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Zebec x Woof- OG Solana Dogcoin Community

Recorded: May 8, 2023




Hey JJ happy Monday to you sir and thank you for having us really really excited to have the spaces with you guys and Yeah, ready to get ball rolling. How are you? I'm good man. I'm good definitely You know, I wish I was in the Caribbean like
you but I'm settling in the desert for now. You know, hey, big a thing too bad. That's not good. That's not like home, you know, but, you know,
with, you know, we'll do the best we can. But now let's get it started. I don't want to take too much of your time today. If you want, feel free to kind of give a quick intro of yourself, you know, your background. How'd you even end up in woof?
Yeah, no, basically that's a great story actually and it kind of speaks to the thesis of Wolf all in general so My my introduction to crypto is pretty much, you know, just being a coin base holder with Bitcoin and Ethereum and you know, just kind of like
you know, in there. And then I decided a couple of friends of mine, she'll this this woof token thank community and I was intrigued. So I joined their discord and started following their Twitter account and then I saw you know all this all this craziness has
and all this lively community in this Gord channel and I was literally blown away on the activity and how much people are involved in these types of communities. So it actually captivated me and I ended up
being a part of the community, obviously buying the token. And then months later, I was voted into becoming the marketing manager of the project itself. So here we are. That's awesome. That's what I'm talking about. So, no, and you know, it's always very cool
to see how sometimes just getting involved within a project or a community just gives the community itself members of it just the opportunity to kind of just evolve within the community and have just job opportunities or opportunities within Web 3 World which are
I mean in my opinion there's cars out there so anyway you can get experience in it is phenomenal Do know awesome. So how did I guess a little backstory on wolf itself like how you know when did it you know come about do you have any like you know it details on on that?
Yeah, so basically who've started as an experiment pretty much right back in May of 2021 we were one of the you know first two new points to launch on the Solana ecosystem and then launched with a fair distribution of all of our tokens pretty much so 98% of
of the tokens who are burned and then thereafter they were air dropped to people who signed up for air drops and they were all evenly distributed, right? So there weren't any like big whales or big team allocations or anything like that.
And to be honest, they really didn't have much liquidity either. But then through time, it picked up pace. And then with the bull market, we actually reached very, very high highs up to 100 million market cap. And yeah, the
Those were very, very exciting times for our community. Obviously right now with the bear market, we're still riding that wave up and down, up and down, but the community is still active. We're still engaging in community giveaways, community games, and just pretty
much keeping the community engaged and entertained as well and aside from that building on the background on very exciting new things that we have coming up. Absolutely no and super you know it's always cool to just
see how projects even after the bull market just survive, but also their community just keeps active. Everybody just keeps kind of just pushing with the belief in. And that's ultimately the projects that keep doing that.
go through this you know market and make it out or you know 10 times more likely to you know come come out and you know do the same thing that they did on the bull so if you you know if you want I mean I'm sure most of the Salana listeners are going to listen to this know about you guys before you know anybody that doesn't know
So, give us a quick summary of what Wolf is. So, Wolf at this point in time is an and community endow. We have over 28,000 holders so far. And obviously we've built many different things.
and tools to welcome newcomers to the Solana ecosystem. So we've built a DEX. We've built a marketplace. We've built a swap powered by Jupiter and all these really user friendly tools that newcomers and people knew to crypto like me back in the day.
could start using and learn about the Solana system, learn how to swap, learn how to place bi-order cell orders and all those different things to become an actual trader or holder in the Solana ecosystem.
