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MetaGame’s Hangout w/@halofi_me

Recorded: May 16, 2023



Hello, hello, welcome. Welcome everyone to our Twitter space or as we like to call it, MetaGames hangout.
Let's wait a little bit for more people to join, just a couple of minutes.
Please, let's take this time to share the space. Let's retweet. Let's bring more people in.
Okay, let's start. Welcome everyone to our Twitter space for today. Today we have Rachel from HelloFive.
Hi, can you give me a guy? Yes, I hear you good. Thank you for being here with us, Rachel, for those who don't know who is behind Metagame today. This is Vanessa. Welcome to her Twitter Hangout. And welcome, Rachel. Please, please introduce yourself.
and tell us a bit about yourself and a bit about your role in the Hello Fight team. Yeah, thank you, Vanessa. Thanks for having me here with the next game of community. My name is H.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I#
So I can dive into a little bit about what we do at Halo 5. I know a bunch of the metadata in communities really familiar because you've done a challenge with you guys and then a collab, but I'll talk about that later. But for people who are completely new to Halo 5, what we do is just a fun way to like to gamify using this
and then the five people making regular deposit, saving them, saving tokens or saving in volatile tokens, you see, if they got them, if I challenge it, they're like, how volatile tokens for a six-man a time, so like, can you hold on for a few, so like the next six months, for example,
We have a bunch of those new challenges that will be doing live this week. So basically we've done everything by smart contracts, but we want to incentivise those people who can, you know, keep themselves accountable, can faith-regulate, hold off their tokens, they'll get the interest.
If you don't, it's no loss. You can hope the end and get your things for that. And we've also added on a bunch of other gamified mechanisms, so you can go to NFC's, you can get, you can like manpower, leaderboards, you have badges or whole-haste of everything. So really at its part is what we want to do is
Make it more accessible, make it more familiar to people, to a lot of people, things like years are coming, it doesn't necessarily mean that much, it's quite confusing. So they just kind of make it easier and hopefully also make it funer as well and help people kind of fit their goals.
So that's that's a little fine.
And I can also give you a little bit of my background. So I've been in the face for, been working in the face like four times in 2018, been in the face of 2017. I'm pleased to be found in Halo 5. My background is in development.
and develop a relationship, working for like a number of two and three companies. So I think, so now I'm able to come to the list. But I've been always interested in how it can make things more accessible and make it more
I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit more, I was a little bit#
Thank you Rachel. One thing that I really like about MetaGame is that we are always learning together and we are always learning about new tools and
looking to have these new experiences together. And this was a bridge that Nishashi, one of our players, he was the one who introduced us to Hello Fight. So we are now doing or met
So I want to know a bit more about, oh, and for those who are interested in the
who are just joining. We are today with Rachel from HelloFy. I want to know a bit about the saving challenges. What are the saving challenges and how they can help people and projects save together and thread together?
Yeah, so it's a good question and you're completely right like Miss Fassi has been like absolutely legendary team member in in holo fire. I've been very much in say why so it sounds like I see the same collaboration come in for a while and we're big
And you're in a building in Mexico and people on board are living there. But this is like a very exciting collaboration for me, certainly. And so, and exactly when you came for it, and you're in Jammingham, if I did, of course you have your
Conference last festival event happening in Frey, so this year it's going to be a complete enough to board. I'm actually kind of excited to find out a little bit from you about a little bit more about the event as well because it goes look like epic location and I'm certainly
exciting things happening there. But he's going to be in here like back at the beginning of this year knowing that this event was going to happen and wanting to kind of create some awareness, some involve the people to face towards it because it's so, you know, going to an event is quite
It's something that's going to be a bit of a challenge.
going to be in eat or back to eat it's gone on polygons so it's not going to be it's important for us to have challenges of it. So the near um polygons are on cellos and both of those have quite you know can't really let down
So that's easier to get started with. I can't say that you can decide how much you want to pay, but it is just that it up here. So we look at the kind of as an example and this phase in time is going to go into the certain delight
So I believe the
The content is happening in India, so that's kind of like a saving calendar that people need to make kind of deposits in every two weeks. So in this case, it's up to you how much you want to save. So how much you're doing it with that, how much you need to make every two weeks.
