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The Radix Gambit: Ecosystem chess competition & project deep dive

Recorded: May 14, 2023



All right, welcome everyone. The Radix game, but it's about to begin. I'm joined by Mr. Thomas Gaffney and resident chess master, G-Pel. Mr. Pell, I think if you can, you should be able to unmute yourself and speak. I thought I'm guessing even another end right now.
You just need to hit everyone doing it. Hey, it should be a lot of fun. Hey, that's the sort of energy we need. Oh, yeah, you know, I'm looking forward to some play by play chess action, but I don't actually know anything about chess. So we're uh
We're very much relied on GPL to lead us through this one from top to bottom. Hello. I'm looking forward to it. I'm expecting some sort of high impact analysis.
this and play.
Whatever, if it becomes less interesting in the chest sense, then we'll deep dive in the projects as we go as well. We should have always had things to go into. I've got to pull up now. We had to go to the set link, right? Because that's what I have pulled up.
Yeah, the the lead chest link. Yeah, this is a gin. I'm watching all the games right now watching a game for with D. F. Soko. Do you, pal? Can you drop the link to that as a reply to this Twitter space as well for anyone else? The ones to
anyone else who wants to follow along or just have the link. Yeah, so the option I know, option thing. And I got to apologize for anyone who comes up against Jacob XRD in my
Boomer, Boomer way of working, I couldn't work out how to remove myself from the competition so there's going to be some people coming up against them are some nobodies. Or I could just play live with some coaching. That's probably, that's probably a legal way.
It's pretty fast though so they're playing in three minutes for the whole game plus two seconds.
seconds each time you move. So I think even if we were to pair up, it would probably be too slow. Yeah, I would definitely lose. You would be telling me like night to GCX, I wouldn't have a clue what night or GCX was.
[laughter] It needs to very much baby steps. Does anyone have any particular favourites for this competition project wise? Which project do you think has the greatest concentration of chess masters?
Well, Zedar was looking pretty strong. The D5 Closera and Shake Shifters, it started very well. So it's going to be pretty close. It's going to be
pretty close it looks quite it was quite spread out on the start. Yeah I'm curious. Do you recognize any of the players in here as being do we have any celebrities any chess masters anyone anyone should take your notes?
So we do, we do have someone, we actually have the French champion, well actually recently, recently lost the title but French champion lost yet. And this is like legit, legit like chess for example. So it's the real deal.
So he's like a general so I actually know him and he's I got him into the radix ecosystem maybe at some point last year And now he's like a radix investor and he follows all the updates and stuff so it's pretty cool So he hasn't got a particular favorite product in my
So just join the the RDX works team which I think is like a it's like it's now a ref it's like a refuge We don't have a good time planning that for a while We've got a crazy mansion going right now between the master of chess
Zyder and Ricki from RDX Works already down to two ponds. Bishop and a queen king each so this is gonna be a pretty interesting match it right now. Alright let me see if we can find that one.
It's a yeah, it's a cider master chest. They're they're coming down to close. Okay. This is intense. Yeah, first games coming up. It's almost almost finished. I don't know if someone actually finished another game because there's people on the leaderboard that are scoring. How does the
I'm not sure how to say that.
It actually depends on the arenas, but what we're seeing here is a leach s arena, which is a kind of a special kind of competition online. And normally how it goes is that you'd have a two points for a win, two or three points for a win and one point for two.
But then you get these things that are streaks. So if you start winning, winning, winning, winning, your wins start being worth more so you can start winning through a football game. So do you have the leader? So it's not for now.
Yeah, it's just that you would like a fire because I see D5 Plasers got 15 points shaped if there's just 13 already x works 12 etc. Don't know. Yeah, so so what we've got here are teams so like deflacars is a secret team and so when a player enters the tournament the player and
the tournament via a team, so they're playing under the team. So essentially the team's total points is the sum of the points of the top three players with that team. So you see the D5 Plaza here is perfect at the moment because the top three players have the most points out.
But you can see you can see people's individual performances at the bottom if you scroll down a little bit you can actually see the individual. Yeah, cool. That's awesome. This is pretty wild. Yeah, it's going to be cool. It's going to be cool. I'm excited. We've got over one of the 15 out of 55 players. Pretty tough.
And this is only within the Radist community, so we're not I didn't open it up to any like, you know, just just kind of stand the chest as I did last year for the development. But yeah, this one is just for the Radist community and yeah, it's great to see it's great to see. It's so cool. Didn't it wasn't there? Oh, sorry Jacob. No, I was gonna have
There was a live stream at the end of it and a vaunt from a vaunt staking and a couple of others end up playing playing red food in a Game of chess fight. It was quite funny. Dude, that's cool. Man, honestly, why should these guys? Because I play chess. I'm okay, but I mean no way, shape or form.
like these people are, you know, like I just kind of play once in a while, but I've played like my whole life. And so watching the speed that these openings go is kind of wild. The stretch is really cool because it's just bam, bam, bam. There's certain openings that a lot of chest blurs have that they kind of go through the process and
just continue to like, it's like a known strategy. Do you believe you want to come in on that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. So it depends on the level, right? And I see, you know, in this one, there's kind of all sorts of me go right from like, I'm gonna 12 or 13 hundred, which is kind of low end, and then you've got to
I can't remember what his rating is, but he's probably about 2800, which is very near the top. And so when you get near the top, yeah, you have your kind of favorite openings and it's all very, very, very automatic. And then it's really, really intuitive. And so these are very, very fast.
