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Sphrex Labs

building software that helps push WEB 3 Forward

Categories: Aave Tokens, Accounting, Advertising, Aggregator, AI, AMM, Analytics, Anime, APIs, Arbitrage, Arbitrum Ecosystem, Art, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Asset-backed Tokens, Asset management, Asset Manager, Auction, Audio, Audit, Augmented Reality, Authentification, Authority, Automated Market Maker (AMM), Automation, Avalanche Ecosystem, Avatar, Axie Infinity, Backup, Bandwidth, Banking, Betting, Big Data, Binance Launchpool, Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem, Biotech, Bitcoin, Bond, Bounty, Bridge, Brokerage, Business Platform, Business Services, cAMM, Cashback, CeFi, Celo Ecosystem, Certification, CEX, Charity, City, Cloud, Cloud computing, CNY Stablecoin, Coding, Collateralization, Collectibles, Communication, Compliance, Compound Tokens, Connectivity, Construction, Consulting, Cosmos Ecosystem, Credit, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography, Curation, Custody, DAO, DaoMaker Ecosystem, DApp, Data, Debt, DeFi, DeFi - BTC, DeFi Index, DeFi - NFTs, Derivatives, Developers, DEX, Digital Media, Document Management System, E-commerce, Education, Employment, Energy, Enterprise, Entertainment, Environment, ESG, ETF, Eth 2.0 Staking, EUR Stablecoin, Exchange, Exchange-based Tokens, Fan Token, Fantom Ecosystem, Farming, Fashion, Finance / Banking, Financial infrastructure, Flash loan, Fractionalization, Fractionalized NFT, Fraud, Freelancing, Funding, Gallery, Gambling, Gaming, GBP Stablecoin, Gig Economy, Governance, Grant, Guild, Hackathon, Hardware, Harmony Ecosystem, Healthcare, HECO Chain Ecosystem, Hospitality, Identity, Income, Incubator, Index

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2016 Year founded

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