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Terra NFTs: 1 year later

Recorded: May 19, 2023



Good afternoon, everyone.
Hey, how you doing mate?
doing well, just waiting on the substitute host for today until the big boss shows up at some point.
Where's the app?
supposedly some work meeting, but we'll see.
I could work. Yes, yeah, air could work.
That's the longest time I've ever heard the intro music we played out by the way, I was thinking, "That's not a bad fat beat towards the end, was it?" No, yeah, this is the only one where I like, she just run it through until the end, is the only one that has the flow that I like.
Let's see, we're waiting for GPs, Kelly's were here. We've got left, and Bull Club, Hellcats.
get get fin up here as well oh wait he's just message
Apparently, wreck gang blocks terraces so you need to unblock them.
Let me see what I can do.
Red Gang just taking food from his dinner table. Not allowing the man to do the work he needs to do.
I think he's easy and healthy now.
And I'm trying to invite you up for some reason I can't invite you up.
Oh, there you go.
Where's v@ that son of a bitch? You know what it was GM game. GM you know what it was is that one space I hopped on that he was hosting I don't know if it was even from the wrecking account But he was like no fuck that we don't want a record. He said this shit get him out of
here and then like ever since then it says spaces details not available. So Terris Space is here recording. It's just incognito window recording because fuck you Rick, be son of a bitch.
Now, how's everybody do? It's good to see so many familiar faces up here.
It is very nice to hear that somebody has also had the same feelings as me for V and I kind of feel connected more connected with VIN right now. So thanks for that.
Oh yeah, no, you're not the only one. We have several actually group chats dedicated to this whole idea here. So he's, he's spread his fud far and wide and not just
say one of these days V that FUD's gonna come for you and I hope you're ready. Let's create the anti VDow. I'll be, you know, I'll be happy to make some proposals in there.
My primo is the way he is, but you all know that you guys love him because it's the out of way he is. To be fair, if it wasn't for Veer, I wouldn't have swooped the trippy after floor.
when it was like I think it got down to as low as 28 matic when I bought it and then that was the one that I put into the swap and ended up getting that pretty decent rare.
Yeah, you were the one who got the Ooty one, right? Yeah, that was me.
- Damn, that's super lucky, man. I set one of my boys in and he just came out with some titties, which I mean, that's cool and all, it's just not really what I was expecting.
Hey, where are these GPs? I don't know. Who's in GPs? What is it going to be? Jack or Carl? I think Carl must have said that she's going to try and make it, but she's traveling or something.
Yeah, I think that this is it she said she's going to try to make it. Jack definitely can't make it.
I think if you start talking about pet bay just for a sec, chubs will show up and I think that'll be as good as we might be able to get as far as a.
a GP ambassador. Where's Chubby baby? We're all going to zero according to him. So, right? Does it matter?
So they were where Pepe is the only way. And then did you see him? He was in the fucking ret gang discord throwing up the whole like Pepe bridge thing. He's like this shit's inevitable. Y'all shit is so fucking funny.
All right, gentlemen, the purpose of this is just like a family reunion of all the ones that started out in terror at some point. I want to sit on the ground rules. I'm only the substitute for now and I'll
such. I have some ground rules. There'll be no crying, no remembrance of what happened in that day that we should not name. This is just focus on what you guys are doing now, where you guys going. Do you guys even still mess around with Tara?
So please.
There's no tissues, there's no napkins, there's no shoulders for you to cry on. Thank you for coming.
Man, they all let you host more often. That's what I'm talking about. That's how you set a room. That's beautiful. So we should probably let skeleton punks go first because then after that it's just going to probably turn into like a polygon space. So I'd be curious. No, I'd be curious though because
You guys I've been claiming my belunet every day out of the enter Enterprise staking which is really cool to see Finally work, right? Like it's been something that was like talked about and talked about and it that should take a long time to build especially if you want to build it right and it's cool to see it functioning. Yeah, you know it's uh
We're really grateful that TFL let us kind of customize and help augment the contracts for our staking. On one hand, it's a little frustrating to be relying on other teams because they have bigger products to deliver and sometimes bigger issues to take care of. But at the same token to have that sense of security and support from TFL,
felt was like definitely and everybody gets this now. That's the thing. Like enterprise support and like power and tools is available to everybody. And so things that we were trying to do on our own became much easier. And now being for people joining our trend use enterprise now, it's just going to get easier and easier and easier because
We were kind of the crash chest dummies, but the skeleton punks, like if we're doing a year later, we'd never left terror. We stayed true to our ethos. Our mint ethos was to defend Luna against all bears. So we relaunched.
We're doing quite well in our small market, but we're in a small market and we're trying to redevelop the market again. That's kind of where we're at. It's in fish rupture, it's building, it's trying to show other people that it's still extremely vibrant and some of the best creativity is still being developed in the cosmos.
That's where I'm at. No crying. Yes, no crying. No emotions. Straight business. So, JG, what do you have going on right now? One of the things that we realize, it's hard to have a really successful and
of T-Project when you don't have good infrastructure to buy, sell, trade. We were struggling, you know, random earth for some reason went offline about a month and a half ago, really. They still work, right? But they're not responding if there's issues. We were having issues and stucking, stuck in the contracts.
