I have to go
Yeah, dearly, don't be sad. We just can jump to the next spaces. Nothing stops us. Anyway, I need to find the link to the next spaces right now.
and I also should not forget to
to retweet the spaces.
Okay, I found the link. Let me pin it to the jump-buttron and Let me make a retweet so so so please check the spaces has not stopped
So we are waiting here for a while. It was a really interesting space. The huge benefit from this small space
And the basis is that we have an opportunity to talk to each other rather than, you know, like all the big events turns into boring chilling sessions like your show, your show, your show, everyone's show. And at some point in time I can just get a continue here in chilling.
So 5 minutes. Oh, well thanks, ReFymexico. By the way, what are the right pronunciation, Mexico or Mexico? It depends. Spanish is Mexico, but whenever
So wow! Yes, it's delicious!
- It was 10 years ago, and it was only Russian. - It was a Russian class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a class. - It was a#
Yeah, but you speak just a little bit Russian. I can say like I stay on the mess. I stay on the silly. I think that's all what I know.
I tried to learn Spanish for a while, but I had no time. I think it was really funny to hear Russian so cool. Just in case anybody was interested about whatever I was talking about, I shared
the link for you to be able to they have an action lab so they started to have like different initiatives around the globe they started implementing it in Amsterdam London Berlin like big I mean like small first
world cities and right now they're starting to implement it in emerging countries like I don't remember if it was Guatemala or something like that that started implementing like the Donald economics in their in their in their in their like system
like how to move things around. So also I read the Yuhari, the book that you were saying, the Sapiens, really interesting approach on how we have been always according to this author, we have always
been destroying our ecosystem since like 25 million years ago and like the things haven't been like moving much forward you know so yeah right now supposedly with technology and there's a really interesting term that I encountered some months ago that is
It's called the Cosmo Bio Mimesis. It's just basically like the way how we can integrate the engineering from nature into our technology.
like the projects that me personally am developing here as a founder, I'm trying to implement all these interconnections of different theories for just like to put the dots together. So this is all I want to share so far.
Okay, okay, okay guys it's like two minutes. Let's go to the next spaces. It has started so everyone please click on the link in the jump drone and move to the next spaces.
I'll close this space in a minute, so please move to the next space in the jump drone. And daily, thanks for joining us in that late time. I know that you'll have to stay
like for two, two more hours away. So yeah, please go to the next spaces as well. Just tracking my time. And then I will be hopping off for now. I hope I definitely thank you guys for having me up here. And I was co-hosting.
Yeah, first time doing that. But thank you guys so much for sharing your insightful thoughts on everything. We've had Mexico, awesome job and Frosty already left. He's catching his Zs right now as well. But Lunko, thank you so much for hosting this space.
amazing and have a great one. Yeah thanks. I have to hop off to the next spaces so thanks for joining us. See you later today tomorrow later on GidCon radio. So please everyone jump to the next spaces.
and I'm moving there and closing these spaces at all.

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