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Links Golf Club: For the modern Golfer!⛳️ #DAO

Recorded: May 8, 2023



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No, a quick hit amazing place.
Awesome. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, we're maybe from we have another episode today. Proceed by a wheel coin talk. We do have the links team the links down here team today. We do appreciate you guys tuning in. We appreciate
Also the links down team for showing up today awesome having guys on board We're both to dive into a lot of great stuff today before we do be sure to follow all the hosts Follow the will coins off account be querying myself as well as a links down account. How you guys doing today links team?
Hey, hey, doing well. This is Cooper co-founder and head of community happy to be here with y'all can you hear me? Okay. Yeah, we're all good Cooper. We appreciate you tuning in once again Cooper before we kick things off We love to kind of know more about yourself personally aside from you know the brand you guys are currently building had to get into crypto was kind of an origin story all that great stuff
Sure, so I'm Cooper at Coop NFT on Twitter. I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013, sold it for a hundred dollar profit, thought I was a genius, but that's pretty much been my story with crypto. From the beginning was in Ethereum early, but then you know
You know, this surge of energy and excitement around NFTs kind of kicked off, sort of helping artists and brands build communities through this technology, which I think is a really, really special thing that we've seen develop over the past few years. And then I've always been an avid golfer.
When Mike Deutist tweeted out the concept that we're going to buy a golf course together as a DAO, I would jump right on it. Just a really, really exciting idea, a special use of the technology community, getting people together, rallied around a common goal.
and built the discord and now we have a really awesome membership and we are closing our deal to buy our first golf course, Bay Bay in Scotland. So you know it's the first of many we're looking to buy a US course as well but that's pretty much the backstory. It's been a fun time. That's awesome.
I initially also did quote unquote fade Bitcoin as well. So there are more of us up here who do the exact same you did I think it was actually a common thing to do back then. I also did fit NFTs very very early on. I believe it's 2021 when board it's originally came out. I did fade those as well. So I feel like the mistake is commonly made.
Cooper, what was kind of your, I guess your origin story as well for NFTs, did you kind of, you know, fade them where you kind of thought, oh, this is something innovative within the technology smart contracts, would you kind of think, oh, this is this is silly, what was your original take on NFTs at all as a whole. I thought it was a great idea from the beginning, the idea.
of being able to put a contract on chain and execute software on the blockchain just intrigued me from day one. My fiance who's an attorney and a lot more pragmatic was like this is stupid. This will never work. But you know I jumped in and took some chances.
with some artists, I especially love what it's done for you know the digital photography space and for art, culture and being able to you know put bits of culture on the blockchain like we've seen with Doge and Pepe and these these kind of memeable moments you know I always had to go as well as the
I think the whole ecosystem is really primed for connecting people, but I come from kind of the
marketing web to space and work with a lot of artists and musicians and I think you know the potential for bringing fans hobbyists together around these tokenized communities I've always been really bullish on the concept
Awesome. Yeah, NFTs in the entire smart contract, I guess technology is definitely in its efficiency stage. Crypto is still very young, but NFTs and smart contracts are even younger to me.
This is definitely a bull's conversation and what bulls shouldn't we got you currently doing a Cooper before we kind of dive into all that great stuff I have to ask this question maybe a little bit dumb so bear with me. Does Link stand for anything?
Is there an abbreviation? Links is not an abbreviation. So for those of you who may be unfamiliar with golf, there's a couple different kinds of golf courses. There's the Parkland courses, which we find a lot of in the United States, lots of trees, not a lot of water nearby, but the traditional original links golf is
There's not too many trees by the water, kind of like low rolling hills that were originally grazed by sheep and then Scottish herders got bored and started whacking balls around. So the first course that we're buying is actually one of 247 original Scottish links course.
So, 13 of the 18 holes are right on the water and it's that traditional, like, grazed by sheep land that constitutes a links course. So, there are a lot of great links courses in the United States and, you know, a notable number of the top courses in the world are
So, links doesn't stand for anything. Links DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. So, we do have a really healthy and functioning DAO as well as our membership tiers that just offer incredible benefits for people who want to play better golf and join a great community with other golfers.
That's awesome. So the golf course is definitely awesome. I occasionally golf, I'll say this, I am not fantastic at it. I come from where the hockey side, so kind of me get trying to golf, you know, natively trying to do the past couple of years, not very, very well. I typically tend to kind of
I'm going to hold the golf club the way I'd hold the hockey stick, old habits, die hard kind of thing. But I do, I do, you know, anyone that's a golfer, I could say I do have respect for the sport is relatively difficult for me to do, especially kind of hitting the ball far and not currently. So I definitely kind of understand that concept that it is difficult sport to
increase that scale. How much of the web two side of things using that word that I hate that word will use it for now of those types of end consumers are actually getting involved with what the links to what you guys are currently doing or is it more so just people within the current web three space that are kind of latching on and being kind of sticky with the current brand.
