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Domino Earning World (DEW) is the first platform of this game, based on blockchain that unites millions of domino enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and create your own NFT such as avatars, accessories, dominoes and domino tables, and organize games including tournaments in game centers for real winnings.
Domino will combine multi-million dollar markets starting from a video game and a popularized millennial game, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.

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2023 Year founded
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If you are looking for the latest Dew charts and metrics check below. We have charts covering a range of stats such as Dew TVL, Dew Price, Dew Social Media followers and more.

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One way to get an idea of which cryptocurrencies are most popular is to look at the amount of Twitter followers each one has. Dew currently has 2251 followers on Twitter. Track Dew historical followers by checking the below chart.

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Compare the Dew social metrics to get a better understanding of how active the community is and how much potential the project might have.