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NFT 🎣 🌱|+C.O.C ft Dracattus + Chia community 🌱 sponsor META-BUILDERS

Recorded: May 5, 2023



God afternoon happy Friday and welcome to the community communities and
F.C. Twitter Spares and tonight we are featuring the one the only Jeff from Dracatus. How are we doing my friend? I feel weird to say but welcome. How are we doing buddy? You good? Our good buddy. It's good to be here. It's good to talk to you again. Thank you for having me.
The feeling is mutual and I just want to do a big shout to the co-host tonight. We have bacon sandwich and we also have tricky doodah from DeFi space donkeys. How are we doing? Hey fan, it's tricky Buddha from DeFi space.
Donkeys another Friday pump to be here with the community Yeah, let's let's retweet the room tag some friends and happy to hear you. Uh, Dirk had us. It's been a minute and has been a minute I just put my headphones in so I can stay hot nights and keep working while we're talking so I
I'm not like it's to be a problem make sure you tell me. Yeah, no worries, but yeah, no I'm excited. Long time no speak. I hope you do. Yeah, man. It's been a while. It's been a minute for sure. I've been laying low for a while. Always working behind the scenes as always. You know me. Absolutely. Never really stop. It's constant dead. But
There's a lot of stuff I got to talk about that I'm excited to talk about and yeah, it's really cool. This is the... I'm excited to him, pal. Well, this is the first time I will have be speaking public about any of these updates at all. A few posts recently that passed couple days, but I've actually spoken public
like about it at all outside of like discord and what you post or whatever. So you guys get to ask all the exclusive. I gotta give my homeboy rev the exclusive right? Listen to you. I like your friends. You still got your I think I gave you pridels didn't I?
Yeah, of course. So the primal is going to be the next ones to get the early access. So once I get the launching validations and stuff done, then the primals will have access right now. The dime guys already have access.
It's just it's not it's not on chain for them. They just get the early early so you guys will get it when it's on chain ready, which is not part way Let's go. Yeah, no, I've definitely got my prime goals. I'm gonna tell you I'm not I hope it's alive. It's gonna be fun. I don't want you to
to do well but I don't want the NFTs to become too pricey because I'll have to sit and look at the value of my wallet and that'll be really difficult. But yeah if everyone could please just redo me a massive fare that retreat the room, share it in any groups you're in. Let's get this space out there because this is going to be exciting. I know it's
recorded so we can show it like crazy afterwards. I've changed my sleeping routine from night shifts to day shifts. I've also been working away so I've not been as productive as I normally am so I do apologise. We are normally more organised than this but that was my bad.
So good. So good. Z was the one that was going to go. Yeah, Z is a legend in the community. Yeah, Z is a legend definitely. Yeah, I mean, how you been? How are the kids so the life?
Yeah, all these well, the other kids are good, growing up, growing quick and growing in attitude also. That sounds like a laugh of it. Yeah, it's got that slate to weary of it, right?
the slight lack of hatch your turn. I got three, you got five. So I know what three feels like. I can only imagine what five feels like. Oh yeah, right. Yeah, I'm still trying to become intelligent enough to figure out exactly how it feels. Oh lord.
Hey, you've got monkeys in the building. Oh, I like it. Welcome. Hey monkey. What's up, buddy? I love that monkey. I picked up my first monkey today. Actually, I got one of the, out of the orphan, the orphanage there. I got a sexy little yellow monkey zoo. That's awesome.
So we'll just give it a couple more minutes and then we'll start getting all the nitty gritty information but still only three retweets on the room so if we could try and up them retweets on the room via the bottom right corner.
click the message symbol, tag some people, share it out, let's get some people in here because we've got some absolute dracatus, alpha information, common in, heart and heavy and I'm excited.
Did you see the recent release for Chia?
with the trading card stuff. Okay, so I even reached out to monkeys. Are you doing a space on this soon because I need to know more? This is, you know, monkeys great for knowing a little bit of everything. So he said he's got a space on Sunday. You should you should jump in that. I know.
I'm not going to miss it. And so the release bare bones here, again monkey problem come up, do a good job explaining it, but basically, chia has like introduced like a trading card system where kind of like from my very limited understanding and briefly looking at it, it's like it takes all the NFTs on chia
like turns them into like tiered cards where they've kind of got like grades and stuff to them apparently it's the brainchild of somebody over there but at a glance it's really cool because it's in the same vein of what I've been trying to do with Drak with the trading card game style whatever so it's very complemented
and hopefully not contradictory. So yeah, get in Monkeys Room on Sunday because I think it's going to be super informative and I think it's really weird, you know, a lot of NFTs are going, moving in that direction. So it's, you know, getting early. Oh, you got it.
Yeah, but not so much. I'll share it, but I'll be sharing it from outside. For the cheer community, I think it's going to be a big thing because it's really, you know, if you're doing any sort of card game with any sort of trading, you know, she is the place to be.
So what was it about cheer that makes it different from a lot of other good times? God So much better again monkeys really great for this and I'm not overly articulate a bit of a simple man Well put it put it to me simply so really simply you get
a massive increase in security, a huge reduction in power consumption and green friendly. And it's the largest blockchain by full node count anywhere in the world. It's got things like
trading cards built straight in so you can trade. I could send you a text message and you could accept the offer and boom done. It uses like the coin set model so it's not like having an Ethereum contract and the ledger and all that stuff. Everything's baked into the coin, everything's a coin and when you and I trade or
interact, the biggest selling point of my opinion is it's truly peer-to-peer. So, Braham Cohen, the guy who invented BitTorrent, is the guy who invented Chia, and you've got Jean, who is the CEO, and he's an absolute legend, and they're working on the system that is really
actually peer-to-peer unlike you know decentralized Ethereum which is you know tied into all the JP Morgan's that's not really decentralized we all know that but she is it's direct peer-to-peer thing but she is quite easy to get into it. How is it that's all it takes is hard drive? That's simple yeah if you're talking farming it's a raspberry part part
in a hard drive at its minimalist form because it has proof of time and space as opposed to staking or mining or whatever. But yeah, you just need hard drives. The more hard drives it. And if you look at evergreen miners, you can get a really nice
setup and get into that really cheap and they've got all the calculators open. Is that like a purpose built product? Yeah, they're basically like little hard drive boxes with I think raspberry pies in them and they're just kind of like a pre-config. If you didn't want to set up your own farming unit and you just kind of wanted something that's like plug and play that's what the evergreen guys are for from my understanding of
Anyway, yeah, it's like 16 terabytes and yeah, it's farming is hard drive space not not a six miners So it's like eight watts instead of just burning through power Yeah, it's like having a bunch of lottery tickets on hard drives It just takes a while to build those plot files and then they just sit on the hard drive is more like
a lottery ticket and everybody gets an equal chance at winning a farm or whatever, and losing the wrong terms, but as opposed to Heath Worldbirds, who's got the biggest fucking pocket and has a sea-canful of graphics cards that they had connections to get.
is holding fair and equally fair for everyone. There are many polls in here where people pull together resources and share the spoils. Yep, there's polls and you can do that all right inside the client, the chia client that you download from chia is like one of the best designed clients of all of them.
like it is so nice to use and it's got all the it's just you're talking it so there's the thing with shea don't go to their website and and make a judge a book by the cover they they their website does is kind of bad that way I know Daniel Hashlips and I've talked about she and that was one of his things he went and saw the website he's like yeah but when you use the
software like their client, you instantly know like wow world class devs behind this because it's nothing but a bunch of big brains and pooling, farming, full node all inside the client. It's really quite nice. What do you think might be like the next UK use case for Chea because a lot of block trains find themselves
kind of like Salana's a bit of an NFT spot and Polygon's becoming a bit of a gaming spot. What do you think it is on cheer where they're going to kind of find a little niche? What do you think it needs? Monkey again might want to jump in here but it's not so much finding a niche. They're creating their own niche in S&S.
