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Edge is a self-custody exchange platform, where crypto is simple. We've replaced seed phrases with a simple username and password account creation. A place where users can let go of the fear of losing their private key, as we've added the option of password recovery! (Don't worry, Edge still doesn't know the password if a user does this, its a part of our Edge magic)

An app not only built to simply secure crypto, but use it! We've integrated over a dozen backend exchange partners, allowing almost 20 payment methods to support 179 countries. Buy, sell, swap, stake, and borrow, all made frictionless in Edge. On top of our robust exchange functionality, we've built the solution to the typically confusing, yet wonderfully beneficial areas of crypto. The powerful world of DeFi often requires 5-10 steps, and multiple platforms, so Edge baked it into familiar screens, where you can stake your assets or take out a crypto-backed loan, in just 3 clicks. All the error-prone parts of DeFi such as switching between multiple products, waiting for confirmations, tokenizing assets, depositing, withdrawing, and finally selling to your bank, are all done behind the screen, with the magic of Edge. AAVE borrowing, FIO staking, and Tomb is the start, so now we're looking for grants to broaden our simplified DeFi.

Our Mission: Edge empowers users worldwide to interact with the crypto economy by making self-custody intuitive and accessible.

Our Vision: Digital sovereignty for all.

We believe empowering individuals with the necessary tools to control their own private keys and transaction information will lead to better financial security everywhere, for everyone.

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2018 Year founded
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