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Recorded: May 2, 2023



GMGM everybody, welcome welcome to the G-Coin 24 saving shielding station. Good morning everyone. How are you doing? Cool ah, hey cool ah, sup.
Wow, and flies, they were. How many days we have hosting space? Twenty-first time it's crazy. At the beginning I was like,
Hey, yeah, let's do it is then we don't tweet how many spaces were being hosted in total. It was around, it was close to 300 spaces in total. I was like, wow, we are
who are crazy for this. But yeah, it's been a blast. I consider the radio a success because it has been a hard, replicated like throughout the community like with being, we
We have got a bunch of mentions from Gikon, from the team, a Gikon, everyone is like, "Hey, those guys running 24/7, shelling station."
That's free promo, that's free organic reach. I value some of the reach that is organic. Hey, Sarapun, what's there? That's green dog. How are you buddy?
Hey Guido, I'm great. You have my coffee, my breakfast, I'm super ready to go. That's amazing. I'm already on coffee number three, but here it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon and still a long day, but that was my last
coffee for today otherwise I will just go into orbit as we say. So how is what do you want to talk about today? I will say with you for a while before getting out and preparing for my space. Do you have anything to
Are you going to discuss with the group? Seems like the topic of the week is consensus. Consensus is something that when you do it in the right way,
You save so many troubles along the way. When you have consensus of whatever even to go out in the dinner, like, "Where are we going?" "We are solving it."
consensus is something so important and sometimes we take it for granted like and it's like I write in the telegram last night like if you are gonna do something that has to do with
they community, no matter if it is good or bad, you need to communicate it, get consensus on how is this going to work, because for example, let's say that you are going to feed someone
homeless person in this week. And okay, you're feeding it. You're giving that person money to leave. But you come with a camera and you record this person, you'll record yourself giving this person money like, okay, you are doing something good, but you don't
know if this person is going to approve that you are going to record and you are going to publish that in the internet. You know, that's why consensus is something like for me at every level of my life
I don't know, I'm weak when it comes to hard people or I don't know, get some eyebrows crazy in a bubble wave. Totally agree, totally agree.
It's like we're so, but in this space we hinge so much on consensus when it comes to like proof of stake or proof of history or proof of work or whatever, right? But I think that the thing is is that, you know, even in the blockchain ecosystem,
or a cryptography ecosystem, there's not one consensus algorithm that you can say is the best or fixes all consensus or coordination problems. There's a lot that get really close and do a pretty good job.
But at the same time, you know, just because we're doing work on a blockchain that runs on a consensus algorithm doesn't mean that you know consensus is just Happening regardless, you know, there needs to be like a multi-level
consensus happening, or maybe like a suite of consensus algorithms that we use on the coordination level outside of the blockchain, outside of the technical aspects of decision making.
Yeah, like
It's an old brainless course. It's like I said, if you're building in the web space, there is so many rules that you have to follow. Even though you, they are not being a manifest.
they are not like it just kind there is certain stuff that comes with the with the system with the technology with the with the openness of the of the blockchain because it's like when you have
that consensus, that whenever some concerns arise, you can just send them a publicly like, hey, we send this vote. Like this is the conversation that happened before we took
this path or whatever. Like, if something like, like I said, you've got to use consensus for everything like with the friends, family, business, governance, community, everything has some consensus in
embedded. Even a transaction in a bank has the consensus of whatever you are requesting from the bank and the bank is going to give it to you. There is some consensus happening. I believe that we need to
lean more a little bit towards having that consensus whenever we are going to do anything related to the community.
Hey, Carbone County Club. Yeah. I also, you know, consensus is a word people talk about a lot. I like to illustrate some of the largest, you know, global consensus that we've made in some of the ways they've pushed the world.
