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Gitcoin Radio: SeoulBound with Songyi and Euni

Recorded: April 29, 2023



(soft music)
All right, hello everybody. Can everybody hear me?
If you can hear me please send me some emoji. Great. Yeah, I think our host is having a little bit of technical issue so I'm just jumping in. My name is Song Yi. I just started like so bond together with our friends and I see some familiar faces
who participate in the Soulbound and then also our crew team here. And thank you so much for joining wherever you are. I'm based in Soul at the moment. It's a 70 AM, so be bare with me if I say something very early morning's human life.
Yeah, so thank you for joining. I don't know why you joined the space, but we are here to share a little bit about our journey as an expound. So expound is initiative that just started from one of the experience we designed together at the cell-bound.
and soban was born with a mine, you know, like from Asia and then other parts of the world, the Tao ecosystem and the framework and principle, they were bringing, we are bringing in is super, super important for the Tao space and then the whole
the space if we really believe the Dow is the next design and coordination platform but there is some underrepresented voices and so we started this initiative to bring more inclusive voice and not just voice but to build a narrative together
And I think we can talk more about the story and now our host is here. Hello. Mad technical difficulties. So so sorry. Thank you so much for stepping up though and getting the conversation started. Good morning, Sunyee.
Good morning. Welcome to the show. Are you in South Korea right now? Yes, I am in South Korea. Most of my time is spending on travel on the world and actually I'm based in New Zealand but I was in Korea doing
So, I'm going to go back to New Zealand soon. It's a Saturday night.
I don't know what you said in the last 10 minutes so please feel free to tell me that you already covered it but you did just mention that you all just finished the so-bound event in South Korea how did it go? Yeah it was quite magical you know as well as our first kind of
event and has become a pilot when we design we were not sure how long it's going to go and you know is this going to be the first and the last one or is the first one for the many but it's turned out to be the first one of many and our participants took this experience into the expound
So now the expound which is we propose to the gait coin is just out of our hands It's like out on on everybody's hands who participated so super excited and then you know you can tell the participants were engaged so they want to take it to the other parts of the world
that mean I think the event was successful. No, that's super dope. Great to hear. So XBound is the next iteration and who knows where that will go. What were some of the key insights that you learned from the last event? Yes, so our thesis was
was basically, can we bring more diverse voice and then cultural interconnectivity to the Tao Space and then committee building space and it's extremely important and well you can learn about the culture by reading books and watching
commentary, listening podcast, but the best way to learn experience other culture is being there. And then really having the physical kind of gathering a connection together with the people that is coming from that culture. So that's what we were thinking and how much of
our kind of ancient wisdom that our own culture carries actually can be put it on the stage and then shared with the people by just coming up showing up as who they are. And that was very much proven. This is now and it was really incredible.
incredible that people really showing up and we designed this process of just coming together mindful with not just a heavy conversation but really building heart conversation first. So we divided this experience into the three different
different days and the whole theme was weaving the wisdom for a new era. So day one is you know when you start weaving you need a threat and so we are working on like building threat based on our identity and cultural identity and that was beautiful with it really deep
dive into who they are and having one on conversation groups on conversation really understanding who they are as a person rather than what they do in the group to space. So, and then day two was once we figure out the threat of each other.
how can we weave our wisdom and experience. So there are a lot of open space that people come and contribute to their thoughts and a lot of many small groups and very, very different topic from like incentive design, a very technical topic all the way to the politic and
and we have a single conversation. And then day three is we share our learning from day two and then come up with how and what we want to take you forward. And expound was one of the outcomes.
of one of the five. So we've learned that it's possible that people can come together in three days, go really, really deep and come up with something amazing. And the other thing that we learn is funny enough, like a lot of people identify themselves as a weaver and then community
over course you can see a lot of these people in the Dallas space but particularly very you know committee building and weaver identity was deep in the most of the participants so we just recognize once again how important the weaving work is in the space
because oftentimes a lot of people building real stuff or building something not real but like tangible stuff is more highlighted and they were praised and they were acknowledged but there's a lot of people that are doing amazing invisible work and that actually build the fabric of all of our work so we wanted to
really once recognize that and second, empowering those rivers to come up more and acting expound will be amazing experience for those people and also so they can come and take the DNA and then go to their community and then do more of the weaving work.