to be on the ongoing duration of that talent. That one actually, to read it for you, it's sort of clear, it's actually close to me doing this. So if you, I'm working with that one, it's
It's not possible to join it, but there are a bunch of other challenges that we have launched more recently that are already continuing to join us. So we've got like a we've got challenges that you can save in yeah, able to
All of these challenges, what they're saying comment is there is a goal of that challenge. So the goal could be saving weekly, it could be saving monthly, then making a regular deposit. The goal could be even just holding on to, and taking to the fixed amount of time. And then when you're doing it, you're just like, you're
So we're planning up for a challenge to do that. And so the challenge ends and you can check out all of this on our other site that hello by dot move after hello by dot move that you straight to where the time is up. And then we will kind of put our depending on the challenge to use a number of different year, exactly. So we use our very
have a new lab and we even have some major strategies. So that's the kind of everyone who wants to go to season calendar around their place and so it could be, we could even do another one that's the 50th place in or any kind of ERC 20th place and that would be open for. And at the end, hopefully,
You can then like a good player in the challenge and you'll be able to access, you'll save everything you want to do, whatever you want to do and then you'll get the interest and then you'll get points. You'll get a few things to do so you can do sure, so good game. Every time that you can be challenging to get more points and you'll level up the losing
board and it's got some luck. You get it and kind of you face it in our system. But that's the kind of, yeah, with the messaging and saving talent unfortunately because it has been like, I think around three weeks now, we've had gone for a few weeks, the time frame that you could do it. So there are a bunch more of the times that you could
I can see that you've also said the event as well, so yeah, definitely definitely check it out. But it's fantastic to have a collaboration day with Mr. Gailan. He does team the fastest there, I know you don't want to see that, but just getting this out out as well.
Yes, so we admit to game are all about gamification and I like that this is a way of gamifying savings and you know also it's a way I think to help
build financial habits and I think it's a good way to save together so basically to summarize. So you said your challenge, you said your saving goal and then from there you can just
start saving with your community and basically you have a fixed duration right so anyone can fix how much time they want the challenge.
to go on, right?
Yeah, so this is actually good point. So you're going to have a very different contract each challenge is a term. You can kind of think of each challenge as like a sort of unique event or unique challenge. That challenge itself will have a fit.
So, like, for example, the method one because we designed it to like to saving up for the summer for the event it ends in July. But there's other ones that you could go to our
Right now we can see that we've got a dump like saving monthly challenges. So there's like a USBC monthly challenge that one and you can actually click through there's a timeline tab in our website and that is saving.
That will end in August also because it's a month, we've got monthly savings challenges in full of August and then you kind of won the challenge. And we have shorter ones, so we've also deployed a bunch of weekly challenges. So whether we want to, they typically lost around four
So, like you have to make through the project within that four week time frame, but again, always take the timeline and then after that four week of the service service finish, then the calendar is over and then you'll know if you're like, if you were a winner, if you made
If you want to make all of those deposits or if you missed one. As I said, if you did miss one, you know, sometimes life happens. You totally get that. If you went to the end, then you can withdraw your picks for an idea like a no-lot mechanism. So you won't leave any of your funds if you
the end. Sometimes we do have that can only with your food so that's just an incorrect piece of the to stay in the talent but that the amount that would be taken from that is split amongst everyone else here. That's customised a bit. We could
So we've had some community creative talent, not the one that we've actually made for Metagave, but we've had some community creative talent, which were not fit there. And I did me a head up for 90% or 100% early with your seed.
it harder and make that going with the case of mechanism even more it's free. But all of this will be clear to you when you dive into the challenge, it's Alan Cazic there and parameters and and some different as well, but it's very clear to you when you're on the website and let's sort of what that would do when you're doing the challenge.
Okay, and can you also customize how often you make the posits or how often does that happen?