If I could be kind of bold and saying it that way. So for example, the global carbon credit system will be released on chia. They're working with the World Bank. Like I said, they have the largest full-node count of any blockchain on the planet. The use case for them as far as I understand it, and as far as I understand, like from,
Is that they're more of like an enterprise grade or like governments and things? They're more folks to that at first and again monkey might want to jump up and clarify here and then you know NFTs came after but they're really for large scale
use is supposed to say, is it going to be sound, Dow sharing system? You know, that's that's not for my understanding or focus as much larger. Okay, I'll get a few monkeys in the Asian skins compensation. Did you want to add something there, but I get up here monkey, you're a world of knowledge.
Yeah, no. I mean, I can talk about cheer all day long if you wanted me to, but essentially there, they're already, like I say, working with the World Bank and they're working with, they're working on sort of government levels and like Braxhead, like enterprise level stuff that you know will
look at it, sort of billions of dollars worth of transactions going through it over the next couple of years where essentially governments and big business will be offsetting their carbon credits using the chia block train. I know they tested the
the well-blank and the climate action data trust, I think it is they tested everything with Ethereum but essentially there wasn't enough security behind this so they opted for it. So Ethereum is not decentralized enough is what you're saying? Yeah, basically yeah.
And I'm lucky to say there about pooling. So for instance Bitcoin has lots of pools, etc. But there's three main pools that essentially if you used to take over three of those pools on Bitcoin, you could then 51% attack that drain. You don't have the network.
But the difference with cheer is even though there are pools, the farmers themselves, the individual nodes actually farm the blocks. So you join the pool but you win the block. So it's very, very different. So you really have got 120,000 different nodes rather than
like like let's say on Bitcoin you've got you've got all these sort of nodes or miners but essentially they're in pools and they're all centralized so so the Nakamoto consensus is around about three on Bitcoin whereas with cheer I think it's around about 70 or 80 which is you know huge
How fast is the chain, but is it supposed to look on the capacity of TPS and whatnot? I think they're running at around about 50% at the minute, so it's not massive. You know the blockchain troy lemma is there?
etc. So it's not the fastest, it's nowhere near like on polygons. So if you want to create something that you need massive high fast transactions, cheers, not the blockchain, but if you want sort of super security and decentralization and the smart
contract functionality then that's the way it goes. Essentially what it is is Bitcoin with smart contract functionality on top of it. Interesting. Did DJ Morphle, did you want to jump in there or something? Oh yeah, so I was just going to say that this was kind of right after Drago's talking and then
monkey zoo obviously came in and blew my mind and threw me completely off course there. One thing that I like about chia is a lot of blockchains they claim to be decentralized and censorship resistant. In my opinion
She is proving that it is the most 100% connectivity that that is not a word, but you know what I mean and censorship is just like the peer to peer nature of Kia, it's hard to have it sit in a niche lane, right? Because it's it's what everybody thinks they're doing.
with NFTs and what they're doing when they're trading. Everything is moving and revolving through a smart contract. So there's no actual connectivity peer to peer. With Chiya, the coin is a smart contract and each smart contract is in a collection. Therefore, when I send it between me
We all know that at this point it's a front. It's a fallacy to think that you're going to come in as a new artist and have exposure on OpenC, right? Because, you know, they're going to push the multimillion dollar projects. The pre-sell, the overly held supply by the founder
out of large Twitter presence or following no one's going to see it with with chia it's different because everyone has full access to these billboards and it doesn't have all of the censorship on the front side and it doesn't have you know these tyrannical people on the top that is kind of forcing it into the direction of like no
you're going to buy this. My first NFT I sold on G.S. Somebody reached out to me on Twitter. They found my DID, they found the information attached to the piece that popped up on Dexie, they liked it, they sent me an offer file on Twitter, I copy pasted it into the GUI and sold it to that person. That woke my eyes up to
like how different things really are compared to what you're told what's going on. Sorry if that was a long wrap. No, DGEN, you know what? And that makes me think of it like just how easy it is. I want to add to that. If you want to take it down to like how easy can it be, you could turn an NFT sale like an
of sale into a QR code, print it, put it in an envelope, mail it to somebody through snail mail, they could open it, scan it, it's theirs. You can send somebody a text message with just a string of text in it and the NFTs there. So you can, like DeGEN said, it's so bloody easy and
comparison. Yeah, it's really neat that you can use like everyday communication tools that we're already using just to make the sale and transfer as opposed to always needing some new wallet or tool or whatever. We can you can use to you with existing technology. It's pretty cool.
Also, love you DJ. Thanks for showing up buddy. J. Wright as well. 90s Red Beard. Good to see you dog winds. Clouc. Oh, there's a whole bunch of recognized faces. Hey, everyone. Thanks a bunch of leds and joining Welcome, Wilds. Yeah, now it's a great. I'm loving those are great times actually. Let's go ahead and
We've got seven retweets. Let's push this out a little bit. We've got 19 people in here so we can double that up. But yeah, this cheese is awesome. I really want to work at getting a new line on chia. And I want to actually try a partner with Sebra Green Miners. They've been really busy.
I know their product is super popular, but the goal is that we can make some 16 or 20 terabyte miners or farmers, I should say, right? And then offer them with the DeFi space donkeys. That's one of my future goals. But yeah, they've been super busy over there. - Are you thinking something like the blockchain miners club did?
I like fractionalizing like the mining process within the community and doing like Community funding and stuff. I wasn't thinking about it that that that's a good idea too. I was actually thinking is you know sending the farmer directly to the customer directly to the person so we can have our own farmers in house, but that would be another good idea right to just
pool to pool assets and set up a farming base and then pay out to the holders. That would be like another possible thing to do with the future. But this is yeah, let me know if you want to do everyone to collab on something like that because I've had an interest in doing something like that since I found the BMC on E. It's really cool.
right? Is fractalizing everybody pitches in on the gear you put the profit? Right. Yeah, we've seen a few projects like that recently. Yeah, there's a few projects we're referring to do exactly that type of stuff. So there's definitely a place for those sort of things. Well, yeah, I would think if it if it works on ETH with the expense of what it takes to do all that on ETH.
then, you know, with all the cost saving benefits of chia, it seems like almost impossible that it wouldn't be profitable on the chia side if you did. - If the area was in what you were in the space tonight, after the gas phase I saw earlier, it's actually crazy stuff. - Just a
Just to clarify what these go to say. If you look at that tweet and scroll down you'll see basically a string of text and that essentially is a hash of an offer file and all you need to do is copy and paste that into your
your cheer client and that will show you the offers that have been generated. So that one there has already been taken. But that's essentially me saying, this is this, I've got an NFT here, I would like to cheer for it. So if anyone wants it, here's the deal. And what that does is that's
So I've locked in that NFT and then anybody in the world can then accept that. There's no middleman. It's all just done. Yeah, so if it's a you want to send an it's nail mail and it were to be intercepted all they can do is accept that but you're at the
sensitive for themselves. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And that works for, you know, coin to coin, NFT to NFT, you know, we, you can essentially swap NFTs, you know, if you've got an NFT I want and I've got one you want, we can do exactly the same. And, you know, you can swap the NFT for an NFT. It's simple as that.
