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Web 3.0 Belize

The project will teach at-risk black and Hispanic youths in Belize programming in the web 3.0 platform. The program will aim to train 100 youths between the ages of 12-21 who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The program will also give them a certificate that they can use to look for a job in the tech industry in Belize.
The training will be for one-two week, during which the first 50 will undergo the training and then produce a project at the end. The following week the next 50 will undergo the training and also produce a project at the end.
There has been an increase in violence in Belize over the past six years and the victims are young black men between the ages of 16-25. The government does not seem to have an answer for this problem; therefore, we at A+ Computer Solutions want to make a difference through education and the tech industry through this training. There is also an s shortage of techs in Belize and filling this gap will decrease the crime rate among these at-risk youths.
Finally, the training will also provide meals three times a day for these youths and award them $2500 each toward their project implementation.
The budget for the training is as follows:

Advertising Fees: 1000
Interviews: $1000
Hiring: 4 Techs - 5000 each (20,999)
Equipment: 8 Laptops (core i7, 16GB, 1TB SSD) [32000] [, 1 Projector (4K) [8000],
Equipment for trainees ( 100 laptops core i7, 16GB, 512 SSD) $3500 each (350.000)
Office Supplies: paper, pens,
Training Facility: 5000 / week [10,000]
Printers for certificates Hp Color Laserjet Pro [4000]
Media coverage: [5000] on Morning shows

Total for Training supplies: 349,000 Belize Dollars or 197,000 USD
check for 100 students [2500 USD] = 250,000 USD

BUdget total = $447, 000 USD

Categories: Certification

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