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Hey, Eric.
Hello, can you guys hear me?
Hello hello can you hear me? Hey guys yeah um so let's give a couple of minutes so people can join and then we can kick off. Hey Tom.
(dramatic music) (whistling)
Hey guys! Hey, baby you, are you?
Good morning. Good morning. Okay, great. Hey Louis, say "Gio." Hey, let me just pause the link.
Okay, cool.
Okay, cool. Good morning guys. Good morning to you guys. Thank you for joining us this morning or afternoon. 10 a.m. Where I am. 5 p.m. where I am.
Good morning, Geo. Good morning, Kakul. Hey James. Good morning. Good morning. How's everyone feeling? Good, good. Glad to be here to this over and we can start discussing weekly again.
Yeah, yeah. I feel like more people would want to be at this. This is like an open-mighting guys. Come up, speak to the team, give us some alpha, give you some alpha as well.
But yeah, I was gonna ask Louis, what was your favorite part of the anniversary event? I like to, I like to hear from the omniflex team, but I didn't know like
what the plans were. I think it was interesting learning that they're doing more stream swaps for flex. I think that's probably the best way to launch tokens right now. I bought some of the dumping that other tokens get whenever they
I think so as well. And launching your stream today I think. Yeah I think it already with live live just now. I got an notification. They're going to do it with other
Yeah, it's like it's live right now. Yeah, 500 cubic. It's saying. That's great. I think you're building like some really cool stuff. It's definitely interesting to
Yeah, it took them a while to launch this. I think it has a complicated mechanism behind it because they've been added for like, I think a year or two. That was cool.
That's cool. I'm so yeah, I mean like my favorite part or what would that be my favorite part of the events would that be in geo in ira but so well I was rogged.
You may have to wait quite a while for that. I really want to see that. The winners for the NFTs claim yet. So we have four winners at the moment.
only one last raffle in our discord so if you haven't got anyone yet or if you haven't like got any any of the raffles we have one last raffle that's live right now and it ends in a couple of hours nine hours so if you still want to win some flicks you should definitely have to add
Discord getting us but yeah we have four winners so far I'm super excited for them yeah I actually won by mistake I clicked the I clicked the participation button and I was like oh I probably shouldn't have clicked that and since it's on this
score you can undo it but I didn't think I would win so oops that's my mistake yeah so Neelis to say it's we're going to disqualify Lewis right yeah yeah
Yeah, that's that's the one that's running right now, right? My the one I want. Yeah, one more. There's one more when you right now. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, but again, sorry, I it's just instinctively click. Yeah, I went to participate and then I was oh, no, but oh well.
Yeah, I'm congrats to you Yeah, I'm like But anyway, yeah, did anyone yeah, did you get it just read our newsletter? By the way, if you guys didn't know we just dropped our newsletter is called supernova and it has all the alpha that you need for you
and even some alpha from the Cosmos ecosystem. We have that opinion in chat. You should definitely take a look. You would enjoy reading that. But you get a chance to read it. Yeah, yeah. I'm actually like, I was really surprised
know you were sending or launching that and I think it's very very useful. I've tried like other teams or protocols to send new letters and for some reason they don't want to. I mean I think it's a great
we're told to inform users and in general to, you know, let everyone know what they're, what they're in for. True, but sometimes I'd like to think that in large number of users, would brother just read like it's with a thread? I would like watching video.
A lot of people actually want to read the newsletter. I think there's like different audiences. There's some people that actually hate Twitter threads. Some people don't use, you see now. I've seen messages of users like just blocking the actual word thread.
It's in the field, so they don't get any threats. I mean, a lot of things, but I think it's great to be honest. I do enjoy newsletters and usually it's like how I check the news in the morning. Yeah, I think so as well. But maybe because I'm old.
Yeah, or you just like were you like I think is that H thing? Yeah, I just think that maybe the titles can be a little bit bigger because I checked it first on my phone and it was hard to like notice those things.
Thank you. I don't know. I also like regarding Jim's. I saw that on customers will finally get.
Oh, eventually get the upgrade for ledger. There are, there are, well, at least no channel is pushing to upgrade them to version 47 of the customer's SDK. So they're just going to skip four sex. Yep.
That's really that's the goal, but I don't know what's going to happen in the end. It's kind of chaotic. Yeah. But I think Adam should be like the leader with with the SDK. I it's kind of hard to
to understand why they're still in 45 when so many chains have if not 46 at least a lot of features in 46. Yeah we we recently found a chain that's still in 44.
Yeah, I guess. There's a lot of like zombie chains out there. No, no, I don't, I wouldn't consider these guys. I really? Okay, then something. Then then then say the name, please, I just told him, somebody but yeah.
Nah, that's right. There was a couple people out. But yeah, a lot of the 47 functionality looks really, really good. But hopefully we get this. What's this year? I don't know if Governan's stuff.
I forgot the name of that. But basically how you can make more granular governance on the proposals.
This right now it's kind of a pain, right? Ideally for me, the thing would be like to have a Dow Dow system implemented into the SDK instead of
All CW. Because for instance, I think Dow has a lot of functionality that could be useful, but it's like confined to Juno right now.
What about like a Dow Dow outpost? Yeah, that's right. That's they generally published like June Revolution, which is basically their vision for the future and that's exactly what they're planning.
I think that's why they did a token swap between Juno and Dow Dow to basically fund further development of this and make it truly crushing. Right now it's just Juno.
It's just a bad, it's just like limited. Right. Interesting. Yeah. Do you have any new chains that are going to be coming soon?
