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Guild Community Call #23

Recorded: May 17, 2023




Yeah, I hope it worked.
This is how it usually is. When you don't have it in your calendar or you don't have, you never remember that. That's why I love Twitter when there are spaces.
sad, you know, and you just click on the, keep me reminded or something like this, and then you're going to get the notification. So you can, you know, be on track like when and where to join.
Yeah, it's very helpful. Maybe, wait, haven't we thought about, I think we thought about this before to have a guild calendar where people could just put the guild events.
calendar directly into their emails. So it makes sense to keep them live. Maybe that's worth exploring again that idea.
I'm sure MoGo has some ideas on that.
It's really similar to, I think it's actually the same when I did the internal event calendar and I just shared it with you guys. So it would be just sharing separate calendar link in the community so that if anyone is interested they would have it in their Google account.
Yeah, I think that would make a lot of sense and make it easier to remember everything even when life happens which happens quite often luckily So we'll wait the usual couple of minutes I think maybe two more and then we'll dive right in we have so much to say today
did make an effort to put it in a very comprehensive shape or firm, but still, it's a lot. It's the usual. Now we're not even pretending that it's not going to be a lot. Also, I'm extra raspy today, maybe.
about that? The meanwhile everything is up and running operationally so we are ready to start any farming. Oh perfect thank you we are ready to block a little update I was planning on being a little silly and
trying to multitask of putting together a guild like Oset and the same time while we're talking here and then I quickly realized there's so many things to pay attention to that that's not gonna work. I want to make sure that I can be on top of the game with all the info that works
sharing here. So I put that. You're talking about how it would be really good, I think, because we have from several big cities that would be natural next one I think. Then we have to go there. That's the rules. I'm
I've never been, but I'd love to. There was just a few events this past month there in Tokyo. East Tokyo, the out Tokyo, and a couple other activations were going on there. I've heard it's been pretty
interesting and especially mega amazing because of the location itself. Yeah, I decided to choose a month and I grow itself. You gotta pick your battles. And this is all we can get up.
us a quite a bit closer for us. Yeah, a little bit more about the Legos later in the call. So, yeah, I guess let's get started. It's '05, that's our usual proper start time after everyone joined. So,
Welcome everyone to the 23rd community call for guild in our little guild. Thank you so much for joining. Today we'll be covering usual product updates and then community updates as well. Just a little teaser of what we're talking about today. A bunch of
Smaller UI update that you I hope you will appreciate They're really useful ones new supported chains again Our new secret little feature that 4,000 of you already found which is insane It's called guild pins. We'll talk about it later
and some community activations with the central gora's auto cards and quite some community updates on the server and everything else. So yeah, let's jump head first into it. The usual disclaimer, the sessions being
audio recorded and we'll be putting it up on our YouTube so that if you miss it or you'd like to listen to the product ASMR again you can anytime if you miss a session it's always on our YouTube you can check that out there. Okay so let's get ahead
of ourselves into the land of Gild as a product. A few things to mention today, one of which or the first of which is an improved checkout flow experience. I know we talked about this last time as well, but now it even evolved a little bit more
more from that. Before I explain, let me just give the heads up that as usual, the secret chamber will be the place to look for in our Discord for the screenshots if what I'm talking about so you don't feel as lost. So check out or keep an eye on the secret chamber.
Is that right though? We're not putting them in the chat right? It's putting them in the secret chamber.
No, I think I'm asking you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will put them into the chamber as always. Okay, awesome. Great. So guys, keep a look. Keep a little eye on there and dropping back into it. So a new check out flow. So we still on our payment systems with the
have an improvement two weeks ago as well. Now we extended it so that the checkout flow is a lot more detailed. It gives a lot more transparency within the payment system of what fee goes where, what's going to cost how much. So purchasing requirements or paying as the requirement makes
much more sense for everyone interacting with these features. And what didn't we didn't have last time is that PoEPS had a different checkout flow. So we did a rework on that. So they're now fully, the PoEPS checkout flow is fully within the realms of what every other payment flow is.
or has, and more improvements on the PoEP one, we so frequently use that, so we definitely need it, some improvements on it. There's been some questions and misunderstandings of that checkout flow, so we made sure to put extra stuff into it, for example.
checks availability before payment is processed so that it's impossible. It's technically impossible to pay for a pull-up that isn't available anymore. And the access to the role now immediately refreshes upon payment so we pay and automatically it's going to be refreshed.