Sure, Andrew, I'm a baseball player originally as well. So, you know, after I hit the ball, I have to resist the urge to run to first place. So I get coming from the other sport. Yeah, golf is a difficult game, but ultimately it's been traditionally really inaccessible and expensive, especially to
play some of the greatest courses and use the best equipment. So that's really the kind of the problem we're trying to fix. And that kind of proposition really resonated with people coming from just golfers coming to the web 3 space when we launched.
35% of our original mentors it was their first transaction on the blockchain so we really inspired a lot of people to you know take the jump create a metamass kind of get onboarded into the space so we've tried to be an educator in that I think that's something that sports can really do we've seen a lot of really successful sports projects you know
people want to get closer to their teams, closer to their passions, and ultimately if they can do so and join a community and save some money, that's a really good option. We've also in the past week just launched a program called the Lynx Golf Club, so we have two membership tiers
Right now, the Leisure and Global, which are our NFTs. They're available purchase on secondary, on OpenC and Gler. But we just launched LinkSkolf Club, which is an annual fee membership, payable with credit card. A little bit kind of like Reddit, where the tokenized port is on the back end.
but you can join with a credit card. So if you're a golfer, which there are 20 million in the United States and millions more worldwide, who doesn't have a Metamask and you're skeptical of crypto with the recent news, you know, we want to invite those folks to join our community and kind of reap the benefits and rewards of being part of this organization. So we have expanded our offer
to include that tier. But ultimately, you know, the best golf benefits, the best membership, I believe, in the entire world of golf exists in our global and leisure NFT-based tiers. That's awesome. Cooper, that's extremely awesome. You guys are definitely doing your bar to kind of spread this thing, you know, wide adoption.
I'm not sure if you have these numbers, but I'm just genuinely curious about this stuff. So the people you guys definitely onboarded came from the Web2 side of things, probably golfers, professional amateur, and adieu leisure once a month, once a week, whatever it may be. I know all sorts of people kind of every time.
They've got more involved or they said, you know, after this cripple stuff, I'm only here because you guys are doing something like this. What's kind of the general, I guess, consensus around that topic? Sure. So we've tried to do our best to educate our members who are newer to crypto about, you know, of course, first and foremost, safe practices.
how to make sure that your assets stay safe. But we also work with numerous organizations in Web 3. We have an awesome Alpha Chat and we've given a loud list of spots to our members to other projects, not just in sports and golf, but art, photography. So I'm pretty confident that the vast majority
majority of our mentors have participated in other on-chain activities. I don't have those numbers for you right now, but I definitely have seen other assets being held in our community wallets from those people who, for whom links was their first interaction on the chain.
You know, we really always want to support and on board to you know the entire community Yeah, it's awesome. I mean it was it was bit of a tough question load of question I would just kind of curious from personal take that How many of these people actually kind of fell through the entire funnel and just just didn't get in the 90% tile at the top of the funnel and just kind of leave it afterwards. It's usually what we I typically have seen personally#
Someone will kind of get into something whether it be a meme token or like like Pepe or something like that and then you know make money or lose money and then not really go down the rest of the funnel kind of you know exit after the space to what or whatever it may be just kind of curious Cooper also another silly question in my part I assume you guys really start to links down because you guys are obviously huge golfers all around that I guess when from the leadership team#
Yeah, definitely, you know, I've golfed on and off my whole life. I'm the team. All avid golfers, you know, we try to get out there. We're various skill levels, right? But that's one of the cool things about golf. You know, there's a handicap system so you can have an index for
Noah, he's fallen off for you as well, right?
Yeah, he is. Okay. He is. I just thought it was just a lot of thing, but I'm glad we're not there. Yeah, Cooper, you're good now.
Hey, sorry about that. I'm in the car, so I appreciate you bearing with me.
We took a poll. Survey of our community members. What's your skill level? Are you trying to shoot even par or are you out there to do that?
just drink beers and have fun with your friends and the scale of everything in between. And you know we had a really healthy distribution so it doesn't matter if you're a pro or somebody who just likes to go to top golf and use that discount to have some drinks and hang out with your friends.
friends. We're definitely welcome into all members, but I can certainly say that once you join and get integrated with this community, personally, my scores have fell a lot. So I've become a better golfer because of it and also made some great friends.
That's awesome. Cooper one of the things that attracted to me guys originally know even though I'm just kind of the I guess the average goal for probably a lot less low average That's for different conversation though. I really believe you guys actually you guys are actually you know creating creating an experience Which I think is super attractive to really anybody. I mean most of these things Cooper you know this better than anyone else does I would assume that you know most of these things are
probably going to zero or won't be using the next four or five years. And I think that because you guys are creating an experience, I'm creating one. I think this is going to go an absolutely long way because of that. And people obviously do what they love. And I feel like this is definitely tapping in people's emotion and it'll slide to where they actually want to get a membership with you guys long term, you would do guys long term. And then#
their time comes that obviously that's a second hand, you know second hand I guess option if it were to come to that. Cooper if someone was to ask you just really really bluntly like someone who doesn't understand golf or someone who just kind of in the crypto space NFT space the average person you'd see at the mall or something what is the long term and then short term vision for links.