Wow, wow, so much in their community building, weaving threads, ancient wisdom. What would you say, what kind of like philosophies influence some of the work that you're doing? Yeah, obviously.
amazing Korea. So in East Asia, the community and family is actually coming before ourself. I'm sitting in that very contradictory position because I really believe in individuality and then self autonomy and determination, but also
also not coming from the Southeast level, but really coming from a community perspective and a family and a group perspective in Korea. For example, we don't use the word 'I' often. We always use 'we' as a
representative eye and that there is a lot of this similarity in East Asia culture and then I believe other parts of the world and that's one thing of around identity and then the the cultural norm but another thing is because we and our ancestors were
There's a lot of different things by themselves. There's a lot of self-organized group and the practices has been happening more than hundreds of years, if not thousand. In Korea, we have K, which is community treasury. There's a decentralized community treasury management.
to and it was introduced to from you know these villagers coming together and work together and there's another one is called Ture which is basically a dao of a physical one so like a collective working group so they go to different farms one day I would go to
the year to use the algorithm mine and then you know keep going on and on end of the villageers just working together for different houses because they cannot finish their work and harvest if they do bite themselves on their own land. So it was a clear incentive but they made
that as a more festive thing. So there is a music coming, there is a food coming, so everybody is really enjoying that process. And that reminds me a lot about the workspace, the work that we do, you know, like we're coming to do this work, to fulfill our
You know our goal and our lifestyle and our fun and there is a lot of this not just a financial incentive factor but like a building community and then building a collective together and there is so much that we can learn from a lot of those ancient wisdom or our ancestors practices. So that's what
I tried to bring in and I believe it's not just Korea. And then there is a lot in Japan, there's a lot in Taiwan, and there is a lot of like in Africa and a lot of time and all of it. And then we just start to see that our Taoists from these different culture already practicing their kind of
sister wisdom into their self-practice and then I see that and then that hasn't been actually introduced to other culture like Western Europe or our Americans friends and I wanted to just bridge those two and then there is something that we can learn from them too right like a modern knowledge part
There's a lot of coordination theories and practices has been developed in the West. There's so many things that we can learn from each other. So that's where I'm coming from in terms of anthropologists and then East philosophy.
My goodness, my goodness. I'm going to have to go back and listen to this recording because you're just saying so many things they're resonating with me and one of the things, you know, specifically is there is so
much ancestral wisdom and community building that has come in the past that I think we're kind of missing in a lot of the dowel space. So I'm wondering if from
experience so far that you've seen a different approach between Eastern and Western cultures and how they are approaching Dows is there some pretty significant differences from your experiences?
Yeah, I mean, so far even our creature diverse hasn't been put it out there because a lot of our crypto and web 3 and blockchain kind of narrative was built by us to the west. I totally understand because you know, oftentimes
I'm even myself, you know, come to the international stage or international environment. Our nature is just quiet and listening first, so we don't get to have a lot of air time. And once that's a very, very minor thing, but also a lot of this
technology development, which is actually leading our web space and crypto space is done by our Western friends. And I know there's a lot of has been done also from East Asian side as well. But often time we are not on the front page. You know, we are not really sharing what we've done. And there's a lot of
hidden things that is happening in even cryptocenes that are done by a lot of our friends in the East. But that's not important. This I just wanted to put it as a context. But because of that, a lot of like our experiment for last few years has been done led by the tooling, led by the technology
and lab led by the very rational thinking. And I think it's very important that we do have a tool, but now often our friends from West realizing, "Oh, now we build these tools, but people are not using it. Why is that?" And the East people are mostly, is coming together
and then like doing little things together and then to just get going and it's more like a human element. How to build the culture and then how to, you know, coming together and then see how far we can go and then kind of inviting the technology into the space.