And then dream about how this consensus is going to change the world. We can start looking way back. They had like the gold standard where the people who had the gold vaults all agreed that they could issue 10 times the notes. I mean, we might be like, well, that doesn't sound like a great system, but the fact that they agree
read on it actually made the economic advancements of the 16th and 17th century Europe possible and like it did springboard us into our current age over the last couple centuries just to be able to agree to do that. And then we look at
timekeeping consensus. Many of us celebrate every new year's, you know, and watch the ball drop. Most people don't realize that that's entire celebration is also agreeing what time it is. And like that's literally why we do it and how it started. Like that's what the ball dropping from the top of the tower and hitting the bottom into
10 seconds is actually all about is all of us agreeing what time it is and being able to set our navigation equipment accordingly so we could cross the ocean. We just agreed what time it was and that was enough of a reason to have a global celebration. And since then we've been able to do
all kinds of things that we don't really think about as time coordination, but we talk directions on GPS, the mapping and cartography. A lot of this was done through consensus made in timekeeping. And like we can look at how blockchains are making the consensus of both economic and time
keeping consensus, but then they're also layering on other layers of consensus building material functions. And the potential there is actually huge if you look at what even simple consensus we've made in the past have done to change society.
Yeah, yeah, like I'm moving forward like what we building in the book in the in the blockchain like I believe that what we're doing is gonna be like huge Like say 50 60 years from now because
these new systems like we can just replicate what was already done but using this new mindset and philosophy of community everything because okay let's say the I'm from the Dominican Republic and we are
really good at growing cacao, let's say. Why I'm going to prevent a partnership between a global North organization and organization in the Dominican Republic because I want to keep a local or keeping
No, I just need to bring my values to the table and create that partnership because let's be real. There is financial hubs, there is technical hubs, there is all sorts of, everyone has something to bring to the table.
We have the consensus on how to like say operate it doesn't matter what the money is coming from like okay the money is coming from whatever community in the world like okay, we just need to have clear clear guidelines of okay, this is what my community is gonna get out of this
partnership and this is what your community is getting and bringing that on shame like it brings just another level of transparency and source of truth because you don't need to worry about who says what because everything is on shame and that's something that like
I believe the blockchains, they just remove borders. They remove your restrictions and they remove everything and they just open up a new scale of global community collaboration and everyone can be like, okay, this is how my community won
to play out. So since this is like you said, there is some consensus and everything is going to be okay because people agree to the outcome that they're pursuing and you will get something that is a public ledger, a source of
truth that if anyone breaks the rules it's gonna be really easy to be like okay this is the person who needs to be held accountable for what happens you know for what happened with this problem or whatever
I think when establishing quorum to reach consensus, I think there's an assumption that consensus is the end all be all, especially being in Dallas
for the last couple of years now and you know the focus when we do governance on just like reaching quorum and having that like create a consensus so we can make the decision and like get on with our work. It's like
a little rushed and you know like just because there is consensus like doesn't mean it's the right consensus. I was just thinking like when you were talking about on the ground reaching consensus in community like it it's hard sometimes because you don't know like
Maybe you do know, but you can't control the external factors that are influencing ultimately the potential consensus that people might come to in a community. And it always just takes me back to the 2016
election, when Trump got elected, things like this where there was this huge amount of consensus that Trump should be the next president. Definitely not the best type of consensus, but there was something that was happening externally that influenced a lot of people.
to come to consensus on this thing, which who should be present and it can be for smaller things or larger things. And it's just yeah, I would like to think of like which ways could we be more attentive in our communities to understand like
What is influencing people like when they're online and stuff like he's like what we're doing here in Twitter spaces and things like this, you know like this is not the normal like Consumption of information that most people get when they go online or go on YouTube and things like this like you know
a lot of the times they're being manipulated through information and so how can we combat that? So when we reach consensus, it's not like the wrong consensus or the consensus that doesn't represent the values we want to embody as a community.
Yeah, it's crazy about consensus for me you can even build new economy
is new everything on top of princesses. Pardon my doubt, sorry. Hey, Pink Safety, yeah, are you doing?
I'm doing great and I'm really enjoying the conversation and the ideas from Cooler. I think the consensus building is pretty difficult. From my perspective, the most difficult thing is just making sure that people really understand
like the consensus, right? Because it's like devil is always in the details and it's just impossible to make sure that people really understand the details of the consensus every time and probably abstracting away from
water to like stewardship is the most important part of it like from my perspective.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what we um
How are we going to get through these high gas fees? That's something that is just mind blowing how expensive it is to make a donation like
I was thinking about this, even though we don't have those many donations, the quadratic formula is going to disverse the funds and the matching pool anyway. But it's crazy because even in the alpha run,
We had so many interesting interactions with the round. But now people will be like, "Okay, let me go and support, but they'll be like, 'Oh no, this is a no, and it is for everyone.' It's not only like the one south, it's like everyone is so
from these. It's just crazy. How the mind can get when you need, when you need it most. Go ahead, we are. Yeah, I just wanted to say that this morning
I tried to make aid donation. I have a lot of projects that I want to support, but to spend eight days, so eight one-dye donation, I spent in the first transaction eight euro, and then he was asking me eight days
euro sample I took complete the transaction so I stop it and the way was not so high was 50 but at this level it's just impossible I mean you spend 10 times the donation in gas is that
it's crazy. So I hope that this will go down in next week because I have my budget to do donation and I want to donate to as many projects as possible if not I would donate to less projects.