That's great. I really like the idea of having offer files to do scavenger hunts in the future.
where we can get some clues and then have a little QR code, something that's scannable, but you can just, you're going to find it. You can do some real life stuff. You can do some real life treasure hunts and stuff. Yeah, I think that's been done. If you ever visit Amsterdam, there's a load of stickers with QR code.
somebody's put up that just got loads of different offers on them. It's clever and when you scan it, it pays you to a link that says it basically shows you how to download a wallet and how to upload that offer and it's still like a free NFT. It's crazy game awesome. That's what a great way to onboard, you know.
You can have a cool little sticker up or a cool NFT up and it's like you want this you can claim it. I think that's it. Oh, so the game changing. Yeah. Well, yeah, I did that on Twitter the other day. I had a piece of art that I hadn't I hadn't sold and I was like, you know what?
Let's test this out. Through up the string converted into a QR code, posted it up as a tweet. No words. First person that was able to scan it, put the offer in, and somebody was able to take that. That level of direct to consumer
type activity like that's that's someone heard of I don't have to mint it put it up on open sea post a link here's the offer go in except whatever they put in like no it was literally zero dollars I put this up first one to get to it owns it and it makes
truly own it. They don't just see it through a wallet. If you were a little window into the blockchain, like it's sitting in their wallet now. I need to do that with that sketch. One minute, just put up. Do the QR code. It's cool, DJ.
Yeah, that's amazing. Thank you for sharing my information with us, but I just want to quickly go back and ask what is Dracatus? Someone has ever heard about it before ever and I'm like what is Dracatus? It's been a while since I've given this field. So Dracatus?
This is a multi-medium NFT project with the intent of kind of spanning online and offline. And basically it starts as a story and then hold the Isle of Seven Cities.
There's the seven cities, there's the two colleges that kind of go to battle and they bring the dracatus back and they kind of use the DNA of a cat to bring these dragons back and they end up with the dracatus and it's this whole big creative story. Those who know me kind of know that I like to do a lot
of things with my kids in mind. So like the idea of kids education and that's really was an under rooted kind of value and everything. But essentially think an FD collection that's going to have some cool interactive features like breeding, which is one that I really want to talk about today. And then there's the
storybook and then using the power of TNQR codes like we're talking about, there'll be all kinds of little features that you don't normally see. So when the book comes out, the artwork and the book will be different than the jacatus NFTs but it'll be in the theme of jacatus
but a different style and they'll be available as offer files right out of the book. So it'll make like getting the first edition books and stuff like that like really fun and important and then eventually kind of drawing on my map experience in aerospace we're gonna do geoclassical
and it's not fully fleshed out yet, you know, me and my kid, my son, working on ideas like 3D printing, Dracatus and placing them around and running some tests and stuff. But the idea is that it'll be kind of cross-medium and then help educate kids about NFTs while not just
sticking them in front of the computer, teaching them about how the utility of the proper utility of an NFT goes so much further than monkey pictures or now latest frogs, you know, it's gopepe. So yeah, it's kind of a cross-medium project that's intended to educate
kids long the way and making fun for adults and gamify it and truth be told it's a lot of me just being a total f*cking nerd and wanting to build things for communities and be involved in the NFT community and so it's a lot of passion project as well so yeah.
That is awesome and super exciting and I love the storyline. I love how well put together the artwork is the storyline is I love the endless possibilities. Well this is why I decided to talk about reading Rev because if I can for a minute talk about breathing.
Yes, yes, yes, you can come. So the where where she plays Intel, so when we when we launched, you know, it's like a year ago now. This has been in development and we did, you know, we did our testers, our market testers on a whole hope and see and got good feedback. So then we moved to, you know, our full
own contract system with, well through OMAC and we did their contract system and then as we developed further we grew apart from them and started doing our own in-house stuff and so it's been an adventure along the way but all along I've been wanting to do breeding like you would see in say cryptokitties or something like that.
We did a really great job. And then if you look at systems like Zedron, which was really fun, we were doing the digital horse racing for a while in our discord, we were doing that. And you know, you could get different offspring and things like that and you could breathe them. And that just intrigued me from like the development side. Just it was just like, oh, that's really cool. I wonder.
What I could do and how to incorporate any good nerd you just always like yeah, I want to do more and more. So breeding was something that was always the cornerstone idea for Dercatus. I wanted to be able to make a playing card system that people could trade and that could, you know, you could have more than just looking at a P.F.E.
just because I've been a developer and went to for a very long time and I wanted to be able to do a little more. There's a whole story behind that too with Tadeep Paul and Crypto Zoo and all that stuff. But anyway, land this plane here a little bit. So I wanted to do breeding. But obviously Ethereum is difficult to work with.
It brings its own barriers that are just kind of naturally there when you're talking about doing anything, you know, game of I wise and it just gets from my standpoint, it's clumsy and cumbersome and there's a lot of unneeded work for little payoff.