So yeah, that again at the moment with our current versions of our contract that would be set up and we deploy the talent so each talent still has a fixed frequency, a fixed series, a fixed time scale that it worked on. I would say that if you have a specific like a specific talent that you want or
time frame that suits you. We now have a napkin and you can go ahead and take a proposal and say like I want to make a challenge there, there's a phase in time monthly or I want to say you know, it's really even done a bunch of days. You've seen it in the previous video before but
Because we wanted something that was sort of, I guess it's not really saving in the traditional sense, but it's more of a do-by-talented word. Can you remember to make daily deposits? So we've even done those as well. So all of that is customizable, but each talent will have that set up in the smart contract when we deploy
So if you go to our website and it doesn't look like it's at the right premises that you want, you can jump into our, I've jumped into our discord and like take you on proposal and put a proposal through the map set to kind of get that on the same as ours.
I like to get more into detail on how to join a savings challenge, but first I want to welcome Masashi. We were talking a bit earlier about how he introduced us.
to HelloFive as a way to save for metaphors together. And as I said, one of the things I like about Metagame is that we're learning together, we're looking for these new experiences to learn together, to try
new tools together and Musashi is a player that is always bringing these new tools and these new ideas. So thank you Musashi for joining us today.
Yeah, no problem. I actually was in here earlier. I just forgot I was on the wrong account with MSG 13 MSG gang Yeah, okay, so tell us can you tell us a bit about how you got to know hello five
And why you thought this was a good idea for us to play together and to save together.
Yeah, so it's been some time, Rachel.
Yeah, it kind of, it's a little bit nostalgic even though it's, you know, we're three so fast, it's only been three, four years. But that was when I was first getting into D5.
and I was testing protocols left and right getting big into the Ave and Curve ecosystems and I was just seeking out every
DeFi application there was and I was getting big into Avogaci at the time because I was researching projects that were doing gamification and relating that with DeFi. Avogaci was the first thing I
found that was playing with gamification of DeFi and then I found good ghosting and so I was already an alpha tester for Avagcci and then I became a tester for good ghosting and before they went live I was already
you know trying to connect good ghosting and avogati together. I'm like we're gonna have these daps where we can deploy daps on our parcels which still aren't live today but they will be coming and I just I can't wait now that good ghosting is fully a fully
built out ecosystem with plenty of regular users when we finally launch within the Gachiverse it's just gonna explode and yeah I was getting into DALS shortly after that and starting to contribute at MetaGame and obviously
Obviously I got into MetaGame because they were trying to game a fire life. It just seems like such a great match for us. A lot of us are trying to manage our lives in better ways. We're utilizing a lot of these tools along the way, testing
out this tool and that tool, seeing what works, what doesn't. And good ghosting just falls right in line for us. It's, you know, it's permissionless. I can join any pool I want unless it's a private pool, then, you know, more power to them.
And I can pull out my funds anytime I need to if I have an emergency, incur a small fee, or most of the pools are what I used to call good-ghosting a no-loss save.
game because you could deposit your savings every month or every day or every week depending on the frequency of the pool you're in and if you missed a deposit yeah you would give up the additional rewards at the end but you always got your deposits back and so to me it was like on you know
no lost savings account. You know, we're doing it as a team, as a game, as friends saving together. And you know, that's, that's important in life. You know, we use money to get the things that we need as a trade and and barter off
and instead of direct trading barter now. So yeah, it's very important that each one of us, any one of our lives, to save together. And that's not something that we all do very well. I don't do it very well. And good ghosting gives me something that. Okay, this is a little
a little bit more fun. You know, I have a little bit of competition which ignites a little bit inside of me. I have, you know, a competitive spirit. Even though I love to have everyone win around me, I'm also the type who wants to win. You know, I want to be number one. So that
leaderboard and that you know seeing the other players who are playing like oh man it looks like a few dropped out this week we're doing good we're still doing good so it's it helps me to to want to save and to be honest one last thing I don't know how
how many times this has happened for me. But when I start a good ghosting pool, I add up the total amount that I'm going to save for, because, you know, even though I hate credit cards, dad taught me a good lesson with credit cards, don't spend anything in debt or credit that you don't
already have somewhere. So I did the same with good ghosting pools. If we were saving 10 die a week for 10 weeks, then I was going to take 100 die, start the game with that first 10 die deposit, and then take the other 90 die and throw it on AVE because it's on poly
on dirt cheap for gas fees and every time I need to put it to positing I just pulled out some of my my die on Aave and and put it in the pool and that just always kept me solid. I always had those funds available but what ended up happening for me was that
emergencies would happen and I would either have a good ghosting pool that I had jumped in because in the beginning we were all jumping into every single pool we possibly could. It's only just now getting to a point where maybe I can't jump into all the pools.