Sure, cut out there a little bit at the end, but the long-term vision for links is to become one of the preeminent global golf brands. So, you know, ultimately if you want to
So, you know, really have a place to belong.
Cooper you want your ex-heat again
So Cooper if you can hear this you're you're cutting out again. Yeah, it sounds like it sounds like you're you know AI or something you're cutting out Hey, I was that I'm a bit weak. You know what's that a problem? It's better. It's better. Yeah
it's out of the game. It's really, really, really, uh, roboticy. That's like I'm gonna work, but
I can take it for the meantime if there's a need to guys be sure check out the account follow links call for your website. How's that great stuff? Yeah, you're good for it. You're good for it.
Okay, excellent. Appreciate you all, Baron with me. You know, ultimately we've tried to have the community tend away from speculators and towards true community members, people who enjoy golf, want to get out in real life and touch grass and be together. So I think that's something that's really held our community
together and gives us longevity because we're pursuing this kind of in real life, you know, golf is a game that's been around for 500 years and we want to be a part of it for the next 500. So I think that's a key aspect combined with our pursuit of real life golf courses, right? We want to have 10 golf courses by 20
2030 and become one of the preeminent golf brands in the world. So I think we just want to have that resonate to a place to really belong and a game to play together and that's going to, you know, hold us through bull and bear markets. That's awesome. Yeah. So you got your guys. What you guys are doing is obviously creating
creating an experience. And then obviously the type of products you guys are currently selling are for collectors and lovers of golf or even those that might just be the average golfer which kind of pulls everyone which is definitely super super attractive. Currently browse at the website I encourage the rest of the folks listening in the audience as well to do the same thing. You guys have
Do you have two membership passes that correct Cooper? I believe there is the global membership and then there is the other one. The global and leisure, right? So global is like all inclusive top class and leisure is a little bit of a more affordable entry point. It gets you some also really great deals on golf and course access.
Is there a I guess time stamp that these can be used or the can they just be used that I guess that I really at leisure You know no pun intended in terms of also by call every four days I can use every four days type of thing So our benefits are evergreen so we think we have about 35 or 40
You can use those benefits all the time.
and those NFT-based memberships are lifetime. So once you're a member, you can stay a member forever. Obviously, as I said, we're going to be buying courses. There will be opportunities to initiate at those courses. So if one is near you, if you're having to be in Scotland or in the southeast US,
It's so kind of cutting out it's super robotic game. What does it it was it was a task
better one back to the way it was going. Sorry about this friends. How are we doing? No worries. See, that came a little bit clearer and more clear. Let's see if we can go over it. Yeah. Yeah, it's all good. We have time. Yeah, we're, you know, cool. Yeah, you know, uh,
looking to buy courses all over the country. So additionally we have events and member hosted link-ups. So there's a time and a place to play golf, at least monthly in every region of the country. And those are expanding overseas. We have them in London and the UK. So you know golf course access and member benefit
that you can access today, tomorrow, all week, all month, all year. Awesome. Cooper, this may be premature, but I feel like there's something that someone would ask. Is there the ability to let's say golf with maybe some quote-unquote professional and famous golfers? It would that be something that that could happen?
It is links golf somewhere in the near future without really knowing too much what you guys are doing Are you guys planning on maybe having a celebrity golf course a celebrity day like a celebrity month week with people can kind of golf or celebrities or golf with let's say the you know the pro golfers and like that kind of in the roadmap or even spoken about you can obviously speak of
Yeah, so if they were ever kind of mixed with what I guess the average person like myself or anyone who lists things if people have the ability to kind of call
with professionals or golfers celebrities, we've got celebrity mums or something like that is the kind of the road map for that. Yeah, sure. So we have some pretty notable celebrity members. Steph Curry is one of them, you know, rooting for him in the end.
We have Bill Murray and all of us are very enjoyable and those are pretty short of
So really a great group.
terms of what events we have coming up, I can't necessarily say that you'll be able to play in a for some with Steph Curry on our next outing, but definitely stay tuned for some of our big events coming up. We
And of course, it's in Scotland and in the United States. So obviously, there's a logistical planning and timeline.
a lot of these people have pretty busy schedules so we're working with all of that but you know when you join links you are joining a community that has quite a few notable folks in the membership.