So we had always planned to, backbone labs had always planned to try and have a market, but not this early. So backbone labs actually spun up a marketplace and so part, you know, a lot of the focus has been fixed the marketplace because how can you have fun NFTs if the
trading sucks and like if you're answering questions of like why can't I get my NFC out of the marketplace, you know, it's just so hard to like generate energy if that is the conditions that it has to happen under. So, you know, we are really focused on getting this very, very V1 version
is not what we ever wanted to put up, but you see right now. And we're in the middle of actually completing and integrating the V2, which is going to be debuted for our MIGALU launch because MIGALU helped support backbone labs. And so at that point, that new site would
will cover both the Luna and the MiGaloo marketplaces that we will support. And so that's basically what, you know, and the skeleton point community has, you know, in my opinion, like kind of held together a lot of the Luna NFT marketplace, you know, if you
hold a skeleton punk and you minted these things. I mean, people might think something was wrong with you for holding on this old time, you know, but I was heavily invested before the crash and I kind of was like, you know, what, there's a real opportunity for us to save a lot of liquidity for the members if we, you know,
know, just stick it out. And so what we realized is that NFT projects are really resilient and strong and a chain can die and a project can migrate and you can still do well, right? It doesn't have to be the end of the line. That was a really good lesson for us. And I think between between that, the FPM,
and all of the roar fucking airdrops like you're doing pretty well if you held on to a few of those. Assuming you listen to Ryan and didn't buy. Don't buy. Do not buy. Fricking reverse psychology is a motherfucker isn't it? Makes you want it so bad.
Speaking of rhyme.
Oh, and look, see, I only mentioned Pepe once and look, Chubs right down there in the audience. I called that shit. I told you.
I'm just beyond you guys pretty much holding up the terror NFT space. What else are you guys working on? Well, okay, so you know the overall project of backbone labs and like this is what like okay, so the skeleton punks is is my community that's my NFT community. That's what it is
right that's where everything started for me that's where I met my partners and that's where everything came from right so for me it was all about utility let's make a grave digger let's make a manage let's revenue share so now we're trying to or not trying to we're in the process of following white whale and pfc handles this part of the L.A.
the model and we're deploying grave diggers everywhere that you see a white whale decks on that chain natively. And so the model in the paradigm is NFTs fused with deep by products, you know, like management revenue sharing and
There's another layer of the cake that we're trying to get ready for and I can't really say it because I don't want to I don't want to give other people too much of a competitive edge, but you know, there's definitely There's more to this. It's not just like hey, we're just deploying these and and and
you know, having all these NFT communities, there's definitely, I'm a deep, I love DeFi too, and this is where it stems from, and we're getting ready to do a whole other push too. So I can't reveal too much, but we're definitely, it's just non-stop for us. We don't stop, you know?
All right, thanks. I'm just going to go around the room and ask the same question and then we'll follow up with different topics. Those of you that request up, I'm just going to respect the speakers for now and if we have some time at the end and now bring some people up. All right, health cats.
What you guys are going on? Hello guys, it is Janis here. Thank you a lot for hosting this ghost. One year later, we have Britz to Polygon.
Since September, with the help of one planet, I see also they joined in is probably a dwind behind the account much love to one planet and a dwind. Yeah, you know, we are on polygons in September. We are trying to build there a lot of
cool stuff for NFT communities and you know we're constantly trying to make some work for our holders and for the people that are supporting us through all this for the last year.
We have the pleasure of having a lot of our original, you know, minters/members in this journey. Sadly, there are some that left the space after what happened.
But you know our main focus is the same provide value to them trying to raise health in the NFTC and We are really really really glad to be with all of you guys here
Hold on, did he say "Ret Gang" or did he say "Hell Cats"?
Say what?
I must have missed it when you got a job with the Hellcats. I'm sorry. I hear your voice and I automatically think right gang. That's my fault. I'm sorry. So congratulations, by the way. Thank you. To be honest, I was going to tell you before I actually
You know get elected as a seatpost in clan lead with wreck gang, but you know, you probably remember the natural seat talking with wreck gang since June Yes, you know, Janus is still a cousin
Yeah, yeah, once a cousin always a cousin baby you don't you don't ever leave that gang only one way through a box. Yeah, it's all about the pre the Primos now. It's not the cousin's anymore. It's the Primo
Yes, so the primos are just selected few that I can call primos. There's many cousins but only few are pretty much. Exactly, exactly.