But either a pool would have ended and I have funds plus the rewards I gained to utilize or in that emergency, I just had to go to Aave and pull out what I was already I already had set aside for these saving schools. So
Good ghosting has really, you know, I've been saving but good ghosting has been saving me in ways.
the gamification mechanism is working and I think you may have heard if you were like tuned in as well, you know, Marka, thank you for setting up the next game and calling the Miss Collab is here because I think it's really nice to do this community's coming together.
So this is definitely a different way of saving and a way of gamifying it. I want to get more on the technical side and I want to know which currencies are supported in HelloFi.
So we support a bunch. So like we have, and I don't know if they do think about their say every time that we deploy like a new talent, it typically happens we are going to on a Thursday, so we have a bunch more deploying on Thursday. That's kind of
the three sets that I can do the kind of inbound current use of that. Let me try. I could put in my head. I can't remember them all like a few day programs that you know doctors are designed on that breaks them down.
support any of the inbound currently better unlike AVE, V2 or V3 or polygon. We also support anything that's been
numbers different curve tools on polygon as well and then if there anything that's on on cell over using new low which is another kind of lending platform on cello so we have typically we do a lot of
We do a lot of USCC, we sell them outside, we do a lot of RACCU, we do cellar, we do a mattress, we do a remote stuff, RACCU, saving challenge, a lot of stuff that's still open, if you want to get involved with that.
But we can also say anything that's only under underlying years gap between create a talent for. But we do have, I think I mentioned it earlier, we can also create like an open talent for like none.
And typically we've done that in a kind of in a sponsorship kind of structure, but obviously it makes it more meaningful if there's some additional tokens that users can and if they can do the talent. But we do that just to do have a number of projects that we're going to create saving talent is that weren't.
So it's flexible enough to handle any ERC-20 patients, but I would say the main patients that we do, we take the further do like UFDC die, that do market, now get paid.
and yes, follow and see the token on the fellow network as well.
So yeah, we're talking about saving and something that I see that worries a lot of people is transaction fees. How does that work in the Hello5 platform?
Yeah, so do you really like the darts? Do you like any shoes that come from our platform itself?
perhaps I can I can see them both of those. So we've been, the research started building like Kayla, sorry I did, as it was so back at the time, we actually building on Ethereum or on some of the testnet of Ethereum and that was in summer 2020.
We've done telegons pretty early because we were looking for a network that was going to be laid out. A lot of our users and a lot of our phasing challenges, people are putting in like 10 dollars a year ago. We've had to put up, you know, the higher amounts, it's like 5000,000. Specifically, we've done
and lower amounts, so if you're doing main metapherium, it's not going to fit the yeast paste because you don't want to be paying more in gas than your device, it doesn't really just make the real agent. So we, as I said, on polygam, because of the leg astase, and then we see if there's a flow of it, so if it has leg astase,
So when it comes to the second point, which is how do you charge in with these and any like these to the hello bike. We don't charge the transaction fee, but we do have a small performance fee that would just be charged on the interest and any incentive that are better than again, that's kind of
but it's typically around like 5% but it will also be when you join the Canada it will also be there for you to see. So that's just on the performance so it wouldn't be a transaction fee, just in the interest and the other incense to go and send that
sounds good and I want to ask you Rachel why gamifying saving what would be like the ultimate mission of hellify
Yeah, so I think and I think we've actually touched them there. So sometimes I think that all I very much include myself in this category like we often have the goal to say, you know, more than we actually do. And over, you know, they're not going by it. Sometimes towards the end of the month, right? There's less left. There's a
the paychecks then then you pay for them and do it. So we designed payload types to kind of, every one sort of knows if the do savings, everyone kind of has this idea that you don't always really have that strong enough of an incentive to do that. So we're thinking, well, our thinking is that it's a game of the business
and be really powerful to do that. So we have that number of games at the table, of course, I'd be interested, okay, it's each part of that, but we're also experimenting more and more with NFTs. We've been giving, we've been giving out NFTs since they once, but we've got a lot more coming at
moment that I kind of add hot, mincible ones, even surprised ones, so you actually have one coming up for a treat today on Monday. So I think if anyone who is in our BCC, I'd kind of be eligible to get a special NFC for that, just to commemorate the bit for you today.