really a pity. And also this is introducing a really big risk because with this flow of donation that is something like 90% less than Alfarão. Tomorrow there is a community around the community call of Gippgoin.
all join at 4 UTC so they will tell us more but with this very low level it's very easy to influence the outcome of these big poles that is you can grant because at the end
We are all engaging in a democratic exercise. The real game is not the donation we receive, but the real game is the allocation of matching fund. So we are like in an election. And in this election, there will be 90% less of the voters and
Of course, the outcome can be influenced in a easier way. And this is why we raised our concern yesterday because specifically on this round, it's very easy to influence the outcome. If I do an event locally, I bring
20 donation to my project and I would double it. Now, I'm a normal, normally is a popular project in the rounds. I think I have 16 donation now in one week and surely I can have easy
20 donation in a real-time event, if I organize my community locally. But I'm not going to do it because I think that it's introducing elements that are difficult to be handled and I'm very happy that last hour there were
I think a conversation about that and I'm very happy that I am adding that because we raised the problem and I think it's a common problem for all the community. I'm also very positive and optimistic that this problem will be solved and
they will share guidelines for everybody. But, Sila, we have to be very careful of how we move, specifically in exceptional circumstances like now. And nobody was expecting that, but here we are.
around where there are very few donations and probably the most successful project in the climate round, the idea will have 40 donations of 50 donations. So this is really a challenging round so we need to be
be extra careful that things are done in the right way, but I have a lot of trust to get to the GitCon community that are extorted on that. They see much more than we see, and so I'm on a positive feeling right now.
Yeah, yeah, you are 100% agree with you. There is way less borders than last time. Any change in the needle can be made with a little bit of
effort, let's say. But it is what it is. Like those events are going to happen regardless. But I'm glad that at least we have something from the key point in that there has to be some
transparency in the mechanics, but it's human nature. Like if you are organizing an event, of course, I'm going to donate to you because you are hosting me. You invite me to be there to share with you to have the drinks, drinks
and food. So it is what it is. Like, you guys, like, time will tell. We are in the right side of the of history. I can say like, it's okay.
I just feel like community initiative, you need to bring all players to the board, to the planning board. And everyone has to have that consensus. Hey, PinkSafe, go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that like, you know, it's not like a secret that some some kind of projects are just gaming the system and it's not like
You know, it's not like people are just taking in like it's normal, right? It's not going to be like, okay, with the community in general, I think.
And in the long term, it's probably going to be damaging for the project. And this is probably like its optimal strategy in the short term, right? But in the long term, this will not end.
Yeah, well, I think I hope so at least. Yeah, like especially because you know when it comes to mainnet and doing things on a theory of mainnet, like there was assumption that like when we moved over to proofstake that this type of connection
congestion that comes from like mostly MEV activities like the minor extractable value did not just cease to exist when we moved over to proof of state and this is like I think a catalyst of a lot of the congestion happening right now like
Obviously people are putting a lot of transactions through, but on top of that there's for every transaction that is put through, there's like five or ten bots that have M-A-V kind of strategies that are trying to front-run your trades or transactions.
is increasing congestion. So maybe it's also important for us to pose a question to us as individuals and the community of like, proof and stake not being the end all be all and what are like MEP resistant networks that we could maybe
conduct further rounds on or just look towards, because as of right now, the proof of stake is not fostering that MEV resistant environment. But yeah, that's just my two cents.
Go ahead, Carbone. I've never been a Maxi about any currency really. I feel like we're going to need several blockchains for several reasons. And I think that this is an example of why. There are certain uses that maybe if they weren't overlaid, it wouldn't be as congestion.
