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Recorded: May 21, 2023



some pretty good music guys. Sweet lullaby. Yes sir. Okay here's a couple of my lads inviting them to the stage. How's everyone doing?
Good, how about you bro? Oh good, it's my last day in Brazil really sad so it's time to travel back home. Have you fully recovered?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine that yeah, I had a little full intoxication there, but no, it's from perfect now. I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you for asking this.
Yeah, there's all this. Get everybody here. Me okay? Yep. Yeah, it's okay. Cool. Nice. Do I sound good to see everyone in here? Yeah, we will customize the space a little bit more for the next one.
Right now the soundboard is so powerful it's such a pleasure to be able to have such a convenient thing. Living an exceptional time. Can you hear me? I can hear you, Gandalfios. Nice. Nice.
Great, okay, it seems like all of this is working out quite fine. Let's wait a few more minutes for the people to join in already seeing a lot
of the legends GM GM Lingxi how you doing? I'm good man bit tired but you know can't be helping Australia what not trying to keep up with the tourists basically oh my god and also nine hours ahead
So yeah, so right now we have Australia, the Rio, we have Central America, we have like pretty much all areas of the US, we have Eastern Europe, South Africa, it's basically we have the whole world.
So I think our time zones are pretty much lagging in between, but it's great to have you all here. So maybe let's
drop one more invitation to our communities to other legends to join and then we can start start right around all I see Bitcoin and how are you doing
Who is it? Yes, I did that. Yes No, no, you understand the power you can't be a trigger anymore
The trigger. Yeah, yeah. Should have expected that. What was the song's evil thing, bro?
Okay, bro. No, I've got an error. I just want to know what he's got lined up there. No, I didn't actually get a chance to customize it. For next time, I will be able to, I will have
some time right now I'm so sorry I'm just too busy enjoying the beach in front of me. It's so hard. Yeah I think yeah you told us you picked yourself a really a really comfy spot to have that to have that spaces with a with a
very gentle energy right now. Yeah, I'm way too blessed to be stressed right now. I can see the ocean. I have the mountains behind me and my family is in the house inside like I'm I'm mega blessed and I'm in a good good head space and I really want to radiate this this energy to every single one of you listening to this tonight.
Yeah, and I think you're doing a pretty good job and I think that these are the perfect words to officially open that because we are exactly in that segment of the market that we pretty much felt in 2018 and
2019 where you have like you're already one year out of the glorious time of the of the bull market this time it was Salami summer and last time it has been the ICOs before that in 2017 and now you're you're
looking at the market and people are like, hey, where are the training setups? Where are all the place like is everyone like stopping to trade? But you have exactly the time where everyone is so uncertain now where you are so far away from all time highs that people are not quite
bullish but the market is holding up so well that you like nides it cannot really be over and we have weeks and weeks of sideways currently so what can you do like maybe you legends also saw in the aggregator I have a way more composed way and compressed way is
the better word to share analysis and that stuff because it is not worth it to first place exactly also now with you have news left and right with new regulatory steps you saw that
probably the news with Metamask and Ledger. Maybe Greenite can educate us a little bit better about that. I'd actually love you to maybe introduce yourself also to the other since you're speaking here for the first time actually as an OG speaker now.
which is very delightful to me. So just as a quick introduction for me that he's one of our closest partners and Big Tiny Brand. He's a CEO of Big Tiny Brand and in my opinion the best person that you can have
regarding doing your business right doing it properly, doing it in a legal way and to be really secure. Well, thanks so much. That's really the most charming and
and the relevant introduction I've ever received.
Yeah, maybe yeah, one, one, two, one.
So, Green Knight, if you can, just give us a quick introduction for yourself and what you truly love about the space and what you currently find yourself spending your time around, pontificating and pondering the details of the blockchain and the crypto
space and the NFT space. Right, yeah. So what is exactly is it what you do? Exactly, yeah. So in order to understand where I'm coming from and how long I've been in crypto, not only in cybersecurity, it goes back to 2015. And unfortunately, I didn't catch the early waves of Bitcoin, but when I was visiting Thailand in 2015,
and I was walking around Bangkok. I saw one of the restaurants and they actually accepted Bitcoin as a payment. So that was the moment in time where I was thinking what the fuck is Bitcoin and shortly after I've returned back to Germany where I'm living. I've started learning and studying and reading the white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto
and ever since I've been intrigued in which in which simple way and yet most effective Bitcoin is solving one of humanity's biggest challenges with the double-spend issue and actually a decentralized way of not being screwed
by the World Bank economic system that is actually an alternative payment system. That's basically how I got first in treatment a bit. Looking at, of course, you asked me what I'm pondering these days will have been around long enough to see how
markets and bear markets, how they work, they're basically resembling the human psychology. That's why they always shift phases between bull and bear and especially in this bear market which a lot of people are perceiving as quite boring sideways or downwards periods.
and a lot of people leaving the space, a lot of city projects getting washed out. And I think this is the perfect time. Personally, I love the bear market more than the bull market, because in the bear market you get to know who is really here to stay. The people who are not stopping the build are in
present in the bear market like all the legends here in the space. I mean, we've got nothing better to do on a Sunday evening than to meet with people who have to share the same mindset. That's just a lovely thing to do. And when it comes to NFTs in particular, I think here we can really notice
There are a lot of people who are leaving the space, a lot of people are selling their precious NFTs. A lot of media articles are calling the NFT bubble. It's been bursting and NFTs are just worth of straight packs and I think quite a contrary.

FAQ on LUCK & STRATEGY #2 🧊 | Twitter Space Recording

What is the name of the music that the speaker says is pretty good?
Sweet Lullaby
Who are the 'lads' that the speaker invites to the stage?
What event is the speaker leaving Brazil for?
Going back home
What did the speaker experience in Brazil?
Full intoxication
Where is the speaker located during the podcast?
By the beach and mountains
What type of market segment is the speaker referring to at the moment?
Uncertain and far from all time highs
Who is Green Knight?
CEO of Big Tiny Brand and a close partner
What year did Green Knight first start learning about Bitcoin?
What is one of the biggest challenges that Bitcoin is solving according to Green Knight?
Double-spend issue
Why does Green Knight say he loves the bear market more than the bull market?
You get to know who is really here to stay