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Hera´s Revenge Crypto Analytics & User Data

Hera´s Revenge

We are building a community towards a 2D & 3D P2O game saga. Hera´s Revenge


Times of peace were running on Olympus or so it seemed, because while in heaven Zeus and his wife Hera lived peacefully, at the other end of the universe, in the underworld Hades, brother of Zeus and god of the Underworld blinded by his jealousy of good life his brother had in heaven decides to carry out a plan to overthrow his brother and capture heaven.

After negotiating with his other brother Poseidon, so that he would not intercede in his plan to conquer the sky, Hades escapes through one of the cracks in the underworld and manages to climb to the sky, catch his brother unawares and capture him to proclaim himself the new god of the underworld. and from heaven. Little he Knows tan SKULLIOR, an old soldier, is comming to conquer the whole World!

Hera Zeus's wife who was resting, woke up with Zeus's cries for help and managed to escape in time, determined to take revenge on Hades and free her husband…With this begins an adventure...


Categories: Gaming, NFT Marketplace, NFTs

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2023 Year founded
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