Now we have a number of automated markets that are also every time somebody makes a transaction, there's 10 robots that want to make a counter trade. In any of that that's drawn back onto the main network or even a secondary layer is going to congest it up. That's why it's a good idea to
not be like this one chain is going to be the only one and think about the actual function of like what is this tool supposed to do? Because the chances that one tool literally does everything is it isn't very likely, especially since this isn't still fairly early developed technology.
Like, I just don't think that one thing is going to be made that fits every use case. I think that the segregation and improvement of these uses will probably go farther than saying that mine is a jack of all trades kind of thing. And that's just my thought on it.
Yeah, yeah, I took a break and that's why we deploy coconut down at nosy chain because Even though there is no many people and there is no That that that much liquidity and volume going on I believe
believe is the right chain for the future, building future wise, trying to build something to onboard everyone into the network. I believe that you need to run on a machine that only
not only provide liquidity, like you need to people need to be able to open a proposal on shame just because and not prevent that from happening because of gas fees or I don't have the proper
amount of fees to get consensus on anything because the shame is too expensive. So we are aiming to have so much people in the village that we need to have a chain like that you can make
like 1000 transactions with just one dollar because that's how you onboard people and that's how people actually use whatever you build because it's just useful. And at any rate now is something that like
I don't get it like it's crazy how you can have something that you can just not use it. It's sad because there is so many
amazing technology behind Ethereum. To be honest, I see Ethereum as the source of truth for future generation because it's so decentralized, but at the same time,
It's only that, it's like a miracle. It's not like something that you can go and deploy again, like H.F. Ampire, it's not like you actually can use it for a community currency. It's crazy.
I think decentralization is a beautiful dream, but it's never really even come close to existing. And I even mean that with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, it doesn't matter. None of them are decentralized. It takes the previously existed wealth or knowledge to get into it.
And then you leverage that over the rest of the community. With proof of work, you need traditional wealth to access technology and equipment. We need energy and equipment. And that costs money. Now, with proof of stake, you'd be like, well, you don't need as much energy or equipment, but you still need the assets, which will cost you something.
So like there's nothing that's actually decentralized. It's all been built in a way that I think it's just our human nature makes it very hard to create anything that's truly decentralized until everybody in the world was actually already using this technology and was signed up for it in some meaningful way.
And then we could actually make a true attempt, but then you still, you know, who knows if it actually works because we've never been able to try something to that scale. I would theorize it would, but we actually have to get there before we can try it. So I think that there's a lot that will go on, but none of these are truly decentralized.
So always kind of be cautious of the people who are like, "Oh, it's decentralized." Now we attempt, attempted decentralization. I will believe that. I know Evergreen coin attempted decentralization, but we still have large whales. Bitcoin attempted decentralization, but they still have large whales.
A theory of the same thing, and you can look at any currency, and even the ones who are like we are the most decentralized still have percentages in a single wallet address, and that person probably has more than one address. Because it's easy to do. So it becomes to where none of these are truly these
centralized, so you still have to choose the community and the consensus you want to agree on and be part of. And I believe that's where like do your own research comes in very strongly. And I'm not saying one chain is better than another. I'm saying that one chain will be better than another for your personal use.
That's why that's why that's perfect. That's a summary of the state of blockchain in two minutes. Like every chain has a purpose and people need to
forget about like my shame is the one or whatever like I just believe that if you building a like say a stereo mind you need to have a solid reason for your community to be there and if your community wants to be there I'm
they are okay with it. Yeah, so go ahead. But Chris, but my I have seen some some cases where people like, oh, that project is running on like say, Binance is come. That project is running on whatever changes is they don't they don't
over the going because they are not running on Ethereum mind I blah blah blah like it's crazy but it is what it is I'm I just I choose no decision because it's a unstable change like the gas fees are paid in die so you don't need to worry about
price fluctuations or market prices that those Americans is always price on the ISO. For me that was the killer decision to go with no sense and besides of that they claim to be a community chain like
Oh, we have 100,000 plus balladay tors. We prevent both, both blah, blah, blah. Like they really, like I really love the way that on the path they're taking us.
They believe that they have the tactical advantage over Ethereum because since they are a tiny project, they can easily adapt to any change or condition in the community.
Correct me if I'm wrong. So for the hypercer, it's like that that's on X-tie as well. No, that's that's optimism. Well, that's on optimism. Yeah, yeah. Okay, understood. Hey, and so what are your thoughts on optimism?