So there is definitely more stories around narrative building and storytelling and then the reason why are we starting? So really based on the first principle why are we starting this? And so that's kind of like the differences. But it's not just
But there is always a duality, right? So there is more like a human element versus technology ending element and also there's a you know experience design in the human level but also experience design in the technical level. So there is a lot of different duality and you know, expound and so on is not
not just dividing it east and west by like bringing, how can we bring more balanced narrative and practices in a many different way and then many different pillars. Wow. You were talking about the doubt and being led by tooling and technology and I think
with Dow House, that's one of the things that we've also kind of figured out over the last couple of years and one of the attempts that we're making with bootleggers is to use that tooling and technology to kind of abstract it away where it's actually not a Dow platform that you're going to.
But it's your community's Dow application. And so creating the flows and the cost action and the proposals and treasury management stuff in the context of what you're doing to interact with your community, right? Not in the context of how the Dow platform thinks that you should be operating your
community. So we're just getting started on it, but that was really really resonated with me that you have identified that as a problem in the space and building culture first and then kind of inviting the technology is really really important.
as well as talking about the narratives and the storytelling and the vision of the community and getting people aligned on those things. Those are the core features that we need to focus on developing and strengthening in order to actually make an impact. And so... Yeah, 100%.
He just touched it on so many things. I'm going crazy over here because one time he's going in so many different directions, but also talking about the duality and the balance. I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Arturo Escobar, but he's a Colombian author that wrote a book called "Designs for the Purpose."
and he's talking about a lot of the similar concepts as you are but from the perspective of kind of the global style versus you know what's traditionally Western culture. I would love to read it if you can send it to me or put it on the track.
I sure will. It's hard to read, but you see him like you got your head around B&O and a dive into that stuff really easily, but cool, cool. So what are some of the voices that you feel are underrepresented in the Dowspace?
Yeah, just as simply enough when I jumped into the dial space and that the reason why I was actually thinking about more human elements and then bringing this thing is there was a 20 I think 19 I was at the Web 3 Summit and I was sitting in the one of the sessions a lot of dials for link
company like including like article and then I don't think there are dial hospital like other other people like four of them on the station. They were saying exactly the same thing. Yeah, we build this tool and then now we can do this and then and then and then we need you to use it now and I'm like there is something wrong about this conversation we need to oh
really starting from people's experience and then I started digging and then talking more people and the dominant narrative was like we have to build tools and then blah blah blah and everything has to be more decentralized and a lot of like decentralizing conversation I don't get me wrong I've been in space like 11
I know what that means and how we want to take it to the decentralization. But if we want to really reach to that decentralization that we were talking about, but without this culture of building and experience building, we would not get there. So like, method option is needed that process.
And when I voiced this and I also voiced, I tried to voice a lot of different our practices that were not really something that our girlfriends were in mind, having in mind. And then oftentimes you also meet like, "That was amazing. This is a kind of new inventions."
this is a new way and it was all of everything kind of being like energy and perspective and I'm like oh no it's not guys we have to go back to the like a very basic foundation of conversation and over the last two years I think the narrative has shift a lot and then now I see as you mentioned our doubtfuling
friends are like coming back to the user experience and the narratives and you know there is a lot more experiment going on. So that's one piece you know we always have to it's not just a towel but in every perspective our crypto pillars like have to think about like what has been already done and what what has been already done
done in the web2 space, even what web1 space or ancestors, wisdom and practices and what are the things that we can learn from them. So we don't have to start from the scratch, right? So there is always learning from the past. So we have to bring that more into the space. But oftentimes these people
both from different parts other than Web3 comes in and their voice is not as valued as a crypto OG. So that's one thing. And also because of our language barrier and the time difference, that's real, right? A lot of our friends that has a deep wisdom and practices, they just
don't speak the language and and that there is not enough like translation effort has been made so there is a huge gap bridging those people who can actually benefit from the structure and the principle and ecosystem are not there yet so that has to be done
And third is, I think not just a language, but a lot of conversation, amazing conversation is designed in the either European time zone or US time zone. So there's a lot of different time zones, so we cannot even join. But you know how hard it is to go back to recording and then you can
not interact directly with that either host or conversation and so on. So it's been really impactful for other people in Asia and also probably other cultural as well. So yeah, those are the, we could be minor but also quite major, you know, like difficulty that we are having.