And there's one more thing that kind of comes as a consequence is that the end and/or requirements aren't usable within the same role anymore. They weren't because of the unique nature of the Poe Procurements. This is something to keep.
in mind as well. Next little check up or check in or think the check is the UI updates that I was sending out in the beginning of the call. So there's been something that was like
Not an essential thing, but it's been just bugging us like the beauty Beauty aspect of guilds so not all guilds chose a primary color for themselves and that resulted in and Consistency on the user interface so when you were on a guild page
So two guild pages looked very different in terms of like background and colors and everything. So now every guild has a banner. It was kind of messy before this, but now we unified it and every guild gets a default banner and the banner color this way, the UI is much more consistent.
pretty. So that's a good little update for the people who care about aesthetics with the products that we use. About the errors we also did improvements on those. So we constantly, when you guys support our
When you guys submit any errors or support questions through our interface, the Intercom chat box on the GLDI. We take all of that and take counting. And there has been a few error messages that has been looking very freaky. They looked very long and
scary with all these weird characters and it was like harder to identify the issues for like as a user we have no idea what that means of course developers know what it means but when a person is interacting with it it's really hard to know so we changed a few of them
make more sense and be more humanly readable and kind of guide users on the interface. For example, when permissions are missing, we give guidance of granting permissions for the bot in Discord to work properly. Which is pretty useful. It's going to come in handy. I hope you guys will feel
a little bit over the france if that ever comes up and you see it on the interface. So next thing, I have to find a better segue between the updates by the way because I always just say next update, next thing that, I mean it's probably fine but let me let me let me know here
ideas on that. So next thing, the new supportive chains. So as kind of our beauty or like business is going and the part is that we have and how the space grows there's all the different chains that come into play and would like to integrate them. So
this that we had three new ones, Zeta chain Athens, which is a test net. Mainnet is coming later, these Zeta chain mainnet is coming later to guild once it's launched because it's also not live yet. So the test net is available though. We also integrated scroll
I think that's a test that too, but scroll alpha. And the third one is Cypolia, which is, yeah, that's the third one. It's great. So make sure that when we say we've integrated and support these three new chains,
It just means that the assets that are on those blockchains can be queried and used as requirements and guild. So that's what I mean when I say we integrated it. So any doesn't token or NFTs or ERC20 tokens can be used as requirements from those chains.
Another improvement is there has been a few communities that have been using AutorSpace for badges that we have integrated and we've been asked to integrate the polygon solution that they have.
space users, mint the badges on polygon, they can also be used as requirements in Guild, because this synergy between the two tools have been shown to be pretty beneficial for a few communities, but so far we only had
the the ethereum version live and the the outer space happens so quickly because this the polygon integration so sorry the refraising that so the outer space badges own polygon integration to
guild. Happened in a few hours. We've been asked and I think our guild alpha chat, which is like a very small curated chat for founders that we have in our, and on Telegram. And we've been asked if that's an option on guild and
if we would consider integrating it. And the devs shipped it in a few hours, and it was live in like, I don't know, three, four hours after that. So it's been pretty crazy. Good teamwork. Shout out to the Guild dev visits.
And one more chain or interesting fact is we also as you guys know have been working with base to support their community efforts and also as launch partners for the chain. And the new requirement that we launched recently, the wallet
activity, which I still have to make quite a bit of a noise about because it's the most amazing feature in a while. In my opinion, I identify with three citizens and find people who are actually active on chain, do transactions and sign things and hold assets and transfer assets.
and all those types of cool things. And so we wanted to, in terms of the base community, we wanted to enable this feature, but it only made sense for them if they had the testnet available. So we shipped the base girly in a
for supporting these wall of activity requirements. It's been an interesting thing because we, for most queries, we are using alchemy as a service for giving us information from different blockchains, but alchemy does not support
So we made this integration fully from scratch for the team at Coinbase to be able to check all the little transactions and what's going on on that test net so that the base community
can use this to build our community strategies. It's been a fun ride. And this is the point where we get to the more interesting part. I'm also contemplating leaving this city and by the way, but maybe I shouldn't.