I have been I haven't I haven't done a deep dive to be honest or so like it is in my to the list but overall I see everyone had up to me so they got to have something
I gotta take a look, because sometimes everything might look fancy from the outside, but so far it looks very promising, what are they doing, even with their written
of public funding, that's amazing. We need more change and we need like use cases for those change because if we just keep developing new change and we don't use them for the
It doesn't matter how many change we end up having if we don't do what we need to do with them. So Optimus, I saw that Coinbase deploy a blockchain using the stack of Optimus.
That was huge for me and they are about to bring so many assets on chain dots. It's great. I really love that. I love what we call
as a blockchain, a slash, you have three slash open-legers. The future is bright. I cannot wait until more governments and cities start doing what is happening at a
that they have like an NFT passport and some others countries that are actually adopting this new tech because like I said blockchain removed more borders and that's what we need to strive for.
So coconut down what are you guys doing with the coconut husks and the trees that die? That's what I want to know. We are not there yet but like coconuts are circular by by design like
It's crazy. Yeah, we have some opportunities, I guess, and like we have companies that they buy coconut waste to produce byproducts.
many stuff at the table we are considering like setting up a local community station to manufacture those byproducts. This is going to be a vote in the
like okay we have the opportunity to produce the this amount of byproducts what we need to what's gonna be the first one this is gonna be the budget to like build up whatever in front that we might need but yeah we we plan to
use every last even the last piece of the coconuts. I know that I've seen lots of people you know different projects you can do with you know the waste materials. Some people burn coconuts asks fuel
some people just incinerated and just let it burn but at that rate you could use it to generate energy you can make char out of it. My suggestion is like small scale would be dig a hole and turn them to charcoal and then turn that charcoal into biochar and plant some more coconut trees. That would be my use you don't
actually need any contracts with anybody, you need a shovel and a lighter and the waste materials and some time. But yeah, you can do all that in-house as long as you don't have like obscene amounts of materials. I'm happy to talk to you about stuff like making biochar and how you can calculate how much carbon
is actually in those materials that you've collected from the waste materials. So that's kind of what the Carbon Counting Club does. It's like I figure how much carbon is in the soil amendments and then we just keep track of it, you know, pay people rewards. But it's good things to me. I like to encourage
people to measure it and count it, because then you can start to make improvements and then you can find different ways to utilize things in different ways. Like I live in the US, I get a lot of junk mail. I was surprised when I started actually collecting and composting it, how much carbon I just kind of went past through my hands, you know.
I started collecting food scraps from neighbors because I was like look at all this I can collect Once I started counting and kind of keeping score I wanted more And that's why I encourage other people to do the same Wow, that's amazing. That's amazing. I mean, yeah
I mean, in Salu, Ireland, yeah, with the coconut farm, we just started getting called the ground kind of these. I guess we're using and recycling practices that are necessary. Coconut are so big part of the daily diet.
And yeah, like no one really has any use for the parts that are left of the coconut. So yeah, it'd be cool to see how we can coordinate on how we can use these waste products collectively to just like, you know.
Yeah, like Coco, like have you, you know, tried to go and, you know, track those coconuts down through their supply life and, you know, trying to get them back. Or is that, is that a plan or a plan?
You know, our people are already collecting the waste materials from coconuts individually. What initiatives are existing to get that waste material back so it can be utilized.
Yeah, um, um, first with to the caravan, I'm like, yeah, um, that's exactly why I'm so, um, I'm so happy that we decided to build like,
I'm open down that is 100% governed by its members because I cannot wait until I see down members building so many values, dreams of the actual work because we
We we building a coconut farm and let's say that we don't know nothing about carbon but down members though do and you Bice basically become as down member the ones who create
Those new strings of value because you know about carbon and you can be like, "Hey, if we as a DAO or we as a coconut plantation, we follow the following guidelines, we are going to achieve X outcome."
It is crazy how many stuff can be built on top of real-world assets and even more coconut plantation with all of the buy products. I am just very happy that we went with the
that way and the wisdom of the crowd because my background like I'm a newbie when it comes to plans and trees but that's not worries me because I'm aiming to have downtown
with a set different set of backgrounds that they can provide besides of money to the doll, oversight, knowledge, experience, expertise. I just love building in the space because of that. Go ahead, we'll
Sorry. Oh no, nothing to be sorry. I just wanted to say that I'm leaving because I have to open my space in 10 minutes and I need 10 minutes to ground a little bit. But keep going, go on with your conversation and thank you so much.