Yannis is for sure a pretty well. Oh yeah for sure yeah he knows I call him that all the time pretty much what would you up to now
Alright, it's Storne Island, what you got to go in there? Yeah, so you know, been up and down years since last year, started off really well moving over to Stargaze, you know, we released the collection, the idea behind it was it's going to be sort of like a membership.
card to the project. But, you know, that membership card seems a bit boring, especially in the world of weed. So, I came up with the idea of the membership card was actually a bag of weed. So, they were 3D NFTs and they sold out pretty quick, which was great. And, you know, we still had
a lot of cells up and throughout because with the OZ bags, the one ounce bags, it means that you get a free pixel plant air drop. Pixel plants have been in the works for a long time now. I mean, with an entity collection, the artworks probably, they're, what, don't want to say the easiest
but definitely the first thing you saw out and it's been sorted out for a while but it's just been trying, it's just been extremely hard to just sort of gauge the direction of where it should go and then that was when the idea was to move from Stargate to polygon just because the you know it just seems to be a lot more viable
The idea of polygon is it's a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable to larger investors because the idea of polygon is a lot more recognizable#
with the pixel plants is that when you buy your NFT you actually invest in it into a Dow and so the mint proceeds from the investment go into the Dow and then that Dow then invests into a company in Thailand which just happens to be one of the most prominent and
and come in medicinal cannabis producers in Thailand. The owner has been working in Thailand for the past 14 years, very well recognised around the country. He's got a lot of relationships with the United Nations and also the Thai government.
He also has a royal decree from the Thai Palace because obviously in Thailand it was super illegal as in the death penalty if you got caught growing weed. But because of who this guy was in terms of his status and the fact that he was able to grow really organic
high quality weed, they gave him the license to grow even though it was completely illegal in the country and he was using the medicinal weed to help those with PTSD and things like that. So, you know, as a very recognized person, he
started his own company in Thailand and obviously Thailand legalized it in 2020 or 2021 but they've completely backtracked now because basically they instead of regulating that they just opened up the floodgates so every farmer switched from their traditional grain of crop
to growing cannabis because you get a yield four times a year which is twice the amount of USA and growing more we've done the country can actually handle however because of this backtrack the mouse which to regulate in it heavily and you actually have to be happy
You actually have to have a medical card. So the only way I can explain it is if you think about how California was when we first started coming legal. You have all these clinics that pop up everywhere for you to get your prescription. And so these guys are one of the only companies in Thailand to actually able to open up these clinics.
They own quite a lot themselves, but also they've got a lot of farmers now that have a lot of weed that they can't shift because of all these regulations. So, you know, they're kind of monopolizing the whole kind of this market in Thailand. Another issue that's come up lately is the fact that
It's very expensive in Thailand, the cannabis, so they've actually been important it from California, which is actually completely illegal in Thailand because of all the regulations. They don't know where it's coming from, it's not organic. And so they have now got another foot in the door because they have all the licenses.
to actually take on these much bigger farms, some of the largest farms in Thailand under their cooperation and able to sell the product and they're doing a lot of export sales to Japan, Switzerland, to get in a contract for Australia. So, you know, I've never been
on a web to or trade for investment but these guys seem to be knelling every opportunity and so when you buy your pixel plan you'll be entered into the Dow which will be an NFT Dow and you'll be vote on proposals based on your if you hold
project is going to be a huge investment now that invests in cannabis worldwide. This is just our first investment and obviously with crypto everything happens a million miles an hour and it makes you feel like you're 60 years old but in trade-firing web2 things happen
It's kind of been nice having a little bit of a break from crypto and NFTs to sort of focus on this relationship with this type company. But the air thing seems to be moving in the right direction. We've put the proposal forward to some angel investors.
who are taking a look at the financials in this tire company and they will basically they're going to want to be getting in on the pixel plant so you know the NFT market seems to be slowing down has been since the end of the bull market so kind of having to try and think of other ways to
promote this project and it just seems that these outside are investors because they want to have a part of the Thai company they want in on the PixelPlanse but that's pretty much it in the nutshell. I just learned
learned a lot in about two to three minutes. So we went from a royal episode of narcos to a full fledged webtooth corporation that is legally or illegally dealing across the world.
and you can get in.
having one of your NFT plans. Yeah, I mean, you're pretty much nailed it. Yeah, so in terms of the galaxies I've been speaking to a few lawyers, a lot of things are unregulating critters. Everyone in this chat already knows in this space, but we're registering the Dow.
in Panama so the Dow will be registered under the bookkeeper/lawyer, so be under there and the members will be completely protected from tax in terms of they have to pay their own tax in their own jurisdiction but as the company we will be paying
tax in wherever the doubt is registered, which is still currently ongoing. So it would be completely legit. There's no utility token, it's just your NFTs. So the utility tokens are going for a massive security versus utility token or governance token.
and NFTs I know are near there, so this is going to be like one of the first of its kinds to have an investment doubt where the investment is technically your NFT, but the NFT just grants you access to the Dow. The Dow, the highest-known island to create your artwork and then from the mint protein, that then gets invested
into the tyre company and the Dow then becomes a technically speaking a holding company where people will the members will be part of the holding company. So when it comes to like the tap the cap table it will just be the Dow that's on there and not the members.
I got a quick question. Will you be making the angel investors mint the NFTs or will this be like an OTC sort of deal? OTC, yeah, select a pre-sell because
When it comes to angel investors, they want the best opportunity for them. And when you think about marketing fees and when you think of just marketplace fees, things start racking up so those
So when you've got an entity project and you're releasing your entities, you want to know exactly where your money's been spent. So I've decided to approach these angel investors and investments into cuts to allocating
it's specific amount to them, which will then go ahead for it, which will be more beneficial to them because it means that more percentage of their investment will be invested into the tire company, which in turn they will then get more NFTs dropped to them.