That's awesome. Yeah, the celebrity golf, not much of a goal, as I said, celebrity golf does appeal to the wide and broad audience, especially when Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers plays or somebody's basketball guys that also do play, it kind of broadens the audience and I think that it could be beneficial to the community long term. If maybe there could be some
I guess interactive experience with these types of people that they wouldn't have anywhere else obviously there's a lot that would go into it. Let me just say it can't just happen tomorrow, but I think maybe possibly it could be a good idea long term. Obviously everything has kind of makes sense literally. But I think it's something people might be very very attracted to doing because one I mean Cooper like one out of
the average Joe get kind of the ability to kind of golf with like Stefan Curry or like Tom Brady or like any other kind of your celebrity's or like half way. It's not a common thing. It's not a common practice at all. So I think if the golf club was to give access to those types of people to do those types of things maybe once a month, once a year, I could see this being very, very attractive to the average person.
even people who don't golf regularly actually may attempt to do this because they are Tom Brady, Steph Curry or you know Dream on Green or whoever it is you know fans or whatever. Yeah we did actually have Matt Koochur Kooch come in and do an AMA in our discord last year which was really fun and he he did
promised to play against one of our team members, our head of partnerships with only three clubs to see if you could beat him. So stay tuned for that coming up. We have some great relationships with pros on the tour too. So looking forward to leveraging that and I agree and I think that's an excellent way to get people excited and potentially
I'm not too familiar with professional golfing world. Do you guys have any partnerships with the professional golfing leagues at all?
with them or you guys currently trying to partner with them if you guys did what that kind of looked like I'm just kind of curious to see how you know how kind of you know how much you guys can actually scale because to my knowledge super you guys have first moveers advantage completely and that's massive there's no one else is currently doing it's this in the space I've tried to find them I can't really find any but they all
So you guys really have the ball at this point, which is which is fantastic I think because you guys have the ball you guys can kind of set the tone and set the narrative for this So potentially you guys can be you know the biggest and not really have any competition Which I can see competition coming maybe a little bit for yours down the line But if you guys were to you know scale up so much it would there wouldn't really be almost a point
So back to my question, you guys potentially, you know, partner with some of these bigger professional institutions is that possible what it kind of look like? Yeah, so that's a great question. I will say that our reception from day one in the traditional golf world has been exceptional. As you know, like pretty pretty
Additionally, a stuffy and accessible sport, but I think definitely right for change. We have a close relationship with the RNA in Scotland, the USGA and the PGA. Definitely close conversations and relationships there.
No official partnerships yet, but we have partnered with some of the individual tour stops to offer our members discounted tickets and access to PGA tour events. So, you know, definitely working through and towards that end goal of being really closely associated.
I think there has been some hesitancy with being considered a cryptocurrency group rather than a kind of golf first organization, especially in light of some of the recent headlines. So understanding that there are differences between legitimate projects and some of the
highly notable failures that we've seen in the space is something that we're working on and hopefully we can be a banner organization that people can point to that crypto is legitimate right this is something that we really want to do as an org born in web 3 to go out and show people
that we can do really special things and support our membership and partner with a lot of these legitimate legacy organizations. You know, Callaway Golf is one of those fantastic legacy organizations that we partnered with really early on. But, you know, I think the potential for, you know, professional golf leagues and kind
Awesome, and it just makes sense to me from business standpoint that you know it's obviously come with links because it's you guys been doing this for XYZD you know the years you guys are you know relatively professionals in terms of the golfing world what kind of takes obviously being the scene for a very long time towards you kind of alluded to in many of these brands projects everyone kind of call you
these brands are run by people who have not much business acu so it becomes a problem. Long term to be sustainable and it's a way to go. The way you guys have done it is obviously I assume there's income coming from elsewhere.
people who have been golfing for a very long time. And that's definitely huge when creating and creating, you know, obviously the best scene possible for people at scale when it comes when it comes kind of comes to the golfing world. So I mean, it's just the obvious place to be. Um, Cooper, you may not answer to this. I personally do not know this question, but the answer to this question, so which one I'm going to ask#
The NFL has NFL all days on Dapper Labs. Obviously, the UFC also has something very similar to the NBA has NBA top shop. There's the PGA or any of the new ones have really any kind of digital collectible experience or just kind of all, I guess, all kind of really, I guess physical trading cars right now.
I think we might have lost them again. Yeah, we might have lost them. Yeah, we have a super unfortunate. It's been a great space so far. Yeah, guys, while you're listening, please give links to follow. Give all the speakers and all the comments to follow as well while we're waiting for Cooper to kind of get off the dead zone. That's what.
No, are you an avid golfer? You golf on the regular weekly day. I don't actually I'm like you guys I've played other sports going up and I as I've gotten older I've been intrigued by golf I find that if I can actually learn it at a baseline I probably have a lot of fun playing it
It's tougher than it looks and that's coming from someone who's very shitty at it so it's a truth. Cooper I know it's tough man. I've tried playing golf times and I'm not good at all. It's a common thing I guess in our business. Cooper are you back with us?
