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Special AMA session with Rubic's co-founder, Alexandra




1, 2, 3, check in please let me know if you can hear and see me.
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Okay, I think we will start in like few minutes.
I think we will start in a few minutes.
Okay, hopefully it won't be a core in the same way that, but let's see.
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I think we can start and then if someone wants to join they'll be able to join and hope that we will record both on Twitter and on Telegram and then if someone couldn't join they could hereafter.
So, let me start. We haven't been doing the aimings for quite some time, so excited to share some news. We will have to say make divided in few parts. As usual, the first part will
be me giving a short summary of what we have done and some of our plans. And then I'll answer some of the questions that you guys send us and thank you for submitting them. And after that, if you will have some questions in our Twitter or in Telegram, I'll answer that
as well. I think it will be not so long. I will take us around half an hour or 40 minutes. But yeah, let's see how it goes anyway. So let's start first with the updates that we had. For the last few months, we were
Like really focusing on several things, one of them is adding new chains and we added more than 20 chains. And now we support EVM and non EVM chains. And I think we are one of the biggest cross chain aggregator that supports 60 plus chains.
And it feels really cool and great. We are now in touch with not only EVM but non EVM chains. And I think in the near future we will have some campaigns with them as well and help them to go to DeFi.
Also, I think one of the most successful integration that we had among all of these chains was ZK Sin Cara that we integrated just recently. And it helped us to
actually grow our users by 4 times, with the 30% of returning back. So if you did one swap, you could come and do more and more swaps and because it's still quite short time of period when the campaign passed, I'm sure we've
we'll see more results in the near future as well. We also got more than 10K of transaction to and from ZK sync and it just happened in like 10 days. So I think it was a really good move and I think we mentioned that before.
that we plan to focus heavily on l2 and zk and it was one of the chain. I think it's a fifth chain that we supported that is l2 and the first one this is zk chain. So yeah, so I think it was great. We have few more chains
coming from L2's ZKs, so keep you updated on that as well once we integrate them. We also want the swap to earn program. I think we are the first or one the first cross-chain dubs that actually
give you let's say kind of cashback for your swapping. So it's when you swap we give you our ABC token back for your fees that you pay us. And as we see now that it helped to actually
engage more of our users on the platform and we see that it grows like much more that people come and they swap and they love to earn air. We will have some updates to this program I think like in a few weeks and
and probably we'll add more gamification to that and I'll just give you updates once we have them. Also, we have been selected among 200 projects to Aster and Sony Incubator Program. The whole program will take approximately
three months. I think now we are in the middle of the program. So we still have one and a half months to go. We already added Aster to Rubik and we see that people starting to use that. We added non-IVM and AVM version of Aster.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more details because of the NDAs that we signed, but we are also in touch with Sony and other projects that are in this incubator. So hopefully we could talk like tell you more details.
probably after two but not sure if it's the deadline so don't want you to come back in June and say hey what's the update but once we are able to share something we definitely will be sharing. Also the last few months as we've been focusing a lot on our security we've passed
the audit with our partners, mixed bytes. We changed the structure, we got and we hired a new security engineer and I think we did a lot because we learned a lot from last year. So for now I see
security is one of the biggest focus for us as a team. Also, like this week, we will have a really great update that I'm excited. It's Fiat on ramp update, so that would mean that using our feature and our app, people will be able to actually
to buy any token that they want to buy this Piat. And we talked to some of our potential partners in different areas like Gamify, for example. And they are very excited about this feature as well. So I think that would be great to have that
that any of our user can buy any token on the best price that they could get. We also upgraded our SDK in Vigit recently and got quite good use cases recently.
I think the last months we had more than 4 million volumes from our SDK and Viget. So that was what we have done. And I'll share a few words about
our development side, what we are focusing on, what will happen in the next few months, one or two months. Some of that will happen later because some of the development needs to be more time,
still it will be on our schedule I would say. So we have a few more chains coming and we already planned them and we already planning with them cross marketing activities. Hopefully it will be quite the same as with the case in or maybe
even more, I mean regarding the numbers of new users and the quantity of the transaction that we have. So excited about that. Also, as I mentioned before, we still believe, and I personally believe a lot in L2s and ZKs.
We will have more of those chains coming in the next few months. We also plan and let's see how that goes to add some of the chains that are still on testnets and therefore sets as well. So people will start getting used to how
to swap on the chain, get an access to this chain on the very first stage. So if the chain will have airdrop, they'll have a chance to get the airdrop at some point as well because they were very first users among
everyone. It's still under the development, but we are focusing on that as well. We continue to research, and especially because we are now in touch with some of the gaming games and in general
game-ify sector, we will continue to research and add like our NFT swaps. I don't know if you remember but we did that NFT widget that you can buy any NFT on any token with any chain that we support. So it seems that there is a big demand for that.
