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Recorded: April 30, 2023



Oh, our shit.
Oh, here we go. (mimicking) Oh shit, is that curse I see? Yuck. Yuck, bitch.
Yeah, it works. Fuck so nervous bro. Oh Yeah tonight's the night. Yeah, there are one little with 20 minutes left. Oh Okay, all right, all right now we're form you know, okay, fine fine fine. Here's the thing bro these motherfuckers try to get
Get these games ago to seven dude for the rating always always bro the rest man. They're in on it. They're fucking in on it 100 but you can't even tell me they're not every single game There was that NBA guy who was actually legit working for the mafia, too Pro actually yeah
He went to jail for- Wait, did you say NBA? Yeah. Yeah, okay. I know that story. I know that story. I thought you were talking about fucking hockey for some reason. I blocked out. That was my bad. Yeah, Canadian Mafia. The fuck is goo doing, bro? Get up here. I can do, let me see if I can hook up this.
Well, I could just do music on my fucking computer did fuck it, right? Yeah, all right. I'll do it. Give him relax. I know you know how gooey is bro no talking until we play the music. Hey
I mean I'm muting it bro. I didn't have it up. It's my bad. You know the whole last fucking commercial on that bitch. You know how it is. And hold on. It's my computer. It's not going to sound as bad as the better.
- I just don't know how much time has given us the speaker bro. - Damn, if you guys really, you're just not gonna talk until-- - I'm getting set up over here. I got shook, I got shook on him. Are my feet, are these the right headphones? They really sound fucked up. - That sounds good.
This is a this is cushion song by the way. Oh, yeah, I was listening to this before I was I was trying to count the money, but I couldn't tell what would a nomination it was It's like Canadian rap I think It's pretty cool
Yeah. It's for a cushy hockey team.
My time is gonna fuck up my pride My young is really young and they just study tryna drive My niggas need some shoes in here to let it go I don't wanna sit in and then chop and man this thing up for nine Send my bill in 30 but my pockets look good right I ain't tryna wipe a bushy Marshall for the night
You broke heavy, I blacked, I need the pull for the night So I let up, Brexit don't say I would want to fly
I'm gonna shine if you ain't gonna put in time Can't just want my time but maybe I'll be on my grind You see these days 'cause they ain't real digging the skies Late night was the price Cousers, Cousers, 14 on the strip of the room building These times I was just a miner I had a tunnel to toss my guardie
I'm never having no time to party and never having no time to follow friends Let me just run up the bath baby, I'm better than all your minds She went for five to ten ten, better than five to ten ten, so made her start flying in the head I never flies in ten, I ain't gonna go down from the coast, not trying to get knocked again I took these bitch and took her down some, thank you for passing
I got a pan scared, they cannot have a lid, you know, put it on the working door, no dirt, tell me what's happening, why is it shining here, why is it shining, don't my cash like Monday, just a muscle in right here, walk out the trap on the left, and I'm doing the
I was just from my house to zip, put the package in front of me, I'll be upon the razor shit, late night traffic in, late night, what's the price? I was a nice and joking on my life, open the kitchen, got up with the right and now to see the life of the money
That takes me back bro. I swear to God. Is this taking back every time? Yeah, yeah, we trapped. Yeah, we trapped on a hot intro and a bro. What are you talking about?
These videos are the same hotel with the same... Bro, they all run the same airbnb... It's like the one that they all use. It's eat square miles. Yeah, they want them to do. Yeah, they always. GM everybody. GM, D.F. Wow. The fuck is that?
I'm kidding.
What a great song to play this week huh? Oh, great little clip it to play. Point. Hey, I fucking told you, team awesome's going down. I said this months ago, bro. He's still like, you know, he's still swirling though. Like people are like, yeah, he's specling the trains show. He's very hard to flush that.