really kind of for a while it blocked me on breeding and so I worked on the story for a while you know and was getting into chia and investing in chia and then as I got into chia it was just like the barriers were coming down down you know the brick walls were getting knocked down pretty quick it was like okay that's gonna help that's gonna eventually
just became obvious that she is where we need to go. So back to what you were saying about, you know, we have the creative stuff that's tied into everything we do. And if you've watched the videos with Paul Kaplan and I or you sat in on the early AMAs, you could tell that we put immense amount of thought
in every detail. And so when it came to figuring out how am I going to transition a project from Ethereum over to Chia, you could do obviously the typical like send this to a burn and reissue this and build some bots and that's that. But when I sat down and this is not
I think I can gamify the transition so that it's more creative, it's more in line, it's more interactive and true to the spirit and the essence of what I'm trying to build. So in that, I realized that the breeding process that I
was already looking to build the chia was solving was actually my point of transition as well. So what I've essentially built it or just about done building like I'm just kind of going to do some on chain validations but some people have beta testing, Dejan's seen it and I've walked in through for feedback and monkeys as well. But essentially
of the Dricatus NFTs. If you're a diamond holder, you can access it now. It's token gated. I did a Dricatus website update today. The breeding process is going to be if you own two Ethereum based NFTs, you will be able to
just you know you can't there's a whole bunch of restrictions we get into questions about that after people want but you essentially end up mating and creating a unique one of what like a one-off of a dracatus that is an inheritance of traits from both and from generations before
for including generation skipping. So there's a whole like really unique way that the genetics kind of bubble up through and then essentially that generates a brand new NFT and will mint it to the chia blockchain and send that offer file to that wallet to be accepted in
and you know, have the energy or air drop or whatever. So it's really neat because it's a feature that we wanted to do, but now it's become the transition and I think we'll really make it a lot easier for me to take the community that I built on Ethereum and help us with them along over to Chiya where I know as
If you want to think of me as like the CTO, I know it's where we need to be to see the project through to what we envisioned always. So it's the only answer. And so we might have some people that are resistant because they don't know Chiya and they're still kind of green at each say. But I think this process will allow us to really help people move over or
organically to a better system, transition easily with a really nice kind of helping hand along the way and it's fun. So yeah, that's what I'm doing with the breeding system. And like I said, it's in beta, it's up now. And there's all kinds of cool stuff that I'm doing with it. Like today I was working on
mutations, so random mutations that can happen every so often with different conditions in the algorithm. And that will afford the ability for rare items or new features like new traits that I want to introduce as the story moves along. We'll be able to introduce them seamlessly into the breeding system
So that rather than, hey, this new item is up and everybody go get one, it will be fair for everybody because it will just be introduced as, say, a mutation, say, well, one of the traits we have is hypnotic eyes, say, right? And it's really rare. So just use that example if we didn't have hypno eyes before, we'll be able to introduce that trait and then through breeding and mutations you run as
chance equal to anybody else of getting that rare trait. You know, we've got lofty goals of being able to make it so that users can make like on a social end. So I could say, "Hey, monkey, you've got this one and I got that one. Do you want to try to make a cooler one together?" Right? And there's obviously logistics behind
that things that work out, but that's, you know, that's B2 kind of stuff down the road. But so that's breeding. That's what I'm really working on lately. And then that will eventually carry over into badly, which you could think instead of love making, it's, it's fight club. So in that breeding process as well, there's stacks. So what
We first released Dracatus. There was a whole bunch of stats. Everything from the apathy of your little dragon cat, whether it was a pissy little creature or not, or all the way to like, you know, skills and attack and defense. And we laid that into our metadata knowing that we'd full well use it. And then there's primals that were released on a separate contract.
They all have like boost percentages and stuff. So all those calculations are taken into consideration along with the breeding of the traits and the swapping and the genetics and the genetic skipping and the mutating. And it all happens in this really nice UI. And it's like you're looking at a whole table of cards here.
to that are yours and say, "Breat," and it'll either say, "Here's your new status," or, "Come back and say, you know, you're trying to inbreach here, that's not going to work." It searches to make sure that the two that you're trying to breed are not too close and lineage, so it forces some capping on the inflationary side
of the whole breeding process along with the fact that we maintain the database and the hash, which is, you know, we call the DNA, which is essentially the image hash, so we ensure that there are no duplicates ever bred so that we don't have this continuous inflation problem that say like somebody likes that run hat. So, couple, you know, when it comes to
down to breeding limits. Primals have X number of breeds before they can't breed anymore. They can't breed with family members, so if depending on what you hold and what you breed and how you have it, you'll hit a cap at some point and so on. So it's been a
Scratcher for quite a while like how I'm gonna do this and and do it right and do it as on-chain as possible but being realistic that you like to make it gamified the way that I want it that there's gonna be elements off-chain and then you got all these you know back and forth things so you got to consider and deal with so yeah that's the breeding system and that's where I'm at
And right now, just finishing the Ethereum validations, just some double checks on making sure that people own what they're trying to breed. And then it's plug-in in chia and minting. And which I don't know, I've got Clyde and Greg who've offered to give me a hand and be a sample.
to blend the hand so I don't think that'll be overly difficult or take too long. So we all hopefully be breeding. I'm calling them in my head, "cheekatus." Breeding cheekatus before you know it. - Jeff, nice to hear your voice.
Excited about dracat it's again. I'm so pumped I might be a whale so that might be why I'm pumped but I'm just pumped to hear excitement and Compassion and and passion back in your voice buddy and excited to have dracat us on seaheer man Yeah, buddy. I'm super excited to finally get on she it's been a long time, but that's that's kind of my nature when it comes to stuff like I#
slow and methodical about how I want to do stuff if you couldn't tell by the retentive notes about some details and stuff. It's nice to have made a ton of progress in the past while and to be understanding, you know when you have those, it's like the clutch in the car, right?
hit that moment really awww now I get it. I have many of those all the time with blockchain because it's new, it's new to many of us and like everybody else I'm still learning Web 3, you know I've got lots of Web 2. So it's nice to have those kind of click moments go okay and then you can floor it for a little while right until you hit that next like
You're trying to switch gears and you're just fucking grinding the box out, you know? It's good to hear you too, everybody. Hey, Brad, how are we doing? Go to Hey, you definitely and... Nice to hear your voice, Mickey. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you.
Yeah, I've been a bit quiet this last week. Well, speaking of quietness, I had an idea for you today. Just because I know that overall when you got into this, it was all about mental health. So I thought maybe having a space, maybe start at once a month where you do a 90
show 60 minutes of silence. So for suffering and silence, so to bring awareness that just because people aren't speaking out and they can just be present and suffering and silence. So just an idea to pop by you see if you'd like it. No, no, it's a great idea. We do actually have us.
This is the best every week of mental health spurs ever choose there at 9pm UK time. It's run by 5 people, it's run by a guy called Dragons, pitchfork, it's run by Andy from Panda Pals, it's also a Tyler McNair, Coops and it's also run by
Oh the fifth person's uh Drippy doesn't as well Yeah, obviously I'm there whenever I can be sorry me my mom at Blanket 2nd I was like trying to remember my kids names But yeah, no, it's like turning in the air though the silence part is something that we've never even thought of that's a great idea definitely
Just an idea that popped in and you're the first man I thought of. So yeah, what a legendary crew running that space. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. That is an amazing group of people. You know, all very vocal about mental health, you know, and that advocates the mental health which are distinct zephyc. So no, great shout out definitely.
My dad says hello as well. He's here. We're just getting out of work right now. So I'm doing that. Hi Jeff. Hey buddy. How you doing? I'm fucking tired. It's Friday.
I think God, thank God. The most downspot I have ahead on the internet. But there's hope now the sun came out finally for the first time this week and the water is starting to go down. We just had three days of rain and my kids were going stir.
They were bouncing off the walls man and then as soon as they headed off to mums today the sun came out and it was hot as to be like oh my god We had a hundred year flood on the river so like a bunch of buildings got flooded like five feet up of water
Wow. We have boats in the trees. Yeah, docks floating down the river. You got boats in the forest. Yeah, quite a storm. Oh, trees floating down the river. Wow, really bad then.
