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TWIN TALK: Family Friendly (with friends)

Recorded: April 26, 2023



Is this just a quiet waiting period? I was just about to unmute myself and saying let's have everyone drop in one by one. I'm putting everyone on the stage. Man, it's great to have you here, Glacier because I wasn't sure if you would make it really to come through
show as a speaker as well and it's great to have you on my show this time. So great, thanks for joining, we'll be well we can actually start it's a little past seven and I guess there will still be people dropping in as the end
If T-spaces is a bit quiet, it looks like the Twitter spaces are getting a bit more quiet sometimes as well. But we'll just be here every week with Marcel and every other week as well with Joey and Milo. So welcome everyone. We've got Hashtag already in the room and Hashtag is all
always are co-host. Mark, what kind of project are you running again? Can you enlighten us a bit before I start the rest of the show? Yeah, hello everyone. Thank you Patrick for the warm intro. Yeah, so for everyone that doesn't know, so Mark from the aspect
Obviously, I feel like pretty much everyone here knows what we do here, but over the past week on Monday we actually released a store, first NFTs coming from Hashtag just as a way to stress test the system because, but yeah, because this is
just the first of many announcements that will be coming in in the coming weeks. But yeah, I know super excited to be here. Really excited to see the trailer come out from Earthlings this morning. And yeah, really excited for this conversation. So Patrick, would you like me to
kind of get started with some of the intros. Now I gave you the words a bit too early, but it doesn't matter. I'll give you back the words for the intros in a second. We all explain as well who we are. Of course, many in the space already know what earthlings entails. We are building it
gaming metaphors under there we will make it look amazing of course and we'll have all eyes on the there from that corner as well and if you liked the underground scenes Mark just mentioned it as well and we showed it on us with the space just go there or go to a discord that we we showed it as well it's the extended
the ground scenes. Well, you're up for an even bigger surprise with the floating islands that are coming out if all goes well next week. So they're already finished. It's just a timing that we're now setting. So all these things, I hope people can agree that it shows that we're building the best looking Starless Game on Web 3.
better place to do it on than on Adera. And remember everything we show is from the game build. So what you see is what you get, what you see is what you play. So let's get back into the show. Last week, Milan and Joey spoke about the HPA Foundry. And I think actually we've got some new people joining the whole
something totally different. We'll have a nice mix of subjects, we go a bit freestyle, I know that's what some of our gets like a lot as well, go a bit to left, a bit to right, I like this well. And we actually also invited some of our friends to the table and have them speak a bit about their projects as well.
And last but not least, another friend that we already now heard about is a glossy. And luckily, I had to say, because I have it on my script, is he come to speak or just come to listen in? But we're very proud to have you here to speak as well, glossy. So thank you for that.
So, now Mark, can you now introduce all the guest speakers the way you always do? And don't forget my brother, by the way, because he's here too, and he's on holiday in France in another room. He didn't want to sit in the same room. Can you imagine? He wanted his own phone. So, introduce all the guest speakers please.
Okay, well, I guess I'll start with Marcel the other day I finally got to see him face to face so it was great to to see him but yes for Marcel here a co-founder of Earthlings as well and Yeah, so we normally do this between Patrick Marcel and us and so yeah super excited for this conversation. We also
have Kabila, I don't know if who's behind the Kabila logo, but they have an awesome launchpad and also a wallet and yeah it's so awesome to see all the things that they're coming up with. The Sewers, I think it's called the new NFT project coming soon.
from them is super exciting. We also have Glassy and I've heard Glassy, I don't know if you're in consensus, but yeah so we've shared a space at the stage a few times so awesome to have you here. We also have Aniseed which I actually heard about you guys for the first time today when
Patrick sent me the list. So yeah, great to have you guys here. Awesome to see what you guys are doing and trying to, you know, use and leverage Web 3 to, you know, make an impact in the world. And then we have the RST. So been a long time Discord member, still remember, like,
in October or even September speaking in the discord so great you guys have to have you guys here and yeah I guess we can get it started passing on to you Patrick. Great thanks thanks for that maybe you said another name but oh you said TRST you need to tell me where this name comes from TRST guys because
It's hard to remember from me anyway. Let's get back to Marcel first Marcel you're in France now your two rooms Parts from me when I stay in France are you gonna go back to the Netherlands? I Want to go back as soon as I can I'm working here you keep going all the day, but application but it's not a occasion
But no, in the same room isn't it's no it wasn't a good idea I think but no anyway I'm not on vacation here. I'm working working late because it's busy also so Yeah, I'm just in France, but not on vacation But can you at least tell tell the people?
people here that you're so happy to be in Twitter space myself. Yeah, I am very, very happy. Now, looking forward for this all at the end, I, they better, you know that. No, no, I don't have any stress. So work, work is fine. Great. Well, let's start all the sorry, anyone want to say something?
No, no, okay, mostly you need to use yourself then so oh sorry. Yeah Well, I'll get back to you anyway. Well, just first quickly talk about Indeed the underground trailer that we just released and as I said everything that we showcase are actually scenes from from the real game
that we're building. So you won't get cinematic trailers where you later get disappointed because the game looks so much different than what we promised to. So everything that you now see in a wish showcase is really what you play. We had some real nice comments on that.
We even had a YouTuber once asked me for that. Is this the game or is this a cinematic trailer? So actually it was both done. So we had this fewer discretion in it before we had the whole game.
trailer. Why did we do that? Because many may think, "As a bit overdone, don't you think?" Because Hansel and Gretel, they have very exciting Fuyon kids parts and even, well, Bumby is in the dark force. Well, the thing is, maybe I'm just a nerd or a scaredy-fans. I don't know, but when we added sounds
to the trailer. It sounded a bit spooky to me and I'd rather have people saying afterwards, well you didn't have to do the fewer discreetion, then people saying afterwards, well I showed it to my age year old and he was really spooked by that and you were family friendly.
That's why I think we should have added it. Marcel, what do you want to say about that? No, we definitely should add it because I was at a friend's about two weeks ago, I think. And I showed the, I was talking about the game and I showed in the trailer and the skits were also there. I think there are seven to
nine years old, two of them. And they loved it. I showed several scenes and I was talking about it was going to be family friendly so it was so sweet. The youngest said, "Oh, I can also play it." Yes, you can also play it. But then I showed some short scenes because
We didn't have the extended version that we showed now, at least you didn't show me. I showed them some underground scenes and the parents said the little one is going to think this is a little scary, he wouldn't like it. Well he would like it but he wouldn't be able to sleep from it.
He played Roebox blocks just a few days earlier and he kills one of his friends and this little character fell apart in little blocks and he couldn't sleep for days. It was so scary for him. So that made me think that yes we should have a little bit of age restriction.
maybe in the game we should be able to have a parent look on some scenes. So because it's very different for every kid because one of my neighbors also has a little boy and I think he is about the same age. I think he's eight. Yeah, I think he's eight.