So they're like the laser boards, you get a bunch of laser testing and what we found out is that people are always very interested in how they're doing, but the facial element is also equally interesting. So seeing it, we're just jumping into Halo 5, seeing how you stack up a density of the players in the challenge, how you
back up against other players in the leaderboard and we've created, I mean if you look at one leaderboard, we've got two additional leaderboards now so one is based on the last five games, we've also got one that was specific to a round of course that we looked in January and they're kind of making it
a little bit more feasible because we do have some agency, Halify user, who's been incredibly good at saving and they've got a pretty solid save from the leaderboard now, the other time one but we'll see more recent ones with other students who get to the top.
I don't think I have a bunch more features come in to make it more gamified and more things that around the user. I can't take too much from that, but I definitely don't want to be able to use too wide things to see that I want to give them in to be out in the next month or so.
Yeah, really centered around the year for the crazy Danny and and your goal to them not rather than the calendar. So I think that's going to be for a nice way to make it more more related to yourself. But yeah, we just think that in this case, and it's a really powerful.
So there's a lot of ways that you can you see in the case and do you can do like impact and could it's not kind of saving applications. I think this is a free and fit there you can you can use a little bit of that knowledge that you if they have
the elements to do it in a way more social way that's just isn't possible to just know to just know finance. And I've told that kind of very much at the end of the game that kind of is the game's location, but also the kind of player interaction and the group dynamics that is amazing for them.
I definitely think gamifying it's a great way to have more engaging tools, to do tools more engaging and more friendly and easy to
understand for everyone. But how do we join a challenge? How do we set up a challenge? How do we join a challenge? Yes, yeah. So the first thing you want to do is jump over to and that's where I call website. You can click the
and the challenges that you can do. You can jump into it and see if it fits you. If you want to, I'm guessing it's a method of music.
So you might want to use a calendar on polygon because you already have a map here, so you see on polygon, you also, as I mentioned, you have cello as well. So you can have a browser and see what hostings you want to save in, what frequencies you want to save. You've got a bunch of different challenges up there.
And then it will take you through a case specific for that talent and then you can see what the O.D.Y. is. You can see how many people already in the talent. It's interesting to all of the details around talent. So you can actually go ahead and remind us and your calendar so that we don't
and if any of those deposits in the timeline tab, connect the wallet to the, the connected, you know, most wallets, they obviously like methamas, wallet connect, a whole bunch of other wallets living in the kind of wallet connect, and then you can make the first deposit and then you just go like
fairtimes will make the rest of those deposits for whatever duration sounds you've got up to it. That's how you're doing it. You're doing a challenge. If you want to create your own one and you want to kind of come up with the idea of duration, you can head over to our website again and there's actually a link to our
So, you know, what's the tells you to put in there if you want to add like an NFT if you want to add a crazy name or something to fix and you can do that as well.
We have stated it so that people in the community can only people in the community who hold a good data in NFC and a bit of proposal, but there are actually a couple of NFC that are available to purchase if you're not already in the community and you haven't completed a day. So you can actually grab one of those.
And then you can put some amazing that well allow you to make a proposal. But really, like, if I do like you, if you've done it kind of first, if I do like it, you'll get the NXT and then you can make a proposal if you want to get face to them and have a visit and go for a fair visit.
Great, it seems like you can customize a whole lot of your experience with saving. And how many challenges or around how many challenges do you have going on right now?