No, I think he fell off. He dropped that as well as her. Let me bring it back up. I'm bringing him up now. Yeah.
We'd appreciate all the audience's patience as well. I've been hearing what that's trying to experience Cooper. Can you get a quick mic check on you?
Hey, hey, okay, he's connecting now Cooper hey, can you hear me now? Perfect perfect. Yeah, I'll repeat my question again before Noah and I start talking about how bad we were at golf So and the NBA top shop obviously has the NBA
NFL has NFL all days so there is that kind of visual experience that people are kind of I guess interested in those PTA or any of the I guess professional golfing institutions do they have any digital experience or it's all just kind of physical cards and things of that nature. Sure so I
I have heard rumblings coming from the PGA and some of the professional associations of doing these digital collectibles in moments like Top Shot. I don't think any of them are live yet in the golfing world. There have been some individual players
that have launched NFT collections. So, you know, it's varying degrees of success. I think we will see more of that in the future, collecting moments and kind of player trading cards. But ultimately, you know, I'm not sure if anything out right now is worthy of mentioning.
Okay, so I had to ask that question just kind of so I can ask the next question. I'm all capitalizing opportunities. I'm a capitalist at heart. So I really believe, you know, it feel like this is possibly something you guys can maybe go down in the future.
If you guys were to partner with them, you guys think it would be possible to even, if this is even something that you're interested in doing, delivering those little collectibles on behalf of these institutions, or it's just something that you just think is out of your line of work, out of your niche.
In terms of sports, web 3 projects, we are pretty expert with how to get these type of things done. So if any of the tours or people are listening and interested, obviously people on our team who would love to have those conversations and work on it, I think
It might not be directly in line with our mission of providing like really great golf experiences to our members, but if there were some utility attached to something like that, you know, meat and greets with the pros, you know, access to tour events and kind of behind the scenes type of stuff, I think that could be really, really cool.
I would absolutely agree. I mean you guys are obviously monopolizing this space right now, which is which is the ideal thing that people want their brands to do. You mentioned you guys have golf courses that are currently being built out of all over the world, which is which is a hell of a job.
So you guys take a lot of capital out of time, a lot of things to be kind of in line in place. So how have a job on your guys behalf? Do you guys have any current golf courses right now? They're all kind of just a cool and cool under construction.
So we are closing our deal. It's not closed yet, but probably this week or next with Spay Bay in Scotland.
I think he cut out again but I heard the scallop part though. I mean that's good, that's good regardless. Yeah he cut out again.
Yes, in fact, it's in Scotland.
Our members get access to 450 private courses right now at the Global Tier as well as member to member reciprocity. So you can come play my course in Philly. I can come play your course. So despite the fact that we don't own
So, we're calling for opportunities. We just don't own a US that are working on it.
Awesome. Cooper, would you would you agree that you know arguably golf is one of them, you know, more expensive sports kind of entry enter in terms of the beard entry?
Demi fell off again.
I heard him say very expensive with the rest of that cut out. Cooper, if you can hear me the two times the access.
I heard I heard I heard the expensive part but the rest of that I got cut off. Can you can you hear me now? I think I've been reconnected. You're good now. Yeah, you're good now. I think, uh, you know, the lessons, the equipment that you
T-times are all very expensive for golf, which is why we want to offer our members discounts on club fittings and equipment and T-times and everything else. But yeah, it's definitely not a traditionally cheap sport to pick up.
Right. Awesome, awesome answer. My next question after that is similar to the last one is that because it's so expensive, is it maybe links, I guess, side mission, personal mission kind of lower, you know, the barrier to entry to these things, so more people can kind of fall in love with golf and the experience of it all. Is that something you guys can combine when giving people the percentage
it off? 100% Andrew, I think you know some of the great golf courses in the country have a 10 year waiting list and then make my cost to 50 to 100,000 dollars to join. So we think a liquid NFT membership at the prices where they are today is really accessible and our goal is to
change the game and grow it to new demographics and people who haven't had access to Great Golf. Being able to access a new set of clubs at a pretty significant discount, I mean it changed my game right after joining links. My scores have gone down, I've been playing a lot of really cool courses. It's all a
I mean, I can't imagine paying $15,000 for a golf membership. I mean, especially when I'm not breaking it's sport.