I was invited there for dinner. This was around the same time. I think I'm confused now how long it took, but one or two weeks I don't know. And we were finished eating dinner and he put on his PlayStation and this aggressive shooter game showed up and he was playing it.
Bam, bam, bam, shooting people blood and go everywhere and I was looking at my wife and we were thinking okay, that's not just so there's a big difference in kids from the same age it's just how you raise them I prefer them not having shoot games at young age I think but I don't want to
talk my name is down of course. But yeah, there's a lot of difference in age and what some kids can handle. Go at glossy. I guess just to be a counterpoint not to be a contrarian but to be a counterpoint and have an
Raising three kids, so this isn't just like judging from the fence on the other side of the fence or whatever you might say But we have a pretty much a no shooter game no guns no violent I mean, they're gonna get it. It's not like but we have a very intentional rule around that and and
is just a culture that we support. I think we really do need to build peace. And I'm not saying don't have a shooter game ever, right? I'm definitely not saying that because I definitely enjoy some shooter games and have
some fun friendships and have a lot of good memories of playing shooter games. So I'm not saying down with shooter games, but as they're growing up, especially younger ages, yeah, we just kept it completely out of the house.
Marcel, come on, just start. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just want to do it nicely with everything. I totally agree with you because I tried my kids to keep them away from shoot the games as long as possible. But it will get to an edge where I think it was through
I didn't really agree with it in the beginning, but you can't really stop it. But yeah, it's different for each kid, I think. But I don't agree with young kids playing really aggressive shooter games.
I don't judge you my neighbors because I like them very much. It's the way how they raise their kids. But I do think if you have two worlds, one world with only family friendly games and one world with shooter games, I think the shooter game world will end up more violent. But I forgot what I was going to say.
Okay, I'll bring it up later. I think someone else has his hand up found something. Yeah, it is before I had over to you, and it's what I want to say is that we yes, these these
on the ground scenes are a bit scary but it's mainly the sound that made it a bit scary. If you walk in a forest at night it's scary as well but if you add the sounds around it yeah that's making it a bit more tense but we won't ever have blood zombies or
We had monsters that scare you off. It's just for that category of kids that already don't sleep when their friends turn into little blocks. So we wanted to make sure that everyone can enjoy it and we will just have an adjustment button for the sound that
that parents can use to have another vibe of this environment, all closely down for their kids entirely, but will still be family-friendly overall. We just know that some people like it, a bit more exciting, and we can do that in certain scenes. So any seat, let me hear what your thoughts are.
Yeah, I would just well first of all I'd say that I also have a couple of young children who play computer games I we also have a sort of no violence shooting game policy but a couple of things I've noticed one that
Almost everything that is either a game or even a cartoon even aimed at children has some form of violence or shooting or killing. I mean even Minecraft has zombies. We went to see Pussin boots, you know the other day in that
had demons in them. It's very difficult to actually completely avoid some level of killing or death. Obviously some games are much much worse than others, a name that's it. But even in other games or comics and cartoons it seems to be everywhere. So it's quite hard to avoid, I found
And the other thing I would say is that even if you do avoid it, some games, you know, you mentioned nightmares around Roblox, but my, I mean, my son was crying the other day because he couldn't finish the level in racer, which is a very simple Hot Wheels game where you just have to, you know,
progress through the levels and so on. So even without him playing violent games, he was pretty addicted to this game and it was quite upsetting to see just how badly he wanted to finish that level. So I still think it needs to be
even if there is no violence policy, I'd say that it needs to be very closely monitored. I mean, I played a lot of games when I was younger, but I think games now are very advanced, they're very addictive and they're very, very gamified to the point where they really do suck children in.
myself. Yeah, yeah, I'm not. I just want to raise my hand anytime. Sorry, Patrick. Yeah, yeah, I wanted to say about something about, yeah, I forgot. No, no, I've got it. I've got it. Yeah, you were talking about aggression in games. There's always some sort of aggression in games.
I understand of course, but I think there can be games that don't have it and even are still competitive like Mario Kart. I love Mario Kart. Yes, you're shooting some shells, etc. But that's I don't think that's aggressive and I personally I love a really really
I don't know if you know it, but it's really addicted to me. But only the GameCube version. So, and I want to stress, I want to roll up, I talked to fast, I
English gets what I wanted to say. Yeah, there will be a very competitive gameplay in Earthlings. We are thinking about how to approach that. And I don't think you need guns and things like that and violence. And only Mario Kart is a very good sample of that.
example of that and even if you put a soccer game in it, if you play soccer it's not aggressive but it's still very competitive so I think we can work around having a competitive game without guns. I agree on Mario by the way I've played a lot of the N64 version when I
was at university and it really is a great game and it's great. In fact, obviously there was no internet really so it was split, you know, full player split level on the same TV which I think was the first time you could play four people on the same game. But you know, you're absolutely right. I mean, I think Mario is one of the better, Mario Kart, sorry,
one of the best games ever.
addicted to gaming and I had a discussion about this with Patrick this week. How do you prefer people or kids to be in your game for hours and hours and hours after hour just playing your game? That's not what we want to do so we could have a timer or just
and alerts, look outside to windows sometimes. But then again, if you do want them in your game and if they leave your game they're just going to play another game. So that's something I really don't know how to approach. Luckily it's not your department and we have nice ideas about that already.
Don't worry about that. To all our guests, we haven't forgotten about you. I did not think that this would be so much food for talk, but I'm loving it, but we will get to our guests. Mark, what do you want to say? Yeah, I just wanted to piggyback off what Marcel was saying. It's kind of, it's a hard
I gave a gaming company because you have both perspectives as a parent. You don't want your kids to spend hours and hours without being a single game, but as a gaming company, at the same time, you also want to keep people intrigued and keep wanting to play more.