So launched on an FT project, which later became the gateway to becoming a DAO member. So we were one of the first DAOs in the Solana ecosystem as well. And we currently have a DAO framework where our community
community members can bring forward initiatives to bring forward the project and that goes into a vote. And then if that vote passes, it gets funded by our Treasury. So pretty much we are a community run project that has all these
different cool tools and you know more things coming up in the near future. That's what's up. No, super glad that you guys are you know just you know keep pushing work you know just keep doing what you guys are doing. It's just awesome to see how how the community still you know going for it and
you guys were still successful. So I guess, you know, kind of go into the piggybacking off the bear market comments. How, you know, how has the process been with you guys within the bear market? How has it been throughout the whole process? Yeah. So part of our processes was to
implement some buybacks for our treasury. So we do have some funds and every time that there's somewhat of a dip our treasury tries to buy that back. So that has been part of one of the processes through the bear market. Obviously, you know, keeping our
community engaged with community games, cross community games as well. We've hosted a bunch of those. We used to have something that we used to call Wolf Wheel Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we used to have a huge turnout of people coming in and playing games
like duck races or like spin the wheel or you know guess what like some sort of like a dictionary type of game so yeah just pretty much keeping the community engaged entertained giveaways you know fun games and you know things like this like doing spaces with
with other like-minded projects like you guys and other collaborations as well. And obviously, you know, time trying to time the market to start rolling out the things that we have thought out for the future of woof. Absolutely. And since the bear market
any like no worthy things you want to highlight that you guys have been just working on, you know, since since the I mean it's been a while now but like it's been a while. Yeah. So, so yes, we we have been working on our second generation NFT collection and it's called
called Wolfpack and it's going to be a 2D style art and it's going to come with a whole bunch of new utilities for our community members and obviously focused on bringing the token forward. We are first and foremost a token project and
And the NFTs around it are to support that token. So for our second generation, collection is going to be oriented to push forward our token with hopefully, you know, sex listings, which
is actually a lot of the upside that we have is that Wolf currently has no sex listings. So whenever the bull market comes and we're able to, you know, get those listings coming, it'll it'll propel us to, you know, some momentum. So we are definitely
took him forward to all of that. Yep, no, that's that's awesome. You know, the fact that you guys, you guys are a token project, releasing NFT projects, you know, to support that, you know, token, you know, once that bull market comes, it'll be, it'll be, you know, something crazy.
So, you know, super looking forward to seeing you guys in action in the bull. Then we go to like what are some of the goals that you guys have on your roadmap, you know, looking forward to 2023. What are some of the things that you guys are, you know, looking forward to? Yeah, so we're definitely like I said earlier.
earlier, looking forward to launch our new NFT collection. And then after that, getting the community involved, like I said, we are a community run project. So for anybody listening, if you're part of our DAO, you are free to bring forward initiatives.
And those initiatives can be put through a vote and if that vote passes it is funded by our treasury. So if anybody has a good idea to bring forward something that would be positive for our project then obviously
you know feel free to get involved right so those are one of the things that we are definitely looking forward to is the NFT project and then after that the community incentives to bring forward things that will propel Wolf to new highs. Perfect no that's what's
up. So again, everybody that's not on the whoops community definitely go to their Twitter, follow them, just so you guys can keep posted and obviously join them on Discord and Telegram and all the other socials just so you guys can keep posted with all the new things they got coming out.
the last question before I kind of handed out to the community. What are I guess your thoughts on, you know, the Salana ecosystem in general? Like how do you see, you know, how do you see it? I don't know if you have any sort of like, you know, thoughts on that, but definitely as you guys are an OG community within Salana, definitely
definitely would like to know kind of your thoughts about it right now. Yeah, I mean, I love Salonamant. I love the technology. I mean, I've personally have dabbled on ease, but then every time I use it, I just can't stomach the gaspies.