That's definitely a half to pay to play. I mean, even the conversation was, I was actually good at this for it. I still don't know if I would pay that much to be part of something like that. Just my opinion though. But I mean, obviously people do it. So I mean more power to them obviously. But I think that it's great you guys allowed everyone to kind of be adopted into this. I think it's great for golfers#
of the space and within this space it's also a very great thing to do. Cooper, is there anything that you are extremely bullish on in terms of obviously maybe a buy, a stand surface kind of what we're going for here? Is there anything you maybe truly bullish when it comes kind of links down when you get you currently doing something that really kind of sticks out to you and maybe it is kind of close to your heart as to why you do what you do.#
Yeah, I mean the thing that we come back a day after day week is the community and I think that's one of the reason people will pay $100,000 to join a golf course is the network of people you get to meet and play golf within interact with not because you're going to go set the course record but because you can you know make life long friends and business can
connections through golf. So as a community, I'm definitely biased. I think that, you know, the people and playing golf together, like we did this morning at a top 100 golf course, is just priceless, right? Being able to do that is, you know, evergreen and really, really special. In addition, I think one
One thing that I'm really bullish on is we've been launching two to three new partnerships every week for our members and we're going to be continuing that into the, you know, indefinite future. So, you know, we keep on adding to the list of benefits that our members get, but ultimately to me, there will never be any benefit better than the community.
community that we've fostered so far. That's a great answer. Who are you guys partner with and who do you think I guess is kind of the most beneficial partnership? You guys have had those far of you to pick one or two in terms of what was kind of I guess outline between the between both parties.
One that seems to be really popular with our members is Topgolf, Shoutout Topgolf. I think that's something that's really opening the game to be able to go out and hit balls and get some good food and drinks with friends. I think it's definitely opening it up to a younger demographic. It doesn't take as long. I think
That's part of the Calaway Group of companies that's been really great. Bridgestone Golf Balls, make a fantastic product. Puma Golf, we just launched Golf Tech for lessons in fitting. And old 5 iron if you live in Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, New York.
Boston. These indoor simulators, Rainer Shine, you can go book it for an hour and hit some golf balls with some friends in a cool environment. That's one of my favorites. I spent a lot of winter playing at the top golf league. I mean, five iron league. So, you know, we have a bunch
bunch more partners that we're with but those are some of my favorites for sure. That's awesome. You really love your golf even playing the winner of that. That is crazy. You could much kudos to you. Captain what's going on? Thank you for raising your hand. I did bring up you on stage. Links to your cool with the K I mean cool with your code answering a couple of community questions right?
Love to for sure. Captain it's going on
Hi, Andrew. Hey, thanks for bringing me up. I really appreciate it. I just have a couple of questions for the Lingx Golf Club team. I really only want to go
on TV but I envy those who know how to play the game very well. Hopefully I should be able to lay my hands on it. It's part of the items on my bucket list. A few things just got my attention on your website. The first one being the March And I that's linked to, you know,
NFTs. Here I can see that the softwoods who goes for the live green and I think we also talked about individuals being able to you know create their own NFTs and where possible merchandise. Please could you expand on this?
Sure, so our our pro shop team which is a golf term we have some awesome golf merchandise hats polo shirts joggers
If you are interested in product idea or something like that, chewed us a DM, we are always adding new products to our Croix shop.
Thank you. I mean, I'm currently wearing a Lynx hat and a Lynx polo shirt as I speak to you. So it's some great stuff and shout out to our team for building a great cat. It's one of the first steps we do.
That's pretty awesome, that's pretty cool. I don't know, it's actually cracking on my end. I don't need to alright.
Yeah, I was asking if I was coming through all right, am I coming through all the bit now? Okay, so I can see some really cool experiences here and I also want to believe that the golf golf in itself is you know viewed around community
and sportsmanship. One of the things that sets aside from other community-based events or like groups-based events is the fact that people can actually create their own exclusive communities ranging from a few individuals
to thousands of people from the looks of things, people can actually run this kind of criteria. When you speak about these events, will these events be based on, will I say specific clubs or specific
How do I put it specific clicks? Let me put it down. We can't specific clicks, you know, host events and invite would I say and engage the links go off-close to those events that they want to host? Yes, absolutely. So we have a program
where members can in regions all over the world apply to host their own events and we will promote invite other members and we have an awesome software called the Clubhouse. It's our members clubhouse. It's a web app where members can list their
their events. So if you wanted to go out to a golf course or we can set up a golf course for you to go to, or even you can go out and watch a game together, you don't have to even play golf. But it's our opportunity for members to get together. Like you said, on a small scale, it can be just two members up to a thousand.
We've had small groups and like you said, clicks of members launch these events from London to New York to Philadelphia to San Francisco and kind of all over. So I think we have a few active ones launching right now, Charlotte, Austin,
cities all over the country. So if you're interested in hosting or getting together with other links members, it's a great way to do that. We also have our signature events, which are set up through some of our partners to play some of the top 100 and 200 golf courses in the world. And we had one of those today in Virginia.
We had two last week in New York. We have a few more coming up in the New York, New Jersey area, and then a bunch coming up throughout the year. So these are other really cool events to play some really inaccessible and exclusive courses with other links members. And then we're also planning our Spey Bay Grand opening.
in Scotland, which will be a large-scale member event in Scotland this July. So lots of events, lots of opportunities to get out and touch grass with other members, whether you're good at golf or bad, it's always fun to get out there out in nature and have fun.