So it is a complicated balance. I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with. I've seen so many games and I've seen so many different ways of approaching this type of stuff in terms of quests that are time limited. If once you finish it, you have to wait and come back.
back because at the end of the day, we are also here for the daily active user in terms of like, you know, you want to keep players coming back, you know, maybe you don't want them to spend six hours at a time and then not come back for another week, it could be better to spend, you know, two hours or an hour, maybe even 30 minutes a day or something like that. So yeah, it's going to be
tough balance but I'm sure you guys will figure it out. Yeah, yes, but I think there's another thing we have we of course are also made of first so people are also going to interact with each other and this is really funny because this gamer I have two sons one doesn't really game is he goes out a lot and the other
what is a game in his room gaming. And he's interacting in this, I don't know what game it is, but it's, I think it's GTA, I don't know actually, but they're doing role playing now. So the first time I heard it, it goes something like this. So he's gaming and
I'm sitting on the computer working and I'm hearing him talk from the top. I'm translating it in the initial course. Yes, of course, it won't happen again. No, no, no, no, please, please don't ban me. Okay, sir, okay, sir, I will pay the tickets. Okay, thank you. Okay, bye bye. And the next day he's a judge and he's going like, no, no, no#
you have to pay the sh- no, your band, I don't know, it's all stuff like that and he's- it's hilarious, it's- and my wife's nice, something we listen to him and he's just playing the roles. I don't know, I hope they're gonna do that in our game, right in the boss's right, is that you're speeding or too hard, you're gonna get a ticket. Oh I'm sorry#
So that's also where we made the first AND gaming and it's like that game. I don't know. I think it's Grandest Auto, but I don't know. You could also interact with each other. So that's also something that's going to be really fun. I hope he's going to do that in our game also. Jack, what do you want to say?
Hey guys, yeah, it's really interesting how you mentioned GTA because that was on my mind. It's obviously a delicate topic and it's finding a balance, but I also think there's other key factors like the environment because I remember as a kid playing GTA quite a lot and I know my brother, he actually
competed. He used to play Call of Duty, which is also, you know, you can consider it a violent game and he used to compete on a national level in Spain. But then I look at myself and I look at my brother and neither of us have turned out to be violent. So I think it's an interesting combination of factors. Obviously I'm not saying that I absolutely
I think there are other factors that play into a child as they grow up. There are a lot of things we learn in these games. Besides the violence, there are a lot of things I learned playing games like about life and what not.
different games, not just GTA, but it's interesting how you mentioned GTA just before I was going to speak, because that's what was on my mind. So yeah, it's balanced, it's definitely balanced, and it's a delicate topic for sure. And I don't have kids. I'm talking from my own personal experience playing as a kid. So do you know if it would all see you?
What's it? GTA so where you can be a cop you can be a judge etc and you read it Yeah, it was yeah GTA there's there's a whole thing with the LCs that like there's a lot of role playing there's actually a massive in-game economy inside of GTA I've never I just played you know the campaign and I never really participated in that but like I've
had friends that have been extremely invested into this DLCs in terms of GTA and getting the new mention or doing this and that. So yeah, it is GTA. I wanted to go this further on and then we'll go to the guest guys. I'm loving this conversation.
I promised my guests to have the speaking time as well. But Jack, what you said, my personal motivation is if you grew up in a war zone, would you have another look at these games? For me, it's just funny how we
make these bloody and by the way for everyone listening to the space no judging here actually I love these games I just don't play them out of because of my personal feelings about it but I don't judge others if they do because I admit they are fun to play but for me it's I'm trying to teach my
my kids that in some countries, their friends are being shot around them. Are you then going to play again where you shoot people? For me that's something that just doesn't add up. I'm not going to say a lot again, but I need to go to the next peak as well. Sorry for that. But man, this is so nice.
If I knew that we had so much discussion about this, we could have done a whole show about this. But we have a lot of guests and I want to know what they are doing because we are doing something like Friends of Earthlings. We have a lot of friends today. The Earthlings are creating a Friends of Earthlings
group and we've got some new friends it seems today. I'll just go on to the first one on my list and that was sorry for the other speakers but I was any seat NFT. Any seat can you explain what you are doing because you're quite new to the space or are you can you explain it to us?
Yeah, so happy to explain that I keep it brief because I have also had the microphone a bit so I'm not new to the space personally. I've been around since about 2016. I've seen all the cycles ICO boom and then the potential STOs and then D5.
and everything else. Founded Aniseed, well, Dostade originally, which was a charity project working with Coinbase to sweep up a cryptocurrency dust and then give it to charity, then Aniseed, which is a charity NFT marketplace. What we've done designed recently with the
with the partnership with the HBAR Foundation are these climate collectibles, which are essentially NFTs, but we're calling them climate collectibles, which are individual positive impacts on the planet, and that can be anything from the planning trees, building wells, repairing schools,
support local communities that are designed through the HBAR or HADER I should say Guardian, so they're all verified transparent with an ordered to work, flow, and so on. And these have been designed, we mentioned gamification, but these have been designed to gamify and get people engaged in the
whole process of trying to get involved in helping the planet. Lots of people want to help but they don't know how to. Lots of people don't just want to give money. Lots of people are fed up with the lack of transparency. So these climate collectibles are, we're able to work with companies to
incorporating them into their rewards programs were able to work with games to incorporate them as game assets either to be purchased or even just to have round various game worlds. So you for example if you had a tree in a game or if you had a well in a game or a river in a game we could have
projects actually preserving those in the real worlds, you know, as we do all around the world currently and as we are producing trees and even animals, so leopards, tigers, lions and so on. So they can appear in worlds, they can appear as rewards and we ourselves are launching our own
PFP collection after our Founders card collection which is coming soon, but the primary goal is to work with projects. Well in Web 3 in general but primarily obviously on Adera and you know help them offset their cover particularly go beyond carbon so help rewild areas help preserve
of acres of rainforests, help plant trees, help rebuild schools. And we've got projects in Costa Rica, Panama's in Barbue, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and so on. So on the cover of a very wide range of impact. And that's really what we want to do. We want to go beyond carbon.
want to use the technology for good, but I think the key is gamification. We really want to get people involved by creating ultimately as well as trading card game with these assets on so that people can trade them, collect them and level up and then use them either on our platform but within our
also partner platforms. That sounds great and I know that you were in glasses show once as well and everyone wanted to speak to you so I've got you on my show now all for myself. So I love that but thanks thanks for coming out
and being a friend of Erfning's as well. But it's amazing, of course, what you do. And it appeals to everyone because you know that there's, you can have people who agree or disagree with the world heating up, but I think everyone agrees that we need to stop cutting down trees and we don't want to shoot all the red
Yeah, absolutely. Well, first of all, thank you for having me on. I'm a great fan of your project and your game. But absolutely, yes, the website that's currently up is a little out of date. We're going to be very shortly relaunching or updating the website to reflect.
We've made first of all in the collectibles and secondly also the project so yes there will be the quick answer will be there will be pages that Describe our projects in order and we have you know we do have a variety of animal you know we've got a rhino
Sanctuary and South Africa and so on and so on. But yes, that you absolutely spot on on the actual Anacid webpage. We don't detail them currently, but we will be doing that shortly. Yeah, and just just for to make it more clear even for people. So I'm just imagining something. Okay, let's think that we do that. But let's imagine
I'll build an open space somewhere in Irvling's land. I have it just with dirt already grass and every time someone buys a tree in your game you could like visualize it in Irvling's land, plant it there and have it grow for stuff like that you could do I guess.