I'll say goose line, you know, for what the fuck. All right. That's good. Now bro, that's everybody that was replied for like, you see that fucking T-Moss sweet bro. It was
so long so he didn't read it I don't blame you but everybody's all pissed at him because he got paid to pump up a coin called jucoin yeah and you know he was basically like well I've been pretty transparent about me being a page shiller this whole time yeah
was like fuck he's brought to a piece of shit he's fucking the fuck just very it's like I guess I guess like anything goes now so that's cool yeah nobody gives nobody gives an absolute fuck because there has been there's been no consequences for any part now why why would the fuck wouldn't they just do it
I mean certain things are like I don't know. It's like just fucking say whatever you want. It cares and then if if nothing happens if I mean if you're stealing shit from people that's a different story but like words you know I don't know I guess I
I have been offended by words before but I've also gone on okay, no play Yeah, I had a whole thread about me on fortune Contained anime contains Sailor Moon fucking clips Wow, dude, I wish that was real
I hope that happens one night. You just spoke it. He's manifest today. What a show. Nobody. Yeah, special guests tonight. Nobody. Yeah, fuck yeah. I was about to say nobody. Nobody worry about team. Us, by the way, because you know, he's not hurting it all from this controversy. You can see he's he's turning it up today. He's a. He's a. Oh, he is.
Yeah, look at the turn up team
Yo, why is that guy always sweating in every fucking coat of our brain? Okay, and the sun mixed them together like middle of winter and he's in a basement sweating. So that is fuck is wrong with that. After picture and then wait, let me try to find them before. The before was he was getting
pie stuff in his face. Yeah, here we go. I usually don't speak about my personal issues. Right. Things are getting out of hand. What personal issues? Bro, I don't fucking know. All these things like he didn't mean to be offensive though by. Bro, people make
90 grand one time in their life like they they could have just got a regular job by now I'm been making that but instead they didn't do shit their whole lives They made 90,000 one time one year ago and paid probably whatever 35 or 40% of that in taxes and they think they can just be like fucking Gordon Gecko out here. It's the most hilarious
thing I've ever seen, it's ridiculous actually. And that's really true for almost every single one of the public facing fuck boys that are, you know, plaguing us today. It's funny because he's drinking Miller lights in like Corona's too and cans. So it's not like he's, you know, splurred up.
Crazy shit. That's an eight dollar beer That you know what that might be true. If he says that's a seven dollar can at that festival. Yeah, but the other one he was on a boat dude, so he just brought those Wow, I would check out
I can't do this anymore. What beer am I gonna drink today on the boat? Miller light. Hell yeah, I'm gonna look through this picture and see how many girls are in it. Wait, let's see. It's old dudes on the left. There's one chick's shoulder. That's as big as my skull.
other girl I won't comment I am not like that but there's all dudes it's all dudes again why can't these guys fucking do anything at all with any female there's two girls in a hundred
Thousand guys what boot is that I saw another D gods meet up the other day that was On a picnic table eat not dogs That was like Oh, God themselves for this. There was one girl all the way back dude, but she drove
She drove her dumb soon to be ex-boyfriend. She's like bro what the fuck are you into I knew it was
over when he took the first shoey. How could I kiss a man who drinks out of a shoe? Hey babe, come on, I'm gonna meet up with my overwatch friends. No, it's cool. It's like retro gaming. We still have Xbox one. It's called a server phone.
We still play with that's plugged into our control ways Well, that was all fun and games, but hey, I'm gonna do Not with the man the myth the legend's gonna be on tonight Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,#
God down there. Yeah, we got to make him listen to us for a little while first. Sweated out. He thinks something bad is gonna happen. I'm like, dude, I invited you to set because it's like nice. Like I don't know. Everybody's like, oh, no, it's like dude. No, we're just in the quarter.
It's part of the lore in the it is lore. It is the meme of it all. This is this is this is a monumental moment, dude. I could tell he was sweating on the timeline though. It was like extra tweeting like nervously like hmm don't worry guys. Ha ha ha ha like you know I'm like I'll be there.
I didn't say shit I said bro I welcome you with you're always welcome number one and number two you know like I had to go out of my way to welcome you back or whatever you want to say because he wasn't here in one
So now we have the it's J Gray AI though. That's what little do people know J. Gray I That's fucking lit I want a chrome extension J Gray
New versions dude like I saw a fucking cat GPT the other day What was that to I think it just mouths that you and shit did? That's fucking the best part of that movie. I sort of got let me see
We should 3D print hash bastards and put like a
I fucking profanity in them. Like little chips at like we'll just call you a fucker. Yeah, like what are you doing soccer? I'm just woke up. Well, make some coffee, Dick Sucker. I'm getting on a bed. Like what do you want me to do? It's like get up or eat my
I have to get up or open my Gucci on your face. Yeah. Just what everyone here. You got to do it in the in that song voice from I just played like five team. I see talk like five team. I'm like yeah, we got to get
Josh to make little hash bass. You could have the symbols too. You have like little symbols too that clap together. And you walk. That's what I was clapping together bro. What the fuck? Yeah bro. Clap them. Man. Clap back. I saw it to you guys.