Um, no, nothing, nothing up top in my head. I, I looked to you. Well, there's, there's a couple of shades that are coming, but I, I, and then actually like,
I think I'm in the most newsworthy rate.
sure it was huge still huge still going strong even though the APR is down like 50% it's still like six yeah this still can usually last for like a couple of months like this yeah yeah it's insane
But yeah, if there's any other networks that you think would be a good fit. Let me know. Let us know and we'll look into adding them. Let us know in the comments, guys. Yeah, also, maybe should consider like if possible to do.
know how it would work, but basically compounding with EVM contracts, or is that actually outside of scope right now? It's definitely out of scope, but we did make some progress on. I would not want to call it progress, but we did invest
the EBM and Etherment in the fall. And basically, Oc isn't really a thing in the Etherment world unfortunately. Yeah. Because like no concept of like...
any of that. So we brought it up with the most devs and yeah I'm not sure where they are with it. They're a focus in and launching this in EMX stations where basically are contracts for
or customers as the K functions right now it's taking I think and I think governance to so basically you can call it from a contract they're probably focusing on that but but maybe a I'll try to push them for adding odd c for those of you
It's more secure than signing these contracts to auto-compound anyway. Right. Right. Yeah. Plus we sort of have a very playful with. Yeah, I know. Plus as well.
it's one of those long-term roadmap things. I'm sure that will eventually get around to adding Aussie support for all of the, or hopefully they do, I don't know, I can't say for them, but I'm hoping that they do, right? I think if you have, if you have, will be an important part of
the ecosystem. Yeah, disclaimer that everything here is just not written in stone, right? And like in order for us to be able to work with smart, uh, Cosmism smart contracts,
Coingfield actually added a bunch of Aussie support to the awesome side of things. So that was really, really nice of them. Yeah, Nutren might be like a good product to work like they're launching I think.
These are next week, like pretty soon. What's their thesis? It's basically Juno, but with ICS.
Oh, right. They're gonna run out. They're gonna share security with Adam. Yeah. And they're gonna have Astroport, which is the Thera, Delphi Labs. Yeah.
They're going pretty strong with that. I still I think I still have an LP position on ash report on original Luna classic. Oh man. Yeah, I love the classic. Yeah, I think I have Luna and Astiluna whatever or whatever the yeah.
I think it was Bill Luna. Bill Luna. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Luna and Bill Luna. It's probably not worth much right now. I'm I'm sad to report. No. I know. I know. But yeah, Neutron, maybe I think it
That's probably the chain. If anyone in the audience has also any suggestions for new chains that are coming that we'll probably miss it. There's so many app chains coming there. I kind of hard to keep track of. Yeah, it's exciting. That's why we're
lean on you to inform us of these days. Yeah, probably new trend, I guess it's the one to watch out for in the future. Isn't newtronic part of the Delphide labs accelerator? Yeah.
Yeah, it's Friday. Yeah, like and Astroport is also pushed by Delphi. So yeah, they're all over the atom accelerator. They're gonna do a like heaven sentence with stride to
do. So since try to become a also a partner chain with, we thought it was going to be crazy APRs for a couple of weeks at least. What's the time line is when the automated launches
For Nutranny, it's like, I could say this or next week, probably, and because all the proposals have passed, the testnet is going relatively well. There was a heap of with the upgrade, but yeah, it's probably mean it's coming like
So, so an atom upgrade proposal is probably required or something like that? No, actually, yeah, there's there's another proposal coming for for the launch itself, but yeah, but the way that
It's tried souls from migrating because they have like a hundred bodydators right now and all of them are going to become instead of Bali there is they're going to become something called governor's since they're not going to Bali day blocks anymore everything's going to be gone by by the cousins hub
Basically, those two are the big ones. Noble was also supposed to be part of it, but they went with another model for now. But I think that's it. I don't know if anyone has anything else about those or new ones that come in that amiss.
So we so it's probably good enough. Yeah, yeah, so we launched as well. I didn't mention them because they're they're actually used a different they're not Cosmos specific. They're used move. Move. I think it's the name is the Facebook.
blockchain language. Yeah, they're pretty fast. I also sub-second block times. But yeah, I think that's it. You have anything else, BVU?
No, just to go through some of the stuff we announced in the newsletter and in our space as you guys already know or as some of you may know we are Ramping up to launch our LL1 and we're going to be doing a talking edge
So there'll be more news on that in coming weeks, but yeah, that's most of the output for that. So you should definitely stay active on Discord and we'll roll out more announcements soon. But that's really it. We're still working on, you know, really not the best
There's so much that's coming next couple of weeks and you guys should stay tuned to turn those announcements on Keep your notifications on and yeah more alpha coming your way soon But does anyone want to come up feel free to request?
and we'll bring you out of it. I think that's it. Yep. Okay, great. Oh, yes, I think we're good to go. Thank you, everyone, for the
time. I like this space is all I'll try to like bring you more off an X here. Okay see you next week. Yeah. See you next week guys. Oh good enough, special guest next week as well. So yeah, see you next week. Awesome. Thank you. Thanks for your service. Thanks. Bye.

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10 a.m.
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5 p.m.
What is the name of the newsletter that the team just launched?
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What feature is being added to Ledger's Customer SDK?
Upgrade to version 47
What is the goal of skipping version 46 of Ledger's Customer SDK?
To implement the 47 functionality.
What is the goal of Juno's token swap with Dow Dow?
To fund further development of a DOA DOA system.
What is the most newsworthy network right now?
What is the speaker's suggestion for compounding with EVM contracts?
Adding odd C.