No, I understand fully. One of the things I've been struggling with is how more effective time is when you're synchronized when you're together. Even if it's on Discord, I think we are able to push things
much further if we spend an hour or two together rather than you send me a message. I do my thing. I send you a message. You do your thing and you know it can take weeks or months to push things forward that can be accomplished in an afternoon if you get on the same page at the same time.
And I think that's also why being in person is kind of even the next level of that. A lot of it's an energy thing, right? Like you can share each other's energy, you can feed off one another and that must be so difficult to have all of
those things working against you when you're on the other side of the world. And that's why I think the expound or any type of like a physical gathering is so important because you know it doesn't have to be always together but you can we can do a lot of get done in the async and that thing is very important
and we don't waste our time just sitting and talking about nothing important. But you know, you can do a lot of work online, but at least every day or every community should come together and then really sit down together and share their energy, a physical space together and that that accelerates the whole car.
and the work can be done in the physical space together is way faster. So how can we even design our community experience with an online offline together? And if it's not global, you can also do a lot of regional thing and the global comes together and a way to get
once a year or twice a year, and then that can be done and it should be totally fine for now. And we just need to do a lot more experiment in terms of dows and also physical gatherings or online gatherings that we haven't figured the perfect ratio yet.
Oh I see the uni family made it up. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Great. Yeah, I was actually mostly listening till from the first.
I would love to hear you speak too. Thank you. How long have you been in the web 3 space? Well I'm crypto since 2017 and working with Songi in many different projects.
and also for this soap on. As a one of the members, I'll contribute at Weave that we've done from Eastern Culture.
Yeah, so my background is mostly as either entrepreneur or builder side, so like currently I'm also contributing but building the Tao Turing
in also some of the like no-code tools for Web 2 and Web 3 bridging. So very interested in this space and also we are exploring
a lot of new paradigms and new frameworks for Tao or Tao-Wish culture. So I think this expound initiative will be also
mother journey for all of us to leave the wisdom and also convert this current wisdom into a new way of the web-3 thinking.
Are you operating X-bound as a doubt? Well, we'd love to. What do you think? And we don't know yet. I think that's another thing, right? Instead of like we put it like this is gonna be a doubt.
I think we just start our experiment first and then when we need it, then we will probably start using some of the doubtful and the tooling to facilitate our experience better. So far, Telegram has been great, so we're just going to stay there and then as we go
further we will include other things into the table and we do have a lot of that expert and experimenters in the group so we will all figure it out. But you know once they have a time. Yeah but it's already like kind of like you know community weaved
events and gathering. So this expound idea was also popped up from our community and all the participants are really, really supportive for us to move on to the next level.