It's super interesting. All of it that can be used and utilized under NFT tech. All right, on to the other topic. And this one is a bit different for each one of you because they're where you guys are at currently.
current NFT space in terror. What are your thoughts on it and where do you think the potentials are? Well, you know, I'm super bullish on it. I would say his understatement. You know, we're backbone labs is prepared to
Mint the lion down. We're just waiting on some art and some metadata and then we'll just run a few tests and then that will be Available to have happened and I think maybe Ryan was Ryan here. Maybe he wants to chime in on that. I don't want to see
or he's still a thunders or give too much away. But we're open. If people want to mint a collection on Terra or if you want to mint a collection on Mee galoom, we are open for business. You can contact us and we can
set that up and we can explain how to, you know, the format for the metadata and we can start to, we can start to generate collections and we can launch projects and we can, you know, synergize and get that going again. We're ready for that.
Awesome, it was a great year. At least we have one trusted spot left on tail.
No cousin why this way. We don't bless. We remember listen. So our for for us, you know, the skeleton punks our founder rugged us for $350,000 like we tracked them down. We took this project away. I'm not the founder of the skeleton punks. I didn't create
I happened to join the team before the crash and we were robbed and then we came back and then the crash and then Boolean was like I got other stuff to do and I got this little grant from NFT switch and I was like hey guys
I kind of got too many of these things. Does anybody else want to try to help save this? And you know, six people stepped up and we worked really hard for like six and a half months for free. And you know, because this is also not, we didn't make the skeleton punk.
So backbone labs was a project that the people who worked on the skeleton punks kind of have established because we need to have an identity separate from that. This is our community, right? Like these are, we're trying to
earn with our skeleton punks, it's always been my goal to unrec these holders. And so we've done our best to make these things yield bearing assets and make them interesting and try to show a different paradigm of management.
What is your name? As you can say, imagine making $350,000 and you're excuse for rugged is I've got other things to do like seriously what the fuck has he got to do that is more important than $350,000 and running a successful NFT project?
Yeah, you know look he was just a scammer right that's what it is and He said that his computer was hacked and I mean it's all on the blockchain Did the excuses are just irrelevant right like it's just disgusting behavior and we caught it and like that won't happen anymore and in the
This iteration of Terra Marketplace, we also have NFT switch. You don't have to worry about royalties. You can just go make a P2P trade. We don't want to deal with people getting tricked or conned when they're talking to moderators or people on Twitter. If you want to make a deal and you don't want to pay a royale,
you're talking to your friend, just go make your deal right there. It's private, it's your own business, it's nobody else's business. But we also want to guarantee that, you know, you know, we understand what it feels like to be in stone from. And like, I don't want to ever allow that to happen to the best of my ability in this space. So we're going to make good products and
We're going to give Gooksi services and we're going to try to treat people like we want to be treated. You know. Thanks for that, JD. Hellcats. Pretty maryonis. Do you still dabble into terror entities?
Personally, I still have my skeleton pants, I have some galactic pants. I have a lot of other NFTs that are stuck on the
Luna Classic, the Charlie, the project did not migrate or did anything at all. And I think the vast majority of our community will probably still have some NFTs or some Westing Luna, right?
And I'm definitely bridging my rectangles when the bridge is open. I'm definitely taking, I will take them away from Juno and put them on Luna. You know, I agree with JG personally.
appreciate him a lot and the work he has been doing with the other guys from skeleton punks you cannot overlook the fact that they are trying to build something practically alone right trying to bring any value or any worth
to previews and new owners. And I really like what they are trying to build. But I'm also, you know, I really like what Ryan is building and I can't wait to mint my
Lions, I don't even know how the collection is named or anything. But yeah, I think that part of me and as in everyone will always be a bit of lunatic decent, right?
Yeah, one to Dejan, always a Dejan.
Yeah exactly same question for Ston Island you guys still in Iraq with terror and of Teed and no simply because you know actually the what
What was the one that closed?
when they left there was just like JG said there's just no opportunity for any marketplace to buy and sell NFTs but I'll definitely be getting involved with the right with Rinds Lindale NFTs for sure and I think the art's pretty sick as well
Yeah, I'm waiting to meet my lions as well. Is there a is there like an analysis slash whitelist or is it is it gonna go to public or do you have to be in the Dow? How's it work? As far as I understand you need to stay a minimum of 2.5 million
in line of vote on a proposal currently and you need to stake a certain amount of lute as well. I believe there's also white limits available for SP and GP holders depending on I'm not sure what the criteria is for that but
exactly but I'm almost certain that there will be some white listing there also. Nice well I definitely have Luna like I'm still believe in Luna so I've been buying as it drops and I hope they don't drop anymore so I'll just get out of state I'm not I'm not staying
anything since last year just because of PTSD but allocations are building up now so it's about time to get things staked again and so definitely we'll stake to you I might just after this space is true right zero often is DMs for a bit
All right, last formal question. If karma wants to come up, you're more than welcome to. Question for JG. Now that you've mentioned what you're doing now, your current conditions over in Terra NFT space,
Where do you see scondon funds going from here to the future? So, you know, we've actually started to get a little bit of external help. We've been working with Mr. Mohawk on certain marketing aspects and the team internally has been, there's new
Collections and air drops that are going to be occurring for the SP holders that are being worked on right now But again, it's like we need to actually before we like get to to like before I can focus on this I got to we got to have good market right so like that's still like 30 30 days away like you know what I mean?