I don't have it pulled up right now but last time I was on it. I was clicking but I left off on really my bad that yeah we've got five challenges lies at the moment we will be deploying five more on Thursdays
If you don't see anything that you want at the moment, let people hold the first aid because you're going to be deploying a bunch more of the whole challenges and some more weekly challenges. And actually, now we have six because you either have the equipment, guidance, the Bnotty challenge. This year's a challenge.
So the community member, they came up with the whole concept, the idea, the name, how their frequency is set to the currency that was going to be deposited and they created a phase along our snapshot. So we've now got voted in. Obviously, one of the talents, so we've agreed it. And that's a bit point.
and saving one. That's a cool one to do because as I mentioned we've got these NFTs that are going to be going like on Monday for the zip-clin pizza day. So if you want to grab one of those NFTs, you're going this talent and then you'll get onto the white list to get an NFTs.
But maybe you don't want to do that, but pray maybe you'd rather like start with a table token, but yeah, and if you don't think that you want or the discussion for this board and let us know like how you like to say what you can do, what you can do.
There's a lot of flexibility when it comes to smart contracts. So it's very like it's been working with the people in getting that, you know, the right format and the right for that.
Yeah, and I couldn't help myself. I got on there to get on the
I'm in Pita now, so I had to join Repita's Savings Pool and saw Fibonacci and Golden Ratio both being utilized in one pool and I was like, "Okay, yeah, I got to join that one too." Big fan. And I don't think anyone knows this
yet not even nobody at MetaGame or at HaloFi yet just because it's been in my head because I don't I don't want to overwhelm people when I know they're working on other projects and currently we're integrating me tokens on
my meta profile is on MediGame. And so we're able to buy our meat tokens. Like I have my own Jose has his own, Boge has his own, Dispolic has his own, I believe. A bunch of MediGamers have our own meat tokens. So now you'll be able
to buy our tokens or spend them right there in our UI on our services. But the next thing, once that's fully deployed and running smoothly, I plan on tasking both
Halo Fie and MetaGame. Hi, glad you're here, Dispolic. With integrating good ghosting into our Meta profiles so that now, you know, after this pool, yes, we're saving for MetaFest. Yeah, we want to send some of our plays
the savers if they want to help us. We have a noses save. We'll be posting that in Metagame soon for people to donate to where us as a DAO we've already voted to put in a few thousand seed in there to be able to disperse to three people that we
vote to go. And a lot of us at the end of this pool, we're just going to be cashing out our weith right back into seed and dumping some of that into the pool or some of us are saving for ourselves to go. But and for all of you who may not be going
This pool is also for patrons and players. So, you know, come into Metagame afterwards. Some of your rewards are seed tokens. So you're already beginning to get access into Metagame and a little bit of what we do. And as a patron holding
If you put your seed into our balancer pool, which is made up of weathed seed and rye, you'll be holding PC if you hold, I believe it's like 8 or 9 PC, it's not that much. You get access to our server. Now there's
to that you get all sorts of benefits if you choose to hold more, but just a small amount gets you full access just like a player, so like a contributor to our Dow has the same access as a patron. But after that, we plan on continuing this for MetaGamers.
Some of us like saving together. I believe we'll be adding some additional gamification within MetaGame that kind of expands upon Halify. But it'll also be really nice and very simple for us to be able to just go to our profiles, make our deposit.
and see other players in Medigame who are playing as well as other players in Halifife. I love it. We're going to have a look to talk about like once this is a little bit further along, but this is like too exciting. Thank you for just in the
And yes, it's an exciting point to discover it, so that's so cool. It's difficult. I also just, and this is maybe a question for you, Miss Akiyad and Vanessa. I'm really curious to get like the latest update on Metaphe and the event that's happening with Summer.