But because of it's only started in so bound it doesn't mean the so bound team gonna lead it and I think so bound team will be more focused on another initiative that is popped up from the so bound which is ABCD is the Asia based community now so there is a lot of voices from the our East Asia
that will build another doubt to really support Taoist from Asia, either funding or event or whatever building playbooks together. So I think Sporda, which was actually the main actor for the Slovakian, will focus on that. And X-Bound will be more like a
other people who participate in Soulbound, I wanted to take it to the different culture and the building, their own playbook, who are interested in really designing the gatherings, will take and then do their own thing. And of course, the regional players are so important we cannot do. So next one we want to do in Kenya is
September, we cannot just do people from Seoul can go and then do that. So we would need to weave a lot of like African builders come together to build these things together. And so in that sense, there is a lot of different local and regional based web pop-up and we will have to have our own playbook to
really run and help that initiative in local level. So yeah, it's all starting with our grants. We can only develop. So please support and then see how far we can make it. Let's go. It sounds like you're really approaching
this in an organic way and everything's kind of emerge rather than being prescriptive. And in what you're working on and the initiatives that you're pursuing as well as the tools, and I commend that approach, I think, to
often when we lead with the tools, we have technologies that are searching for problems and you mentioned getting back to user experience and design thinking and collaborating to figure out, you know, what are the problems that we need to solve as a community and then experimenting with
the various tools to determine if they're making an impact. I mean speaking of tools we know we used as you can say it's a soul bound so we used the soul bound token as our provost participants or we build this tool together
with the can to issue our ticket page, so everyone get to mint their soap on token to participate. And with that, we have a lot to, like a lot of plan on to keep dropping either incentive or dropping our physical goods or conversations and a lot of content
to this SPT holder. So there's that's one tool that we use that is very aligned. It's not like tooling coming first. So we use that and also we had our founders from Chambas and then also had a partnership from the Wandaverse and a lot of the tools that come
company also show up to the event. So we start using their tooling into the conversation. So we harvest all our conversation in the trombus and so it will be also shared with the broader community later. So we try to really use what are the tooling that our participants bring in in and then so they can also
build and influence by the conversation we had at the cellbound and then they developed their tooling further and then we also using their tooling and the kit like using the community tooling to really improve both experience so that's kind of a really interesting collaboration that we've done so far.
So when you think about expound, it seems like you're trying to come up with a playbook, a process for various communities to implement in their geographic areas. Is that somewhat correct? You're not actually trying
to execute the events you're trying to provide kind of the materials and the structure to help other people execute theirs. I think that we will provide the fundamentals for sure and then a lot of us will show up in the place and there once we come up with a playbook and what are the
the most critical things to build the expound or gatherings. And then that part we have to make sure that it's done well, otherwise it will be a completely different experience. So in that part, I think we had 60 participants coming from I think more than 12 different country. So we will have a
is a one person who experienced so bound and ex bound type of gathering so they can be holding the space or like open co organizing by facilitation and things like that. There were very very critical to the experience we might actually do it together with a local
friends together and we will show up and do facilitate our design of experience together. I think that's what we are thinking. There is a lot of execution can be done by us but also from our local friends ordering food, getting the venue and then inviting people.
don't know who are in the ecosystem. So it has to be a true collaboration between, but we are happy to help on the accelerating and executing. Yeah, well that's also, you know, one really important part is culture exchange. So it's like not only for the geographic culture,
differences, but also we consider differences between different cultures. So we can say that this is more like, you know, cultural-based community. So, like, you know, culture by culture, they can throw
more ancient wisdoms or practices that are inherited from their culture can be also reflected until current Web 3 scene. So with love to see more diverse culture
dynamics that we can have in this crypto scene. So that is one really important part. So we know that the interactions between different groups and different narratives are really, really important to execute that goal.
- You need are you familiar with the concept of Mollek? - Oh sure, yeah. I love that from Dow House and yeah, other sports. - Have you encountered Mollek in the metaverse? What are some of the struggles you have experienced with coordination?
Well, that's actually, yeah, well, really important topic of one of the important topics that we covered from Soulbound as well. You know, we talked about human co-ordinations and co-ordination failures and, you know, a lot of other experiences that we had.
from the past Tao experiences and also not only for the Taoists but also a lot of community aspects. Well, there are some kind of disconnections and some more experiences between different
For example, the Daos that are active currently in the US are not fully discovered from other cultures like Korea or Southeast Asia, and also some of the
local jowls. They have similar initiatives and similar proposing goals, but then there's no interactions or operative to give them to different similar jowls in different
different glow board, different sector. So, like, you know, we are living in this connected world and like, you know, but three is all about merge and merge and work, but then like our wisdom in our practices are not
evenly or fairly spread it and communicate it. So that is why we do we do want to see that kind of interactions between the real human beings who are contributing in this space.
Yeah, there's way too much to solve in the same problems in silos rather than then working together to collaborate to coordinate to compose to take what you do and build on top of that or to provide some
feedback to me that allows me to iterate and change what we're working on and I hope that that is the direction that that we are all going but there's a lot of coordination failure on a fairly regular basis in the space at this point in time.