Yeah, so a lot a lot of damage, but that means some work for me. So yes, that's how we get in the UK is just cloudy weather and mild rain often
Yeah, this was like we still had snow melt up north that's connected to this giant river that leads out to the ocean and It all just came down through and it wasn't able to handle the volume of water plus we get three inches of rain in one night. Yeah, we got three inches of rain in one night. So that
all melted up north and then came down river and just nobody expected it it just came all of a sudden by surprise like a flash flood. Jesus three inches is that a law? That's what she said. Some women would say.
Yeah, I'm just asking for a friend that's all. Now but all jokes aside that that's that is pretty bad. Yeah, we see that guy on Tik Tok set young kid he does the whole skit and he goes on. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then running off. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.#
Yeah, it was like four inches of snow is that a lot. Yeah, he's hilarious. Yeah, that's brilliant. The internet's just great, and look what you guys are doing. It ruined the network of all this amazing infrastructure and crazy cool projects.
that have got loads of amazing stories and features that have been embedded into it. I'm open to if anybody here has suggestions on the breeding side of restrictions of considerations like one that I'm toying with is kind of
Massing with the code is can I make it so that it randomly creates one or say one two or three just like a cat would have many in a litter and you don't know so I'm kind of messing with the idea of like can I have it multiple NFTs for people at random? So you never know if you're gonna get one or three as an example so
I'm hoping the idea is that people it can be it can be modified fairly easily so I know that dragons aren't mammals but mammals have a rule of thumb that they will only have as many in their litter as they have nipples Really?
Yeah, so a dog will have up to the amount of nipples on average like that it has That's a maximum amount of litter that they can have But the average is having half the amount of nipples that a mammal has Okay See this the parts of fucking well
I should watch my language. I have some other stuff. How many nipples does your cat has had then? I don't know, they're sexless. So I guess we get to just kind of make that up. Well even males have nipples right? Yeah. Well I guess we just, I'll
crunch the numbers and just figure out like how many nips is too many nips right like which is really like in this is real like is there even a thing right yeah exactly is there even a too many come on now it's not running it for the guys in the audience but yeah we can just take quick before I forget the man-of-the-lifes best
So we pinned at the top, there is a beautifully made little piece of artwork that demonstrates that space created by Christian from the Straight Alps Club, one of his many talents. Just a little thing in my jiggy throws together fours on the side, and makes it look effortless and easy.
So yeah, that's the artwork if anyone needs to see the information or wants to come and join us on that Tuesday and help make it that little bit more supported and utilise or if anyone needs it of course. But I definitely think factoring in some section of silence,
even if it's a much smaller amount, just something that represents suffering in silence because I think we all do it to a great idea. But yeah, so I was going to ask as well, Jakarta's first of all, I just wanted to say that
at one time and he actually did. So I promised to hold it forever and I've still got it. I was happy to give it to you man. I was definitely trying to find time for sure. Yeah it was definitely mid-my-night honestly. I've loved it ever since. I've been so excited about you developing in the background.
Is there anything that's built around the statues for the chia side of your project? You should always hang on to them because we can always repurpose them but the point of those statues were originally just like the pre-release.
right? So they got you your dracatus. They were symbolic of what you would get and how many you would get. So as of right now, it's a collector's piece, but I have plans for potentially with the battle like having, I don't want to promise this is just an idea, but having it so
that say you lose a battle. I don't want people to be able to be run over and over and over. There needs to be a time delay. I was thinking about recycling. The use of those for having your jerk hat is like moving back to a stone state or something. If after losing a battle or
But they were really just issued as like a placeholder for you getting your primals or whatever That insured that you got the primals that have the boost right the percentage boost which is taken into account in all of the algorithms whether it's breeding or or battling or any sort of
modification of the metadata the boost percentage gets calculated and has like a bonus so that's what you got with getting those statues yeah now that sounds like a really cool promise I mean idea that does definitely no that's awesome but it was a really great way to do it as well I think because
because you know obviously for the first NFT and then people waiting to find out you know what came with it I thought was a really cool feature so I just thought I'd ask because obviously that statue will be on the shelf for a turn or two. I love it man I love it I can't wait for you to get it in there
You can test drive on it because you have a primal you'll be the next in line for for getting in so Yeah, I'm excited for that. It's a larger crowd right like the early beta guys to diamonds. There's only seven of them well There's only seven diamonds. I think there's only like four or five holders So they're in as like you know
the really early guys and getting some good feedback and stuff. But once the primals go in, we're talking just shy of a thousand, I think right now 950 or 953 that are out. So it'll be a much larger user base for the testing. Right? So just kind of ramping up the data testing as we go.
Nice. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be fun man. I'm really excited like the kids play with it all the time. My kids are kinds of kind. Can I can I breed your cat? And they're always bug me and then we'll sit there for like 20 minutes just making all kinds of them and you know every time they make one it's like oh dad look who dad look great you gotta look everything
I know you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, you have to look every time or they will just repeat it over and over and over and over and then get really angry at you because you didn't listen and when it's like no, I heard every single one but I have to live life as well.
I'll just look in here as well. Multi-plyers for blood known stones as well. Yeah, so the blood known stone, there's a hidden little secret in that one anyway. And you can't really tell too much because it just gives it away. But then
having blood moon stones will always be like another multiplier. So when we do storyline stuff like when we did the switch from open sea to our own contracts and really kind of went from beta to or alpha to beta to whatever the blood moon was like we correlated the release and the
launch times and dates and story to the blood moon. And so we'll always do things like that ongoing with blood moon stone. So again, it's kind of like a bonus multiplier. There's a limited run. And those who have it will reap the benefits as we go along in development. And those don't. Well, you know,
When you know you know, right, and you reap the benefits. So it's another piece that's for kind of like signifies different stages of when people got in. So yourself as an example, you have the stone statues. It's instantly, I know if you have a stone statue, you're an OG, right? And then if you have a blood stone, you were there for the event, right?
there was this whole event that we did at the time of the Blood Moon and it correlated with the time of where we live in the world and where the story. So again, multiplier pieces, pieces that tie into the story in one way or the other. And in the jacadis when people start getting into the platform now, there's actually even like
geocordnets that have been assigned to every jerkatus because if you see our map, the visual map, I've been kind of like developing it as I go and kind of the story develops a bit. But, you know, hanging out with foods and the chia boys that got me hooked on Spatial and I've had Unity out and trying to learn Unity because I'd like to
Somehow, transposed, you know, the visual map that comes with the book and the story and transposed that over into a metaverse world somehow, you know, no promises. It's kind of like again for me, it's like a development exploration, but that's kind of the idea. So the blood moon stones are in the map already and have
and the importance of the data is that the data is used now, or it's just laid for future use, all of those pieces are coming to play in the story somehow. So it's one of those things, if you're in early and you know enough and you follow, then you get the privilege.
have not a good stuff right yeah that's super exciting let's hang it with Dejan for a while and you get all the juice you got it but yeah is the is the replace for the Chicago's tokens as well that came with the chests
Yes, yes, there is totally is. There totally is hang on to all of these. Remember when we were doing all the discord staff and we were having games, given yes, 100%. So the likelihood is that'll be a straight swap for the decat token. That'll be on geoblock chain.