If I'm being honest, like so the V2 version in the marketplace we're trying to have it up in like the first week of June which is coming up pretty quickly so maybe mid-June if I'm being messed up a little buffer but that will be the V2 and at that point it's like then then we can actually turn our attentions more to these aspects but that's why Mr.
Hawkers joining the team. He's been great in coming up with a bunch of these ideas. And yeah, it's, I mean, this is like a growing pains, like kind of month, a little bit, you know. We're trying to, trying to expand and trying to find the right help at the same time to continue with the mission, right?
To me being a skeleton punk is kind of like, man, you're not going to quit. This decentralized way of life is something that I'm not going to give up on. And that was kind of sparked by Dukwon.
Yeah, I think that that's real for us. I don't want to deal with these other types of currencies and I don't want to be under the CBDC authoritarian stuff. So to me, I take all the stuff really seriously and the skeleton punks
is a representation of of that passion you know. I agree with you wholeheartedly. All right, the health cats. What do you guys planning from now to the future?
So that was for me. Yes, that was for Rukki. Yeah, they're okay.
Twitter space is ragging me a bit I didn't hear it if it was towards me please repeat yeah so question is where is the health
Now that you stated what you're doing now, you're occurring devils into the Terra NFT space, what can we expect from health cats in the distant future?
That's a really interesting question and thank you very much for asking. You know, we are certainly focused on polygon for now and I say for now because we are about to launch our
Is anyone else having trouble hearing him? I can't hear anything. Yeah, I can't hear anything.
Okay, we'll come back to Janus. Still live, same question.
Where do I see the project?
Yes sir. Yeah. So yeah I mean
With the Dow, it's kind of like how can we keep driving liquidity to the project? Although they're going to be seeing us two separate things. The Dow will definitely be a very important part of Stone Island and Stone Island will be a very important part of the Dow because Stone Island is your
NFT, DGN, Stona culture, but the Dow is, you know, what everyone wants to do at the end of the day, make money. So I see definitely we could be investing into this tire company. I've got a really good relationship with these guys now and they're probably the most legit people that you could ever
become cross in a sort of cannabis farm production clearing house, whatever you want to call it. The founder is just unbelievable to speak to. He's not only is he part of this, this whole project, he's also the administrator for the
Buddhists in Thailand because Buddhists can't actually make business decisions. So not that they can't, they just won't. So he makes their business decisions and it's again it relates back to NFC's you know people invest in not
just PFPs or JPEGs they invest in founders and so you know the Dow will find people like this Thai company and with the funds that they make they will invest in other projects but the best thing about a Dow is it's completely decentralized so the whole
members will decide. At first they will only be me making the proposals because you know you got to secure the DAL first and then when it gets the members involved into the DAL the quarrels can be changed and who can make proposals can be changed and you know
the members will then decide what they do with dividends and investments. So we're going to grow into hopefully one of the biggest cannabis or green investment companies. But you know, it's a doubt. So who the hell knows the members decide
I'm just dropped on the CVR picking back up.
Yeah, you good now. Thanks. I don't know why but Elon hates me maybe because I'm sexy and he's not I think it's because you're in Greece. Yeah, you know, they made there was a picture last year he came at what at meconos, I think it they
They made a joke about him being us pay less sand on the Greek bitches and Yeah, I think it's definitely because I am more sexy than him, you know and Money or Twitter cannot really buy sexiness right it's like
and advantage given at birth. So anyway enough about sexiness. Yeah, I was saying about Helcutts launching our own software as a service labs called Bricks Labs. Bricks Labs are focusing on
helping new and existing NFT projects that are now entering the space. There's a whole suite of several Twitter and Discord bots that are really useful for NFT projects like listing bots.
sales bots, floor tracking bots, our new rewards bot, our welcome bot which is practically welcome bot is something that you know it is really interesting and I really like it because it is very simple and it can be really really really effective so basically I
new holder can connect his or her wallet in our website and they can also connect the Twitter they can choose the brand new NFT and they can make and automatically a new tweet that they say
that you know I have joined the troublemakers or welcome to Shell or I don't know whatever anyone wants and basically this bot gives every time someone uses it it gives a ping in our discord so people
that have the Raiders role for example, can be notified and welcome new members. So, you know, it can help with community engagement, it can help with playing a little bit with Twitter's algorithm. So, yeah, basically Brick Slabs will have all of these things.