Yeah, I'm going to leave this to the end. We're going to jump to community and I'll get back to the pins because I want to have more time to live right on those. So we'll skip that for a bit and jump into the community updates. And I'll give it over to Hannah to say a few
words here about communities that have joined us. Okay, let me start the community section right away. So first things first, we just want to give you a piece of appreciation for new hot community joining, you know, the Guilds of Guilds.
which is hash flu. We are really happy to have them with us. Just a little bit of background. They reached out to us through our support, you know, that you can get through our interface. And we help them to, you know, get their guild up and running.
If you are not familiar with hashflow, they are decentralized exchange. Their guild is actually designed for social growth engagement with certain roles that you can unlock with fulfilling certain requirements. And besides this, they are
who are using GIL for identifying their token holders and also their stickers. You know, with the contract payment, they have it set up, you know, nurturing their ecosystem this way. And I just want to give a little heads up for everyone who is interested joining their GIL.
is our team enabled the option in their guild to purchase ERC 20 requirements. So if anyone doesn't fulfill the requirements yet, we've got you covered with the seamless and secure transaction experience. So if you are not familiar what it means, we will share the link in the
secret chamber where you can learn more about the requirement purchase we have yet. But long story short, if you don't have the token, you can just click there, purchase the requirement through Guild, and then you can become a Guild member in their Guild. So we are really happy to have them with us and we are looking forward to you know see
their growth and supporting as much as we can. And after that, just jumping into another community update, I didn't know if you guys were here before, actually when the very first community standup happened, but I'm really proud of this one.
They're really close to my heart. Their whole team is the Decentra Gora team launched their first Ultra card edition. It's an Impact edition in which we have been honored with our own Gildax Pwise card. And just a little bit of you know details about
what is it actually these are not just ordinary cards but these cards are designed to you know help boost public goods and services and there is you know a certain amount of ETH that you can purchase these it's like 0.005 ETH
And what is really great about it is 50% of their proceeds from each mean goes to the innovator honored in the cards. So for example, we have the guild xyz cards and we have 50% from them, which is, you know, we're really honored by this guest chair.
from them. We love them so much. Just a little bit more update, any more details about it. Several organizations and individuals got their card in the first run. You can check all of them out in their site and make sure to mint ours if you want to hold the piece of the school collectively.
The first edition cards are always the coolest, so don't forget that. And shout out to our 9 for making sure you know guild can be part of this. So thank you so much for the entire Dacentralura theme for this. I'm really proud of you know guys you have a special
space in my heart with that. We are sharing some pictures like how the card is looking like in the secret chamber, so don't forget to check them out. And also, let me continue it. Or do you want to take it from here, Eka, with the LEGO collection?
I could, yeah. Okay.
So a really interesting little thing is I don't know if many of you know, but one of our merges that we go around conferences with is LEGO sets that we make in house from repurposed LEGOs in the shape of the field castle or one of the little guys on our
and landmarks from those cities where these conferences are. And this, the Legos came to be probably many of you have heard this story before, if you've been around for a little bit. They came to be because one of our wonderful developers is actually a pretty big legal person.
person and he's great at 3D as well and another person who was working with us had an affiliation with the LEGO repurposing company. And so we were like, "Hey, this is a perfect opportunity." So we basically
design, LEGOs for most bigger conferences that we want to and started this is merch. And so the new update is that for fun sees this amazing developer who's a pretty big LEGO person, you guys see him in the server all the time, his handle and the server
is Jonas if you want to give him a little love but we're going to put a link in the secret chamber and maybe in the state chat as well that he made for these Legos like a 3D website and it's insane and it was just for funsies
as a site project. We don't sell this yet as merchandise because, you know, logistical issues we're working on, like producing enough LEGO to make this work. But the instructions can be found on the site, so if you have a
bunch of Lego at home, you could make these out of different colors, which I think would be really fun to see. If you make it, make sure to share it with us. Yeah, thank you. That would be really fun to see. A lot of Lego castles and everything just from a bunch of different colors.