time formats and this actually isn't the fastest by the way so this is 3 plus 2. What does that mean? We're 3 plus 3 people. Yeah so this is so so for the whole day for the whole game they've got three minutes well they start with three minutes. You only get three minutes every time. So the maximum. Yeah. Yeah. So
So every time you play a move you get an extra. So it does it does add up a little bit and let's say the average move for game is probably about 50 moves each. So you know it comes up to about maybe eight minutes per game but this actually for online chess is one of us is considered kind of middle of the
around in terms of speed. I play a lot of one-minute chess, which is crazy. It doesn't really go very well. It just moves like super fast. It's just very, very quick. The three plus two, I mean, the people who are quite of comfortable playing online,
I'm watching the anonymous versus GM Rick Rick is getting he actually just had a really cool move really automatically either got the king of the rook and he just kind of went in move the king go the queen and got the rook which is it
call again when you have automatically get it. It was a good play. Now they're kind of sitting there soaking up some times. Oh shit. What the fuck just happened? It's which. The rickets is just bullying. Yeah, I think it might be. He should have to play.
Yeah, we're doing it or something. I know. That's right. Maybe we can wind up on Luch S.P. to play like 50
Yeah, I mean blindfold stuff. I mean I I have actually thought about it. I know Jake is a blindfold someone saying this is an option but yeah, 50s a lot you can drop to like five six
Only a few people in history have to be like 50 people but make it one of those like one minute two minute long games just to get the thing done in some
I just got a win too for their squad they moved up to the leaderboard. They were at 11 points and now are at CNET 13 so they're at CNET 5th. I had a Zyder Zyder Zyder was a front runner in this whole thing. People were taking a lot on them and they're at CNET 6 right now. Zyder, how do you cook you love ya? Zyder
I mean the cool thing here is there only I mean as we said earlier the games can dot like eight minutes but if you're really quickly you can win like one or two minutes so there will actually be quite a big discrepancy around the the like number of games that people get to play so if someone
I guess they play like 12 games in an hour. They obviously have a good advantage over someone who's been in the 7-0. Yeah, exactly. If you win, win. So it's not only about how you win or if you win. How does the tournament end work? Is it round robin or is it just a whoever's fresh? They clean up the games and they just go. And it lasts for an hour.
Yeah, there's some kind of automated pairing system in the background which says like oh you two aren't playing and you're kind of near each other and manking them. Let's be together. And it lasts an hour like that. Yeah, so the website has this kind of inbuilt pairing.
pretty sweet really cool so what's uh what's your strategy what do you usually go for you know like uh when you're opening up like what what are you trying to do you try to protect your queen trying to use that as a tool like I was a
So I guess the kind of three like golden principles in chess, the opening are one is occupied the center. So you'll see this in the top games that they'll open my most of the time. They'll open towards the middle so they'll like play the central pawns to the middle of the board and they'll bring their nights out.
out towards the middle of the board and all of that is in the kind of spirit of controlling the center because if you control the center then you kind of have an eye on the rest of all the board. You're just playing on the right head. Yeah, like your your piece is kind of activity and like where they can jump through and where they can kind of
support the actual i'm watching uh... it's a bit of the uh... d_f_ social with the non-assert on uh... uh... non-assist guide uh... d_f_ socials clean like moving around he's making his pieces moody seems like he's kind of a man says actually pretty interesting watch kids he's controlling some of the board like that
Yeah, it's definitely an everything kind of stuff revolving around the system. So that's time for the first principle. The second principle is getting your mind pieces out. So mind pieces mean your mind's ambitions. The problem with getting your queen out to early is that she's a bit too valuable. So the other person can just attack her and she left her like move about and
And you yeah you kind of want to keep it behind everyone else to start off with Feel like the massive cut-a-ball and the you know the cut-a-pot at the back of the army. You don't have to go back to the front. It's a bit too fragile So yeah, so first take the center second
So they're quickly put their king to safety And that's a reflex. That makes sense. No, that's really cool. I'm watching this on full. It's really fun because it's It's pretty interesting when you actually know chest a little bit And so if anyone out there really does it's it's really cool to watch these guys move because in
happen so quickly. I mean when I usually play chess game it probably lasts anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour with people I play with because you're sitting there and doing whatever these guys these guys are like I'm picking you definitely like one of those guys got in the pocket
New York City. Yeah, that just did you said betting chatting shit. Yeah, I want to play like a bandana go and take my shirt off and get home. I'm going out. Oh, yeah. Women love just
- It's true. They love the brain aspect. - Cool. Who do you got for favorite athletes? We're almost 20 minutes into this. Who do you have in your favorite win? Decau Plaza looks like they're running away a little bit.
So we've got the data plot that we've got some medicass who know.
I think he's just having a very good tournament. He's kind of carrying it. Dr. Melchus says he wants to play tolly shit. Wow. That's he has half the point. Yeah. Yeah. We have Zodar on the call.
playing would like to commentate live please. Oh bring up on stage and talk us through the talk us through the game plan. Oh that'd be awesome that would be super cool if someone from side art could go up here because then I can talk not. I don't know I'll be there playing
I mean, one of the opportunities that I've been doing and just for a bit of background people, who I am, I've been doing these kind of chess competitions for Radix, so that I
I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the past, I've been in the#
So we can do that. But one of the ideas behind this particular competition is to kind of as Babylon approaches is give a bit of life to all the projects and there's so much happening in the Rallyx phase that I think is quite easy to keep to lose track. So one of the ideas he was to kind of give a light to each of the participating projects and kind of talk a little bit about what
they're doing and at least give them a mention and just to make sure they're one kind of knows about each participating project. So I can kick us off and then if either of you have kind of specific knowledge about the projects that you talk about and then feel free to do something.
because there's so much to talk about and yeah as I say it's so easy to get lost with all these products but which is really cool to say. But I mean one will start at the top, D5 Plaza. I think that's kind of one of the household name in the right-of-the-cooker system.
