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Koat.Ai Crypto Analytics & User Data


KOAT.AI is the next generation of sentiment analysis that delivers True Market Sentiment (TMS) based on the sentiments of real people, with real buying power, in real-time. Utilizing a proprietary pipeline of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms, KOAT.AI offers comprehensive and actionable market insights that help protect your brand reputation, inform your strategy, and seize opportunities digitally.

At KOAT.AI, we understand the importance of data-driven decision-making. That's why our AI-powered business intelligence tool empowers analysts, strategists, and decision-makers with fast, comprehensive, and actionable market insights. With our real-time, granular sentiment analysis and quantified emotional trends, you can learn not just what people are saying, but what they're feeling.

But it's not just about the data. At KOAT.AI, we offer a suite of premium offerings that go beyond basic sentiment analysis. Our proprietary AI and ML manipulation detection algorithms allow us to identify human and non-human voices and narratives and provide abnormality detection alerts when sentiment and emotions deviate from predicted norms. With our API webhook access and seamless integration with PowerBI and other visualization tools, you can streamline your data analysis and reporting process.

This allows us to deliver unparalleled clarity and granularity to our clients for the most accurate reporting and possible.

What we do

Protection and Monitoring

Koat’s ai detection system was purpose-built as the next-generation risk mitigation and manipulation detection solution for companies or public figures.

With digital footprints expanding exponentially, Koat delivers real-time conversational quantitative insights surrounding your brands, IP, or key stakeholders. Have up to the second insight into your public perception with granular sentiment and emotion, with immediate alerts if the conversation is being inorganically manipulated with actionable insights and links to the source of the conversation.

Insights available through:

API webhook



Research and Analytics

Actionable Intelligence designed for analysts, strategists, and researchers that require True Market Sentiment and the cleanest data on organic consumer insights in their strategy or decision-making processes.

We offer enriched conversational analytics to gain insights into public opinion, sentiment, trends, and emotions. Uncover correlations between active groups for enhanced marketing efficacy and outreach.

Integrate internal data points to find active correlations between organic or manipulated conversions and stock prices, marketing campaigns, sales releases, or PR announcements.

The use of sentiment, emotion, and conversation extraction enables analysts to paint a picture of the audience attached to a conversation. Going beyond demographic understanding and unlocking the psychographics of a group in real-time, we can track the trends and behaviours that are attributable to action. Additionally, our ability to highlight the characteristics of look-a-like audiences enables a non-PII data source for targeting and message creation.

Dashboard Access

Enriched Data Sales // API access

KOAT Pipeline Processing

Prediction and Automation (in development)

Predict market reception to communication strategies. Our bespoke enterprise solution is built to streamline and automate your decision-making process. ChatBot is currently developing a GPT chatbot system that integrates the power of OpenAI and’s highly actionable and real-time social media data. This also gives our clients the flexibility to upload any action plans, briefs, or internal mission data to give the chatbot increased context into past successful projects, and find new opportunities with real-time high-quality social media trends and data.

Automated Signals

Utilize the power of machine learning with our proprietary language/conversational models and external data, such as sales figures or stock prices, correlate and quantify how sentiment and conversation affect your strategy, and offer optimized solutions, predictable outcomes, and opportunities that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Dashboard Access

Bespoke executive alert feed and AI signals

Company Objectives

KOATA.AI Intelligence tool kit

Market Dynamics

Network Intelligence: Analyzing real-time reactions across industry players, response to events, changes in reputation, human intent

Competitive Landscape

Real-time competitive intelligence: reputation scoring, reviews, trends, marketing success, brand mentions

Future Trends

Crowd Intelligence: tapping into followers and fans for new insights and innovations, identifying emerging trends early

Opportunity Finder

Real-time feedback and understanding of beneficial (positive) narratives a company or product or stock trader could capitalize on

Customer Insights

Sentiment analysis: estimating buzz around product, service, etc. Identifying key influencers and targeting for marketing/inisghts

Brand Protection

Real-time feedback and understanding of negative narratives a company needs to address. A tool for strategic communications to identify which events they need to ignore, monitor, or respond too.

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2023 Year founded

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