I love that. It would be really interesting, but more the cool part is if you guys are also into like front end design things is how this website is built up. That's actually the point the Lego. It's like 50 50 the point between the Lego and how the site looks.
Okay, let's continue with more community things. We have again, not again, made changes of the community setup and the permissions and everything. We might have noticed that we opened up the general chat for Gilders again.
We we felt like we're ready for this circle again and see how long we can take to moderate the support questions they're coming in on that note. I'd like to say again that the server is in for support and support questions will not be
We have a beautiful chat that is very proper for support integrated on the website. So please use that. We can have some better analytics and
and tagging and everything going on in there so we can actually know the pressing issues and sites from just answering questions all day in the server. So please respect that. These are the conditions, otherwise really happy to have more of you in conversation again.
and looking forward to how that's going to evolve and flourish. We also changed a little bit on the Gilder role. It requires now to have wallet activity as a requirement as well. You can see to refresh the roles and to see the new
requirements you can go into our guild side. In order to be eligible, you have to have a transaction more than six months ago on one of the following chains. Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitram 1 base, Thessnet, sorry, girly or Mumbai.
So these are requirements to be a kill there and be able to chat on the server. We wanted to make sure that we, well, part of the reason why we developed this feature in requirement is so that we have an automated system to identify people who have been who are active in the space and
Yeah, that kind of is, you know, Web 3 citizens. I don't know if you've heard this term, but it's a good way to describe people who have a little bit of experience with what Web 3 is and what communities are and what these tools can provide or at least know what
a wallet is, which is what we wanted to have as a requirement. More changes are going to come into the community, but this time, I think this is the fourth or fifth time that we're like changing stuff up in the past year and a half. We're rolling the changes out gradually.
and evaluating the impact every step of the way. We really aim to provide a path for members who wish to get more involved in our community to be able to do so and find their own adventure and their own interests. It's a never-ending task and I'd really love to get
more of your input. So prepare for a little temperature check, quiz questionnaire about the community and how it feels like and what's missing and stuff like that in the next week. I'd love to pull more opinions for the upcoming changes so we have kind of a better idea of what to
to go with and what ideas that we have might be actually not important for in the eyes of everyone else here. And then I'll give it over to Hannah. We have the fun little scavenger hunt happening on May 4th and she'll say a few words about that.
Yes, so as you may know that the first guest Kevin Jardinjardhond happened two weeks ago on the Fourth of May, basically, you know, the original Star Wars Day. We had a series of clues, riddles, ciphers, you know, for guilders to soul
in order to find guilds on our side, which was a very new kind of community event, community gathering. It was more like async, but with the spice of having us on a voice channel also to help you to get
it's old if you just had some hiccups with on the way. It highlighted several of our integrations that has the contestant had to be familiar with these in order to be able to solve the mystery. We had also poops.
as a reward for only the very first 50 guilders solving it. So the fastest you solved it, you know, you could get the pop and the first pop was actually minted in 1.5 hours and the last pop took three days.
to be minted, which is pretty impressive because when I first saw these Camenjair Hunt I was like oh my god this is gonna be really you know hard to solve but someone was really really you know smart and solved it in less than two hours to shout out to you and
And I just want to give you know a little bit of appreciation for Norby also who actually just designed the whole scavenger hunt. So big congrats and thank you so much for all your work. This is really good. So we have a really big potential with it.
And also it was a really great experience for us since we haven't done anything like this before. And you know, we were also on a tight deadline since the idea was actually formulated in our head on Tuesday. It was suggested in our chat with the night on Telegram and we wanted to
So we wanted to do it exactly on Thursday. So we had like two days to design and announce, execute the whole thing, but we did it. And you guys loved it so much. So I'm really proud of both our team and those with you. And in the end, we got some
awesome feedback. We discovered how great of a tool for these Camdenger Hound Guild is actually to, you know, onboard people and, you know, teach you all how it's, you know, happening with us. The case study piece is coming later this week about this Norby's working on it. I
know it and we're going to be talking about how was it made, how you can use it, how you can make it for your own community to involve and teach your members like about it. Norvis also not only working on a study piece but also
He's going to make a workshop about how to build it. And next Tuesday, if I'm not wrong about it, so we'll see. It was really fun, actually. I loved it. I even joined it from a supermarket because I wanted to be part of it.
