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Talking Andrew Tates latest video bashing crypto

Recorded: May 19, 2023



You let's go 15 minutes go oh about 12 minutes 12 more minutes all right dude I think we got to talk about the
I think everything you said was correct. But yeah, to our one listener, if you haven't seen it, it's a good watch. Is there any way to post it on here? I believe so.
This is like my first space. I'm not a dude with though. Yeah, I don't know how to do it either. I'm your retreat. So like some backstory. If you're following Ben coin inside
up. I guess Ben Dottid tried to pull Andrew Tate into like boo-sins or something and he just kind of caught him out and he
He basically, you know, who else is Ben Dotty? He's like an influencer, I guess. But like, I don't know, he's kind of scammy. I think he said something really interesting though. He said that.
Okay, yeah, he's the 49k followers not like
not like no bit boy or anything or when he's making millions off of this so injured teeth is something let's break the major he says something really interesting that I have agreed with for a long time like so like
Look at like look at Jeff Bezos you on musk Mark Zuckerberg like think of like any billionaire I Feel like
There are people out there that don't believe that people deserve to be billionaires. I think that's not a curved view on reality. I think the more accurate way to look at it is if you look at a billionaire,
Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Israel, also, and cities, products has dramatically changed the world in adolescence. Money,
or in-game is a direct proposal proportional to the value you provide to society. And Andrew Tate, calling out Syop, is also calling out a lot of crypto, he's saying like,
He's saying a lot of crypto doesn't do shit. It's it's parasitical. It like there are these dudes
And I used to do this you know training coins is a zero-sum game if you're making money It's because you're buying lower and selling higher Yeah, someone's losing bro. It's a bunch of freaking crypto dorks dgen's who just want to take a shot at coming around
rich through a silly coin with a quote unquote community. Yeah. It's gambling 2.0 or just it's just a different form of gambling. I wish they would just call it what it is. I wish that they wouldn't be as loud as what they really are because they start mixing into the whole web 3 crypto crowd.
But it's really like a sub-sector of the crowd because what really deserves to be taking the attention are the true innovations like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cisco, and everyone that's actually doing stuff. Not the BS that we find in the industry like left and right because there's
So much of it. I'm already tired of the freaking redundancy and now you're bringing in like these losers into the game Laura I forget the good tomorrow world for something She's another influencer. I like what she said about Andrew Tates videos like that he's right pretty much about everything that these degen are
It's essentially like an eco chamber on Twitter. They're pretty loud, but in reality there are a lot of people building innovating. So it's discouraging, but at the same time we have to... people in their motor group. Yeah. I... it's unfortunate, you know.
I don't know about Alex, but I have my days where I work on a product that I truly believe in. I think it's far superior to basically anything else as far as where one goes.
And we've built this while staying true to the original ethos of crypto, which is like decentralization and like decentralizing power structures and creating more even playing field that is separate from
like government banks, it provides more transparency, it provides more freedom, like I've always had libertarian ideals. I would never call myself that, but there are things that I agree about with that. You know, I have these days where I look at the industry and manage
just fucking scammers. Shitty projects. You know, it's made worse. Isn't it kind of weird though that like people think the tape is a scammer in a way and I do think he's opportunistic but for good is literally spot on with so much about what he
says from you know concepts of you know woman and man and masculinity all the way to like crypto and making money. I literally used to freaking get that top. There's not a lot I disagree with.
I think a lot of people get upset with how you say things, because they're very ready to make up what you say. Yeah, it's definitely about how you say things. But you can filter a lot of those messages and really find some good stuff.
You gotta work the word. You gotta comb through it, right? You gotta see it with a critical eye and just take out the good, take the good and leave out the bad. - It's hard to do that. When, you know, 90% of it shit. - Yeah, yeah.
But you know what's interesting is apparently that guy is doxed. So people know who he is. I don't know that he's necessarily a scammer. It could have, I don't know actually I don't know. The more I watch
that project kind of like unfold. The more it seems like less like incompetence and more like maliciousness. There's very few people who I take seriously that have, you know, TSTs of
I just start from the take those those people serious. Except Julian, I love Julian. From apes Patrick. No Patrick doesn't have he has his own picture now on his pfp. Okay, but he's a okay.
Yeah man, he's fucking right. So I think you just have to hear what I'm becoming louder. Kind of like the background noise wherever you at.
I don't know man.
I think what we need is regulation. I think it was the director of the CTFC gave a really good talk on crypto the other day. He sees most of them as commodities. And I thought this was super interesting.
looks at commodity, so commodities are decentralized and what he means by that is like in a security is centralized. So you trade securities on stock exchanges, centralized organizations, like you can't
It's really hard to trade outside of that, but commodities like wheat and iron and stuff like that. It's decentralized in this sense that wheat is grown everywhere and wheat grown in Iowa is different than wheat grown in Montana, right? They're not the same groups.
And so, if I don't know those kind of criteria, he sees Bitcoin and Ethereum and stuff like that as like, "Gi-Sertialize commodities." And, you know... - That's the way to look at it.
I actually mentioned what we're doing on regulatory compliance, you show a little bit earlier, but it's really hard for people to actually, at least leadership to actually have
like an objective you can probably control it. I think that's control right? I don't want to give more. They want to give very little.
And she is a very...
He was a bit more like a wizard. She recently put on a bill that's trying to ban basically all for doing.
Yeah. It's just a bit more scary.
Yeah man, it's all like Tate says part of the matrix. It was crazy.
I don't know if you were watching that guy was so blur. So this guy basically, so like, so in the past two weeks, it came out that so there's this federal prosecutor by the name of Durham. He released this report.
Basically saying so like Trump was investigated for Russia collusion basically for the whole of his presidency That was
It was fake. That was bullshit. But basically every person I know on the left took it as like a factual like talking point when it comes to about talking about the Trump presidency. In the jury report revealed
that the FBI knew from the start, this was not credible, but they ran with it. So like these guys were committing
as in slightly the recruiting
You got one minute hurry up. - And it also came out in the fucking January 6th, right? You know, they won't release a video of that. I won't because they have to be.
They had agents playing the field and pushing people to fucking like just, it was all things, it was all set up.
And like.
I don't know where I'm going. It's just fucking annoying that that occurred.
It's not being talked about before. Yeah, that's the fun thing. Like we can go to all these different conversations, but we only have 15 minutes. So we're trying to develop something, but you really can't.
So let's keep doing this man. It's always fun and we'll get better at it. This is better than yesterday. All right, man. Talk to you later. Peace.