And and just like using soul so so smooth is so clean the user experience is second to none so just on that I am a firm believer on the Solana ecosystem Although I do think that other blockchains out there like e
I think that's a big feature, especially with the new phone that they
you know, brought out. I think I think that's very bullish for so long. Yeah, no, I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm#
then Ethereum for that use case. If I want to send money as well, I'll do it through Solana too, because it's cheap. I don't know, you're from the DR, Puerto Rico is just easier. I feel like instead of cheap from native
nature wise. So it's cheap, it's fast. Yeah. What else can you ask for? Exactly. Like, you know, the, in my, you know, every blockchain I feel has its own kind of like pros and cons. So, I mean, none of them is perfect, but I mean, the fact that, you know,
I can just do the basic things very fast and very cost efficient. I think it just, you know, it's better than it's what I would use, you know, so it's what I would use and it's already been on the, you know, mainstream where like, yeah, Solana is still, you know, up there with the top
dogs. Obviously, you know, things went a little bit down with all the shenanigans, but you know, it still held up and the technology is still there. And the Solana Foundation is still doing their things. So I don't think we're going anywhere. I don't think so either. And I'm super excited to kind of see how
how everything plays out on the next bull market. I'm super excited to see what Solana does because I do not think they're going anywhere. So yeah, I'm here for it. Yeah, super, super excited. Can I do think, you know,
As time goes by, I think there's gonna be different cycles and I know that this cycle right now has been like the day old meme coins that pump and dump in one day, right? I think there's gonna be other cycles where OG coins
pump again, right? And that's going to be the time when the bigger macro environment is more of an ability trend, right? So I think that's where the OG coins are going to start pumping again, right?
No, I agree. I mean, again, like I think any all the projects for the most part to just keep working, you know, every just day, you know, like you said, you guys keep, you know, implementing, you know, your roadmap just keep performing, you know, just
In general, you just keep working, doing AMAs, the marketing necessary, involving the community. You know, once we're on the other side of the bull market, I think OG projects just pump. I remember one time Sam, RCEO, he was like, "Yeah, I remember I bought compound
in like 2017 and I sold it because I you know everything went down you know around that time and I never thought it was gonna bounce back and then it just went even crazier than the bull run at the time so it all goes through cycles and I'm sure you know we'll be fine.
you know, go to @WolfSelana and go send them a DM. They're great people over there. If you guys have any questions, definitely join them on Discord, Telegram, follow them on their socials. But, Frank, you're always a pleasure, man. Any last final words, anything like that? I got one for you. Talk to you.
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Thank you, Jay. Thank you for having us. You guys are awesome. Zebuk Protocol. We are stoked to be using your technology and you know, thank you for having us again. Really, really pretty. Absolutely, bro. We'll talk soon. All right. Have a great day. All right. You two guys. See you.

FAQ on Zebec x Woof- OG Solana Dogcoin Community | Twitter Space Recording

What is Woof?
Woof is an and community DAO with over 28,000 holders. They have built many different user-friendly tools to welcome newcomers to the Solana ecosystem, such as a DEX, marketplace, and swap powered by Jupiter.
How did the speaker get involved with Woof?
The speaker became interested in Woof after seeing the lively community in their Discord channel and on Twitter. After buying the token, they were voted into becoming the marketing manager of the project.
When did Woof start?
Woof started as an experiment in May of 2021 as one of the first new coins to launch on the Solana ecosystem with a fair distribution of tokens.
How has Woof survived in the bear market?
Woof has implemented buybacks for their treasury whenever there's a dip, and has kept their community engaged with community games and giveaways. They are also timing the market to roll out new projects and initiatives in the future.
What is Woof's second generation NFT collection?
Woof's second generation NFT collection is called Wolfpack and is going to be a 2D style art that comes with new utilities for community members. It will be focused on pushing the token forward.
What is Woof's main focus as a project?
Woof is first and foremost a token project, and any NFT projects they release are to support the token. They are focused on bringing their token forward and hopefully getting sex listings to propel them with momentum.
How many holders does Woof have?
Woof has over 28,000 holders.
What kind of tools has Woof built for newcomers to the Solana ecosystem?
Woof has built a DEX, marketplace, and swap powered by Jupiter, all of which are user-friendly tools for newcomers to learn about the Solana system and become traders or holders in the ecosystem.
Is Woof a community-run project?
Yes, Woof is a community-run project with a DAO framework where community members can bring forward initiatives that, if passed by a vote, get funded by the treasury.
What kind of community engagement does Woof offer?
Woof offers community games, cross-community games, giveaways, and collaborations with other like-minded projects.