Sorry, I was looking for the button. Thanks, thanks, and thank you, Lorby again. Shout out to you for leading this. And I really encourage you guys to take the opportunity to
get his experience next week on Tuesday. I am to make more of this because I enjoyed making it. It was it was a
as much fun for me as for the contestants. As you showed, it has a great feel. It makes it even better.
Cool beans. Let's also do our little appreciation segment, which I was contemplating beginning the calls with that. This is something we installed last time on our last community called two weeks ago.
Because I feel like there are so many of you doing little contributions and helps and there are so many things we should be excited about and shouting out each other about. So we have a short minute of appreciation segment.
to Cardenas and Papa who provided really helpful feedback about scavenger hunt and Cardenas who also was the first one to solve it like record time with everyone else who was solving the puzzle on May 4th. So shout out to you guys.
Shout out to and kudos to the Moni who who we met during the scavenger hunt and provided release who feedback about the community in general. We're always really happy to hear what you think. It's nice to, you know, know what we're doing and what it feels like and not just from a
the perspective of the lab cooking up the new requirements and events and everything but from how it feels and experience and Also as always shout out to the journal club curators for next month's workshops are gathering the best knowledge from May from all those articles To go through it's
I think, you know, our usuals, local brainwashed myself, Louis and Hannah. So thanks for us for being the curators and the keepers of the knowledge. Maybe this is a good segment to talk a tiny bit about more
for Journal Club, we aim to keep it as kind of like a source of knowledge for community building and yeah communities in general and how to keep them healthy. So we find the hottest, newest best knowledge out there in the space.
and keep these discussions about or have held these discussions around these topics and sometimes actually most cases of the author themselves which we're super lucky to be able to organize. We have a deeper insight of what the article actually meant. Hopefully this
way we'll build up like a pretty big knowledge base about community and with contributions from everyone to kind of co-create this gigantic knowledge base of summaries and why it's a good piece and for everyone who's trying to deep dive into
an area or expertise become a better at an area of up three and community building they can use it as a good resource. So that was great and now we're jumping into what I was super excited about.
and the community aspect and going a little bit back to the product part to kind of switch it up a little bit, make you guys dizzy with all the changes.
So last bigger segment here today is that the Guild pin is live and only in our guild. We're kind of soft launching this new feature.
And yeah, before you ask what the hell is a guilt pin, I'll tell you about it. It's one of our biggest releases in quite some time, so super exciting. Sorry, I got a drink. So what
of the heck is a gildpins. I know gildpins are non-transferable NFTs on polygon. Later it will be in other chains as well of course. We started on polygon because it's cheap and it's cool and many people use it.
So the core idea is that its signal is belonging right from a member's wallets in across applications. So the idea is, um,
Yeah, we've been playing with this idea for quite a while. It wasn't an easy road to implement a feature like this. We had some technical difficulties and ideological difficulties, but we ended up coming to alignment.
all of them and even with the name because as you can imagine we have many names in mind of what we want to call these. Yeah so the purpose of the Gilpin is to indicate to the community that the and other about three citizens which community you belong to and how you've been a part of it and how long have you been a part of it.
It's a claimable badge and NFT to show your support and belonging in the communities you're in. It is, sorry, representation, an entry in memory of your time and experience belonging and being a participant and a member
of a community because your wallet is not just a wallet as we know. I don't know if you guys read the big article by Gabby about the wallet not just being a wallet. It's a core part of your identity on the internet so it's how beautiful that is is whenever you're browsing in a marketplace or in another
While application or many applications are actually built on NFTs themselves and to see all that you've been through or your history and all the communities you feel a connection to and they build up a part of you and this whole experience that you've been through together.