So there will be a decat, cat1 token that you can use for Save the gamify side of things as we developed your catastone on the road. So, say breeding for example, if there's ever to be a fee on breeding for whatever reason, then it'll be
you know you'll do it as a decad because the decad is token which on chia they're called cat ones cat two I'm not sure if he can explain that but yeah so we're gonna do that at some point in the least straight trade. Oh that's amazing a panda pals on the
Welcome to the stage, what are we doing? I'm going to thank you for your all well. So listen in there. Nice to see you again, Jakarta. It's been a while. How are you? I'm not bad sir, just building away in the background like yourself.
And that you devs living the background life? Yeah, well sometimes you get a build quietly right it's pretty noisy on spaces at times. There's a couple like I'll come jump in your spaces or jump in a hashlip space or jump in a couple of T.S. spaces but generally it just ends up being
like a lot of talking about different stuff but less fingers on the keys right so I got to you know yeah exactly you've got to make great UC a time it's super important you know I spent a lot of a lot of time back in the day not being as productive as I am now I had a lot of support
get into that point, you know, shout out to the team and met a builder. Yeah Mickey. Open the new prize that time much more wisely. And the community of course. So I'm getting told off already I haven't finished my sentence. I better get back to work before I get shouted against sorry Bacon.
There you go.
Sorry, I got an offer with a phone call earlier. So I'm not sure if anyone's studying anything after I spoke. I missed your conversation, but I'm back. Welcome back.
Yeah, you missed a bit that rat vast but not stuff that you can't call me and we can have a one-on-one I can fill in. Oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see, oh see,#
I'm like, I'm a freaking cat dragon. Oh, and if he were a dragon or a dragon cat. Yeah, it's a dragon cat. Is it, you know, it's like, yeah, it's kind of like chicken egg thing. But again, that went back onto my, my
This thing of is it a dragon or cat because the mammals have nipples but dragons could have a totally another rule which is lizard and you can have lots and lots of eggs. It sounds like a war scene of dragon versus dragon cats that we all really need to say.
and Juliet, they were warring at one point time and then they just fucked. Oh my god. You just summed up a whole book in like 10 seconds. But again, it's like Chihuahua and St. Bernard issue. Like who's who? Which side is which?
Yeah, so when are we going to get the eight book of 50 Shades of Dracatus? Plus plus plus one extra nipple. Yeah, you could measure like
depending on what level your uh... you know whether it's a primal or right whether it's a regular jocatis you could have clutches of eggs but you only have a chance like uh... random route chance to actually hatch the egg
So have eggs, but you can have a clutch of eggs. So depending on which your cadets you have, you can have like different sizes of letters that is randomly selected between this number and this number you'll get. But then catching each egg only has a
percentage chance of being hatched. So you might it'll help save with inflation as well that you might not even get a hatched youngling after mating. It's just a chance that they'll hatch. Oh, that's kind of cool. That's kind of cool. So like a key
So you engage that you have to know to go back and check on it. And if you like to it more, the better chance will hatch. And you did give away some Easter eggs that had some dracatous tails hanging out of them.
these are eggs are fun yeah actually you might be able you know them saying that might just go along with that eggs story line I've got some cool sketches of some eggs I like the idea of eggs too to the touch in the reptilian side right it tends to be a little more cat focused than dragon focused right so I like maybe you
to improve their chance of hatching. I don't know. And dragon eggs are so cool, right? That's so mythical. That's like where you want to draw it too. Because eggs are bad at all the different cool designs on the outside of the egg itself, be random. You could do a lot of cool art stuff with that itself.
Yeah, I wonder about see D. Jen and I did some time release stuff on on Ethereum. You saw what we did with the pumpkin. Yeah, and that would be like that would be where my head would go immediately with that is like make the eggs make them time release. I just don't know how well.
I haven't done that technique on Chia yet, so I don't know if it's well supported because it's not a typical way that you store the files. It's like a three-step generator, it's supposed to be a two-step generator and it's got a little action to it. So I have to look into it a little more.
Try some testnets. Yeah, you were saying early as well about you know, APFS to the other image No, it's it's not just an image the way that we did that there's a whole like Kind of files direction to each one. There's three files for everyone
I was saying for like the eggs while they hatch or something. So they could change colors, same thing like the pumpkins did, you know, like at different times, like maybe 11, 11 at night, all of a sudden it starts turning red. And that's when you know to go check it to see if it'll hatch.
That's cool. Yeah, I like that out. That's cool. I'll have to run some tests on cheer Yeah, you know, that's not that text you said early as well about on cheer where you can just basically do a tweet and say you know, there's an NFT for this price come snipe it basically
You could even do that with like eggs, you know, the odd egg you can just say there's an orphan egg and no one knows what's in it, you know, what you know, what where it is going to be, you know, and people can, people can like snatch an orphan egg and have a cool, yeah. Where I was seeing earlier like me
maybe like one two three was talking about like the quantity of the offspring that could be one of the things we're like say you were going to do between one and three you could also do like the fourth goes to like a public pool you know what I mean as like the orphan like you're saying yeah yeah yeah yeah guys you're giving
I also had a cool idea that I was actually a gay to Adam back in the day for Gorilla Pims for the second one he was going to release and do a reverse like legendary man so you can also do when you breed them together getting to know what kind of rarity is and so like the most common
will hatch after like three days. The less common will hatch after five days. Seven days is the rare. The super ultra rare is 11 days. You know, so you like the long you check again, continued return engagement with your audience. So they have to check your thing.
day trying to see is mine going to hatch today what level do I hatch at because I have to the longer I wait the better it is so the excitement continues to build the longer they're in your wallet unchanged. Oh you guys are giving me a rabbit hole thanks. Well say we need to be careful otherwise we're going to look
please, Jakas, for six months at this rate, if you keep giving him my address. Does anybody have any questions or anything about breeding or anything? When breeding? You don't know how to, my dad's here because you don't know how to breed.
No dad. We know you know how to breathe. Yeah, that's not the problem. I'm gonna be so good at this. You and Mickey. I don't know so many dragons. So I built my kids. Yeah. So these ones
So yeah, I should have specified what it was I was building because life could have been very different. Yes, so this where will all of this take
place will it will it be accessible through your website will it be so much specific yeah no you just you'll just go right to the website like if you go there now there is uh there's a link but it's talking to you to the diamond dracatis holders only um it's er you know I wouldn't say early beta it's beta now um
And would you make room for an alumni? I didn't even talk about this other feature with breeding. I have to tell you guys this. Okay, so already done and there's some visuals. I posted a few visuals. It's low early dev on that feature, but in all of this breeding.
If you think about NFTs and provenance and art work in general as far as provenance goes, it's the cornerstone of the value of it, right? And so if you can't prove how when where something was made, then it's because you know there's those gaps in the history of it and then it becomes less valuable and so on.
from a game fight side, it would be really cool to have some sense of influence on the hereditary values and traits of your line, your little family of dracadas that you're essentially creating, right? And then when you get into the game side, it's like, well, there's going to be ideally in my mind's eye again, you guys.