So we will continue to do the cross chain NFTs and also go a bit further with the cross chain messaging protocols and integrate them as well. We are also looking into the castless options and hopefully that we will be able
to present that in the near future to you guys as well. Then I'll share some of the details that we have regarding our ABC token and what updates we will have. And I think that's the most exciting part that usually all our users and holders are waiting.
So some of the things that I can mention and some of the things I won't be able to mention but you guys will know them in like really, really, really soon. So one of the things that we plan to do, we plan to have our talking on our beat from as well. So we will have the preach that we'll
swap our token from is to arbitrum, it will be native or bit from breach and we will change our rewards from is to arbitrum so it will be easier and cheaper for you to claim overseas.
We plan to give an option to pay platform fees with the ABC that you have. We will support that first, probably for some of the networks, but it will take us some time to go a bit
further and support more. Also one of the most exciting things that we will have a staking program. I won't share like lots of details at the moment but we will do share them a bit later. I would say that we plan to have it
around June, maybe like mid of June, and the program itself will be connected to the fees that we earn as a Rubik protocol, and we will share that with our stakers. Also, we are planning
regarding like a plan to have baby buybacks and burning mechanism as well. That would be a bit further not right now so first we will start with staking and after that we will go to have more exciting
like let's say yeah, economics that we might have. So that was shortly about what have been done for the last like months months months and a half and also I want to
now some of the questions that you guys sent and after that I will be open to answer the questions from Twitter or from Telegram. Okay, let's go to the questions, let me
Okay, there were some of the questions regarding our security and as I mentioned already we learned the lesson and for us security is the main priority so we've done an audit, we
hired, the security engineer, we changed some of the architecture for big and we will continue to do that. So on any release that we have now, we have some of the steps that help us to be secure like as possible. Then the majority of questions was of course
about economics. I think I covered part of them, but probably I will sum up some of the answers again. So just to repeat and maybe be a bit more clear. So regarding first regarding the utility,
I think we have one of the really cool utility that now you can earn RBC for doing swaps on the platform. And it's great. I like this feature and I think the majority of public users and holders love that as well.
Also, soon you will be able to cover a platform fees with RBC, not for all the chains that we support, but for some of the chains in the beginning and then let's see how that would go. Then also, as an RBC holder, you are eligible for our part.
partners' air drops and I think we've done some of them already. Some of them were with delay, sorry for that, but it's on our partner's side usually, but still you could get our partners talking since well and hopefully even more in the future.
Then we will implement our staking program as I mentioned and you as an NBC holder will be, you will be a part of our fees revenue. So we will share with you that. And I think it's like the first project in cross-chain when
you actually can earn with cross-chain swaps. I think our team today published the research. I didn't know if you already had a chance to look at that, but if you did, you know that only like 6% of the wallets done cross-chain and that would mean that we have
have such a huge market to go and attract more and more users. And then you as a staker, you'll earn with all that fees that probably will come to us and do the swaps. Then in the future, and I'll be like to repeat this
In the future, we plan to implement a buyback and burning mechanism as well as a deflation mechanism to our economics. However, for now, I think we have to focus more, like, first to grow our users, our
transaction volumes. So that would increase our revenue and then from that we will be able to do more with the buybacks and like burning tokens as well. So also there was some questions regarding the mint.
And we don't mean any tokens that, like any additional tokens. We mean only tokens that supposed to be minted for this year. And yeah, so I didn't want to answer else here. And also there was one more question regarding
tokens that we use for swap-to-earned program. So now they are going from our marketing budget that we had for that. We plan to have that as a buyback, so we plan to buy back tokens and then give them for
like for the cash back of prices to swap to your own program. But at the moment it's still from our marketing budget that we planned and hopefully in the nearest future we will do buybacks and then use that tokens to swap to your own program.