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What is the topic of the podcast recording?
The conversation covers various topics including cryptocurrency, influencers, and the role of regulations in the industry.
Who is Andrew Tate?
Andrew Tate is a person mentioned in the podcast who expresses his opinions on various topics including cryptocurrency and gender roles.
Who is Ben Dotty?
Ben Dotty is an influencer mentioned in the podcast who tried to involve Andrew Tate in a business venture.
What does Andrew Tate say about billionaires and their wealth?
Andrew Tate believes that the wealth of billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg is proportional to the value they provide to society through their innovative products.
What is the speaker's opinion on the crypto industry?
The speaker expresses frustration with the crypto industry, citing the abundance of scammy projects and the lack of regulation.
What does the director of the CTFC say about crypto?
The director of the CTFC sees cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as 'decentralized commodities' rather than securities due to their decentralized nature.
What does the speaker think about regulation in the crypto industry?
The speaker believes that regulation is necessary in the crypto industry to prevent scammy projects and ensure compliance, but also acknowledges that there is resistance to it.
What is Laura's opinion on Andrew Tate's videos?
Laura agrees with many of Andrew Tate's points, specifically on the crypto industry, but also acknowledges that there are innovators and builders in the industry as well.
What is the speaker's view on the January 6th events?
The speaker criticizes the handling of the January 6th events and believes that there is evidence to suggest that the FBI was involved in manipulating the situation.
What is the speaker's opinion on Andrew Tate's communication style?
The speaker acknowledges that Andrew Tate's opinions may be misunderstood due to his communication style, but encourages others to filter through the messages and take out the good points.