And the really important thing for me is that it will also hold an incubator. So basically, you know, most of the people in the audience, just like us, you know, we are in NFTs for some time. If we wanted to launch a new collection or something new, we could
Hopefully we would know what to do, right? For example, I would reach out to my friend Edwin with one planet or with JG for backbone labs. And there are people out there that they don't really know how to interact with community. They may be talented, they may be good artists.
But they don't really know a lot about NFTs or how they can drive community engagement. So basically this incubator program will help with this kind of stuff. Definitely, BRICS labs will for now launch on Polygon, but as a server,
slabs, it is not bind on the chain, right? So basically it is something that to the distant future, yeah, we are thinking of, you know, being active in more than one change, but for now we will focus on polygon for it.
Please tell me that I did not run again. Yeah, we missed everything you said. Yeah, wait, what was that? Something labs, something.
- No, house out of bricks. - Wait, that you wanna launch a grave digger collection on Miegelbrew? (laughs) - Yeah, we can definitely make the skeleton cuts.
I mean, in hell, we are basically skeletons, right?
Brother, if you want to launch a Grave Digger collection, we can talk and that collection can have a whole revenue sharing utility.
Not a bad idea, not a bad idea.
We're going to reunite the tribes right here one year later. Red Gang, you ready for a revenue sharing collection too? Let's go.
For some reason, the Zerkers having issues with his phone. I hope he didn't switch to an Android phone.
Rugged is rugged everyone.
Alright, at this time, you still got a little bit of time left. Anybody who's willing to come up, ask a question, please be respectful.
All right, Mr. Royal Pirate, patiently waiting.
What's cooking for REC? Anyway, seeing as you've done the trippy swap. What's next?
I'd like a little bit more clarity on why you pulled comments in your last
Mint skeleton punks Sure, so you know, there's many ways to incentivize a mint and because the commons were going to be we had some reserved anyway for partnerships we could have just you know
spent money out of the treasury saying, oh, if you meant this, do raffles or whatever to carry that on, or we could just remove the ones that are a little less desirable and give the last hurrah on the way out the door. At the end of the day, it's literally a numbers game and some people
didn't like it. Some people loved it. Some people got really excited towards the end. Some people got really irritated. But this has been a journey for almost a whole year. We couldn't continue along that path and not have good infrastructure. So we're balancing this
You know, it's very difficult to try to like fix a market and make everybody happy at the same time. And like we've really, really, really tried to do our best and treat everybody fairly. We've tried to share everything and we've tried to be open. And you know, there's a few people who
At one point in the discord, we're trying to rally for like more rewards for more rare ones and to me everybody's equal and I'm always gonna treat everybody equal I'm not gonna treat anybody any different and so that was the logic behind it. It was literally a numbers game for
And at the end of the day, we could spend money out of the treasury, which we really don't have, or we could just remove those from sale, which is a loss of the mint, right, because you're no longer in the supply. So that's a loss of money from the treasury. And we needed
to close this phase of the project to be able to then do the backgrounds that we promised, fix the marketplace. Like there's so many steps that we still have to see to this is such a small part of the journey, right? Like this is just one small part. It's not going to
And what I've learned obviously through my own journey is a DAO Treasury is quite important. So by doing this, you basically shared up your, for round numbers, called one year runway. Is that basically what you're saying?
It's exactly what we're saying. We're just trying to be able to survive and make this through like none of us are getting rich from this by any stretch of the imagination. Like we're literally, you know, we ran on fumes for like nine months. We've only got like a little bit of breathing room recently from white whale. Like there's, there's, we're trying to expand into the same time, get new people into the market.
One of the main things about the backbone labs and the Gravedigger is that we created the utility engine that other NFT collections will be interested in making a collection for. And the goal is to actually go fishing into some of these bigger ecosystems and show them how good the cosmos is, right? Like how easy it is to deploy
like look how easy it was for us to generate this and make money, right? So we're trying to like use this in a way to like, you know, show off enterprise, show off me, glue, like we have some of the best tech out there, but we don't have enough people watching. Like that's a huge problem we're trying to solve. And so we're trying to get this going to maybe, you know,
get some attention back into cosmos. Well, that's the underlying issue, right? It's not that people aren't not watching the cosmos, they're not watching Terra. And while Enterprise has been an amazing tool and I've learned hands down a ton, but there's only so much reach people are going to
There's only so much reach the tear brands gonna get. Period. So I'm interested. Have you looked into QG's DAO or any of those to. So back zone has an official partnership with Blue, which is the white whale.
team and the reason why we chose to have that partnership is because they are a liquidity solution. That is their chains ethos and because the engine for the revenue sharing is an LSD, we need to actually be partnered with a chain who will provide the rewards necessary to get the real yield systems going.
So when AstroPort cut out the rewards for Eris and backbone labs, that hurt our... You have to get over a certain hump to actually get the engines of real yield going. Otherwise, running on a fume. So, you know, Miegelloo partnered, they filled their grave digger from the foundation.