Yeah, well, I don't know if either we have anything to take to be mentioned about the applies but my understanding is that I'm sitting down with Jazzer on Wednesday and him and I are going to do a couple blown podcasts so I know a decent amount of
about the project, but I'm really excited to sit down with him on Wednesday and learn a whole lot more. That'll be a good jazz. For anyone who doesn't know, he's one of the sort of real OGs of the Radix community. He's been here for a long long time.
time and initially launched DeFi Plaza on Ethereum and said it's some of the lowest fees on Ethereum. So he very much understands the house looks of building elsewhere and it's chosen to make new home for DeFi Plaza here. And he's one of the moderates, the main telegram group I'm sure
lot of people may have. You may have seen him actually. He has a bot code Jazzi bot which forwards messages automatically from our announcements channel. That is not actually the real Jazzi. He's just a jazz bot. He's an absolute legend. He seems like a cool guy. I've heard nothing but good things.
I've been I've been talked to him up personally, but I've heard he's no G and he's the man and everyone was like you got to give this guy a shot So we're finally setting something up and up for yeah, no, I'll be I'll be interesting really here like sort of firsthand his experiences from building defi Plaza on eighth and then now we sort of experiences
what he can share of bringing it to Radix. He'll have quite a cool perspective there. Dude, I'm pumped. That should be really cool. Man, we have a... Yeah, that sounds really cool. That's gonna be pretty interesting. Yeah, I think it's a good chance. You kind of get... You get such luck in a general rush.
When you're sounds weird and you're talking about chess, but you play like 10 games in a row and you're like so focused and then you have to just start the next game. It's intense. It's super intense. Yeah, it is intense. I really, really underappreciated it. Dude, I think it's actually fine. Fascinating.
So yeah, what I know about D5 Blosses, they're actually working too with Astroless and I think. Didn't they join up recently? Astroless and they're doing a fully collateralized stablecoin. So that's going to be really cool and a really interesting project to see and how that develops.
Yeah, definitely there's a lot of cool stuff hoping. I think it's a bit of, it's one of those things that a lot of people are building quite in silence and you've got a few people happy to pop out and build publicly. And obviously stablecoin is not an easy undertaking. So it's very cool to see people
still not just putting the two-hide basket, actually having a crack at it doing it publicly. Instead of putting the reputations behind it as well. So it's going to be very cool to see what they come out of it next year or so. I kind of agree more and also too. It's cool, but stablecoins for the longest time wasn't
like these really, really off-risk government backed securities and treasury notes where you get originally it was 0.5%, but now with interest rates rising, now it's like 5% that they get back. And so it's a significant increase and when you have that, it doesn't sound like a lot, but 5%
$100 billion is the $5 billion. It can get pretty insane. It's going to be really cool. I think it's going to be a really important project to be developed. I'm really interested in seeing how that develops over time. Yeah. You need it. It's literally
point or another. How do you call them issues or little wobbles? Wobbles? I think to describe it tactically. Right, I'll name it a bit.
few projects to work through. Yeah, I mean, D5 Plus sounds really cool. And I think there was a podcast as well. The jazz did with them. There's a D5 download episode. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's what it is. Oh, hell yeah. Yeah, that's worth checking out.
So that's just kind of working down the list. So I've got shape shifters next. I think there's a very new one. Yeah, yeah, very well. RDX works over took the lead from D5 Plaza. There's still not 28 points right now. So I mean, I don't know who those guys are.
Yeah, yeah
So I think that's a fairly new NFT project and I think, well, I don't know how new, but I know the white listing has been going on since January 23, and the full name is the Zaz Paradox, shape shifters with drawl, so there are an NFT collection coming out and white listing started in January.
and minting from Babylonal. Which is 6th after we're going to see so many NFC. Shout out to the last of the very active on Twitter recently. Much respect for that fellow. He's doing a fantastic job selling er, selling erratics. I like him a lot, obviously.
product and is Todd Natch. He's been putting a lot of blood, sweat, tears, energy, effort into this thing and it shows. It's really, it's incredible. So it's going to be 1,111, I believe, different individually created AI prompt engineering
I mean, I'm certainly going to be probably minting the max men as you can.
Yeah, absolutely. And I think there's a there's a token in the mix as well with them, which is the cent token of fund not mistaken, which is either live already or we're going through this. Anyone who's pops on the call from a project we're mentioning or about to mention feel free to
to request to speak as well. You can say if you were done on what you're doing. - I'm using it as a share. - You can unmute if you'd like my friend. Give us a one minute zaz pitch.
Oh, not he has to request I think because his he's a listener I know he might be part he might be playing actually here. I'll send him but he's probably sitting like you're not saying down there's no way to do it. I'm in for right now and they're not too far off seconds. I know. I know.