like they were doing really with teamless. It was like two guys like roasting each other back and forth. You know, on a microphone and shit. I don't know why people do that. But it was like this big black guy and the other guy and the other guy said, you look like
Lizzo dressed up as shook night for Halloween That's funny. That's a killer. That was a killer. Holy fuck That was that guy how that though. I heard that. I was like, yeah, put the fucking body back. Wait, was that an official road?
battle I don't know what qualifies as official but it was well is it real comedians oh yeah yeah I was like real comedians I think not like Web 3 fucking idiots no no I was like like like yeah yeah it was like real comedian people yeah that's I liked that they do that dude they're I've seen some of those they're fucking great
Fuck yeah, they are there. That's just fire. It's hard to be like that all the time see that's like our audience like if we could get in with that crowd we would be fucking good to go That's like the fucking move Like all those like det here just mean New York comedians. Yeah, like mean struggling comedians that are fucking nasty
That's what I like. Yeah, I'm just drinking beers like alone. I've been slept. Fucked up. This fucking this fucking parenting thing is not going my way. This isn't your like this is your second rodeo isn't it? Yeah, but see what happens.
is I'm left alone with them with fucking and I just get like it's like they just follow me around and like the dog bites me and everybody's going just like fucking god I just want to like look at my computer for two seconds as soon as I sit down if
My ass touches anything padded. It doesn't even matter what it is. It could be like a fucking I could put a pillow in my pants behind my butt and I would still get I need something like it's like any kind of comfort that I have in my life is stripped away and looking you was trying to do a bit of chick-coining during that I was
I'm always doing a little bit of that, right? Either a little a little fucking air drop farming, a little bit of, you know, okay. Yeah, there's this site I've been fucking with called Magic Rabbit or something.GG and it's like, uh,
It's like a crypto rewards thing kinda. It pops up with different rewards every day that you complete the mission and you get like a little chunk of different stuff and you also like are staking and doing stuff but it's not like it's not shit you never heard of. It's all like
It's either like RB or optimism and shit like that and they pay you an East too like a reward for your gas So it's like you get a little bit of a rebate. It's pretty dope, but apparently they're gonna have a big Air Drop at one point too for using it your
Yeah, I was completing missions. I was raising kids and completing missions. What were you doing? Driving a Michigan to get fucking one satchel. It's like hey guys check this out right it's like a little rig
Bo-Colored bag and it's like the size of my fucking pump. That was one thing I got. He drove fucking... He didn't even show up in the negative, bro. I love marketing. Check out this fucking packaging too. Oh my god, good. The logo was pretty good. I spent a little bit.
what is the name of it it was like rainbow fucking dragon form it's a stupid one. You need a fortune channel about you. We're gonna get fucking a neighboring fortune threats, dude. Oh yeah.
That sounds like the fucking future to me and fuck you dude. I got a bunch more stuff than that I also got like a pack of gummies, so oh yeah One gummy one gummy bear. I got a gummy band. You know And half a year old
train report there it is how's the half a pre-roll did you finish it on the ride home or did you try and take two plus put it out should I gotta save this thing I finished it all the way back to my car every 20 miles
you take a puff you're like I'll be there I don't last now do that your inner those were two puffed champs dude I will say no two-punched champs they're like oh you get you get a little pre-roll reward here you go and I was like the fuck are these little things bro these are like the chose of pre-rolls
You know, I was thinking somebody told me they retired that word. I'm like, there's no fucking way on earth that showed is retired. And if it is, I will bring it out of retirement. It's not required. First of all, it is a property in it is a property in Blocke's crypto bond. So it's a list for ever. Yeah.