Absolutely and the whole it can be an area as you just said with You know trees, but it can be anything it can be a it can be a forest it can be a Glen it can be a watering hole, you know, rangeland and anything that is wandering or for example you can have a watering hole and if a lion for example
goes and has a drink. That actually represents one of our five lines that we have in the project in Zimbabwe and that people can potentially collect those and trade them and so on. So yes, the answer is absolutely, you can have an anodity of earthlings forest, you can have all sorts of other
species in there because obviously we want to create sort of perfect or close to perfect ecosystems but absolutely that type of scenario is absolutely possible. You can even take it further. I know glassy loves water so maybe glassy wants to pay for well somewhere in the town.
in Africa where they don't have enough water. You can do everything with charity, but I'm just planting seeds here, but that's up to you, of course, but we could have a well in some of our town's, the NEC, well, you buy it, and with that money, you sponsor a well somewhere in Africa.
much possible. Well, anyway, I'm not absolutely, and even things like schools, if you had a school in the game and you needed to buy books for the school, or you needed to recruit more teachers, again, we could do that in some of the most remote parts of Africa where education is
absolutely could be funded, you know, improve funding for example, you know, lots of the children in that book. So absolutely, well, you know, I love the idea of building a well, or even simple things like beehives. We have a project in Zambia who are, you know, creating beehives for farmers and then they sell the honey
to create an alternative living to simply cutting down the trees and killing the animals. So you're absolutely right. The well's idea is a great idea. You have to build a well for example in the game for the town to have clean water. Therefore we provide clean water for 100 people in a village
in Zambia, so they can be absolutely linked. And the great thing about it is with LIDA scanning and remote sensing and satellite imagery, we've actually set it up so that you can actually portal into the actual area, the imagery, and you can actually see the well-balanced
built and so on. So there's lots of different things that you can bring in to that type of concept in your game. Absolutely. I would tell you what Glesi wants to say because he was spitting out love. I'm overjoyed around this. The idea of more PFPs.
That's like the Drake meme and the Drake's like no, I don't want that more for your fees. No, I don't want that. Tokenomics and in-game economies so we can actually help real world communities, real people in the IRL metaverse. We use the gaming systems to actually help people in the IRL
like that we take for granted right I just drive down to the store I get this beautiful delivered from a truck right from a spring into this machine not sitting in plastic I go get this amazing spring water I don't care if I have to pay for every gallon so picky but let's face it that's bougie most people don't have that kind of opportunity a lot of
people don't even know the ill effects that they're receiving from maybe not having enough intention in selecting their water. I could go on, we could talk about that for six hours straight is as simple as the thing is it is. Did you know the Buddhists have I think, I want to say 12 distinguishing characteristics
when they're talking about water, that they have that many different kind of like elements to how they look at the water and the different the springiness and the lightness and that there's all these different characteristics. So it's something so simple as water. But what I got really excited about was the idea that on the one hand people are also
not only needing water, but they're needing access to information, right? Access to information because something we also have in a huge abundance is some information. My goodness, we could build and imagine how excited I know how excited my community would be to know that their educational content might actually
reach distribution points because of a network that was built that it could actually reach people that needed that information in Africa. And because of real world translation, not real world, but our real time or just incredible translation tools that we could immediately make those information that
powerful information and education available across all kinds of different languages. So they have immediate access to this valuable information. So on the one side is great for them. On the other hand, how great it would be for our community to know that they could actually have a distribution outlet where that information was going to land and make some impact.
I think you would do very well as a motivational speaker. It's very very nice listening to you. A very motivating how you talk. I always tell him he should start a talk show and now you know why. Anyway, I think, oh man, you see by the
Anyway, how gaming makes a project like any seed even cooler. So the thing is you can do charity and make it cool at the same time. Yeah, charity is cool from the heart, of course, because you want to help people. And that's cool. But you add another layer of coolness by combining
it with gaming. And that's what I love about this project as a trying to do that. Just because you know, it's not cool. No, it's really not cool. Tell me is an industry standard where the people, the dogoaters, actually, they get this giant yoke put around their neck and this
say, hey, it's going to be an industry standard for 80 to 90% of all of your time is going to go to fundraising, giving you only 10 to 20% of your operational capacity to actually go towards the impact. I mean, that's crazy. That's like tying someone's hands and legs and then saying, go save the world.
Yes, this is true for a lot of companies that do volunteer work, etc. Most of it goes to commercials and just and even the CEO gets a lot a lot of money from that. I totally agree. Well, I think we've got two new
BFFs here so that's great we love sharing love and making new friends So I'm loving this well anything anyway, so we've got some more guests that I think we can even go back to this subject a little later on because I'm liking there so just any seat just for your information the well was my idea okay so I
We need to see what's there, but I like it. I like it. I like it. Glossy likes it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I#
Will you be my friend as well and let us know what are you building because you're building something quite new I think in the hair of the aerospace can you explain us that? Hey, everyone. Yeah, well, thanks again for having those touch trickies good to connect I'll answer your first question actually TRST isn't
the name of the project is the acronym for the name. So it stands for the Revolution Stars tomorrow. And most people affectionately call it trust, which is a nice side consequence of the acronym as well. But yeah, I mean, for anybody who doesn't know, we run the Revolution Stars tomorrow
a multi-fested brand, it is an NFT project, it's a comps project and we also did hash dot which was a massive collaborative giveaway. Today I wanted to talk about TRSC comps which is something we've been developing over the last, probably six months now, we're getting excited
close to being able to show it to somebody. With that in mind, probably the easiest way of explaining exactly what it is and what it does, it's going to be a blue chip, high tier NFT, comp system where people can basically ruffle for high tier NFTs that they may not necessarily have had
the opportunity to get the hands on. But it's going to be a bit more than nice. It's going to be an entire experience. So the best example of it that exists today is on EF, which is a site called Metawin, incredibly successful, whereby they are acquiring some of the highest
to the NFTs in the e-space and giving people the opportunity to create a community around it and when prizes they won't be able to afford. Basically, where I was differs a little bit is we have built this with cross-chain compatibility and mining the future.