Shuwala partner they filled their grave digger from the chip foundation I'm in talks with Luna right now to see what's possible for them to do the same thing and we might be putting a prop up soon to make that happen So we're we're doing everything we can on all fronts and yeah, you know Luna does have a little bit of tarnish
But let's I mean I don't want to there's only a couple places that are really being progressive and all those projects and all those chains all started on Terra all of them even if you're a new chain everything that's coming out fresh in the cosmos That was born on Luna pre crash those those those teams were forged in that crash
and like they're stronger for it now, right? And for us, Mee Galu, you know, they are definitely people after my own heart. You know, these guys just heads down, built more dexes. They didn't ask for anything. They didn't have their hands out, right? They just built and deployed. And so that's what we're going to do. And we're going to showcase these technology
We're gonna showcase Enterprise and we're gonna try to you know unite the cosmos you know through white whale and terror like this is these are our homes and you know This is like this is where you know this is this is where I've planted my flag. That's what's up. I think it's the best place in the best community. That's that's just what it comes down to Awesome. I appreciate your time in your answers
My pleasure, brother. All right, thank you. Primo Julian.
How's it going?
is your phone ringing?
I'm I'm I'm I'm I still ragging No, I can hear you Okay Was was a question again for for
for me or for someone else. No question for you. It's for the other primo. Oh, okay, okay, okay. Yeah, you really need to come up.
Oh, he's probably going to talk to us about security. Security is...
Yes, because the chairman has to disclose that information.
Yep, yep. Yeah, I have a question for skeleton punks. Have they filed with the SEC what they've been building?
No, I have not filed anything because the skeleton punks aren't building anything We're just a community the skeleton punks haven't built anything. We just migrated our collection and we're on tear - You guys are promising returns on
a liquid-staked token, which isn't derivative. It's not open to buy one steak one, earn one. That's a utility that unlocks when you have so many.
Okay, and question for wrecking. Where is the normal host? I don't know who this person is. It's kind of weird.
This is the controlled organized, profitable version of Red Gang. The old version has RUDG, and this is V2, optimize.
Wait, I thought you were only going to rug if you launched a token. Where's my free air drop?
You have to contact the ex founder you didn't get an air drop there was an air drop you had to claim it's in the alpha channel. Yeah, will you send me a link and I'll give you access to my ledger. Thanks
Don't worry, I don't need a link anymore. Just your Twitter login. Someone posted that tweet. It was like a Facebook login over your code on the ledger. That was a good one.
Also, if anyone follows McGue, he's a BTC Maxi. He also has some great content and put a great Dukwan, but whole back in, tweet out. If anyone wants to check it out.
I don't know if there's anybody else has any questions.
Yeah, where's galactic punks and bulls? I thought they were a Tara projects. I just want to know where they are
I don't know where Bulls are but Karma basically said that she's struggling to hear anything on a phone. It just keeps disconnecting. Oh Yeah, yeah, Rebel. I'm gonna see if I can pull them off
What's up guys? It was choppy that reminded us of this one. Yeah, Rebel D5 on the Glide to Dowitown just now. I'm just trying to get some more punks in here because I was looking for the audience and it's literally me there.
for the only two rockin' RGPs that I know there's tons more DPP holders in here. So that's kind of, I mean, someone who's just saying something to do, really most of the DPP's are dead. We indeed, but the fact that so many people aren't rockin' RGPs
anymore is a little bit concerning to be quite honest. We have some like bigger announcements coming out soon. One of the things I'm working on I'm not going to do anyone else's thunder from within the day
but one of the things I've been working on is this thing called the Cosmos content creators community and we have built a new discord and it's not unique to collect it pumps at all it's to try and get like is made
many different people with Twitter accounts into this community. The idea is to work together to share each other's content. Build a really nice network. There's going to be like in the discord there'll be a bot that can
tracks all this, for the more you share, the more privileges you'll have in the server, for other people to share your content. So it really is like, so pay it forward and all this while we're building up our own foot accounts, only sharing
and there's no obligation to share anything that you don't want to share. And just literally getting the word out about Cosmos and the things that you're personally interested in and by doing that, hopefully grow our NFT communities.
Hey, Rubble, just a quick rundown of some of the other partners already went through them. Where do you see galactic punks in the distant future?
We're glad to find the goal where we've always been headed. Like we are going to begin on our spaceships and we're going to fucking lie or end the cosmos. I mean our our home is absolutely terror. There may be some and community who want that to change.
I personally, not speaking for the day, was speaking for myself, and not of that mindset. I think, and I respect all projects that have gone different things. That's totally fine. But one thing D.P. said was that we were always going to see Ontario.
If we have said that in the past even if it's possibly the wrong decision I don't think it's the wrong decision, but even if it is the wrong decision we have publicly made that decision to go back on our word for me is absolutely the wrong thing. Like if if could
So, the Lactic Puncts is going to be a success. The Lactic Puncts has to be fully committed to making terror success. Making terror success is contingent on the cosmos being a success. So, supporting other projects whether they be on Stargays, whether they be on Juno,
We're ever even as good as course most, because that makes support a little bit harder. But I think that the graduates are going to be supportive of all course most projects and hopefully we will get a support of all course most projects. I know there's a few people in here.
who are part of the network. If you don't know about the network, ask a friend, phone a friend, they'll tell you about the network. That is such a brilliant discord server to be in because that's not about being tribal, it's about being mutually supportive of other
NFT projects of other NFT apps, your story of other cosmos actions. And I think the mistakes that were made previously, which was tribalism, I don't want to be part of tribalism again. That's why I'm a holder, a big holder of scale
and punks. I'm not a big holder of wrecked gang but I am a holder of wrecked gang. I've still got some burns that I don't know if I'm fun. So yeah, always interested to see what you guys are doing because you guys are innovating as well.