You think different, but there's going to be strategy to it. You're going to want to know, "Okay, well, if I'm going to breed to, I'm going to want to do it optimally, right? You're going to want to get the best results you can so that you have the highest scores." Then I got thinking about provenance. Actually, in that moment of thinking about provenance, I went and bought provenance chain.he#
I don't know, it's a while ago, because I had some kind of moments where I was like, "Oh, I think I can do this really cool." And so, as a result, within the breeding platform and the gallery, when you're in scanning through all the cards, when you flip a card over and you're seeing all the stats, there's actually a button that will take you to
a family tree view. And so in line with all the breeding restrictions and the boundaries around how and what you can do, it's all tracked in like an audit system in the back. So as anything happens to any of the drivers on the centralized side, there's an audit logs that's kind of like a ledger.
And then there's the updating to IPFS that happens as well. But you want to have some sense of provenance, right? Like where did this trick have come from? I think about like three years from now. Somebody's got a trick at us and somebody's got a really good trick. It would have come from. If you really great, if you could trace back the actual genetic
breeding history of that. So that feature is actually in there. It's in dev now, but it's quite visual. I'm just trying to figure out how to lay out different diagrams so that it's easily consumable at a glance. So using forced directed layouts, using a circular layout tree style
layouts, different ways of grouping things together so that it does just become like a tangled web of lines. But it's really quite cool, Dejan's scene, but it's interactive as well so you can grab any member of the family tree and move it around and see the connections and so you'll be able to do
your trade research because if you know that there is trade or generation skipping, you can have two NFTs that you're looking at that you could breathe together and you could think, well if I'm just mixing these two, this is all they're going to get, but you have the potential for its great grandparents to introduce a trade from them as well as a
potential of a mutation. So when you look at the the the chart for any one drug addicts at all, you can actually see not just his parents, but it's siblings and it's cousins. And so it gets a little computationally heavy. I actually have to do a lot of optimizing there. Because after breeding
You know a group of turkat is over and over and I'm just like you know this one and this one and this one and this one and just firing through and seeing what faults I can throw and where bugs lie and what the outcomes are and I built a simulator so that I can run through the entire you know even 10,000 piece collection and run simulations so I can see outputs and just make sure that things
things aren't going to be janky halfway through, right? But yeah, there's this whole family tree hierarchy, which I'm just calling the bloodline tool, that you could go and do actual genetic research behind the giracatus you hold and how it's been bred to get to be what it is today.
That's also a really cool feature and that's in the beta that's on the site now. So if you don't have a primal, you want to play with this stuff and see it. You need to get a primal of which I think it's 953 or minted of 111. So not far. I think I have
24 primals. You can get them out of my cold dead hands. Yeah, so there's only like, you know, like 100 and some left. Like there's a 140 or whatever it is left. Let's get low. So primals, they come with boost, but the else gives you really
this cool stuff. So if you if anybody here follows hashtags you will see he did like a fusion thing with with the apes and it was really cool to take you on this mess if you do this then you get this and it was really neat. I went did it. Oh he's part taking his in his groups and stuff and it was really neat because it was
It gave me a bit of insight into a production version of kind of what I'm doing just in a different vein. So that was really neat. And if you've seen his stuff, then you'll kind of get a bit of an idea what's going to be like. Yeah. So higher bloodline research tools along with everything else that's going to be neat.
Super cool super pumps. Have you I came in late did anyone talk about the chia trading card game yet? No, it hasn't come up yet other than I was saying that I think the bunkie is right away. It was like are you doing a space on this I need to know more and easily?
I said Sunday and I suggested for everybody to make sure that they're in that room on Sunday because I saw that come out art and I'm completely like it. I would assume it's going to compliment what I'm doing. It's also like that I just do all that freaking work and she is doing it all for me. So I got to dig in more. I think it's going to be complimentary from what I can tell.
or it's just simply in the same vein but it was nice to see them do that because it kind of validated that I'm on point with doing drag as the tradable cards and stuff so. Chia brings that nice feature and as you know once all these tracks are moved over and bred out on the chia then everybody's gonna have all these drag cards to be able to trade
that are going to have different values and scores and points and abilities and stuff. So it should be pretty fun. I'm hopeful anyway. Yeah, it's going to be really fun. I'm well excited. Yeah. Yeah. And if we need to go back later and see like who traded what with who and then map it all out. Like I can
At some point later, when we're further in the process, I'll be able to make an entire visual map of the interconnectedness of the entire collection all that one do and publish it for everybody to see. So you will see all of your cadets that made it with who, that created who, that went to you.
and after talking with Greg and Clyde the other day I actually think I may be able to do it on the wallet side so that you may be able to see not only which dracatus visually is connected to which but you may be able to see the trading in a visual layout so you can really get some like
high level overview and kind of a 30,000 foot view of what the ecosystem is doing, like the community it should say. So it's going to be fun. So there wasn't much detail told about it and I'm not going to give too much detail here because Sunday is going to be a space where it's going to be explained well and I just got a second hand last night.
Pretty freaking crazy smaller space lost night but crazy information so Josh came up with is coming up with this feature to be added into the chia NFTs called like a graffiti feature so that each owner is able to like sign something and add
text-based like tags onto the NFT to be continued further with the editable metadata. But why this whole cheater trading card game is so epic? A is what it is meant for. It's the start of the new metaverse standard.
So Richard Sal, which was the head NFT business dev, got a promotion a few months ago to head of Metaverse. He's been traveling in Europe and China talking to a bunch of devs creating what's going to be the Metaverse standard through GA.
This game is part of that. So basically is adding a layer and a new primitive through chia to be able to be built upon. This game gave Providence like to basically every project that ever had on chia. So they had a cutoff date of a couple months ago of
when the block height was of if your NFTs were minted before this date it would be included. They have a different tier system so all these cards are kind of like a magic of the gathering in a sense but it's going to be a game that you're playing with one of your friends and you're not playing against each other but playing with each other trying to beat the ball
that they've planned out for you. So each one of these cards has different stats, kind of like what you have with your dracatis, Jeff, and they'll have different kind of things. And you want to build your deck in different ways. So these NFTs that are on there, there's tier one through six. It's based on how many
numbers are in the last six digits of the NFT ID. So if you have six numbers in your NFT ID, you have a tier 6, which is the highest that you can possibly get at this point. They're going to have a couple other levels and different ways to get them when the game is released. But why I think this is so cool, is it like
How many people in here have projects that were a little older a few months ago last year that don't really have relevance or you're having a hard time selling them. So if you had your NFT project on the blockchain before this date, now there's a reason for everybody to be hunting through all these old projects.
putting money back into the system because they want to get these tier 4s and tier 5s in different stacks of these decks. From what I know is you have to have 5 cards in the deck so you're going to want different amounts of these different cards and tiers to be able to play this. But I think this is definitely going to be opening up the doors, especially Jeff if you're getting chia
your dracadas on chiamand this is just the alley alleyway forward you know and i think this is gonna be a great onboarding opportunity to be able to get and bring people over to the chio ecosystem yeah which is really it's and that's why i say it's like so in line
It is validating for the work that I'm doing. Yeah, cheers buddy. But yeah, the inherent built-in G-A-Card trading and now this aligns perfectly with what I've been working on. So it's really quite great. I'm excited about Monke's space on Sunday.