We totally understand that the best way to get people into the HeddyRespaces are user paths and the best user paths are experiences gamification and giving them some words of going and you know utilize HBAR, etc. So that's that's one of the key objectives of TRST
We work with and partnered with Utopian Lab, which is the developers. They believe they've got around the number of weeks with a development to fulfill. Not necessarily going to be done in a week, but they've got about a week's worth of time left to get all the
and nuts and bolts tightened up basically. But yeah, we're very excited about it and we're hoping that with the launch of TRC comps, we're going to be doing like a launch party where we're going to go around acquiring all the top tier current H bar FTs and basically giving them away, giving people a user
experience and getting the views to the system. But yeah, that's that and not show really. Yeah, so before I ask the question, because I want to know if my mother can use it as well, my poor daughter, I always use her, but for everyone in the show, there's a button on the right downside corner. If you have some love for any of our guests or the
project share the space because we need more people of course to know about Hedera and all the great projects that are being built here so don't forget to share if you don't want to share that's okay give us some love just press the love button because I know Twitter loves it when you do that so okay let's get back to
the revolutions starts tomorrow that sounds quite spicy and I love that actually. So my mother who is a nuke at everything but Marcel what's the game that she always plays with these things on her own Marcel Jermaine? Yeah I know with you.
I forget. Candy Crush. Candy Crush. Candy Crush. That's it. That's it. I said it first. So she only knows Candy Crush. So she goes to your website and that's she do explain it to her. Miss Mrs. Christ. That's her name. You go there and then
Well, provided she's a lover of NFTs, then she will just basically create an account like you would on any platform and then connect a wallet so that you've got a means of fulfilling payment and you would go into the competitions that suit you.
and there's a quite a simple user interface for that. Like I said, the best example is, right now a live example is Metawins, that's the exact same sort of form up that we've kind of followed where you can buy over 10 tickets, 20 tickets, 1 ticket, whatever. The other advantage we've got over that is that there's no enormous e-fgust fees
attached to what we're doing. So it makes it a lot more simple when it comes to setting the console. There's going to be an element where you're going to see exactly who's bought what. So you know exactly how many people you compete in against in that competition for that NFT prize. On top of that we are actually currently now and I think it's getting minted
Today we're creating a TRC token called TRC bars and the platform is also going to allow you to stake your, well, currently it'll be our NFTs in return for TRC bar rewards and there'll be TRC bar reward exclusive comps available to people.
But one of the most exciting things about it is it's going to be token gated which can allow us to approach like we have done with yourself, Patrick, other big projects and say, listen, why don't we do a token gated competition whereby only your holders of your NFTs are going to be able to
enter. First, giving you utility for your project and giving a bit more excitement for getting eyes on our system. So we're really having a really collaborative effort here to bring something fun to the Hadeer space, but not exclusive to everybody, so everybody can get involved in some way.
We've currently got support from Stader. They're going to be sponsoring the website and we do look to expand. That's going to be great. So we're hashbacking Kabila and all sorts of other platforms that will benefit from getting eyes on themselves from a platform that we're going to drive a lot of traffic to. And as an added benefit, hopefully, and
This is an intention, in the future, not only will we be able to stake our NFTs on the TRST bars, which can then be used to be entered into COMPS, where you can win real prizes. We would also like it to be where you can stake your Earthlings NFTs on our COMPSAR and receive TRST bars and enter
competitions that could result in an actual prize. So it's a real drive towards a collaborative effort and create something that's open to everybody, but driving a user path back to Hedira, which we are true here at H. Barberans. Great explanation. There's a first three sentences
were actually all that my mother needed because Mark would have taken over from there explaining her how to create wallets but it was lovely to hear all the things that you can do on your project. I'm looking very much forward hearing there for the first time that I have to put a pair on your project but I think any seed wants to pitch in as well so let's see what he has to say.
No, well it was just a quick question. Firstly, I love the name and it does sort of make you think trust comp. So I actually think it's a brilliant name. But I just had a quick question around, so to do that, did you have to get various sort of gaming licenses around the world? I mean, where are you?
based or I guess, you know, have you got round that because I think there's quite tight regulations around gambling, right? Yeah, that is something you've got to consider. So you've got two options with that. You can buy it and you train obtain a gambling license which is incredibly difficult because it's going to be all across the world.
Or as every other competition's website that you see on TV or in this space, you give a free route to entry, which everybody's got the opportunity to grab a ticket for free. They would have to jump through a few huts to achieve that, but that's the way that you would circumnavigate that situation.
I see. So gambling sites that give you a free entry for free, you don't need a license for that, is that right? I didn't realize that. Yeah, that makes it not a g- it makes it a non-gambling experience then. If you offer free 20, you'll see on every, I mean, you
UK, right? So you'll see it on, you know, like when you see a good morning TV and they do the giveaways, yeah, and you've got you've got texting to pay a pound to enter this competition, there's always a free 20 route through that as well. I mean, that's the way you say from navigator. Yeah. So it's
So effectively on your site you'll have the option to buy the ticket or jump through three or four hoops to get it for free. If you look at the terms and conditions on any of the websites that are current in web 2 or web 3 they will all have a free to enter route.
Now the free twenths are root is usually it's off-putting because it's just quicker to buy the tickets because you've got to jump through some hoops like sending official ID, everything like that. So although we would as a responsible business on our every free entry, it's in this space especially
It's probably less likely to be an issue. If you're really a comp site that's been advertising all over the TV and there's got a million users, then you're going to get a whole array of people entering for free. But yeah, that's exactly how you tackle that issue.
Cool looking forward to it. Yeah, it should be fun. Oh man, the show is giving me these warm feelings. It's my stomach because all friendships are being born here. I'm made. I love it. The show is getting its own life. I'm loving this. So anyway, we've got some more guests and actually,
What you are, what you do, and how to participate, and then pass the seat to Glossy and tell us the two of you tell us about how you guys are onboarding more than just Hedera into the Hedera community. Okay, Jack, take it. - I want to cut ahead the line because I just want to say two things.
Since I woke up this morning and two different conversations that I had, one of them with my wife, who is also a, I would call her an established and quite a lovely artist who has an incredible running history of even selling works, you know, going back a few years so you could even call her OG in a certain way.
she doesn't spend all their time on Twitter. God bless her soul. Someone has to raise these kids, right? Okay, but so in end, another partner of mine, and out of these two conversations, I in both of them on bringing this up and cutting ahead of the line because I jumped at I was able to say, hey, look, what we've been talking about all this time
say this is relevant. This literally came up two different times for things that have been, you could even say, month in development. And now that we're finally at the point of bringing them to full fruition, it's amazing to have a tool set like Kabila to actually be able to have that consideration to move swiftly into Hedera with those options.
Let's go Glassy. Yes, yes, I can't wait to see what you're going to be doing with that creator pass and the project that you've been developing for so long, first of all. I love Glassy, I love the NNG, I love your patchwork as well. I appreciate your co-hosts in the Covey Plaza. It's been a few weeks now.
And I also really, you know, I see familiar faces, Duncan from Anacid, great to meet you today, Marsle. And I've also had a meeting prior to this with the guys from Trust, really, really, really cool what you guys are building. So I just want to just state that and great to share the stage with Haspack as well.