Okay, hopefully I answered that. Then there was a question regarding sleepage that it's a bit higher compared to other platforms. And do we have any plans to improve that? So at the moment, I think the sleep
that we have is around 4% why is like that and so usually our providers on average has like 3% and that's why we have to put exactly the same or a bit higher just to make sure that all your friends
sections like going through. So, but I just want to mention that you can adjust the slippage. Like you can do that any time on rubik you just go to the settings and choose the slippage that you want to use. It's the first thing. Secondly, of course we are looking into that and we plan to
updated. There are some different mechanisms that we are looking for. I think we might have kind of different sleep for different pairs, let's say if it's stable sonatives we will have like the lowest one and if it's other pairs it might be bigger one. So
Yes, we are working on that and once we've done some updates, we'll share with you. Also, there was a question regarding what and he is a huge part of Rubik and he will be this part. So I think at the moment he is more
focusing on strategic things and less on the operational. That's why you don't see him that often on the chat. But no worries, he's here, he's deeply involved and continues to play a big role. And I think
During the next few months, I think in June or July, we plan to have more emas and he will join us as well. So no worries about that. Then there was questions about marketing. We always have them. So first of all,
want to say thank you to our team and I think they did a really great job for the last few months because they increased the amount of transaction that we have, they increased the amount of users, like the unique users that we have by several times in the platform, the groups like some
of our socials pretty well, especially the like Twitter that we focus on right now. So of course there is a room for development and there is obviously a room for development, especially in the marketing department. And just to make sure marketing is like there are two things that the most
important for us now is security and marketing. It's the main focus that we have now. That's why we do so many gross marketing with partners. That's why we work with influencers now, we work with media, we are building relationship with them, we launch the ambassador program,
And thanks to our ambassador, we moved to some of the things further. So it's like it's, it's, we always develop that and that's the focus that we have. And we will continue to have that. And especially now when we plan to have our staking and we will like you guys
will be part of that and for us as well it's really important to have bigger revenues so we could share with you even more. So yeah I think it's not the best what we can do but we strive for our best and we do a lot to actually
make sure that Rubik is, it's like it's outstanding project and we want people to know about that. Come back to us, use us or come first time, use us, see how it's easy it is and then that's why we do so many activities at the moment, especially with our partners and so far for the life
few months it gave us quite a lot of results I would say. So I think I finished with all the questions that have been asked. Let me go to the chat and see. Let me go.
Okay, let me first read Sirif, staking hype.
There was a question regarding the reality show. I don't know if you've seen
used that I think CoinMarketCap, they just launched their new program is Veil Killer or something like that. So I did apply for that. So let's see if we get the chance to actually get to this show and present through Biko there.
usually take like lots of opportunities. So and if you guys see something cool and exciting, please do share with us. Like we are always exciting to to present through a big talk about that and show the product that we have.
So there is a question regarding rubik air drop. I think we plan to have it if I'm not mistaken in June, but I will have to confirm that. As I asked to call in obviously,
If I'm not... Colin is still alive. I don't know if you participated in his previous
same age. So I think we will change the structure a bit of a maze. We will have them less but with more team members it will be me, Vlott, it will be guys from marketing, from BSDF, so you guys
can mean the whole team and there will be not that often as we did before, will be a bit rarely, but we still continue to have AMAs probably with our partners and you will hear calling there as well. And regarding listings, there's some of the criteria, of course, for listings.
So we are in touch with the majority of success that exists, tier 1, tier 2. So there are some obstacles still for us to be listed on some of them, but hopefully
It will be possible to solve them. And regarding the small exchanges, it's a good question. To be honest, I don't know why we need to focus
on small ones, like really small ones. They still cost quite a lot and they don't have that much audience, like I mean the organic audience. So some of them probably do, if you know like good ones that are actually giving new users and new holders that
would be great, please do share. I think some of the companies do assist us, especially with the marketing. Even like now, we just
added urgent wallet that supports ZK sync and they are also telling about us, their users and they have quite a lot of users. So and I think the majority of projects that we add now, they actually
We have great partnership with Symbiosis. We have a good marketing system in a way that we support them and support us.
Okay, sorry that you can hear me properly. Yeah, so I was saying that I think we have lots of partners and we have quite a lot of cross-marketing campaigns with them. So, and the majority of them supports us.
Yeah, I think, yeah, I don't know how to answer that question more. So,
Thank you, it's great to have you. Yeah, so regarding the investors at the moment, I don't know if you guys can hear me.
see that in the chat it's not possible to hear. Okay so thank you all for correcting me. Mark Sorby for not hearing the
answer, I just answered, but yeah. Okay, thank you Twitter here. So what was the question? Let me go back regarding the investors. We do plan to attract more investors of course. I think we still have to do some of the steps to be even more attractive.
But yeah, via in touch with some of the investors and vcs and once we have that we will actually update you on that as well. So what else?
Yeah, regarding the GMs, like general managers, yeah, I think of
Of course, for us, it's the focus to have like Rubik and Algebra separate projects and the teams are separate. So each of the team has its own team and if there will be a need to have a special GM for Rubik, of course, we'll go for that.