So yeah, we're getting ready for a meta-fest and we currently are helping people to get ready for the experience. It's going to be three days
event in Croatia. Yeah, we're very excited for it. We have a list of speakers that you can see on our page, and it's
It's going to be a pretty epic experience. And well, I guess we are BS, but it's going to be a pretty epic experience with, you know, the main event, but also we are going to have side quests and also,
some activities after Metaphase. So you're not only going to enjoy this event for three days, but if you stay a bit longer, you can also participate in these activities that seem like a lot of fun and seem like a
a pretty good experience to also get to know the location and enjoy the venue which is Puntacristos. This is in Croatia and it's a 200-year-old fortress
located in a place called Pula and we are very excited for this event that's going to reunite not only the Web 3 speakers and the Web 3
people and projects, but also it's about doing a breach with non-cryptor, non-web3 related projects. So it's basically about doing this breach for
March minds, March cultures, and you know, do this fusion of thinking and this is basically an event to thrive together, to do these weaving of knowledge as I like to call it.
So it's going to be pretty interesting. So yeah, you can join us from the 16th to the 18th of August. And the warm up, it's going to be from the 11th to the 15th.
That's going to be pretty interesting. And then after the main event, we have a bus trip that's going to last from the 19th to the 24th. So yeah, a lot of fun. A bit of a conference and a bit of a festival.
say. And also on a conference, which I think that is really interesting because, you know, it breaks the mold a little bit of just having a speaker to, well, speak about their topic, about their project and give their opinions
But you know, with an conference, we can all have these exchange, you know, and that's going to be pretty fun. So yeah, that's for the best. If you want to know more about it, we're also doing Twitter
to promote the event and to highlight our speakers. So that's happening weekly. I think this week it's going to be on Thursday or on Friday, but stay tuned in our Twitter.
So you so that you can join us. Thank you. Great.
we're getting to the end of this space. I want to thank you Rachel for jumping in with us and tell us a bit more about Hello Phi. And of course I want to thank Musashi for always bringing these new tools, new experiences for all of us
at MetaGame this is something that again I really like about MetaGame that we're always learning we're always having these new experiences together and it's about that it's about thriving together so that's what we're doing
in Medagame, that's what we will be doing on Metafas. So yeah, happy for what. So thank you Rachel for being with us. Thank you Miss Ashtie for sharing with us. And I'd like to know if anyone has a question or
if anyone
wants to say something and share a bit today.
Okay, that's good also. So yeah, I think we can wrap up and thank you Rachel. Go ahead.
Yes, no, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for hosting the nurse and again, thank you. It's been a great experience, great collab and looking forward to seeing you come. It's been fine.
Great, so thank you all for joining us today on MetaGames Hangout or Twitter Space. Thank you again Rachel for joining us. Thank you Hello Five. Thank you Missashi. Go ahead.
Thank you Vanessa and thank you Rachel have loved being a part of on the sidelines of everything you've been doing for the past few years. It's been awesome.
Good, good, good.
So let's wrap up this page. Thank you all again and have a great day.
Bye bye. See you next time.

FAQ on MetaGame’s Hangout w/@halofi_me | Twitter Space Recording

What is the purpose of the Twitter space metagames hangout?
To discuss and learn about different tools and experiences in the metagame community.
Who is the guest speaker in this podcast?
Rachel from Hellofy.
What is Hellofy?
A platform that incentivizes people to save and make regular deposits using smart contracts and gamification mechanisms.
What are the saving challenges in Hellofy?
Saving challenges in Hellofy are gamified mechanisms that encourage people to save money regularly by setting goals and deadlines.
What is the goal of saving challenges in Hellofy?
The main goal of saving challenges in Hellofy is to incentivize people to regularly save and make deposits while making it fun and accessible.
What are some examples of saving challenges in Hellofy?
Examples of saving challenges in Hellofy include regular weekly or monthly saving deposits, holding onto tokens for a fixed amount of time, and using volatile tokens.
How does Hellofy use smart contracts?
Hellofy uses smart contracts to automate and execute the saving challenge contracts, ensuring trust and transparency throughout the process.
What other gamification mechanisms does Hellofy offer?
Hellofy offers badges, leaderboards, and NFCs as additional gamification mechanisms to make the saving challenges more fun and accessible.
How can people participate in Hellofy's saving challenges?
People can participate in Hellofy's saving challenges by making regular deposits and meeting the set goals within the given timeframe.
Who introduced Hellofy to the Metagame community?
Nishashi was the person who introduced Hellofy to the Metagame community.