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Veribli - The Customer Engagement Platform Crypto Analytics & User Data

Veribli - The Customer Engagement Platform

Veribli opens up an instant and direct channel to individual customers through innovative smart packaging technology and a platform that delivers engaging content through this channel, a channel that marketing departments are falling over to get access to.

The Veribli platform allows brands to easily leverage that smart technology to communicate with customers in real and meaningful ways, delivering useful content through the simple tap of a mobile phone, allowing brands to engage with individuals rather than the masses.

The channel that Veribli creates, can be used to build long lasting relationships with customers, treating them as part of the brands community, allowing the customers to feel they have some empowerment with the brand. Brands can reward individuals for loyalty engagements with the ‘Veribli rewards token system’ embedded within the platform, allowing communities of engaged, brand ambassador customers to be built who also share in the success of that engagement.

This model allows brands to access primary data customer data, allowing the brand to question their customers, gaining a deeper understanding of who their customers really are and how they use their products. All this data can influence the direction of the brand, while also allowing customers to own that data and benefit from actions they perform such as liking, sharing or mentioning the brand on social media, shopping direct with the brand or engaging with the brands sustainability goals with a refill/reuse/repair/recycle ecosystem of the circular economy.

Veribli is a powerful platform that:

Creates instant, direct channel to individual customers
Delivers purposeful, genuinely helpful, individualised content
Collects primary data allowing brands to know and interact directly with customers
Building direct personal relationships that create brand ambassadors and communities
Enables a circular economy platform of refill, repair, recycle
Reward customers for engagement through credits on a green blockchain
Delivers verified sustainability and CSR scoring
Enables tracking and efficiency savings in supply chains
Protects brands through Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Theft technology
Increases sales
Improves brand image
Decreases marketing costs
Improves the bottom line

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2023 Year founded