Okay, also Guido, okay drop the link in the comments whatever it's ready to open it so I will not be able to drop the link
because I'm working on the phone but I will share it on the Twitter page so don't be worried. Okay awesome awesome thank you. Okay see you in the next chat.
Okay, ciao. Okay, so yeah, like I said, Carvon, I used love. When I see people coming and reaching out with that type of knowledge, like, oh, you can do this or you can
execute this process in the in the ground. Like I said, like, yo, this is the kind of people that needs to be told members. Because even though we are going to present and we're working on a green paper that is going to add
everything from planting process and how are we going to take care of the soil. We are going to cover so much ground in this green paper that it is almost ready but it's like when you
are meeting bsys and you are going to meet this billionaire but without the money the billionaire is going to give you access to their portfolio of companies so you can you're basically gonna have money and network at the same time and that's
That's how I see the whole building in public and having a doubt with a mainstream invasion that people join the doubt and things the shares are solving. When someone becomes a down member in Coconut, it is because
They want to be a down member. It's not like, oh, I'm going to get those tokens, I'm going to get those shares, I'm going to wait until the price bounce. No, no, they want to be a member for real and they want to contribute with the whole experiment because
in blockchain everything is like experiment but we building a nice one because we are just planting trees doing something that humans are really know what know how to do it and basically we are not inventing or creating
in the world. We just planted trees and bringing those three, that tree ownership on shame and giving that value back to the community in every way possible. And that's why I love so much that we're building us about because we
the crowd is priceless, at least for me, because we don't have all of the answers, we just humans, and humans don't know nothing at the end. But as a group of people, we have a higher chance of success. That's how they say, "Hey Jimmy,
I think that the collaborative effort of a Dow definitely is helpful. I do think there are some people who are just like, "I'm going to create a Dow because it's popular at the moment." But I also think that there's a lot of great use cases. And that's where you're using it. You're actually building
community you're doing stuff. I would encourage, you know, obviously no waste is already something on your community's mind. I've talked to you in the past about using the space between the trees. If you guys are doing like start up, it takes a long time to grow croaking at trees. You can grow turnips between the trees and they're ready in four weeks. So if you're starting, if you like need a
to keep the property or keep it going. That's something I would look at as like tubers and stuff between the trees because they don't need as much light and they can be produced much faster. And these are just things that like I don't know if I'll be directly involved with your dowel but anybody who's doing this kind of work I love to share
information with and I have a number of books if they're helpful and that is anybody who's there on the ground doing work. We even you know Evergreen coin will pay them cryptocurrency directly. Whether you know just because we want to support you guys and your efforts like that's that's what we're trying to do.
But yeah, like in learning from what you guys are doing also helps us because like I can read it in a book and I can do it because what the book says and you can be like well I did it and this is what actually happened which sometimes are the same and sometimes they're not and that's why it's good to have you know like you said lots of people learning from lots of sources and sharing
Hey, like in the same way that you use cold wood to cultivate mushrooms, could you use the excess from the coconut, the
to a similar process for mushrooms or? There is a type of fungus that will grow on it. I don't know enough about it to tell you what kind or how good or bad that one will be for the trees. I will say that most fungus have very complex systems and they
They will trade sugars from nutrients and they help with the diffusion of nutrients and water throughout the soil a great deal. The fungus will have it's my salient which will actually transport water or nutrients or minerals great distances to the other side of it. If there's a tree there that's willing to trade enough sugar
for it. So they have a very complex trade system that go on in the ground. I would suggest reading about pink oyster mushrooms to see if they would grow on coconuts because I know those are tropical species that's also edible, but there's probably lots of other species and you can learn
more specifically about coconuts, coconut trees. Obviously you don't want to introduce any type of fungus that's going to be detrimental to the trees or anything like that, but if you can get stuff that is symbiotic, it does do a great deal. In my experience, the first step of building a food forest or starting
One of these plantations of sorts is you start with the fungus floor. You start by laying down wooden materials and making sure that your pH balances are to where the fungus will thrive. And then you plant on top of that because that fungus floor will help increase the health and longevity of everything else in the garden.
