Tribehouse Crypto Analytics & User Data


Tribehouse is a place for founders, engineers and markeeters to build community driven open IT projects.

Though a set of NFT command cards and Tribe Reputation ($TRBR) founders can ensure their share of the future company will be in-line with the overall value of their contributions, determined through an open merit-based democracy. With their intellectual property rights protected on the blockchain.

Tribehouse provides the projects with not only the ecosystem to determine future ownership in companies but also brings its whole community to help build the projects, assist with training, determining product market fit etc.

We call the concept Startup Swarm

AlphaGrowth offers the latest in crypto analytics and user data for the Tribehouse cryptocurrency. Updated every 24 hours, our live Tribehouse TVL and user graph provide the most accurate data available. Our social media metrics are also second to none, so you can track the success of the Tribehouse project and how many users are engaging.

Tribehouse Competitors

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