So my name is Jack. I've actually been with Kabula for three months. So before I get into what is Kabula, a little backstory because I've been in Web 3 for two and a half years, but quite fresh on Hedera and it's clearly blowing my mind because the tech is something else and the community is also amazing. But going back
In the year now when Kabula was born, Manu, the co-founder and CEO, he was a creator himself on Hedera, one of the OGs. Some of you may know his creations, the NFT miles, little pixel
He did lots of collaborations and obviously at the time the infrastructure was pretty basic and as a creator that needs tools, he was like, "You know what? I'm going to do something about this." Like a lot of projects on this network and other networks, they start to build
that infrastructure. So from being a creator to needing tools, he was like, you know what, I'm going to start something. And together with Adrian, who's in the audience and the rest of the team that we have now, because we have, you know, I think four or five on the team of devs. And I joined recently about three months
to go to spearhead the content and marketing for the English speaking market because they're originally based in Spain. So they have quite a big Spanish speaking community and now we're kind of building bridges and community and whatnot in the English speaking. So I came on about three months and when I was presenting
with Kabula from my experience that I have with Shopify. I've run an e-commerce business in the past and the fact that it's no code, it's self-service, it's easy to use, I could just go on there, I don't have to have a clue about how to build this kind of website, I can just set it up, you know, within a few days or a couple of days
I can have my shop ready to go and start selling my products online. So really, Kabula started off being a wallet that then started to introduce tools, starting from NFT creation where you can create your token ID, you can link your NFTs to that token ID, then you have things like dynamic lists.
that you can create in real time, you can create a list of wallets that hold a particular NFT, let's say for an adrop. So you could then plug that in a dynamic list into a box sender and adrop hundreds of NFTs. So that will be another tool. We have a recall our engine. So you can upload your layers and
generate a PSP collection using the R engine and of course the most, I don't know, the most, the tool I'm most excited about going back to the Shopify example is the launch pad, right? Because you can create the token ID, you can meet your NFTs, you can generate the R, you can do all these really cool things but then you need to sell your NFTs, right?
So you plug all of that into the launch pad, which would kind of be the shop front for your PFP collection or art or whatever the NFT collection or project that you're building. And yeah, it's self service. It's no code. It's really easy to use. Whilst it's self service, you have full support from the team.
So Adrian, for example, he, I don't know how he manages, but he's always there at any any time of the day to answer questions to support teams that are using a particular tool. We have, you know, create a support channels and discord discord. But yeah, that's that's the the side of the entity.
tool kit which would be Kaby Labs and we're building out the next pillar which I'm even more excited about because we know as NFT projects and founders in the space we use the tools that we have available and do the best we can like we're here on Twitter doing these spaces you know obviously Twitter
would have become the social media platform that has best served our needs as NFT projects and we also use Discord, right? But still we need something that concentrates the key elements of these platforms and there's also voting of course which we have like platforms like snapshot.
It feels a bit fragmented and especially for people that we want to onboard, right? Brands from Web 2, which is ultimately our goal. We're here to serve Web 3, but ultimately we want to serve the whole world of the creators economy and brands and what not because we really believe in a future where NFTs similar to social media are going
to be plugged into every company, every brand out there in many different ways, ways that we haven't even maybe explored yet or understood. We're kind of still carving this out. So we have all these fragmented tools that we're using and we're doing the best we can but wouldn't it be good to have all of that in one
place, a place where you can create your NFT, you can mint, you can launch, sell them, but then you can communicate with your holders, you can hold votes, you can decide together, and you can have token gated content. Like we talked about education earlier, you could have workshops, you could have education
content that's token gated right or you know newsletters whatever whatever the the source is of your content. So that's the pillar that we're developing at the moment and last but not least is to touch on the C-Wars which is the PFP that I'm currently wearing. Normally we have
the Kabila PFP but seeing that we're leading up to the mint of our very anticipated PFP collection because up until now we've only had a collection of 300 NFTs which has been our PES which is Kabila early supporters kind of like a founders card like Duncan was talking
about at Aniseed. But you can't really use it on social media. So we wanted to create some fun, playful, cute characters of the desert because part of our storyline is the desert and creating that Oasis of Web 3, which is kind of like the community of Web 3 coming together and doing
new world in the middle of the desert in the middle of the desert. And so we have the sea wars, we have our mint coming on the 17th of May. And yeah, I guess it's a way for us to expand our community and also bring them bring them bring them bring them on this journey with us.
at Kabula as we continue to expand the platform and grow together with the community. So Steve, what's upcoming? Great, and before I continue on that and go to Glossy, I need to first shortly go to Mark from Hashtag, who's giving you a lot of applause now. Mark, I think you always need to go on top of the hour. He said,
true today as well. I have like 10 more minutes to know. That's it. Let's see if we can still get to hear what your family friendly favorite game is. But Kabila, wow, that was a long introduction. Mark, we need to work on our introductions. We need more time for our projects. Mark, what are we doing wrong? Because these
guys they're showing us the way. Yeah sorry I got carried away. Great great friends of earthlings all around and it's great that you take the time to introduce yourself and but the thing is what I actually also wanted to do is ask you and Glossy and let's let's give Glossy the word now
first as well because you do a great introduction there by the way thank you for that Jack but you two actually set up something and I think it's gonna bring some more ice to it there as well and these are the initiatives that we really like to see glossy can you can you go deeper into
transpire. Yeah, I got a little carried away too. And I think the more that I hear Jack and the more I get to know him, the more I realize it wasn't just happenstance that we just happen to start running spaces together and just happen to align in our interest and passions. But there's actually it goes deep.
I want to shout out Dragma Labs too. I feel like in a lot of ways that's like a third, uh, the third amigo, right, in a certain way of just really having a lot of shared passion and dedication and wanting to see how can we facilitate the journey of the entrepreneur. I like the eye itself.
identify as an entrepreneur, I think probably very few other people in the space do. I don't think they think, "Hey, I'm an entrepreneur." They think, "Oh, I'm going to launch a project or I'm a creator, I'm an artist. I don't think that entrepreneur word comes in." So just the same path of an entrepreneur called a path of a human being on their own way
toward finding their sovereignty and finding collective sovereignty within the culture that we're building. So I think a lot of that is we are on a journey and there are certain resources we need along the way. There's predictable needs. We could put it that way. We know we're going to go on a road trip. We're going to need X amount of gas. We see gases, $4 a gallon.
or whatever it is, we're going to need X amount of money to purchase X amount of gas to get across the country or wherever it is that we're going. On an entrepreneur's journey, there's so many other variables more than just fuel, but fuel is part of it. So how can we actually increase people's access to knowledge, right, to mentorship, to
to developers, right, to vetted people within the community so they don't have to just maybe roll the dice and say, "Hey, I hope this person is going to deliver what they say." It's like, "No, what? Maybe you should work with intrested networks." And by doing that, again, you might just increase your chances enough of success that
you reach success as opposed to reaching maybe burnout or ran out of your runway or whatever it is, a million things that can go wrong as an entrepreneur. So something that we started, and this is an extension of a radio show that I do on Twitter spaces every day called MoonRiser, that we started dedicating Mondays to
of the point of the resistance point of some of that that we've identified early on is it's hard to get the word out to people across the Dera even if everyone's bullish everyone's supportive there's so many of the right ingredients there's not really a dedicated communication channel that I found yet and so that I think immediately uncorrected
covers that need of we need to be able to push a button and get the word out. We need to synchronize things like calendars and spaces and communications so that this incredibly bullish and supportive community can have more of an expression of those key things because we're finding although we're presenting great value for
that we're not getting a lot of signups and I can just tell immediately is because the word's not getting out, right? Even if we're weeks and weeks into doing this, even if the HBAR foundation came into our very first space, right? And we have support from various really awesome operators in the space, one of which plugged us in with the with the foundry.