Even if it's not Vlad or Vlad or me or anyone like external that we see would be the best fit for this role, we will do that for sure. Just to make sure that we covered everything and the rubik will have like success.
So I think that's it. I answered all the questions. Let me know if you have more so I can answer that as well. And if not, as I mentioned, we almost like
half an hour. So let's let's then finish and it's very late where I am. It's like almost 12 a.m. But yeah. So let me wait for one two more minutes and then finish
they say me. Okay, so I think like anyway I'll continue to answer some of the questions in the
chat or after you can text me. So if I don't answer super fast, I have quite a lot of messages and some of them are just getting lost. So I'm trying to answer all but sometimes it takes a bit more time.
Are you planning language bounties? Do you mean to translate on different languages and then to have it as a bounty?
please specify because I didn't really get your question. If yes, I think we've translated Ruby for several languages and if we continue to develop more and more countries where they have specific language then of course we will update to make sure that that would be
very easy to use for our users as well on their native language. So far we haven't seen a big problem. Meanwhile, I think our audience started to change and I think it's a great move that we
started to explore and the US is still our main market but we started to grow with other markets as well. We have Japan now. It's actually really great that we defile
and have like China now as well. So yeah, so we will I think like once we have a bigger audience from countries that language we don't support, we will definitely do that. Okay, so let me I think finish
Let me finish that. First I'll finish the one on Twitter and then I'll go back to Telegram and finish a AMA there as well. So the last question, so what
at the plants for Asia. We have pretty big plants. I was recently in Hong Kong and it's just great the way how they support and the way how they have it.
The whole government wants to support Korea. It's a great market. I talk to several people from Hong Kong. They say that a lot of Chinese projects coming and people coming from there.
So I think it's a great market. We will focus on that one as well. There is also market like Indonesia, Vietnamese. Asia is huge. There is Indian market as well.
and we're doing some of the research over there. Hopefully we can build without partners, some of the campaigns over there and interact more guys from there as well. So we are continue to build the Asian market and it seems that it's a great place to be. So I'm
in Asia at the moment I'll go back to Dubai in a few days but yeah it seems that there are lots of things going on now in Asia. Yeah so okay let's finish it's been almost 40 minutes
Let me first close the one which is in Twitter space or Diana could you do that and then I'll just Finish the one on on Telegram as well. Okay, thank you guys a lot
Please do ask us a question. If you have some great ideas, please do share. We are always happy to hear from you. I think we are very open to all the suggestions that you have. So please do be involved and share.
I think Rubik is the greatest product ever and we just developed that more and more and market that more and more. Okay, have a great day, night, whatever you guys have at your place. So talk to you soon and bye bye.

FAQ on Special AMA session with Rubic's co-founder, Alexandra | Twitter Space Recording

What was the focus of the development team for the past few months?
The development team has been focusing on adding new chains, with more than 20 chains added to support. They also focused on security, passing an audit with mixed bytes and hiring a new security engineer.
How many chains does the platform support now?
The platform supports over 60 chains, including both EVM and non-EVM chains.
What was the most successful recent integration the platform had?
The most successful recent integration was with ZK Sync, which helped grow users by 4 times with 30% returning back. The platform received over 10k transactions to and from ZK Sync in just 10 days.
What is the Swap to Earn program?
The Swap to Earn program is a cashback program that gives users ABC tokens back for the fees paid for swapping on the platform. It has helped engage more users and the team plans to add more gamification to it in the future.
What incubator program was the platform selected for?
The platform was selected for the Aster and Sony incubator program and has already added Aster to Rubik. They are also in touch with Sony and other projects in the program.
What is the upcoming update the platform is excited about?
The upcoming update is a fiat on-ramp feature, allowing users to buy any token with fiat on the platform. It has potential partnerships in the gamification sector as well.
What is the platform's focus on L2 and ZK chains?
The platform believes in the potential of L2 and ZK chains and plans to add more of these chains in the future, with cross marketing activities planned and more research into cross chain NFTs and messaging protocols.
What updates are planned for the ABC token?
Planned updates for the ABC token include swapping from is to Arbitrum, paying platform fees with ABC, and more details will be revealed soon.
What is the platform's focus on security?
Security is currently a big focus for the platform, with an audit passed and a new security engineer hired to improve security measures.
How long is the Aster and Sony incubator program?
The Aster and Sony incubator program takes approximately three months and the platform is currently in the middle of the program with one and a half months left.