I should have found the block. It's immutable. You there you have it. Chode is immutable. We've got discovered but that's a fucking killer who was showed I don't know but no one has like Chode man daddy's or like I'm a chode daddy's like some shit's got to go down with that
Like show chopper dotty go mid show chopper right now. I just like I mean there's a lot of good there's a lot of good funny motherfuckers though like Jared from subway dotty is funny That kills me every time like bit bit boy bit lower
But Lord crypto is like fucking the Jared from some way I'm gonna throw my PC at the wall. Maybe says PC dude By the way, I tell you from fucking Australia blackout mince all these fucking TV personalities You just steals all these like that's smart fucking man
I like this dude said to that I read he's like oh I guess I'm he's like I guess I was a bad move spending 40 e on e and s needs and he like went through the list and they were fucking they were bonkers to be like they were literally like bonkers like
What he meant to like hotel casino in like 10 different languages though. It's like what do you what do you think's gonna happen with that? Yeah, do you remember Mark Shore? He would meant shit like Turkish hairdressers and stuff like that like very specific stuff. I'm gonna hang this over the best
Turkish hair dresser in the world It's funny that you say that specific too because think about think about our boy there Franklin and all the addresses around him they were pretty specific to right they were very fucking different weird to to be that specific about like that shit
I mean I feel like at once everybody is like the basic shit, you know, like Dolly Parton, Dotty and like you know Barack Obama and you had to be like you know little turtle dick, Dotty or something. No, what was the one was nasty, it was like fucking some bad fucking pito.
wilded it. It was like fucking weird to even read my screen. Yeah, get that off my screen. Is that it? For somebody that tight was the thing. But that's what I mean. Like to think of that to type to be that edgy dude. There's no way like like there's no way that I
the fucking creeper you know what I mean we should
get him in on the matty's talk oh my god that shit was so fucking funny black cloud ratio yeah on their own post he was like you've got the sixty
three year old wench hit on your sack grinding away for sales like that's so good oh my god that's so funny wait you gotta pin that one oh fine what are they they were talking about fucking selling their moonbirds
I don't know. It's such like, first of all, like that's, you know, I went like overboard on a sense, but it's like fuck them because you know what it is? They are in a bearish type market now.
whatever. No one's doing that anymore anyway. No one's like, "Oh, my project. Let me add this utility by you could print stuff in this and that." No one's really doing that. I don't even know how many people even fucked with them because they don't really advertise. They never shouted out "When?"
And she fucking talks about them every day. They never said one thing about lunch. So that's number one, like fuck you. Number two, it's like the guy gave you two eats, no matter what the products that you gave him or the service or whatever, you fucking obviously just were looking to do exactly what I said in those tweets.
Looking to either put get you guys knots on your chin or fucking moon I wish they would with their nice one my chin They would with you absolutely they would see they would see your engagement. I don't think I'm their type Yeah, they don't want the fucking they don't want that
the red, the red pub. Be careful. Be careful. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared#
Bro I can see the mega even if it's on two percent opacity I can see it bro you probably did It is kind of like that now good
People are still trying to friend request me on discord like it's like a thing Like bro, it's not 2021 bull market anymore. I'm gonna reason is because you know made is like be friends like you have to be like mutually accepted friends to message somebody You know that's the thing like you just said
That's why they're leaving. Yeah, nothing to do with anything else. Both of your dicks into one condom in order to message each other. Yeah, come on. No, that's fucking me. I don't really. Yeah. That's right. All right. That was a little. That was too raw.
fucking dinner with his family bro he's got his hands held everyone's hands. Thank you for the saying. I honestly imagine a black cod family dinners like the fucking Ricky Bobby. Just about to say that.
You know it's like fucking seven fucking thousand people You trying to go you trying to leave you trying to go in film oh, did He's like did I should be in that space I am I miss that a good night bro. I miss
that golden opportunity as my fellow Pepe artist embraced. I fucking just was like no I'm too cool for that. I don't know it is it's not even that it's just like I don't want to I don't want to like I'm like I'll trade it and shit but I don't want to fucking
I don't want to pump it like having like I don't want to pump out like making a bunch of like Pepe coins specific our bro for real If the engagement was like fucking crazy, and I added thousands of people yeah, yeah, then I would turn around and fucking just
Shoot pebbles at them. What kind of alpha do you want? So you heard about this viewpoint. So I know really. Yeah, you know, by the way, those things that should have even like
Not even the first one. Like if people don't really remember but like historically speaking there was so much more nasty offensive fucking NFTs. Oh do you do your memory open see what was after like that one? Remember the craze where everybody made like an NFT about a nationality like
Yeah, well that was even later too. That was even that was those actually did did well some of them like there was I'm talking yeah, but like that was actually that actually like did well or whatever but the the one before like the ones before that were like guys they were like
trolls that had like no followers and they would launch I know one dude that launched like a George Floyd one a fucking Some kind of like Jewish one some kind of he did like every everybody he did like every he did like an Italian one he did like a millino and they all
got to take it down, but he made like, I would say, well, first of all, I found out, I think I talked in him one time and he said he'd cost him 50k for the one thing, for the Floydies or whatever. And he only made that at that time, it cost him like 50,000 to fucking do the whole problem.