I really appreciate the details and answers to my questions. These are a couple of questions I do have. The rest of them are only to properly align my train of thoughts. It's really pretty cool. I really hope to also learn golf one day. I wish you guys the very best and I really hope that the Lingx Golf Club stays bullish. Thank you a lot, Andrew.
want to do? All that great stuff? Yeah, so first of all, thanks Andrew for doing such a fantastic job. Hosting is always, um, captainly, like, great questions. I actually have some questions that my community members sent me, coop, uh, have you, if you want me reading off of those, um, I'm just going to start in order.
So based on what I read from your website, it seems that Lynx style has formed a partnership with prominent golf brands such as Five Iron and Ship 6 to provide in real life perks to its members. I'm curious to know if there are legal agreements or contracts in place to ensure smooth provision of these benefits to Lynx
down members. Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, we go by the book with everything we do. We have a very professional and experienced team. Our team has lots of experience with both startups, golf, business development and relationships. So all of our partnerships
are backed by contracts and we expect them to go on indefinitely into the future. So obviously there are occasional renegotiations but so far all of those renegotiations have resulted in additional benefits and expansion of the benefits once our partners have
interacted with our community and kind of seen what access to this global group of kind of young tech forward golfers can do with their brand. So definitely a lot of partnerships more coming and these are 100% backed by legitimate business agreements.
So next community member upon reviewing your pros sorry upon review. Sorry, I've been on like three spaces today, so I'm having a hard time talking upon reviewing your pro shops offerings. I've noticed that you carry a clothing line for both men and women as well as exclusive gear for golf enthusiasts. I'm interested
We're interested in learning about the manufacturers behind these products. I was wondering if ProShop has any plans to allow vendors and sellers to showcase their golf-related products on your platform. Sure. So we work with Holderness and Born, which is a fantastic golf company, Grayson Clothears.
Another really great one, we have true links where golf shoes. We just launched a new branded bills line of hats, soft goods, hoodies. If you are a manufacturer creating golf gear, feel free to shoot me a DM here on this account.
or on my account at Coupe NFT or hop in the discord and open a support ticket. We're always looking for new partners in the world of golf if you have an innovative or great piece of apparel or product. Feel free to shoot us a message. We're always happy to talk with both legacy golf companies
and start ups in this space.
NFT membership drop, I'm curious about the process for new individuals who are interested in obtaining memberships. Well, they need to wait for the next NFT membership drop. And is there an annual membership? Is there an annual subscription fee or is the membership obtained through a one-time NFT purchase that provides lifetime membership?
So it's a great question. We did sell out originally in six hours in January of 2021. January 2022, sorry, but there are NFTs for sale on NFT marketplaces right now. So you'd be buying an NFT
from another member, not from links directly, but if you once you have that NFT you can log in at and create a clubhouse profile which allows you to enter your name, your information, you know where you play golf and access our events, benefits, all of that is on
or where that compound is not linked to.
So those are our two ways FD are available on
with someone like your dad or your uncle or your cousin or your mom who isn't necessarily web-free native. We do offer to a tier at $200 a year to access many of the same
great benefits and access via credit cards. So that's just at So you know there's a couple of different ways to join but the NFTs do offer lifetime access with no additional fees once you've joined.
It's incredible and you know what the floor prices on those currently are?
I haven't checked in a few days. Last time I checked, leasers were about $400, $450 and globals were about 1/8. So 15 to
$2,000. And follow up question of that is, are there any restrictions to the global and leisure memberships, people residing in certain countries?
Not for what we have set up. You know, if you can access OpenC and purchase a membership, you're a member of LYNX, right? I think there are certain limitations geographically with our course networks. We do have some
awesome courses worldwide through IMG prestige and world advantage. That being said, if you're willing to travel to one of our events, we were happy to welcome you worldwide. We love our international members in Australia, Japan, Korea, the UK, Europe,
I'm kind of all over. So, yeah, no restrictions on my end. Cooper, I'll not thought. Do you guys attend any other events like regularly per year? Maybe you guys stopped by BNFT NYC? Do you guys attend anything, anything of that sort? Like maybe in LA and NFC or LA at NFT? You guys attend those events or it's more so just
kind of within your own framework of length. We had about 300 members out at NFT NYC last year, which was really, really fun at 5 iron. We were at South by Southwest last year and we had a great member link up at consensus this year. I think going forward, we're moving to a model
where we're going to have our own standalone events. Just logistically it's a lot easier to plan and execute. Obviously we love attending the crypto events as individuals and doing link ups around those, some of the smaller scale events, but we're avoiding doing kind of large scale events in these big cities during these conferences just so that
we can make things more affordable and accessible for our members. That's definitely awesome. Maybe the conversation is not just kind of, or maybe you guys do your standalone or NFT NYC or LA NFT. Maybe it's kind of an end conversation to
you guys maybe potentially obviously depending on the climate and the way the way things kind of I guess worked themselves out. Let's say it's in a minute now. I assume there's tons of golf courses. Maybe you guys do both. Maybe one day is kind of spent towards the city wherever the event's happening and then maybe one day possibly can be the golf course. I guess giving members everything that they kind of want.