Yeah, we'd love to see more, you know, visible, I mean, we'd love to have more visibility, see and also more, you know, transparent communications and
effective ways to communicate between different cultures, different languages and different times on. So we have this kind of like you know three different factors of the barriers so far yet.
So, some you outside of funding, what are some of the needs? What does your community and your projects need the most right now?
Yeah, I think we would love to find out who are really interested in this kind of topic, if our distance resonate with different people or not.
If whoever listening to this topic is resonating with you, please join Salban Chat for now. Otherwise, also DM us would love to actually capture more stories about your cultural experience in Dao.
or if you found another ancient practices that you experience in your own culture, we would love to harvest and create this library of stories and share with other parts of the world.
Just reporting even what you feel and what you experience, I think that will be great. And then if you really, this story and the narrative and initiative really hits your heart and then please come join us, I think we need way more people than what we have now.
So, you need what is your hope for the future? If all of this works out, what's the world going to look like down the road? Well, the time that our journey
continuous and to see a lot of like cultural-based like dows are popping up then like you know I'd love to see more human interactions between
to win not only for the transactions and keys and kind of thing, but the viewer conversations between the human beings and also we can have more
Inclists of Lens for the Stau Framework scene, Tao Activities. Maybe we can say there will be a lot of other expounds and expoundings prior to
movements pop up until the cultures that we couldn't discover or that we couldn't cover yet so that we have more voices and colors in the space.
What are you most proud of so far in your crypto journey?
Having this wonderful crew, we say that the team that we had in SoulVon, we're from all different corners of the crypto and we're so happy to, you know,
encounter each other during this long journey and then like yeah this is really a great achievement that we have in human connections.
I mean a lot in my head right now, but biggest achievement I don't feel like we have We have a lot of achievement, but maybe we are zero which we achieved everything because I've just going through the 11 years of crypto journey
But yeah, it's actually at the end the relationships are the one that remains and you know We've had a lot of builders and a lot of like you know people who's supporting this and sometimes I support sometimes the other built and sometimes I built the other support and our ecosystem still Much growing and then growing
pie together. So whatever you build, the product is going to come in either live or die, but the humans that are in the space and the relationships are not dying. And I'm very, very proud of the friends and the relationship that I build. I think that's the greatest of treatment. Yeah.
love it, love it. I have to agree. It's the friends and the relationships rather than the products that we share, right? Yeah, the products are actually evolving every time. So
can say that's the final achievement. And then once we build a really healthy relationship and healthy ecosystem, the price will reflect that. So hopefully focusing on building a greater ecosystem.
What keeps you up at night, son?
That's not how I had a forum with Gary in my rooms, but that was definitely something definitely. I don't know.
What else? I really really well actually. I don't really often wake up like the sun. Yeah. I think it's important that we also swell, you know, so.
Would you like to share your vision for the future?
I think, you know, I often say when I pitch the band to the people, you know, if we don't have this kind of conversation narrative either through a song or from different positive, you know, initiative and the story.
I can guarantee that our future will be going to the dystopia and we have to have this rebalancing of our stories and and and tooling and then you know a lot of things that I talked about earlier to go to not even utopia but to like
remain the humanity and then the ecosystem and the planetary system that we have right now. So I think it's quite light initiative when you see from the outside but deep inside once this work done well then we will definitely
have a little bit of hope. So I want to have and also, you know, just pass over the good world to our next generation. So let's see how much we can do and I really want to see that happening that change.
through story and the change through a cultural, uh, inter-connective and then the change through the human, uh, connections can really change the, the landscape of our technology and landscape of our world. Uh, there's a garden vision, but I really hope to see that.
Well, we have about five minutes left. Why don't you all spend some time talking about your project on get coin. It's called expound. There is a link in the Twitter spaces for anybody that's interested in contributing for those of
you that are unfamiliar with with the get coin rounds, there's an algorithm that does the matching and every little bit counts. And so connect your wallet, share some tokens and people take different approaches, but one of the common
approaches is to invest small amounts in multiple projects or you could also just decide that this is the one that you want and dump everything that you're willing to give into that. But like I said, every little bit
because there is an algorithm that actually matches some of the funds. But once you ladies take a couple of minutes to talk about your project and enter the SHIELD zone.