with like a mid-game and then like 10,000 pieces like not it was yeah it was a big yes I believe so that's and they were all drawn like gains he's fucking pfp like they're all drawn like that it was like weird shit that's a
tough is funny that's a tough path to take I'll be honest then there was jungle freaks remember that one do you remember that one yeah that one that one that one was like the first uproar one that was like a popular whatever I miss fits the university as well
And like Snoop Snoop Dogg was like advertising that one Of course who's gonna buy his new rap song with Gary those the same beat up that song is so bad. Oh my god That's one of my favorite fucking
Like that like they put a Gary B speech at the end like he was Martin Luther King, you know what I'm saying? Did you got reeked? Did you know the whole song? I've had a cushion. Oh my god. It makes me so angry just to even think about
So good like snoot dogs like wrapping the whole time you know about like it's like some really like second grade boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop rap you know what I'm saying yeah like at the very end of the fucking song it like cuts out you know and then it's like it sounds like
Gary V is like, you know, giving some kind of fucking victory each in the locker room and you know, it's kind of like fade out a little bit and it's like it's got some reverb on it and he's like, you gotta like stand back and like, you know, observe and like, this is does he say that?
Like it's some like inspirational Nike commercial does he say does he say like and stuff like no, no, I didn't I was just like Your friend was I mean damn did no, I'm I was just gonna say I bet it did
That's a fucking quality of that. That sounds terrible. And then he kissed him too. You know he kissed him on the cheek. Like that's a crazy thing to do dog on the tree. Yeah. That's
I mean, it is what it is, but I just think some people don't even want your hand on their shoulder. That's a definite, they must be very close. I'm thinking about how high Snoop Dogg usually is at any given moment. And when I'm high, you say it, don't tell me.
my shoulders but like some dude leaning over that's like five foot tall. No, that's what I'm saying. They must be very very close. I'm like, "Look at the fucking stool. Step up on it and then kiss my cheeks." Yeah. He had to put his little bill, the slap of his bill on the side. He had to get on the bill. It's dude. It was a whole production.
Is he sure he's pretty sure yeah, he's a little tiny he's a little firecracker, you know So he's gonna give a speech when he buys the jets he's gonna go in there and be like all right guys You got one chance like they're gonna be like dude who is this fucking guy? What's his brother small thing?
discount to my wine texts use discount code fucking Gary slash V That's what I got. It's like played out. Okay. He's
I just like it is. No, not yet. You go ahead. Go ahead. I was going to get pushed in the object because that I mean, what did you think about that song? Coach has a special air drop for Gary Vee in honor of this song. So yeah, that song, bro, honestly, I don't even know how to explain it, bro. You got to listen to it.
Say it like you said in the DMs. I was at least so disappointed that you all heard it before I could play it to you live so that I could witness your reaction. That's what I wanted to ask. Well, let's play it. I didn't hear it. Oh, bro. I have so... Push said it sounded like it was mixed with this. [laughter]
Literally, me a ship on to a vinyl record and that's the song, bro literally Holy fuck it's bad. Yeah, let's see what is going on a lot of I know is it
How many how many listen to the fucking bad dude does it have 1024,000 that's it? That's not even when I do right I'll just I'll just play the sneak dog part bad day, and then we'll skip forward to the Gary B Park is the sweep dog part gets old after about 30 seconds
The snootalk part got old after doggy spell. Oh this beat's fire. Damn who made this beat? Forever Road. Yeah, it's here. This is like that coke wrap.
Oh, these gentlemen, I like the drink.
I mean it is new
It's not terrible. It is kind of nicknack pattern right there.
What test you're talking about
If you're Jeff and you would be. Who did Winch go? What does that mean?