I'm starting from the top, but I think it's that right But I'm currently getting my ass matriol Yeah, I'm in the back of the year Okay, good luck
Right, so another project is Unisai.
Have you guys got any background news on? I've got a bit of a bit of a deal. You're a little spiel first. And I mean, I think you probably have a little bit. Did you talk to everyone beforehand and get some stuff going or?
I've got a little bit obviously your blurbs. I do appreciate the you just had to a weekly update which I enjoy. That's the main thing I know about about you can just have for the moment so you're gonna have to go with the go with the notes.
Yeah, no, it's okay. So so you decide that providing an exclusive alpha NFTs and they offer early adopters a chance to own rare and valuable pieces and so
What sets Unisire Part is commitment to listing in the future and they've got a community fund where Unisire supports the growth of its ecosystem and invests back into the unity of the NFTs. So sounds like a really cool NFT project coming up and there's a particular news update which I think is of interest.
where UniSize third season is in full swing and it's about the universe, the orange firing universe and about 60 NFTs left to mint. That headline here, the UniSize on the lookout for a talented developer to join their team. So if anyone's on the lookout to develop stuff on the relics, ecosystem
then you can reach out to the Unicide team. And Colla is the head of that project. He's a really cool guy. I like him a lot. He's been around the ecosystem for a while and I know that the Unicide they are actually doing multiple
multiple men's right so season one was a hundred men's that Calla went around and he made NFTs of pixel art of original like OGs from the Radix community and then season two was like all ice oriented and then season three I think it's like that's super heroes but like
stuff kind of a sense associated with that and I think every season I think it's going to be 20 seasons and every season is going to be one of your individual mints for that season. So it's a it's a pretty cool project I really like a lot and college college is an amazing dude so I 100% recommend them absolutely.
- Awesome.
Nice cool. My hand unit size is now in fourth place in the tournament. So you got RDX works on 61, D521, 521, shape shipping is on 41 and unit sound 32. It's kind of spreading out a little bit but I
these things can change very quickly because as soon as someone just loses his streak I'm a little surprised by the performance of caviar I know there's a few few chestnuts in that team in that community but they seem to be struggling a little bit in in seven
Well, there are chest nerds and then there are chest chores. The GMs and IMs have come out and grandmasters and international masters have come out to play today. So it's a very, very tough field in the nerds ecosystem.
Right, so Zyder.
I think Zyder is a name that we will know, we've heard and know. Do you guys have any deep insights or would I go with the blurb? He can probably go with the blurb. I mean Zyder again and Sedra again, OG's of the Radist community have done a huge amount for the ecosystem, done a huge amount for the development space.
was some of the first, you know, dropping the sort of centralized version to projects and some of the first NFTs or pseudo NFTs to hit my wallet. I think I'm still got a wallet there full of full of Radix collection. Yeah. Yeah. And I saw a, I saw a super cool demo, I think, from the side I seen about a kind of dragon
drop, kind of make the room, yeah and that is super super cool. I mean I work and date myself and kind of date and take and that kind of stuff really like brought it home for me and then if you can kind of abstract away the complications of the problem, I'm scripted up for start, makes it easier. So the fact
that they can make it so quickly. So even if it's a waste script, that's pretty cool. If anyone hasn't seen that demo, I recommend checking it out because that is a conceptually amazing. I think it's forecast for like quarter this year. I may be wrong about that with checking.
Yeah, very cool stuff happening in this place. I don't know a whole lot of other projects. I do know we integrated their wallets and I know that Cedric was a big player in making the Zeus wallet too. He was part of developing that and then they integrated some of that with the Zidar wallet.
important pieces for projects to be able to have like kind of seamless onboarding right so like for a planer and game you know like you have to have a buff token to play it and so we can't do that without manually checking or like desire and suit ball so it's actually really important what they're doing it's really cool yeah they're building a lot
Yeah, it's got, I'm not just going to say it, so they've got a wallet, they've got a validator, they've got a Dow, this kind of easy kind of drag and drop app creator or that creator, and they're also going to be in the kind of web3 mini game space. Next thing, do you guys think there will be kind of big
like pillars in the ecosystem that will have kind of these branches of like wallets down, validators, all this kind of stuff. Would you reckon we're going to see kind of smaller specialists of like a deck specialist and then a wallet specialist? Would you reckon that kind of can calculate naturally? That's a nice big question. I think that is probably probably
to tell honestly. Both I think, I think you'll have some some specializing some generalists and people building some cool infrastructure that other people can can can build on top of and sort of play around with and work on other ideas other ways of collaborating. Yeah which is I mean it's what can
This is my mind is that we have such cool options and so many fantastic builders and smart contracts aren't even here. So once they are, once they're all out, once you've seen the option, people can see a lot of the time when you're talking about these things, they're just kind of blog posts or abstract concepts. Each kind of week we move further, each new release.