I would love to see and hear some people who are constant listeners that maybe not regularly.
speakers are see-through recording so people might worry about seeing the wrong thing or whatever but yeah man if anyone in this audience is thinking about seeing something just doing up here
Be careful what you're asked for. All right, Chubby. I'm a lesser up here. Yes, yes. You already know.
is going to save a magic board.
What's up, Chubby?
Yo, it's good. I just want to hear some other people speak. I was actually going to say that to Rebel hopefully some other people that we never hear from could give us their thoughts because it's always the same people speaking. It's been like a year of this bullshit.
Block, fan, block, block, can we take his NFC does he have a legend?
shall we use that your will? - Yep.
Did you buy it back? I still own it. What do you mean somebody bought it? No, I haven't checked it.
gas for you to hire.
Yeah, I've pinned something from a nest that's pretty much how I feel about all this.
At least people are talking, you know, like there's a lot of spaces that go quiet at
which ones are those. All the ones I attend are either too much or just enough.
Well, that's the point. You don't know about the ones that go quiet. Because, you know, all right, badger. Shout out to Rick Gangle for the Pepe suit generator. Actually, in tune with the culture and doing something. Good looks.
We're all about the culture. (buzzer)
It's pepper to the moon, you already know.
All right, anybody else?
Anybody in the audience have anything they want to say mention. Zirkr still says his phone doesn't work. I don't believe it. Any thoughts on the pinned tweet from maybe the project owners?
Because that's pretty much what's been happening like that's you know I mean I don't know first of all it's just strange tweet I'm married so none of that really applies to me and About a bunch of dudes are not dudes. I mean I'm super super inclusive to have women in web 3 we have you know Lude who's one of
our ambassadors we have you know Lisa I mean we're open to all these things I don't even understand what it's kind of about Amanda there's tons of powerful women in web 3 I think it's kind of silly said that okay well now that we got that other way why are you talking about your white on the actual met have you K white see have you K white see you women
I don't even care why I see myself, but I can talk about it.
We have to have any actual thoughts on it though, other than...
All right, this is my two cents on what you put up there.
My two senses, anybody can create anything and it feeds into people's gambling habits. So whether they want to get wrecked or not, it's their decision and don't cry.
over it if you chose to drop 70 ETH on some token and you're gonna get one ETHs worth back. There has nothing to do with that bro. I'm talking about what this whole space has been about.
I mean this whole space is just about where we are one year later. Like what are you not? Yeah, well the reason things are so fragmented and you guys are still talking about building and this and that is because you know a boot like whether you want to admit it or not it's like we're on these vaporware chains that are just you know continuously letting us down.
And it's it's hurting the communities that's literally what happened with the crash so You know and comment like what no comments like oh Luna's down UST was attacked and that is what started the crash We all know we all saw the on-chain data the audits unless you didn't look at it. That's what sparked the crash
Don't make it sound like it doesn't matter what the cash across general. It's not right. I just pop it off man. Cut that shit out. Okay, if you can't control your emotions, bro, like maybe it's this isn't the place for you, bro. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, go show Pepe at a different space. I literally didn't even show Pepe once, but okay. Oh, just cut it off#
All right.
I think that's enough for today. Thank you everyone for attending and I'll see you guys around. Take care to you.

FAQ on Terra NFTs: 1 year later | Twitter Space Recording

What is the purpose of the podcast recording?
The purpose of the podcast recording is to have a family reunion of all the ones that started out in terror at some point.
Who is the substitute host for the podcast recording?
The substitute host for the podcast recording is not named in the text.
What are the ground rules for the podcast recording?
The ground rules for the podcast recording are no crying, no remembrance of what happened in that day that we should not name, and focus on what the participants are doing now and where they are going.
What NFT project is currently being developed by Skeleton Punks?
Skeleton Punks is currently developing a marketplace for their NFT project.
What is Backbone Labs?
Backbone Labs is a company that is developing the marketplace for the Skeleton Punks NFT project.
What is the purpose of the marketplace being developed by Skeleton Punks and Backbone Labs?
The purpose of the marketplace being developed by Skeleton Punks and Backbone Labs is to provide good infrastructure to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.
What is the focus of Skeleton Punks?
The focus of Skeleton Punks is to defend Luna against all bears and redevelop their market.
What happened to Random Earth about a month and a half ago?
Random Earth went offline about a month and a half ago and stopped responding to issues.
What will be debuted for the Migalu launch by Backbone Labs?
The v2 version of the marketplace will be debuted for the Migalu launch by Backbone Labs.
What is the focus of the podcast participants?
The focus of the podcast participants is on their current projects and where they are going.