You want to go ahead? Oh yeah. So yeah, S-Bon is actually, you know, the community movements that we want to connect different cultures until a lot of interesting conversations of the Tao and the
So please feel free to come join us not only for the grants but also to our telegram group and some other side conversations popping up within our community.
And also if you feel that your culture or your voices or your colors are under-discovered yet or under-delivered to the wide community, then this is the right project so you can jump in.
If you have any suggestions or any directions to add, that's also always welcome from our team, also from our community. I think the ledger already shared our link.
So you can just click the link and go getting to the Bitcoin data and then there are a lot of other projects that you can also check in as well. So yeah, feel free to contribute and be the respond community as well.
And then also make sure you build up your kind of get coin passport. If you do that, then your vote has a more weight and power. I assume. And it's quite fun to see that Web 2 identity kind of meets the Web
three identity. So it's a fun process of getting stamp and then reach the point and once you reach the 15 point then you can actually fully match the other way fully match your contribution. So make sure you do that before you support any
Any of the project. Yeah, and our deliverable is pretty straightforward. We want to create playbooks for the other gatherings so we can help and also we will start doing the open research and assessment to create a BCD which is the Asia based community. Now it later can be done.
Africa-based community does a lot of different ABCD, but to do that we have to identify a lot of different out players in our region and then talking to them and build a relationship to really have a very strong regional base as well on top of the expound and then solve on experience.
experience and then another thing is excitement that we're going to take this experience to the Kenya or Turkey near Defcona wherever there is a big major event happening and we will try to put that either before or after so you can come and
and join and meet the experience and have that experience that we designed. And yeah, and next year hopefully come back to Seoul and then do the round of development and depending the relationship again. And we are looking for a lot of different catalysts and it's again a no central team
although there are some people holding the space, but you are always welcome to join and then participate. That's us. Thank you both so much for getting up bright and early on this good morning in the metaverse. I know I had a
blast at the hack that we did at East Denver and had so much fomo missing the Soulbound event but hopefully our paths will cross again soon. For everybody that's not familiar, we're doing 24 hours of Twitter spaces
And next on the agenda is the Green Digital Guardians. And so if you would like to continue the conversation with them, that link is also in the space and we will talk to you all soon.
Thank you. Thank you. My pleasure, y'all. Bye-bye.

FAQ on Gitcoin Radio: SeoulBound with Songyi and Euni | Twitter Space Recording

Who is the speaker of the podcast?
The speaker of the podcast is Song Yi.
What is the name of the initiative they started?
The initiative they started is called Expound.
What was the goal of Expound?
The goal of Expound is to bring more diverse voice and cultural interconnectivity to the DAO space and community building space.
What did they learn from the last event?
They learned that it is possible for people to come together in three days, go really deep, and come up with something amazing. They also recognized the importance of weaving work in community building and the invisible work that builds the fabric of all our work.
What was the theme of the event?
The theme of the event was 'weaving the wisdom for a new era.'
What was the process of the event?
The event was divided into three different days: day one focused on building thread based on cultural identity, day two was about weaving wisdom and experience, and day three was about sharing learnings and deciding what to take forward.
What is the importance of community and family in East Asia culture?
In East Asia culture, community and family come before individuality and self-autonomy. Using 'we' instead of 'I' is a common practice.
What are some of the ancient practices they learned from?
They learned from practices such as community treasury, which is a decentralized community treasury management, and ture, which is a DAO for physical collective working groups.
What is the speaker's personal belief about individuality and community?
The speaker has a contradictory position as she believes in individuality and self-autonomy but also values community and family perspectives.
Where is the speaker based and what time is it there?
The speaker is based in Seoul, South Korea and it was 7:00 a.m. local time when the podcast was recorded.