It becomes a little bit more real and people start to pay more and more attention a lot of a lot of noise in the crypto space and unless you've launched something and done something Then it's very easy to get kind of lost lost in the noise So it's going to be cool to see these things rolled out and see the proof of the pudding so to speak Yeah, and I also think that's a
things like kind of generalist in like a one-stop shop type of Amazon Walmart type thing. You know what I mean? She's gonna evolve naturally just similar to how commerce is evolved in the tangible world. It's gonna happen the same way in the Web 3 world I think. So it's gonna be I can see it being like
So how's it working? Everything will go so live in the first few weeks after Babylon over the next six to 12 months. You'll probably see a lot of adrenaline less than a lot of ecosystem will probably look pretty similar to a lot of other sort of L1 ecosystems. And then over that sort of I guess six months a year onwards, you start to see people
will get a little bit more experimental in what they're building and they can really kind of test out what script on the rad extension can do. And we've seen even going through the scripto challenges people doing things, I think in the most recent one, using the concepts for smart accounts and native
that's in personas that no one in a team have particularly seen before is completely new way to do something very very cool and you're going to see that more and more and more like this is just a set of tools that make it very easy for people to do some very cool things and we're going to start to see that accelerate very quickly to get to the point I think you know
Before we know it where there will be things you can only do on Radix I was supposed to you know the first launch and what you've got a pretty basic you know deck swap setup or an NFT marketplace though the evolution is what I'm sort of most excited for I think once all this yeah, I'm even stuff like even like I don't know and I'm not you know I'm not a finance but
But is it possible that we didn't see kind of new types of loans with like atomic composability and I would think of in there will be things you can know will be seeing you can do in every part of defy today you'll be able to do on radics quicker or more efficiently and then it's going to be a whole host of things you are only
going to be able to do on this network using the whole stack from top to bottom from Cerberus being literally scalable after GM to the individual, you sort of unique technology concepts in the wallet to what you can do with the Radix engine and then what you can do mixing it mixing it all together.
Yeah, Jacob. Oh, I wanted to ask you what's your favorite thing about these crypto challenges? Because you've been around and seen all this stuff and being an interact with the contestants and kind of how that's going. What's been what's been your favorite part because I've kind of watched in the sidelines. I've been a whole dev into it but I've talked to people in it. Oh, it was in the script.
you can never particularly do or have this kind of mantle of being a programmer or a developer or a defy dev, it's just sort of super high thing that not many people can do. And seeing this sort of barrier lowered for people, but people who might not know Austin, I think it's OZ77, or something in the community.
He's a great example of this. He sort of stepped into it with very little snow experience. He's made a commitment that he was going to do it. Started a script or class of 2022 and just worked through the first five chapters of Rust and then ended up in one of our most recent challenges winning a prize.
I think you got my thing I might have got third or something doing it. It's a squirrel or a lending, here's example. You can see up on a blog that was very very cool and Peter Kim as well, people in the Braddock community might know Peter's in the stepped into the script of a world with very little experience and taking over if you prize and he's one of the
competitions and there's a few hours I don't know to mind but they've done very very well with things like that or when people come in who are experienced debt of but come in and sort of you know spend a day or something or two days doing building what they want to build and then a complete surprise they were able to do
in two days and submit it and then win something at the end of it as well. It's those sort of stories that make me really excited just to bring in the other 30 billion developers in the world into the DeFi space instead of being the set up super secret club of people that need to know solidity and have three to five years worth of, you know, specific
skill in learning that and then deploying it. So that's probably been the most probably surprising thing for me because I think when a lot of people hear the claims about script does very easy to write it off as being a marketing gimmick or just a catchphrase but actually seeing it done it was yeah it was a warmth, warmth my heart
That's really cool and I had the luxury of getting to sit down with Austin here and he's a cool dude. You know what I mean? He's a really cool guy. I got to talk to him at the Stetsis. I actually just posted the interview with him like on Friday or something and he's
He's talking about how he's like, "Yo, if I can learn scripto, if I can, with zero experience, with doing anything, anyone can actually do it. It just takes a little bit of time, a little bit of avogree's putting it in and it actually works. It's just, he's like, I can actually do this. It can't work. Now we have the Radix Academy.
as well as the course on Marala. So it's course on Marala which you can go through in a few hours which is kind of like an entree and you come through the Radix Academy which is, I don't know, like, at least over 10 hours of video tutorials done by the team at IDX works. And you can sort of follow those who come out at the end being able to build
decks or build any facet of a defy protocol. Yeah, I've been through that actually. I've been through it and it's really really cool and it kind of a de-myster puzzle so it wouldn't be like, oh, that's what a deck is like. That's what a transaction looks like. So, okay, like that's how you could see it. It's not. It's not this crazy thing happening somewhere in like, you#
like, okay, it's actually like a few lines of code I can get my head around. Yeah, it's great. And yeah, I completely echo that sentiment, yeah, completely echoed sentiment, but I kind of live, I've got very very limited my ground and kind of open stuff and you pick it up like very, very quickly. Just yeah, it's a super cool tool. I mean, I really, really like to work on skaters.#
Cool, right. Just going to keep going through a few projects and working down the list. So we've got a single out of the X as well as the project. Now in sixth vision in the competition and the neck and neck with the unit sizes, 3d tens. And so
So they are in their own words, a Trotin and Mean token, Singularity X, which is not fueled by humour, but by respects to technology and the relics ecosystem. And what I found quite cool about this is that it's not the tokenomics, it's 20% is going back to Charity. And that's Charity
in kind of the scientific and research space, especially in bonus points to do with if it's to do with kind of work through. So yeah quite a cool upcoming project there and I think want to keep my eyes on. And I think the token is syncs, yeah, syncs if I look
I'm not sure.
He's been around the space for a long time. He was associated with Thin Oads, associated with Thomes. He's been around the space for a while. This is his project that he's going to take and hold and kind of led the charge mainly for my understanding.
cool. I love science and tech and that kind of stuff. So it kind of hits home to me, especially like you said, giving 20% back to charity and driving research and industrial efforts. It's interesting. It's definitely worth checking out. Yeah, it's a good idea.