I think that's a beautiful thing. And even with PoEPS themselves, I wish PoEPS were visible and normal, while it's an NFT-based application as well, not just through the PoEPS app, because so many of them are so beautiful and they signal so much of my Web 3 experience offline and in person
online as well. So this feels a little bit like that. What do you want to show of yourself and where do you belong the most? What do you feel like you connect to the most in terms of communities and ideas and people and their vision?
in a community. It's also giving a building block to build on as we know NFTs are great requirements for token gating and anything else moving forward. So this is an on-chain signal and a like a proud commemoration of a shared experience. You can use these as a base in any
community strategy or like a community strategy upgrade as requirements to roles, as keys to access to a community or in any other token-gated platform as well, which is something to keep in mind because these aren't only useful and guild but since they're on chain they're used for everywhere else where NFTs make sense.
Sorry. Wow.
Yeah, so Pindy is really like you. We have so much to share. We have so much to talk about.
Yeah, I do have my water also. I'm just staring at it like when it's time to drink. Yeah, and I also started out with a little bit of a sore throat. So I feel like I'm double crossing myself, but sorry if I like cough a lot.
Okay, so back to the ends. They also work as a constant source of on-chain marketing essentially or like brand building because it's going to be and everyone's going to represent who claims and has this. Not only it's like
like a signalling of like, "Uh-huh, you're also in this community," but it's like representing that and wrapping that everywhere, where your wallet is connected in applications, marketplaces, and everywhere. And there's one more twist to this. All of the pins are ranked.
in the order of members claiming them, which just means that every single of these tokens is numbered so that it's actually an awesome tool to show your commitment and how early you are in the community, how
really were your member of this. It's going to be very interesting to see. Sorry, oh my god. It's going to be very interesting to see that on chain. And you know, you join a community when it's 50 members and three years down the line when it's gigantic.
multi-hundred thousand Dow, very successful. Imagine how proud you could be that you've been there and you saw their potential and you have something to show for that. There's so many times where I've
been well not so many but a few times I've been early on a project and supporting them and I have zero things to show so this is a lovely way to commemorate a time and place where where you stood by something a community at it.
So the earlier you meant the, the spins the lower the number is going to be since they're non-transforable. Since they're non-transforable, it's not a means for financial speculation anyway. It's a speculation for early support.
and being early. I think that's the core idea. We didn't want to have secondary marketplace for membership or joining. That's the reason why they're non-transferable. We can also use these numbers.
So, when a community admin is like, oh, you've been an early supporter of this community that has been successful. So, I'm going to set up requirements of only the first 500 who joined and claim members.
and claim membership.
participate in my community can have access to this conversation or if you've been in the early 50 members of this other community that I highly admire you can come in as take a primary seat at my event as a VIP person.
So we want members to be volunteering for communities early to show their trust and having something to show for them.
A practicality is that the minting for these costs one method to facilitate the operating cost for guild.
It's only meant to bore an art guild for now. And like I said, we have not even communicated one bit. And a few thousand of you have already found it. It's insane. I'm blown away by the attention to detail and that you guys can't
back and check on things. It's crazy. It's blowing my mind. The feature is going to be gradually rolled out in communities for the following two weeks before we enable it everywhere. But it's going to be available in every guild.
So they're released because of the May 4th scavenger hunt was such a good experience and a good vibe. We're going to have some of that experience that's launching this in the next two weeks as well. So what's going
to happen is we're going to drop little clues, much easier clues than this, counter hunt on Star Wars. But they're going to be still, it's going to be clues. It's easier clues, but it's clues about every two days.
about the community where the new credential maintain can be found. So stay tuned for updates on that and to prepare for the clue hunting and to kind of like give you more excitement about it.