Essentially, people really over-complicate things. I think when I'm making a community, that essentially you just make them happy, ask them what they want, and then deliver the products and experience that they want. It's obviously if it's in the framework, obviously the capital is there and all that stuff. But there are, personally, it's simple, and those people make it seem.
definitely overcomplicated and I think doing both of those things maybe you know attending one day here then one day at the golf course potentially could be massive and you actually might even get a flow of people coming from you know the events themselves that aren't particularly within links actually made jump into links if it's a part of the events that you're yeah for sure that's been
The model for linkups, the smaller scale meetups, and these do happen around some of the larger crypto conferences. We just found that doing 150, 200 person large scale events is a little tricky during these things. Definitely we love organizing smaller scale, more intimate outings.
And I think those are really really good for making new relationships. You might get paired with somebody you haven't played with before. So definitely a great way to make it optional and accessible. The small scale went on better. I mean, I've listened to tons of people complaining about. And the NFT NYC was too big. There was too many people, too much loud music.
there was in someone since me, the intimacy as you said that that's where exactly they use. I still think the smallest kill meetups are definitely something people are longing and hopefully kind of, you know, certain brands and kind of transition over to that. No, do you have any more questions? I have any more questions personally. I think it's been a great space. If not, no, we can throw the mic back to Cooper and Cooper can
kind of seeing the host that maybe we didn't cover things you want kind of let people know what's currently happening in the pipeline. Maybe stuff he's excited about anything really that he wants to speak about that we haven't talked about Cooper the Microsoft yours. Yeah, no, it's been an incredible space. Andrew forte, great job hosting and Cooper. Thank you so much for coming on. If yeah, if you have any closing thoughts for our audience, go ahead and#
Yeah, just want to say first off, thanks so much for having us. You know, it's always nice to talk in a spaces and kind of chat about Web 3 and the technology as well as golf.
So thank you all for sticking around and listening. Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter, join the Discord for the latest updates and new news. We always come out with
and member access. So it has to run his former time though. Of course, of course they had to run his one more time. We've got lots of new hats to run his one more time. Yeah, Twitter, Twitter can let us do it without running one more time just for the old time sake. Cooper, let's give it a try again. I think you're right now.
Cool. You've got it. Go for it. We've always got lots of new news, new courses, new benefits, new events coming up and there's going to be a link up near you. So join the Discord, follow us on social. We have a new
Well, join your discord follow them on Twitter. I look past you guys merged. I'm not a huge golfer, but your merch looks pretty great to be honest. So if I was a golfer, I definitely would be buying loads of supplies with that. Their merch looks really good. I mean, I probably don't have an average use for it because I don't golf that often, but it looks great though. It looks great quality and great products.
Thank you. Yeah, it's comfy stuff. We love it. That's awesome. Alrighty. Cooper, Andrew. It's been a pleasure sharing the stage with you guys and we'll coin talk to you. Remember that everything you hear on this aquarium broadcast are meant for educational purposes only nothing is financial advice. So be safe out there and we'll see you on the next one. Take care.

FAQ on Links Golf Club: For the modern Golfer!⛳️ #DAO | Twitter Space Recording

How many golfers are there in the United States?
There are 20 million golfers in the United States.
Who is the guest on the podcast episode?
The guest on the podcast episode is Cooper, co-founder and head of community of the Links DAO team.
What is Cooper's Twitter handle?
Cooper's Twitter handle is @coopnft.
When did Cooper buy his first Bitcoin?
Cooper bought his first Bitcoin in 2013.
What is Cooper's background in marketing?
Cooper comes from the marketing web to space and works with a lot of artists and musicians.
What piqued Cooper's interest in NFTs?
The idea of being able to put a contract on chain and execute software on the blockchain intrigued Cooper from day one.
What is the origin of the Links DAO name?
The Links DAO name comes from the Scottish origin of golf courses known as links courses.
What is the problem the Links DAO is trying to solve?
The Links DAO is trying to solve the traditional inaccessibility and expense of playing some of the greatest golf courses and using the best equipment.
What percentage of original mentors in the Links DAO was their first transaction on the blockchain?
35% of original mentors in the Links DAO was their first transaction on the blockchain.
What is the Links Golf Club?
The Links Golf Club is a program launched by the Links DAO that allows for an annual fee membership payable with a credit card for those skeptical of crypto.