All right, here we go next.
actually playing because Jacob you're actually one of the people that registered on your day. I think the lead the lead chess algorithm is giving up on the other play. But the number one player in the tournament currently is I don't know how to say Rick Ricky
He's got 42 points and close behind him is Dr. Melicus and he's got 37 and his D5 positive versus already x works in terms of that aspect. Zydar is still up there but they're gonna need to make a move around here in the last 30 minutes.
team is to really get up next to that because it's kind of a two horse race right now. Cool. Nice. So, uh, next we have, uh, Cadia, um, which is, uh, I think a familiar name in the right A.C. system. Um, and so, so,
There's a lot going on right with Caryon. I think there's multiple coins. There are validator nodes. I think there's NFTs in the pipes and maybe wrong led, but they've heard. It sounds like it's got a lot of them. Yeah, I think they're probably they're double doing. Maybe they did the first audio NFTs on Radix.
And I think they did these they did these unusual RDX works team NFTs as well. Which way which one? Oh yeah, I saw those. That's typical. Yeah, yeah, can't be or there's a lot to say about those guys, you know, I mean, uh, they're two founders, Tron and Chris will
all of our all over in Chris. Just really smart guys. Bankers from Barclays, Begment Day, turned entrepreneurs, always dabbling in AI machine learning tech, and they were also the people behind the Reddit message board, which was exploding
a year ago and everyone was all about that. The whole community did a huge deep dive and so it was really cool. Caviar is always very integrative, very innovative with what they do in the approach they take things and they're really sharp smart dudes, building decks is building, they're doing one of the aggregators too right?
I want to feel like the underappreciated unsung heroes of like what they do sometimes is because providing those stats I mean those are all over the place people are constantly showing like the wallet usage and like transactions and that's all coming from the caviar team in the data like they collected for a lot of a lot of points
Yeah, yeah, super cool. Next we have someone I choose, or see, or see, or see swap. Okay, of course, that means there are two doctors. I know they did, and I mean they just continuously doing an awesome job. And I am Florian is one of the founders.
was one of the guys who I think when I joined the right age, I was like joined right age, and I got into Alex and the ecosystem. He was one of the guys that continuously explaining stuff and kind of giving comparisons to other L1s and he did such an amazing job doing that. I don't know if you still do, but he did so much good for the ecosystem.
Lucas have done a huge amount for the for the Radix community. It's cool to see that sort of community homegrown decks pop up and do well and and be supportive. So I'm sure that I'll continue to continue to continue to build and continue to go deeper into Radix and it's good to always good to have this support.
They have the OC cat. The mascot was a real cost. That was cool. I thought that was a brilliant marketing tool at consensus because they were just walking around everywhere and everyone loves a good cool mascot and people are really doing
engagement with them. So kudos to them on that. I think that was a brilliant marketing tool and I hope can't wait to see what they keep developing. Yeah, for sure. And so they're websites live and you can kind of see all the kind of living tokens on the relics network. And you can even trade there as well. But they are going to aim to, I think, release on day one of Babylon.
And upgrade today website with the internet work update So yeah some cool stuff coming I think Also, I saw Kilo got popped in here. We should pull him up Kilo if you're listening you're you're on a biking after space you should come up here - yeah, it's it's a relatively
If anyone has a comment, anyone wants to chat, anyone speak about a project, feel free to put your hand up, have a view up here. Here I've sent you a invite if you'd like to pop up and share some words. I'll let us know what your next guest is going to be. Host of Radix Radio.
Yeah, I was a bad player, I was a killer, but I was going to give a quick update on the leaderboard. Oh shoot, so it was 97.96, RDX works, the byplaza, but RDX works just got another three points. So there's sitting at 190.
This is coming in with the last 10 minutes of the round. We're sitting about about eight minutes and this is a neck and neck battle. It's getting real close. It's been one point, one to four point differential between these two and lots of whole time. So it's going to be really close down the road here. It's going to be wild.
Awesome. Nice nice. And then just continuing down the list we've got the Flee Hedge Fund. I think it's probably Flee is a name. I've been hearing for a very long time but actually to me it's quite quite mysterious. I don't think I have the full story so do you guys have the background?
Where should we start with Bobby's? There's a lot. Well about one minute. Oh man, Bobby. Jacob, you want to say something quick? Bobby's been one of those people on, you know, on Rattics Twitter is quite the doughing little
subcommunity I guess and Bobby is very very active on there. He's supported a lot of projects, given away a lot of XRD, given away a lot of NFTs. You find him popping up everywhere that often has some quite good takes on current market sentiment and is quite entertaining as well.
Yeah, Bobby's a cool guy. There's not enough good things I could say about Bobby. He is just a supportive of every project that's ever come around. He's always wants everyone to win. He's kind of pushing forward. He's kind of a little bit of a wail himself and so he draws a little bit of a crowd and he brings
good friend of mine. He's got a project too that Austin, the scripto dev, he's working on with them too, where you're upgrading NFTs on their platform. It's like an NFT chest bolt. I don't know exactly how it's going to work. They're kind of keeping it tighter in the wraps, but they're going to be releasing something on Babylon. So that's going to be really cool to see.
Love them Lincoln up like that.