I get to shoot the ship with foods on it too because I know he's probably all over it and excited about it because of it's a metaverse standard who's probably got a nerve boner. Yeah, he's more than welcome to jump up anytime. Same with Clawz as well. And you guys might jump up the more than welcome. I've sent his invents already, but if he's
of missed it. I might have gone pop just requesting. I'll get you guys straight up. Yeah, it's been a while. It's already jumping, but if anybody's got any questions and stuff, it'd be great to get them out of the way. I just don't want to bounce on everybody and leave anybody hanging, but my folks are here and they brought dinner. I'll let you do it. If anyone's got any questions, Raja,#
now or if not then you miss your chance. I'm gonna be doing some spaces of my own coming up as I start to finish dev and get more into like getting in some hands of people and then getting feedback and improving and whatever so I'll start doing a few more spaces of my own.
and I'll join you anytime, Ravi, I'll have me in here, I appreciate you having me in here today. Thank you, and yeah, nice of absolute pleasure, and I want to reach out to you anyway and talk to you about R&FT book. You might have heard a little bit about it already, but it's a community collaborative effort. Each page for the first book would be in 10 books, but the first one is
On the 150 mic to get in the book book basically you get to put your NFT character in the book a story that were writing which There's a lot of stuff that we're still working on the background and we don't want to give too much to wear just yet But I mean your project will be perfect to get in there because you know the first book
going to be the most iconic one and obviously you're being an amazing story that's just aligned really well so I'll speak to you guys. Yeah, I'm down buddy. I'm down for sure. Awesome. Yeah. Awesome. Amazing. But yeah, has anyone got any questions? And Clouse, welcome. I think Clouse came up to do. I think Melodyd. Maybe.
The space has been a bit buggy tonight as well. I've been having loads of issues every week but people keep getting kicked and stuff. Yeah no worries. Yeah no thank you for joining us my friend. I appreciate it very informative and lots to um lots to digest there. I'm excited. I appreciate it. Yeah keep an eye on things though.
make a few more posts and as I roll things out I'll keep being full-clown. I'm going to jump out guys but it was a pleasure chatting. Jeff give me a call this weekend. I'd love to chat more about breeding and I got some ideas flown. Mickey love you, tricky love you, everybody else love you all have a great weekend and let's go community of communities.
>> I'm going to sign off right behind Brad and head out the door. Give me a follow. I'm pretty responsive questions, input, community feedback.
I'm just keeping eye guys. I'm gonna start rolling out a lot of stuff here kind of rapid fire soon, so it should be pretty fun Let's go nice on Jeff really pretty sure the here the party the colors all the little Todd swarming I will do brother cheers I'll be there Cheers guys Cheers brother
Yeah, this came up to that. It's everybody. I can't stay too long myself. I'm gonna get ready as well. But yeah, I'm just looking forward to Freddy's Space Sunday. This is epic. This is like next level. These are training cards and between the different chairs between one to six.
We had a space for running last night. Yesterday when the nonx was made and Gary body was like coming through all NFTs and trying to get back into these NFTs, people don't even pay attention to anymore. Somebody used all NFTs.
are sixes. So like if you look at the block explorer, like the chain is like exploded really quickly now on to use like all the projects. So it's like next next like it's amazing. And that's red. I read it through the last night in Freddy's zone on amazing job. So I'm just really excited here from Sunday.
Yeah, no, thank you for jumping up and yeah, I'm super excited about it as well. I've missed quite a few of his spaces recently, so I'm really looking forward to catching this one and what a great one to catch as well because that is huge like you said, you know, and it really does
revive a lot of projects that may have struggled in the past and it's something to build a lot of hype around them. As Jakarta was saying, his project started to line up with that perfectly as well so it gives him the chance to really get that involved in his project as well.
Yeah, looking forward to it. Did you get involved into Jellies? Jellies for a year? No, I didn't. Yeah, this is one of his PF, this is PFPM rocking. So
Yeah, it's from yeah it bridge from Ethereum to chia so he had a collection on Ethereum and then he put out a second collection of on chia I think about two or three weeks ago. So that's been going pretty well is
I mean, thanks man over there on those Thursday spaces. Need to hang out with my chia peeps. Yeah, I think we had one running last night.
About five six hours. It's really good. You know, I got to be head to space running everybody was like looking through whole projects like Basically sweep the floor for like tear five sixes basically, but yeah, they're there. It's love it. It's actually bringing you
So, that's a great opportunity to do that. Has anyone got any last words because we are going to wrap up the space anyway? Cloud, thank you for jumping up and staying up and I'm looking forward to that.
Sunday mate. Yeah definitely and I appreciate you jumping and showing the support as well you know we love the cheer community we love the we love the blockchain and we're super excited to see how it really shows the theory amount it's actually done. Yep, Keen for it definitely.
Brilliant. Well, has anyone got anything so odd before we before we call that an eye? I just want to say everyone thanks for showing up and make sure you're checking out metadata builders and thy revolutions pin post. We've got the Twitter form there if you want to join our spaces. We've also got quest changes.
and there's more information about the book so check us out and tune in every Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday 9 p.m. UK time 4 p.m. Eastern Standard. Thank you all for showing up. Yeah, thank you everyone. Thank you, Trickey. See you Sunday as well, Trickey.
Yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing everyone there. But yeah, don't just before everyone leaves, just don't forget to check out, like Tricky said, all the links and shout out to MetaBuilders as well, our space sponsors. These guys are a web free open source.
E-Core system, these guys do and provide all web3 services, these guys have been in the industry from where before Gary Vee even mentioned NFTs, they provide every service imaginable and have been supporting the web3 space from the beginning, you know, they've been helping us in perfect fashion.
showcase in their support to the space and it's these guys that help structure the spaces and the industry that we're building on top of so it's always good to show love to the people that created the environment that we get to enjoy so much. So yeah thank you guys just wanted to just throw that in there. As always Tracey Chapman, what
walks us into the space and she always walks us out so thank you everyone for joining and it will play out on the Tracy Chapman. Thank you very much everyone. Don't you know, talking about her is
♪ Don't you know how ♪ ♪ Talking about the rear of the ocean ♪ ♪ While they're stunning in the blue bedline ♪ ♪ Crying at the doorstep of a door ♪
♪ We're gonna rise up ♪ ♪ Get there, Jack ♪ ♪ We're gonna rise up ♪ ♪ T-quads there ♪ ♪ Don't you know you better ♪
♪ I'm starting to turn ♪ ♪ Talking about a red and a yellow ♪ ♪ No, talking about a red and a yellow ♪ ♪ I'm starting to feel good, I ain't ♪
♪ The truth of love is how many times I've been down ♪ ♪ Wait some time and even walk the lines ♪ ♪ It's sitting around ♪ ♪ It's invariant ♪ ♪ It's invariant ♪ ♪ So do not ♪ ♪ Talking about the way you're just out ♪
Thank you very much everyone, really appreciate you guys coming. We will see you at the same time tomorrow at 9pm UK time and remember if you've got the plus you're one of us. Catch you next time.