Yeah, what's good about this room? I like this new part honestly. I like those string section beats no matter what Money
We make that that shit sounds like he's trying to do like a loopy Farrell song to tell you the truth I bet you heard that shit was like I'm gonna just rip that whole thing on it be dead Sounds like no look up. I wonder who made that beat I Want to be dead dude. It's probably one of Gary's inches spring let's bring to
J up and say howdy to the go get one ship your two winch come back up now Get one shop because he's like probably gonna be like oh, they didn't do anything bad. Oh, no, dude. Come on. We did a good job. He's mad at the he's mad at his holder He's not mad. He's not mad at the fucking scammer
Yeah, yeah, I'm just kidding. I don't know I just was fucking wait, but hey I got your back at least you know and we fuck with each other and we
All fair and loving war hawks. I can't do when I was trying to come well said yep, so Thank you for me. It was kind of interesting you call that Maddie's today because you know in a way they've Well, you know they all for the service and whatever but they yeah, you can't hear when she asked me
Yeah, I can hear you but hash hash come hash We should just do this
[laughs] When's leaving come back and come back. No, I know, but hash can't. He's gonna keep interrupting it. No problem. You got that mad. What do I do? Come out, leave the space for me. And then just come back. Yep.
That's wild. Well, well, well, Jay. Jay. Great digital. You can't you can't hit.
He just told on himself if you have me Oh, you can hear you yeah
No hashcon here Jay Gray, but Jay come back. Yeah, sorry We're really really doing this well tonight technical difficulty Yeah, that's good to be home fellas What are you talking into it? It sounds like shit
I can't hear you look in wax. Can you hear me? What the fuck is going on? Listen, I'll tell you the truth. He's bossing me. I was saying on my street. Oh, and all says that they're connecting. Hi, Hawk. Can you leave and also come back?
Can't leave and not come back No come back get off the stage. We'll try again. All right, can you hear me hash? It has come here has come here and we have to leave and then come back doing coups. Yeah, it has to leave
This happened the other day too by the way with on Thursday your fucking space was like not it was fucking not that was like all black screen and then it wouldn't let me up and down all that shit you can't hear me You're getting bothered my friends getting the dog from
Yeah, but guys leave and come back in. Yeah, I hear you. It won't. We just didn't leave him. I think that I think that away in the space. Yeah, I might
I think it will leave the space go ahead lens come back in there buddy. I mean is it? No, no, hey come back again. I did this is funny. No, I know again though. I know I'm real. We're not kidding. No, I don't know why has to come here you ain't see
He doesn't believe us. Yes, no way. J great don't request yet when she still fuck J great no I didn't do it
Wow, we the first day we have to let people up one at a time so Jay you gotta leave and come back. Oh, that's what it is Jay one more time my friend and you guys don't this is good. This is a good move. Let's keep
I'm doing this.

FAQ on GMGFY 102 | Twitter Space Recording

What is the podcast about?
The text is a recording of a podcast.
What song did the podcast hosts play?
The podcast hosts played a song by Canadian rapper, Cushy, for a hockey team.
What is the controversy surrounding Team Awesome?
Team Awesome got paid to promote a coin called Jucoin, which caused controversy amongst some people.
Is Team Awesome still turning up despite the controversy?
Yes, the hosts of the podcast mentioned that Team Awesome is still turning up despite the controversy.
What job does one of the hosts of the podcast suggest people should get instead of trying to make money through cryptocurrency?
One of the hosts of the podcast suggests that people should get a regular job instead of trying to make money through cryptocurrency.
What type of beer was Team Awesome drinking in the pictures discussed in the podcast?
Team Awesome was drinking Miller Lite and Corona in the pictures discussed on the podcast.
What is the gender ratio of people in the pictures that Team Awesome was in?
There were mostly men in the pictures with Team Awesome, with only a few women present.
What topic did the hosts of the podcast discuss the most?
The hosts of the podcast discussed cryptocurrency and the controversy surrounding it the most.
What is the name of the rapper whose song was played on the podcast?
The rapper whose song was played on the podcast is called Cushy.
What did one of the hosts of the podcast say about the NBA and mafia involvement in games?
One of the hosts of the podcast mentioned that there was an NBA employee who worked for the mafia and was involved in games, suggesting that there may be some collusion between the two organizations.