Yeah, it's super sweet and awesome to really cool guys
Bobby is the legit meme, like his so kind and such a great guy that like I think Bobby the meme has a real lasting impact among a certain group of ratics community. So it's cool to see that he's developing with other guys and I'm always
excited about whatever's going on with Bobby. Nice. Nice, very nice. Yeah, I love this concert. It seems such a cool kind of environment in the right community. It's Bobby. It's just feel so positive and positive.
And we do have an update already x works in D5 Plaza or tied currently into the battle D5 Plaza was up quick
And then the idea is to get the idea.
into a one-day game that top plays for each team. I reckon we asked them to explain the low level of service and that's the first explanation. Well listen, I think the idea of the work team has Josh on it at some point who is basically the guy that creates
So I might help. I'm very very very happy to have you. We also had a bit of play over there. There's some prize money going on here. So like in terms of it individual. So the first the winner here gets $200 worth of XOV. And there are a few prizes as well. So random prizes
and some more prizes down the leaderboard. So there is, yeah, there's some exciting on the line as well. Speaking of that, the two top players for the two top teams are tied right now. Ricky, Ricky Kits and Mr. Malikis are tied at 40. Have they played again? Yeah, yeah. So that'll be it.
Yeah, I'm sure they've played quite a few. So if you click on a specific player, you can actually see their journey through to and so they've played they've played once. You can play several times in this format, which is a cool quirk. Yeah, yeah, we keep an eye on them. But yeah, moving on.
down with this we've got radical fractals as well which I think is a cool NFT project which has gone on now.
It's actually pretty balanced with, as he rickicates, he's got the upper hand now. He's just kind of forked the bishop and the pawn. And you can see black species are a little bit uncomfortable. He's definitely controlled. There's a little more on top of the alert. Is the optimal one. Exactly. Those two knights in the middle are pretty cool.
Exactly, I like you. I like you. But I probably bet on on Ricky Kits there. I think his position is pretty nice. Lesson, Dr. Melicus, find something.
to get out of it. But it's still pretty close. It's still pretty close.
It's gonna be the deciding factor is only two minutes left. Yeah, but for these guys it's actually quite long time. I don't think that would be too long. I just quickly mentioned I didn't really have a chance to get on but I did just publish a thread. I was
I'm just going to save it for tomorrow, but it just seemed like an opportune time. So thanks for everyone's for your playing for our team. It's been fun, even though I stuck. [LAUGHTER] I'll check out the threat. Everyone, go check. Yeah. Go on.
I'll be in the fall, though.
the game is still going pretty, the science is still going pretty, but it's still going pretty well.
happening this time in this time control is made him essentially.
Thanks so much.
So yeah, so yeah, so good for those saying how is this coming down I just This come down a couple pieces here with between these two so yeah, so this is what we generally refer to as an endgame and actually what might be a little bit of the
of a bad end is that the time runs out so like you can see there's eight seconds left in the tournament but they've got like way more time. And I think if the tournament runs out the game just doesn't count for any points so that's the deal. So there'll be less time.
Oh, mustard chest. I look especially while the other two be battling out. I lost the head. Oh, I did not. I did not. Looks like they look like they're going for
expect a sort of exotment out of the some of our life. This has been wild. Oh, it's finished. All the x works. Oh, it's not going to lie.
Normally you'd go to like gold difference right or something like something different. Yeah, there is there so I think so there are some kind of tie break mechanisms and I think so our next word takes it Because I think they've got lower average rating. Oh, yeah, so me being part of it drag the whole
Jacob has to play the worst game ever. No one wants to see that. He's absolutely gonna wipe me. So I don't want to take him in running away. I think that's going to go. So is it?
Yeah, that's it. We will go down to I guess D5 Plaza and the other winners basically we forfeit for prizes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. And that's just to show your dominance.
So his boss doesn't know it. We're still in charge. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I think I can just imagine the players now think they're in charge. I can imagine number two and three. Yeah, we annoyed that they were under the moon.
is really cool and yeah I just want to make sure that we do give a little bit of time to go and click on the ones we've missed who's next. So we've got radical fractals as well, we've got the spicts, we've got 12 points and so the radical fractals are in the NFT projects and I think they've been around a while I think it's becoming a household name
as well. And those NFTs are based on, are defined by our equations over the field of complex numbers. So if you're in some maths then they're for you. And I think they're, I mean, they're really cool patterns. If you haven't checked out the NFTs, they're listed on Viking land. And they're pretty cool pieces of art, actually. They're very nice.
it is pretty sweet and also the guy behind it may have here are milch i don't know if they have exactly but he also is behind the game of life to which is a similar type project except uh... instead of them being stagnant there are actually like uh... moving pieces so it's pretty cool there but that's on uh... on radish uh... square
Thank you very much.
So we've also got a photo which is a name I'm hearing more and more. Have you guys had any contacts or any? Yeah, photo. Sometimes they market place. Oh, no, this is a photo on the marketplace part of the grants cohort one.
a little bit more on the radar so they haven't released their main product yet but you'll start seeing them pop up quite a bit more after Babylon. Nice, so people can check out the article on the graphs. For more details, for sure as well.
a live interview with Vlad at consensus posted on my YouTube channel. I have tweeted about it too, but I've seen their marketplace. It's really slick. It's really good. It's gonna be impressive. So when they launch it on Babylon, you're definitely gonna be hearing around a lot, but you can say that. Check. Yeah, it's live now.