So that's nice that we're starting to see that there are groups. We just need to tap into them and find those conduits so that we can solve some of these things like communication to then get back to what we're really doing, which is building this incubator and building a situation where people can come into this, you could say like a little
Garden like a little secret garden that they can come into this environment and they can test out their ideas They can work on their creativity be matched with the key people that they need so that they can realize and drop their projects on Hedera specifically so That's probably a really long way to describe it, but hopefully that gives a bit of the context and
And all of that. So get involved. Share the word. Let people know we're doing that. It's on Monday's Monday mornings 8 to 10. Although that's part of what we're doing is, uh, unders trying to get a better read on if there's other things happening that day. Maybe we need to find a different day. So coordinating a calendar and communications are two, um, immediate things.
that Jack and I jumped into the Foundry meeting and suggested both of those. And then that was carried forward into Monday's meeting. We have another one on Friday. So yeah, we're all about building those solutions. Let's go. Thanks so much. And thanks for the enthusiasm and the enthusiasm you bring to Hedera. And I must
I just heard 45 minutes on the background, but I was very busy. But indeed, it is important that we see people like you and Jack to at least be consistent and get this exposure of this project.
in your show several times and we have people who never heard of Hedera and that's actually well not bizarre not strange because yeah these things happen you can't follow everything but as soon as they do know if they hear the advantages that Hedera has to offer some of them are
I'm blown away because 0.001 cent per transaction. Come on, that's amazing. And all the other stuff that's well blended was in your incubator show one or two weeks ago and well, he explained it so very well in the way that I can't sell.
I think if we stay consistent with it and you keep doing them then eventually especially when there are growth and growth and growth because a lot of great projects are now onboarding on Adera. I think you'll have more and more audience as well but I think it's a
So heads off to you, Jack and Glassy for doing these shows and I'll always try to be there as well. So, yeah, I'm gonna just make one more announcement. Yeah, there's a new program brand new that I've set myself to doing something that a lot of people might not know about me is what I was doing in
like 2020, 2021 to 2022, like that, whatever year and a half, two year span, was working with a whole group of incredible human beings dedicated to running an outrageous amount of clubhouse rooms. But I swear we onboarded something like 300,000 people into
the blockchain space. This was no small accomplishment. It was also not an individual effort at all. I'm not going to take that. It was like literally like a dozen of us or more and then some people would leave and other people would come. So it ended up being dozens or even hundreds of people that got involved in this effort. But what I bring it up to say
Let's put some of that knowledge and experience to you specifically to run those kind of rooms and programs to onboard people directly into Hedera. Like let's launch that collect. This is the first time I'm even saying it out on a stage. But I like whoever wants to be part of that.
to happen and needs to happen and let's lead the charge. Let's raise the flag, whatever we need to do to literally the ABCs. What is a NFT? What is a blockchain? What is a hash graph like the ABC level onboarding and make a real campaign of that?
We're in, we're down for sure. Like a big part of what we stand for, like we exist for creators on a tall level, but a massive part of that is education as well, right? So yeah. I put it there. I was a little salty yesterday facing a lot of resistance.
and I had to do some hard looking, right? Some hard reflection to say, "Where are the missing ingredients?" And I woke up this morning with stunning clarity like, "Well, clearly, that was one of the biggest differences between what was happening and what is going on now." And a bear market is not an excuse. If anything, it's a
better excuse to onboard people because they're not going to get wrecked right they're just going to we're going to see a great uptick we all hear it even if it's next week if it's next month if we got to endure this for a bit longer who knows exactly when but we know a bull market's coming we know it's coming so onboard as many people now so they can all enjoy that prosperity and growth
I just like to echo. First of all, Aniseid's definitely involved. We'd love to help out with that, but I just like to echo. I mean, Aniseid was at the Hedera House week in Davos this year. And one thing that struck me immediately
was how many Hedera projects and founders and CEOs and senior management were there but had never either met each other or even heard of each other. And you know when the Hedera ecosystem is this small and you have you know 10 or 20 projects invited and
80% of them have never even heard or met each other, that itself pretty much defines the problem. You haven't even got a unified, committed ecosystem. So we were speaking to, Anaside was speaking to the lights of Tollum Earth and Timeless, who are on the sustainability side around
what you're talking about around really grouping together the you know first of all the projects within Hedera but also educating you know about Hedera externally. First of all with I think someone mentioned it first of all within Web 3 in general I mean NYC NF2
this week I spoke to the ImmutableX team and one of their team had never heard of Haderra and I find that incredible. I mean, you know, it's a top 30 project or whatever it is and one of the ImmutableX which is a big game in chain had never even heard of it, let alone, you know,
as someone said, you know, the benefits of it. So it is a sort of three-pronged approach. It's unifying the Hedera ecosystem. With, incidentally, I think, needed the support of the official Hedera partners, such as the Hedera themselves, the foundation,
and so on, but definitely also educating people. But also dropping words like NFT. I think if we're going outside of Web 3, we need to start talking about what it actually does. >> Do we need to clean ourselves up a little bit? >> Yeah. >> Like shave, you know? >> Shave and iron your shirt before you go out. >> Yeah. >> It's time to talk about NFTs.
Exactly, but we're definitely in keen to get involved. I'm going to give it first to Mark from Hashtag because I think he needs to go and I want to know his favorite family friend, if Friendy Gaming. Then we can still continue the talk, guys. Mark.