So those who claim the guild pin in our guild before we put out the first clue next week, that's when I'm going to close the
the Allow us, they will get a new role in our Guild that unlocks a new channel in our server in the Guild Server, where we will share the times and the hints where the next ones will open the soonest. So if you want to participate and be early as heck and find as many of the
as many of the pins as quickly as possible. I encourage you to start an our guild's pin because then you'll be able to see this channel. That's going to be the rules of the following thing. We're going to share in this channel first and then move on to Twitter and the relevant groups to share the clues
with the outside world for those who don't have this role. So it's definitely going to be prioritized. And the timing matters because the earlier you see the clue, the earlier you can get in and claim the pin. And since there's numbers involved in everything, it kind of, if you want to be number six on everything here,
that are kind of matters. And they'll also do a little voting in that separate channel where we send the news about where we should enable the credential next. So we do have launch partners that we are choosing and working with. But we do want to give you the opportunity
to vote on which community you'd like to support with this, because the partners who we picked for this scavenger-hon campaign have a really big advantage of the growth or taking advantage of this growth that it can give to their guilds and their communities. So if you have a community in mind that you'd like to support this way,
will have a voting session and you can submit guilds that you'd like to be partaking this in this early release. And one more thing there will also be a meta guild, so like a new guild created for all the collectors of all the campaign credentials. So all the guilds
one and our seven-ish partners that will have. If you claim all those or just a few of those, there will be a new guild to join in and it kind of works as a showcase space of seeing what you've collected out of all of those, kind of like a little, "beaterboard-ish."
So that's about that. I'm very excited to get that started. And it's, yeah, and also get your input where you should do what you think we should enable this next because it's definitely a large benefit for every community that we involved in this campaign.
Hannah, could I ask you to close the ceremony before I end up coughing again? Of course! Of course! So as a closing, I just want to highlight it. For today's community call, it's a little bit different because we don't have any co-ops.
prepped because Reka just, you know, pitched the entire guilt pin in our guild and we want you, you know, collectively just mint the guilt pin altogether and also besides this, I just want to close, you know, this
session today session with a little calendar note on what's coming next. Tomorrow for all the wardens and nights we are having our Jorna Club at 6 p.m. in Central European summer time.
Soon and tomorrow we will be discussing a thought provoking piece curated by one of our you know our community member brainwashed and in this piece the author argues that you should stop thinking about nonparticipants as possible learners
but instead see them as active learners. And I just want to give another highlight about this. This is such an interesting topic to talk about because at the moment we are thinking about opening up the Jorna Club for a bigger
part of our community because also we just want to see you as active learners and also there will be journal clubs coming to Twitter spaces also as you know in a little bit of podcast vibe to stay tuned for that one currently for
the wardens and for the nights. Don't forget we are having it tomorrow. See you there. And one more note on closing is "GilBlock Coming Tomorrow" compiling all products updates from today. So everything that we've been talking about today
We're going to be writing a piece and just publishing the piece tomorrow. So thank you so much for being here with us today. It was so great to have you all here. And don't forget that we are waiting there for you in the general chat for the general conversation.
you know, just connecting to one another and if you are having some support troubles, I will be waiting for you in our new support system that you can reach on GuildXYZ. So thank you so much everyone and see you tomorrow and see you next week.
Thank you so much for everyone. Thank you guys. Bye.
Thank you.
(scissors snipping)

FAQ on Guild Community Call #23 | Twitter Space Recording

What is the topic of the podcast?
The topic of the podcast is updates on the Guild product and community.
What is the Guild product?
The Guild product is a platform for Guild leaders and members to connect and organize events.
What is the new improved checkout flow experience?
The new improved checkout flow experience is more detailed and gives more transparency within the payment system, making it easier for users to understand what fee goes where and how much everything will cost.
What has been done to improve the poeps checkout flow?
The poeps checkout flow has been fully integrated into the payment system and has been given extra features like checking availability before payment and automatically refreshing the role upon payment.
What has been done to unify the UI of guild pages?
Every guild now has a default banner, resulting in a more consistent and visually pleasing UI across all guild pages.
What has been done to improve error messages?
Error messages have been made more humanly readable and now provide guidance for resolving issues, such as granting permissions for the bot in Discord to work properly.
What are Guild pins?
Guild pins are a new secret feature that allows users to pin important messages in their guild's channel for easy access and reference.
What community activations have been done recently?
There have been activations with central Goras auto cards and updates on the server.
Is there a disclaimer for the podcast recordings?
Yes, there is a disclaimer that the sessions are being audio recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube for anyone to access.
How can users access screenshots related to the podcast?
Users can check out the secret chamber in the Discord server for screenshots related to the podcast.