It's pretty cool. He showed me a lot of consensus on the floor. He hasn't posted anything live. It's really slick. It's going to be working well. The marketing design aspect of it is really cool. It's definitely going to be a good product. It's a good thing to be able to
more of a set of tools for creators than a normal open-sea marketplace kind of thing. So you can have a lot more functionality there to make generating NFTs and making money as a creator a lot easier. That would be cool to see.
Cool, we've also got implementing DLT, we play, which I personally wasn't familiar with before the tournament. There are upcoming kind of group of professionals that have been keeping in Iron Ratics.
Love addicts now and they've been convinced by the technology and I think that yeah, that is the place to be and so they're kind of implementing a yeah, I know that kind of a Yeah, you're on here. I'm on the thing In what implemented the LT Yeah, is that you or see G bowls?
team leader. In the leaches. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,#
I don't belong to anything, I'm just doing the chest slide. So they're kind of putting together a team on the roadmap that's token to NFTs, a validator node. And I think they're kind of going to be pushing it together very soon. So I want to keep an eye on it.
I don't know much about them, so I'll make your soon to see what they bring forth. Yeah, for sure. We also have Lucky 8. Lucky 8 is a luxury project.
I'm just finding the infogin. It's a lustrous lottery on the Rolex network. And I think they've got a very big luxury coming up, which is going to have 120,000 XRD on the line. And I think you use the luck tokens.
to kind of get your luxury tickets. So just to get a bit more data on that, we've got Laptop is going to be submitted to enter the big yearly draw and the first yearly draw is coming up soon on June 1st and they'll be giving away 120,000 xRD to one lucky winner.
So, Luck tokens can also be bought and sold on market. So, you're kind of normal token on the Rx network. And you can also state to the lucky 8 value data node to give your tickets a bit more higher probability to win the drop. So, it's cool.
I'm actually expected to see a bit more of these kind of luxury projects popping up. But I'm kind of reassured to see them happening. I think it's a kind of a healthy part of the ecosystem. So yeah, lucky eights and the coin is the luck token.
So good to know. Yeah, absolutely. I don't know a whole lot about them, but that sounds interesting and a lot of fun. I mean, the Rags world loves themselves and some good luck coming away. That sounds pretty sweet. Nice. I think I've pretty much done through everything I wanted to on my side. I hope I've given every project.
And if anyone's on the call or wants to give any more detail or kind of correct anything that we said or anything like that, then feel free to put something in the chat and we can add you to the speakers. But hopefully that gave everyone a good overview of the upcoming projects on the RAN Existing. Of course this is not an exhaustive list.
I'd like to do some other games as well. If anyone has any other suggestions that can be run in a similar format, I'd be quite cool to revolve around whether it's Starcraft or poker or Smash Bros.
I have no idea but if anyone knows how to put a tournament together, the project and community members can play at the same time, it should be a message because there would be very interesting what else we can do because it's been a lot of fun. Yeah, this was great. Honestly, I had a lot of fun commenting on it because I like chess and not great at it but I know how to
but it's been fun watching it. How exciting this was. It was the last minute of my win. It's far from these slow chess from the 1970s. This is back into speed chess.
So I don't have an answer. I got lucky. Thank you both for coming to give me a big thank you both you absolutely I'm saving me here would have been a very clunky space this actually wasn't for YouTube so very much you support for
for Radix and for the tournament as well. It's been a pleasure. Just to mention also that the kind of Radix chess space is active. If anyone on the call likes chess, just you can join the Radix chess telegram which is growing
as a few kind of very active members who help and play monthly tournaments and we do feel like that. Also to kind of flagged it last year we did a real nice big tournament. There was not only for Rallyx or Rallyx community members. It was
just for test base in general and it went really well. There are about three or four thousand participants. And so we're going to do that was good. You commented that we had Twitch stream is everything. Compromotion from my chest like we chest that was that was big business. Yeah. Yeah it's cool. And I mean you know
I need to, I hope I can, I have a few contacts. But yeah, I mean, I have a lot of fun being this up for the relics ecosystem and we're going to try and do the same again for post Babylon to kind of celebrate the release and try and get a flow of three thousands of people hearing about the community and it
and July all.
one's a little bit of you know a lot of it history to track it through to see with the previous Radix chess champions were yeah so sure so all right Jones thank you very much thank you for choosing again and I'll come back to this in Henry days now I think I'll let me let me let me have a quick look we
We got 78 days to go by the long so we'll call the next one in about 88.98 days. So it's around up to 100 so see you back here in around 100 days to celebrate the launch of Babylon. I saw you guys. I'll see you there. Have a good one guys. See you guys soon.

FAQ on The Radix Gambit: Ecosystem chess competition & project deep dive | Twitter Space Recording

Who is joining Mr. Thomas Gaffney for the podcast?
Resident chess master, G-pel.
What is the podcast about?
The Radix game, specifically chess.
What does G-pel need to do to speak?
Unmute himself and speak.
What happens if the chess game becomes less interesting?
They will dive into the projects they are involved in.
Who is Jacob XRD?
There is no information provided in the text.
What kind of competition is being used for the chess game?
A special kind of competition online called Leechs Arena.
What is the point system for the chess competition?
Two or three points for a win and one point for a tie, with winning streaks worth more.
How are the teams determined in the chess competition?
Players enter the tournament with a team and the team's total points is the sum of the top three players with that team.
Who is getting beaten in a chess game by GM Ricky?
What is the time format for the chess competition?
Three minutes for the entire game, with an extra two seconds added each time a move is played.