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Pretium Crypto Analytics & User Data


Short Intro for Pretium

Pretium is, is a AI pipeline that ingests 100m points of social conversation around web 3. We enrich this data with emotion extraction, entity extraction, granular sentiment and we use a very special ai classification engine that can determine the authenticity of communities, influencers, projects, alpha groups, etc. We use this data to build usable dashboards for web 3 traders, marketers, project owners, angels and Vc's. Here are some of the dashboards we will be offering over the next month.
• Influencer DD Dashboard: you can use this Dashboard to do deep dives into influencers. See how organic their community is and how many real people engage with them.
• Anomaly dashboard: This is where you can get signals of anomolies in conversation for everything web3.
• Influencer Ranking Dashboard: This shows you in real time the movers and the shakers for web3 Influencers
• Crypto Dashboard: This shows you ranking of conversation around cryptos and gives you the ability to do deep dives into any crypto project that you want more social alpha on
.• NFT Dashboard: This shows you rankings of conversation around NFTs. It also alows deep dives into social data any NFT project that you want more social alpha on.
• Premint and ICO Dashboard: We can show you how the retail investors are reacting to Premints and ICOs
.• Access to our alpha group channel: we discuss new alpha to confirm retail actions.

AlphaGrowth offers the latest in crypto analytics and user data for the Pretium cryptocurrency. Updated every 24 hours, our live Pretium TVL and user graph provide the most accurate data available. Our social media metrics are also second to none, so you can track the success of the Pretium project and how many users are engaging.

2024 Year founded

Pretium Competitors

A great way to understand Pretium is to compare similar crypto projects to Pretium by Categories, Chains, TVL, followers and more. We compare Pretium and update data every 24 hours to give you the latest Alpha and similar projects.