Well, I mean the first, the second part, the favorite family game is an easy one. I mean, what you guys are building at Earthlings is incredible. I was actually huge shadow to Blitz who were speaking through this court a few minutes ago and we're chatting about how excited we are for the mini-game and you know the bigger game coming in the next
year or so or however long it takes. So I guess just as an outro because I have a call to attend in just a couple minutes. So yeah, I mean if you guys haven't go check out the store. We just we didn't really announce anything until Saturday and then launched it without
you know, a prior kind of full campaign behind it, but we actually just broke the record for the most holder for a single collection, which is incredible to see because over the past three or four months, even through the pair market,
It's been hard, right? And everyone has been really working very hard to provide tons of value. So yeah, we just cross 14,000 holders. And yeah, so and on top of that, I mean, you know, this, this store is just the tip of the iceberg on in terms of what's coming.
It's been great to hear from everyone here. You know, Kapila, Glacy, Anisee, you know, the revolution starts tomorrow and Marcel obviously. And it's just, you know, one thing that I'd like to take away is something that Jag mentioned in terms
We're here to serve Web 3, but also to onboard Web 2. I keep saying Web 3 is something that I believe is the next evolution of the internet. It's going to be the next stage and it's inevitable. It's just a matter of how and when we get there. I think that everyone here is working very hard.
to reach that point. And with that, I'll just leave it up. But thank you so much to everyone. Great. Half years, always. And thanks for joining every two weeks, Mark. Yes, you are free to leave. Thank you for your last words. And I see that Jack already wants to jump in again. Jack, go ahead.
Yeah, first of all, congrats to Haspack on that achievement. That's massive. And I mean, they deserve it 150%. The value they bring to the space. They're just an example of a leading project and the quality, the attention to detail. And just, you know,
You guys are awesome. This congrats for you to deserve. And what was going to say, I just wanted to give a shout out to the A-Spa Foundry. Glassy mentioned it. I actually joined, I've been to a couple of meetings now. Adrian has been going, I think he's been joining for multiple weeks now.
kind of working on the wallet connect so they kind of focus on different things that need to be addressed on a tech level within the ecosystem and to join forces rather than each do their thing and double work potentially so they're coming together on that level but then on an education level and kind of
Having that communication space amongst founders kind of what Duncan was saying I'd I'd Encourage you to join one of the meetings Duncan we have them on Monday and Fridays slightly different times I can I can drop them in DM for you if you're interested But yeah, it was it was great to see glassy there last week go ahead
Duncan, I saw you on mute. No, sorry, I was just saying, yeah, definitely, please drop me the info. Absolutely, yeah, yeah, it'd be great to have you. It was great to see you, glassy there. And yeah, it's just, they've been going at it for two years. So it's something that's been been developing for a long time. And they're at a point
of formalizing it and bringing everyone together. So I encourage everyone to check out the A-Spa Foundry. And I've actually got a drop off as a world Patrick. I just wanted to plug our spaces tomorrow because you're going to be there as well. But we have our weekly spaces on Thursday, Kaby Plaza weekly and we really try to delve into
relevant topics for the community from an educational standpoint and try and bring as much value as possible with a nice panel of speakers. So I'd encourage people to join us tomorrow and just appreciate you guys for having us today. I really, I love the trader as well. I didn't mention that earlier, but that blew me up.
way. I really, I really love what you guys are building. Again, another project with attention to detail and just leading the way in there, in there kind of lane, you know. Well, we try to, the thing is, if you build family friendly, I think you need to at least have a
great scenery because that's already half of the game at one because if you if you walk into the scenery you need to feel like what's around the corner what's next if you got that already then it's half the gameplay so well anyway that's what we're working on yeah we want the best design ever and go
I'm going to go and compare, especially when we bring out two other games in the space. I want to thank all the guests for coming. I hope you will join more shows. I'll be there next month.
our TRST comps newsletter. It would be great if you can. Give us a follow on there as well, which I'm going to build that up right now, prior to the launch. We are intended to send out newsletters and keep people in the loop and make offers and stuff out of newsletter. But I have to bail out now, I'm afraid. So I just want to say bye to everybody. It's been great speaking to you all, and#
the best. And thank you for coming here. Then we can finally wrap it up with that. I just want to remind people also of the show next week that Milan and Joey have again. I don't think I have a subject for that yet. I didn't see it on the on our schematic this afternoon, but I'm sure it's going to be fun again. I
enjoyed last time and the time before as well. And to wrap it up, we had amazing guests. Don't forget to follow Glassy if you like the talk shows because he's an amazing speaker and he has to show every morning, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, Glassy, but I love to hear his speech Monday through Friday. Yeah, yeah.
8 to 10, a lot of times we go straight 8 to 11, it's like 2 to 3 hours every day and that's Eastern, 8 to 10 Eastern. Yeah and even if you just come and enjoy it as a background show because it's really nice to listen to your shows. TRSD, guys follow TRSD and follow any seat.
It's new projects. People always want to find to be early on new projects. Well, you've got some new projects here. Follow them and see what they're up to and see what they're going to do in the future. We've got some nice first friends. Well, we already had some friends, of course, but we're adding more and more friends to Earthlings and adding the page soon as well.
Well, so Marcel, do you still have some final thoughts before I end the show? Did I forget anything Marcel? No, you're just putting me on the spot now. Thanks guys for listening and night night. Bye bye. That says it all. So that's the wrap up guys. I hope to see you in two weeks again.
And of course, see you next week with the Milan and Joey show and let's see what they bring in. Thank you all for coming and share the love guys. Don't forget to share and at least like the show. Thanks a lot. See you next time. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Thank you.

FAQ on TWIN TALK: Family Friendly (with friends) | Twitter Space Recording

What was the purpose of releasing the underground trailer?
The purpose of releasing the underground trailer was to showcase scenes from the real game that they are building and not provide cinematic trailers where the game looks different than what was promised.
What is the name of the co-founder of Earthlings who was present in the Twitter space discussion?
The name of the co-founder of Earthlings who was present in the Twitter space discussion is Marcel.
Who was invited to the table to speak about their projects?
Some friends were invited to the table to speak about their projects.
What new project is the Kabila team working on?
The Kabila team is working on a new NFT project called 'The Sewers'.
What was the reason behind adding fewer discretion to the underground trailer of Earthlings?
The reason behind adding fewer discretion to the underground trailer of Earthlings was to ensure that it is family-friendly and not too spooky for kids.
What was the purpose of the release of the NFT from Hashtag?
The release of the NFT from Hashtag was to stress test the system for the first of many announcements that will come in the upcoming weeks.
Who are Aniseed and what are they doing?
Aniseed is a group that leverages web 3 to make a positive impact in the world. Their specific project details were not discussed in the podcast.
What is the specialty of the game being built by Earthlings?
Earthlings are building the best looking starless game on Web 3.
What were the viewers' reactions to the underground trailer released by Earthlings?
The viewers showed positive reactions to the underground trailer released by Earthlings.
Who is the person speaking in the podcast and introducing the guests?
The person speaking in the podcast and introducing the guests is Patrick.