I'm a newbie when it comes to everything that you said but yeah, like I didn't knew about so much about trees and planting before coconut down but I'm learning
learning every day and try to get more involved because I was so ignorant with how critical really this knowledge is for us as humans to
to survive. And my background is intact, like I've been my entire life in front of a screen, but this is just different and this is something that I feel like
I feel great doing this work and looking at the possibilities of what we are capable of with collaboration and building a community around these around
I used to learn, like, one month ago, that they are forest. I didn't know about that. I was like, so this is a cash producing forest, basically.
the value comes from the trees, but the trees, they stay, you don't need to shove the trees to get value. So basically I'm building a forest that's going to create other forests
Along the way, that was just mind blowing for me like yeah, I didn't knew that this life was possible for people like me. I'm just happy that I'm building I'm bringing agriculture to the blockchain and for me that's why
Wow, so happy for you. I can definitely relate in the sense of being stuck behind the screen and not being able to match your impact and realize it on the ground. When you do that switch, it's a super beautiful thing.
And yeah, it's awesome to hear that. And when James was saying, you know, like, growing turn-ups or between the trees or having different crops to ultimately benefit the whole process in general, I was
also thinking like do you guys use any pesticides and you know if you are like you maybe you should look into growing maybe rosemary or similar pets like that the act as like a natural pesticide you know obviously rosemary just tastes amazing but all
Also, it's like a beautiful thing that helps the surrounding plants around it to not be, you know, rate it by pest. So I didn't know this till recently. But like I did,
I didn't realize it. I was like, "Oh, yeah, it just got a grow rosemary." But they're actually a practical reason to it. So if you could cultivate some rosemary, a similar plant for a natural pesticide, you should definitely look into that and be a good help. I don't know.
Yeah, thank you so much for the suggestions. In like in a few weeks, like say, two, three weeks, we're gonna be presenting our planting process. We're gonna ask for feedback from the community.
So I'm gonna love for you guys whatever that old life for you to like drop like Is there's gonna be like a form and you're gonna be able to leave comments on the on the proposal? Because we co-working with the permit
of agriculture on these and we are requesting everything to be eco and think about not only about the plants but about the overall ecosystem and yeah thank you I'm gonna take some notes about that and
We have a person that approach of the he has a formula to produce a natural organic pesticides and I'm gonna post about that in the coming days too because I'm just setting up a meeting with this person but yeah we we have
so much to bring this in the coming weeks. Everything is going to be like you guys say organic and eco-friendly at every step of the process. I mean, PIN says
the next space we quit. So let's head out to the space. Thank you so much for being here. Carbon, CooLA, Pinsave, D.V. El Safan. Sorry, it's
If I didn't pronounce your username in the right way, but thank you so much for coming here today. It's an honor for me to share the room with brilliant people like you. So thank you so much.
I'm going to leave the space open until you transition to the next one is pin with widow widow got the best solar punk vibes in the in the radio
So go there, join him, I'm gonna take a shower now so I can continue with my day and with the round, spring things, so we gotta keep going.

FAQ on 📢GITCOIN RADIO #GitcoinBeta Community | Twitter Space Recording

What is the name of the radio show?
The radio show is called G-Coin 24 Saving Shielding Station.
What is the topic of conversation in the podcast?
Consensus is the topic of conversation in the podcast.
Why does the host think consensus is important?
The host thinks consensus is important because it saves many troubles along the way.
What is the host's opinion on recording a person they are helping?
The host thinks that consensus is needed even in situations where they help someone and want to record it because they need to make sure the person is okay with recording and publishing it.
What is the host's country of origin?
The host is from the Dominican Republic.
What is the host's opinion on global partnerships?
The host believes partnerships should be based on values and consensus, not on local or global north/south divides.
What does the host think blockchains remove?
The host thinks blockchains remove borders, restrictions, and open up new opportunities for global community collaboration.
What is the name of the person joining the podcast conversation?
The name of the person joining the podcast is not stated.
What are some examples of past consensus-building measures mentioned in the podcast?
Examples mentioned include the gold standard and timekeeping consensus.
What is the overall tone of the podcast?
The overall tone of the podcast is positive and thoughtful, with a focus on community and collaboration.